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February 09, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-02-09

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THEU._OFM._DAILY. ________
11E;w HlI I IEI'
51. S. MI tolt 'r ll eo rora ~ero'.Ia 4 I' F n!5h11, DOlRA. lH AS n0w i0 t 111i' EJtA¢ F I e
2XE-IC. .uJ ~kY 7 _T N R N T i 0 Er' 1T 'LtOtN S0105S. --
Good Work GuoaanteedGorodoroilied for Store Ionnierly OcupiJed1 by TWO SAM.Iooci to (llrotttotole
aol oeloorred. AF. t.OVERT, Prop. _fTune,_call_____o__,_Gall___,_an_______V_1_be
22V~a llth I.Y;3ue-i;- DP IZE 7F OF S Fd nhre r~iala rtiotlc niontorc. Otig
CITY LAUNDRY, 'CA "' ayxheJ.I a zay timeby l 11Olootomz
M.~ ~ ~~~~~~~C ..ebotNo4N.FuthAe in) dore pepyrto l oo ethrrragblly faii r rwith Ciem 'Iistt edition0of 10 al a be }) r. ftims, to imlfothee-
_______Seabolt,_No._4_N. _Fourth _Ave. hosrt 0'r otaining or plorrlet. for 18q} r we ill a $io oo to ecld to the
KE OItO 110Al Otto r ''PIFI 'FF11 Personoowho corect y c t oma adaol togethe althebuerral na td .00, 1Ifyu s nea 0 mot a
pTT AIG AD+bo tspa otale) 1 trcolyatamneo 101- SE i FF tot evryIroclariog alltoe &
0l'htol anandwit on OOOe etc ptge, includingthe cor,.Eal lorror mst eclsersocratofllto a ac'u ito Morgcan G ., ibt on
.1.Not,t,, Pe. townr oPoto,tr,t'eol'r. 'InoII l out wttlladtht leir conttlbeor loMarchtt 11894. _________________________
T1 v~ ,t r g 7 Int addloltothe. olrriecf $150.00 every one twhoadorastot sacceed ac cy cont - - -
STAR STE AJI LikU TDEXYI igthe nototxlrronIl reclove.tat o'twelarnovael, fy wl-kon rte, \lt of GRAND OPERA bHOUSE.
Flotea am-hor boo'ity. root Ioh Ietitt e wlot- r oro olihet i lotthe gao tt I too'acootr'c.
Fint ork nt hoeir ity. t Ec.t 000 1to- Iotit ioooo'ye Po trototoionea til rtgo o rocro o cco t ir '_
Ot 01. ld elt ,p l'lieoohor oll0.1.f in- iol ita ot w rT m ot sle (1111' ft 1111e2rnge 1)1:mce11oftvluetEth
r a ,t ' Pli Ca . Iococaeate ttto/ttIoiottt.o~nt IA- C TlOMEN. cIi. l lSto'll 1at loo ) leit thttitlt
1. 1cT.E' E AKES. dl oittt o 000WAYS T SAKE A LIVING o 'oett"Iogg'o ttoig. 110
CHCG. ae .THE HOME COMFORTABLE it1 llltte,011 tt H. opar~otl
1 ot ilot f esh, oo'oooloo-o0otl lt' o tol ttgo0 ottcltt.y tot oleliooeo tthroItlrta oertet ot11Ite,\tolett otE' lee lat r e11lt g t tI io10
-, :la~~~~~~~~~t o tltot' minen t ' rhtoO Pmn ill t c io wrt a hiurnrm nrwl e A a e i f Mu i, p o td lv
tot''t'' oo r~t, ;lePiLoe tot tttoohu -lA ortler twi oe . IlIIott-oll it It In V leve o t'' 'ttott'to' )ir. Sittlt as
a ceocs- . irCARE OF' TH-IESI CKE t Io tt' o 00its lo tHl 0l0s0speialotiest'
oheitol l\n 1 1-\l' l't "00''l 1-; 110010., w ill iotattltlt ttl t.ri oortitlly o'H toto 1 1 vi'oo i ot lei-cal lotot'' itt(]owlit f t e lottos t s0 hioels,.
tool oi s" e t oo t'0 Is, -t'0t'-ttt- to ont ttttltth not eminettOtt tYittt. o lt ~ I ''t It no 0000' ree
IMPROVING THE COMPLEXION ysok <,i lisbingo 0000 ttod
l , ' otthe. ito s Tooto Hoot otooto-loot'r100, 'titl ti 1 111' t l' dtti c lo t 100 0,r, r rl i ttot o ilooo loo' C(lootle I. 1 io u.
