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January 19, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-01-19

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training need not be delayed much stricted and any studant who feels the
~c~o ~ .longer. Practice has already begun necessity of obtaining the news of his
at eastern colleges and there can be institution shosld he willing to pay the
Published DsairlySndasexeeptead)Sac im'ea ee f ar- small snot necessary to obtain a copy
the coslege ycar.,iby no reason fordeahrei the gyea of the paper.
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION nasiums is secared. The athletic
____ association is very desirous of get- The atbsolutely necessary expenses
saiscriptiar price as as err year, invariablytinsla the gymu for sucs practice as it of a girl who attends the leading
iadancer Sagir aspies rni 'ft. Subsarip sthe Vlact building frthe proewmn' olgsarr adt e
tissmar hrcint at theroffce at thr e IVsg proewmnsclee r adt e
uts tatfirt's, with aiany fthr nditara or whirls cant be secured. It is to be Bryn Mawr, $474; \Vassar, $400;
astharized scitorss.ho)dtathauoriewllanr
i'aimunteatiaaa ahaoildtreachts he aoffri so lse ia h stioitssilgrant Smith, $350; Wellesley, $350; WO-
i octach P. m. it tiiry are is appear thr arat the re(ltest of thse associatinc50Omen's College of Baltimore, $300:
Jar. Addtreas alltmateintentrdedtar pushes- that practice nsay Ibe begtun at once. M.Hloe 20
staa is the Mantagiag Editar. Alt buiatasa __y___t._olyoke,_200
Faarniaia aatd i n is taseftat aTi rare opportunity which is- __----_.
anna 51 caper.
THE U. aof M. fDAtLY, offered to the University of Michi- f
Ann Arhr ich. manein She cteiclctcitioto si ell.crat a'~

C.A. FIttts, L:ii- '94,,aninE itor.
fA. SAItDIN, Sit. '94, Aasiiettt.
.. Stats., Lit. '95,!tAssistant.
ltvat.i tls, tata'9t, As-stat.
J.A. Lijtitv, Lit. '96, AitleticEditoc.
SW.CURTIvSS, 1P. 0. Lit., Butitnss Mantager.
NVas. A.. Stuns., Ltl'9S, Asiaatat .
H. I.i G atttnt'94i. t.i. I'. lul. '4i.
R0.Astil,'95 iinc~.
'vi1 Sder,'9'6. ..Satttu,.'i
'Ngne Morey, 9;. n. D. l-kips, 'ill.
L. E. coadts,'95. C.it. hattiens, '9t.
Alt tapys i tae-it theuitliclintfore 8:30t m
atf tie du~ ty fpttbltittttt
'Tir Edlisitos nstldt teslvs e-.pan
silie tarte aotiniotes tiestatemttitotaitorrees-
a. I first nuniber iii the Detntal
journal saillcoine tron)thsie tress
tis wveek. Sit far as wve are aible to
judge thse techtniquec, itseaemtito be
a very creditale publicationi. We
are pleaseti to present a reviesw of
tics forstcosming numiber in anothier
Txiii Inlander this mcontih, which
will apptear so-day, is onte of the beat
numbers, excluding te Christmta
number, whicis has been stedtihOis
college yeatr. Thle half-tonceillut-.
trationc of testew recitatioit build-
leg is one itt the nmost appropriate
which could have been cihoseit.
Titans are tivo vacancies otn the
Wrinkle board whticht are optentso
conmpetition. Everyonte who has
any taletit for hiumiorous writing or
tirawing shsouldt try for the positions
whsichs will repay their effort. Itn
this way, and itt this way only, can
latent talent itnutmorouts writing be
discovered anti developed. We
cannot urge this matter too stronsgly
as lice Wrinkle is in nteetd of tmnic
Icl is only fair and proper sisal
the canididates for tise baseball team
be granted the use of the gymna-
sium for practice. As rubber soled
shoes will be unesd, no possible in-.
jury could result to the floor. If
te "gynm" is secured, systenmatic