DANCING adDELSARTE ce tooo-t t o o tetott oaoott of 'tctlo to ottotottly orac--- anool otloatol--loleun. cadG111 i I)pt~ i~ ~~otlW~1 et
THE HOME GARDEN 01ot11'010l0000 looootoa 00
PtRS. ANW IE W ARD FO IER D,:'I' ot totoi,) o010000 e~ imotaloo totaktoheo' t~o0 tt Gil loo-'t.too tmol oooli to a. {Intoo" well 00''it'tl 'Miss litoolo -a,
46%S. Atte %tree(. h A , lr t nr il ieth e otlotl ttothe 0company~l, i a00
tON DO s .n000'~le J-0 ra t- 0TIHE FASHION SUPS 'I- M ENT ilely 00, '1 crck-tit llie rittier, ito ex-
d toot1n l toentlolwe vil-,ett-totoomto lhptwsoftt t he oO10n'et't'tr tdiitto, - llott''e-'. t it - i t 0000 'o 1tot 1 oo"0001 0 It tO'1001'
-olt Ia t to ltotlttt t - Oc.tOtOC komio the Chtaris ta Hoswo arot fulotaly. It eil a ou000well,asnouyearae srae to get ta ol , '. 4 4 i 1 er of oag, ottod
,1 0-0 '1'lI \1 t t' e cr sd r-n I00 rteIlve novels.0', 5 1
to.ti Io'o'HoEo'oo' oo.i0US1~,'eA aaI tol7 XV31 I'l'c'I Sor'eti, Nooh' F ork City. [ 'dlore wsnoe si l olthot'cto-
) Is t trill110010n0iOlitia lol liloii..:'
hr la e ov itto l l moe1101 Iplo t _1 1:1101 os t o
Pr~vatele-as , n latotitcnii 1111000entio0000 too ooattotlldo' roojotalr
______)tietsHortory('linginedha elitot uon- boo tl o gi-
UOM..it toot-Itti'10000,00 itoryCus 1- os.an o- nm n fottoli 1.iut~t 17all l,
'lucreMita-illeni'l;/u', l- aeulmnene- leog-
SftoFl. lt '0 tootto met ing010 tll',roo to0It roitlatooerh-o ftoo 1 1 tottSenile) tlot ola, - / o 1' b te8 (Il
oo 0oT tr o-il el /I 'i e ctasil nsedto Io o-o iot 00 ,00lobote
a' o lot Ft-it s)00 a0, iolo iptto 0. Ioo i : t sc -ond 0 c to 01' 0'tead ofto'0 10000000' bo e one y .tl1t e Oi ldo. i
rroot ldtlotlotlaototoannounctilo dt o.0h y, w l00, e 0 f I 0010 i , r e)'of oot ldi pl sto edt
Fri.SocFah. ll., r,. 1'. atueool i tTe i()Iis0000 000 101 It, 11otoovenitoy .It~l
too 0-to b to resloo n-t r mceinr, it 'It ! o l :St 1, 001 :10 . ,l'o too I Lo tv n- t Ipo lfl h u
I-lto,' Seo.- 11 NI, %V P., t ; Se tt 1 0 1001 oooo'oot k tt llN oot s te o e btitoat
- tlIotorni 0 hott a,0,0 Aas0.lnr0 itF'r .,Th , ' a It n 10911 - ~ lt--to i 00Ol I'' to- e00hlsl t hutb e poiece
9 . , -00,1,It 10Ito--cieso-otoo'ao '0' 'too-.-heed lo o i 10-10' ' w i so ucho Capaoblo leiI
lit Feb. I l u ,tsemes '0 r -lo- . tle ttoat-'o l(i -oto lck alh-a
t- - -ot Ottoti ht totle -laote, Coures tn Music. 1011ie i ltarel (Gladys Vanis 101
1' e ) 1 s , haser10,000to o tol0-00- Cihaar2mc, ('lorgItol ttlt tol0lt'b'lettoot'nlt toe''Plo-
£YIi G N C E rE __, te'ouhe" 1'' . c~loalasosill stotoy UGounoco l e 'a 00 y" olo tootIlt'imrovtael 010011 lBoy
iFol.t I wA r tI'ilt notttroooit'ocaolt, fuitrli'' lela elt'',\cs n0000000 tIy'TH~n o, Ian.oto, 1.05
Tftlhei tvielNo 1tht lo t Itoye-ro ltltItatndtosocmoe modoernt dranmaticl o r01k --
wos-- .0 Ic '40 ,. t-'ttt~draoot.e po t ~rovaided, a propr balance o thEU -ot - 0 O A S
O) N x~es . N tt.\bC0'SittO 7-00 - --_ .., ..._1010otoblnl;olo r-ie oh stI 1,00,lo otottol1r , $2 lper w e a't otNot, S
Alotlont .ps.00ea81 ttt1 ,0Fe .. t - 000rsc nbeh d tew se twl
btIaot at n Vol. Ot11 N.totiot -loot)035 French, Second Semeter. be condutcted a anintorodutoion too N I IIatt o oet, ill I.