Sgreatly reduced price, the large pipe j f e i a
orgaic swlicihsans used snn1Festtval
Hail at te World's Fair.Sufficient
fuindis can tieruaditysacusred if-
itroicer interest is taken in temta-
ter. 'rTe I).t,svould urge imuse-. Horsf'ord's Acid Phosphate
tiite ctin i te siater.letusIs the most effective and agree-
secisre tics instruncent by all means.
'Tcla is atn excellent orgain, ansi able remedy in existence for
would be a great additioin to iUniver-
sity Fll. (InseWorldl's 'air organ preventing indigestion, and re-
in alreatly in our msidst, and every lieving those diseases arising
one will admcit tisat the School of

aid SHORTHAND. iaodtceti uitlding;tanine
teahes;are ttuene;sgttdti iseiplii; super-
Sturdtay evettiicngecepitons; apenitLie 'ntirearear
E-epinlfclities fotr plaintut nt nttitii ~-
stttae-stttrthautttadluatsgrtittrtit'teethn. .ittns
exotnseas $-)to $2.Oi' per week inpivtefailies.
Fur Nae tatulogue, aditinna
'llTte Tabtlesstti ilefsfet i nluty, . i. 5.
7:15a. a;. 5C i.t.
*1 t5 .t )t. i11.lit . . i
Alltain: Stilly excipt Stiuda.
R S . GtEElNi\oti.tAret. iAtlittbor
A wpark secret.
tietl Steistit t-., Stil it{ittt:. liii llits i -
in ot.Aliii, of eldiiik"'(it

Muslilci well us securing it. No
better niemorial so hirof. Frieze
coulds be secusresd thasntis great
oirgan, whiichc wouldocake titskind
of msusic a possibility wvhicit ti.
Frieze struggled so Ihardi to intro-
dcein tics Univecsity.
The regents have igiied their
willingness toremodel the hsall, and
it only needis enthsaiastic suppcort
anti encousragenment to secure this
great organ for lice University of
wvichl we all arc proud. Let every
one do all in Idasisower to assist te
authorities in this mcatter, anid lbs
DLY.i~ sees no reason why we waill
not be successful.
lti:m follosaing bit of pliosophsy
sahichsaisplies stdmirably to a certain
class oif '. of tt. studensits, is cliii-.
iseid front the C'orinell Ssin, wvhich
psroves that all uniivrsities are ac-
quiaintedti cthl this class. Tue Sun
'A.;lnmeroutstand little respsectedI
class lof persosasre te habituatl bus'-
roswers; persons who dependt upon their
frieuntds(if hatbitual torrowers have
triendsi, and those abutsthIlert, for
articles of dlaily use. As the Untiver-
sity is a iminiatusre worldl itade sip of
all strts andst coisditionss of nienit is sotS
srpriisig tht thS~e borrower should hi'
foundil within its aluls. H~erse h itds
coniditionts particuilarly faivirable for lila
oplerationis. It is very eassy t obtain a
lexicons, an intstrumcenst, or other artiele
shatS le mtay 'sishitoue, of lils neigh-
hoc across te hail or on the next floor.
Mansy mess, especially in college, de-
pend upon others for their daily newes
wvithiout reflectinsg thiaS such a course is
fair neither to thtenmselvesthe oswner of
the paper, or te college paper itself.
The circle from which a college paperI
sass drasw subscribers is ntecessarily re-I

trosi asdissorideredi stomacn.
Dr. W. W. Gardner, Springfield,
Muss., says: .I valse it s ususnexchlent
preventtiveoatindigestion, antI a phleasant
acidlted idtink swhniroerltcy diluted with
water, anti sweetened,"
Rumford ChemiicaliWorks, rovidenseeR.I.
Biu ewae iof Suttittutes st andTtittius.

For Sale by all Druggists. eI-Y Sui-tore, ut tlt t111- .-i
s l a'-'. ucicturcrc ef'wa
l&If-Torne ieuts.,
repradneiiaog ot
Ilhu, truathorsjuu"
RepreduehuioneaaJPerp sink'-'9,
hcaEtvip a hj'iob5cript.Aits4rapb~eiierf I
f r other ; awrl5'
y QASSpieture
6/ jrtrc\it5oftThe fECxulty-
)rutted, Ic bind is @le e Books┬░^┬░ aurgt5
Cl Crds\eo I)U(jd,5RxoeeOrder(5
Ctfieepoodeneecaoiiedi - aas.

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