01. Hle .- 101P. to- l to atbeet lnztiors il
N oP 0011t - tI-astc t, 001EXP 1000 ( OltFth07 1studoy of IHarmtony.110 tolbt' oo Ioeeoool'Io-
,tral an t ° . . t otIot. o aIsill.. 10to ureO7 Satire:0 Boileaul oatdhad)it M. v y cu s nd e r-
N. Y,& B l . . (i 00' h'lt .Ecates ' n 00 Iteoer) swill he iveno by ,r. 1311-- MuicllHisbtory. 'I'he O(at loo.thm01 ib tt e st Nree010t too.000
N, s. Liirted - 000:11 loto-t c Pl 00.. to o 100- -Hgh r nsrum ntlors ti blooloeniort'.i 'cttlsl oret
fp WV. B'ot ecr . 11 wtlit-a s, landr o nd.tltoay aand 'T'ursdaayc ;, 00 lge otolonolFr sw e - tOIt01 I at'ItoO'11011 e01100111-
G.1,& .g. hcg. A .Ai ro.lo ,conosi ereod. At least two-hlirds oftied o otectoortool 01tihtofgrpic~i
0. 1. hI'- et. Ottetoto. et. Allt Atoto, 100112, lhe coure awillIe odevoted o 1 tlhe woork att 100 a tlit .
THE ANN ARBOR ARGUS Cuse ra a (Engllgishinto lrench)jl(lbhp wokha ofPiblad Waeer, aI'cloiotooerlt bottompie.TePNTN j1 wlnot egvn et r o getlfounain'
too.., I PI.ll tJto ( or,
avil-bst-venOth~ler coorea given a anlaotlOCe o. IThot'cloo o itr o gtfalllll
5OUIBTTITT IN i, r. Levi awill give a coure itA. A Scot .0, p0011, litotviiaper, 1000e0 oohs an10
fr'U D,~.1L4 ~' hetochitloerattre (7th cg) , eeF--- -"I boots boundostoo ~ilSrllecoe'a dO, State
---HUBTS tres and reports. MIonoday'anoob Philosmohy'of Religion steet.
Student Work a Specialty.- 'IThursayl~, 4:otj, roonm - -9-- AtontAIo Sbotite I ye Worh, a-
Oeaf hwotkmen nul'o o wes l tclrirer Oin Obe city. - - I tie houra for this c00r0e, 1Irloii o s t arn001d 100'collio t ~ll~Ito
-A + "+ --dyed. lot.; 2 West 1 1001on ret Sle-
HVYOGOICReulcnCu.I91sOlnelrfmin.TARRH If ca. TRY my MSEDICINE. mieaer, are not given in the a-
11orot alittureCt,.Tryodeit PdOeattoato 0010 Aotermetn tebofvinld.oncement. Tey will be arranlgef A Rare Chance.
address, Prite- Oneoollalo lly PLOHt"' , BR, p'lic' nclotb Saturdayscp m, o far as possible, to oit te 01- 1 't-oboundol 0. 1' n,
Ir Ittarkl S.,Ohicoago, Iliois~t. Se-tot for to-I lotoian , ' , o oettsoela~l i
______________________Flebruaryo 1, 1nlawv letutre room. venience of the class. 'rho first ol 01101 biographyl-('lost$2.No
PALACE+ BARER + HOP ~Tichets to te Detroit banquet will meeting will be on Wodnesday, "eb- i11jure01 ilt;I. Wtill sl at at great
PAtlIohl~tlo .U ~ELAC'tBRER+S Otbeo otwa lottieuary 21,at 3 P.mo., in room 25. sacriie. Mu~sItot'vethe looey.
And Bat' boomo-,WWx.Ioo'tPron.,obebn rale AllhadtiH. LtvoAdresa"t,
O404Easn Huroxi St.. O ltoot Itot G .h.oot'kPe. LRD 1 L V. aeof . ottM. Al.Ial.
Hoos.NaHot,t'ottloan S a ltt BOathts. Pr-
Ninety-Seven Attention-. - ---
lttoo.o'o'ooat. EtcOooiv to. 'T'ariff 'T'here wll be a meting of '97 At Grangers cademy.
2 IG C TTT bHistory of the United States, Stu- next Saturday, at o a. in., in room 'Tle scitottol otancing, Nto , Iiay-
dents who have had or are taing A. Business of importance, inld- nEnd street, is 01111stritly as8 a sool,
lt llrktlre-Framin toctosTm.esI' 'm one course in Political Econonmy lg election of officers, mst bee only puplils, paretstand ho laperon ad-
Heaqtrsob flor bointos. are eligible. 'Te class sill mtet attended to. Let every nmenber of lnlttel oo a tdult classe.- Ppis re-
for organization in Room 1,'tue-thclsIelrant ceived at an ime~(11. (bIhie, cete e-
3, he0.as bepreen.tance I6 Mttynaortstreet.AMr, ald
25 S. Fourth Ave.,- Ann Arbor. day, Feb. 'oH1.AULt, Secty. ! Mr. Granlger istt ot all clsses.

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