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April 20, 1917 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-04-20

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th~e Largest Assortment


fine wtioolens in the city is here for your inspection. We thinky you'll
ree that never have you seen classier fabrics. Tailored in our in-
itablo style in a suit to your measure, they will make you as smartly
essed as any man in town.


G. H. Wild Company

jading Merchant Tailors


Plattsburg Manual Moss's Manual
Infantry Drill Regulations
hone 43033S.Sat

Official news"pape)r at the L -n ersity of
Mi,:i:gan. 1Puil;shed e(ery niorning except
M )nday during ;the Clivert Sity ye ar.
F;itrd tthepofce at Anti Arbor as
ieeoud-clas taatttr
scri~io~ : y -rr;er $2.50,; bY mIl, $3.p''
tpl , prys l-rr :y elta, t ' ~ate and=1 car
Phn:k6 Bsi LS', 5 900; EC rditortal, 241.,
a sa not to exceed 30o words
tleng,, or notices of events will be pub-
':hdin The Daily, at the discretion e the
b ditor, if left at the office in the Ann Arbor
res. Blidg., or in the notice box in the west
c" aodr of the general library, where the
oucsare olleeted at 7;30o o'clock each;
i a.I C1t C hsv ..eet o ',& 01o
Albet li~ne.AssitnT Business MTlanagel




11.y ~ ~

C. ?f.

Night Editors

ii:. 21. ( aror
1=:. Zlcioc .r

Base Ball

,n Mowers

Only I rwre
Near C -Dmpus

' sue.. .,:: +h s a: ,_ "" xia' '. _ .



& Co

Gives you the best Tailoring service
to be obtained anywhere in the coun-
try, coupled with a wonderful line
of Worolens.

06 E. Huron Street

Opposite Court House



We Offer You
Resources$3,80() ,000
knn Arbor Savings Banlk
Incorp orated 1869
ai Office-~
Northwest Corner Main Iund Huron
anch Office-
7? o^\crth University Ave.
Fanners& ehaics Ba0
Offers the Best in Moder r Banking
-nt an laat -aters. You Will
sasod With Our Service. Two Offices
fly S. Main St. : 330 S.State St.
a typewriter from
322 South State Stot
will furnish YOU 31 a%, i#Jtaction
free of charge. You will be a
A before you know it.

FRIED RICE, (plain),
At All Times

Everyday have Fresh Home-
:ade Hot Rolls served here-2
olls and Butter-5c.
Open 11 A. MW to I A. 1.
higan Inn 611 E. Liberty
'relephoue 448_R

Car:. l oi, n Fastern ctsirs one !your faster
Detroit k rLnrec te ntia p ss Car-S--7%S; a.
!It., 8:; o a. i.and huryto 7:10to3. nM., 9:10
p. it.
KalamnazoLimited C Xrs-_.4E ii. ILan
every two hours to 6 :48 P.a; to., anIn:
Jac! son Express cars . l.-., : vlsps. i
L,,rai' Car>s Eastboundl7 r° _ a. !An, 6:40 a
. n, 7:o, a..u ad veyt. _ hors to 7 :05 P.
ii., ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 10'E,0np n~I .a1., 'lol. i.to
~g~iat i rdy g oa. nt ,co a. m.,at 2:05 p
i, : .n., IT :45 P. ' tI ; 1s0Oa. s7.., Tx:2C
a. in lo aline. change a' Yrsiiani i.
Twenty-t orearabephoto-
graphs of the Greek Flay. Comne
in and see them-i.
~ Alarm Clucks~
n anard Conklin
332 State St.
for Particular Peopqle.
fEdilerrls 31.1y B Il inded in Up to
May 14
The dlate for the final submittal of
ditorials for the editorial contest, con-
ducted by Pi Delta Epsilon, upperclass
honorary journalistic fraternity, has
beten postponed froriiArili 21 to May
15. Numerous editorials have been
sbiltted already, but it is thought
a mlore representative group will be
secured by the extension of the time
The editorials must decal with some
phase of University life and be not
more than 500 words in length. Thte
w'nning editorial will receive a $10
prize and will he published in The
For further particulars, those inter-
ested, can call the Contest Editor,
phone 131.
R'egular tassemWly at Armory, Satur-
day ight.-Adv'. 19-20
Try a Michigan Daily Want-Ad.

. .. ,.aTI . 1'. (. r : ,
S. 5 iCtark3fate > c-.Sit-ic t ;t n, Tr.
R I. 11 Frkn G.0. Broph
). 1i Crmtendene Mildred C. Mighell
I l~ \emeer J. P. Hart
.\atrti a I.\ ud FRA. Taber
3. I' cA istr Alan Shoenfid
C. C. N l_.x.reu ., R. '. Mel )on';ld
G. L. C~otdslklf
.p --."- Business Staff
I'",zl E, ('leloc Hrry R. Louis
Il ,.: id Wfkinson Earl R. Gancow
Haol R.i SmiV ..itl Syntuti; ViiUNI
Water R. Payne Buruad .Koh
Night Edi~on---. S thermerhorn Jr.
1iI(e 1.gcvts Katlie tecied iit ilfl--
portant that. the Un iver tsit y obtain, as
co, o :f it'-fir ist se(ps owatr d p u~l~ eil
nass an estimate o the resources and
a lohlties of its aculty, alni. and
student . To show the fdral ani
state governments wat Micigan nien
aged womecn are w~tilng and able to do
ivt ase of need, and to oranize them
in such a. wy that when the, demand
for certain taents comes they may be
directed zioo~:; the bet channels is a
w.orthy desire.
For this pll11poeOte intelligence
bureau has ben established at the
Union. Some forty- five thousand per-
sonal index cards were sent ot early
duiLg the spring vacaion, and are
being returned at the rate of n~ari2
ao thousand a day. Of thesse, through
the efforts cf'tte wmen of the Uni-
vrit., bewee fie ndt.six touand
have been recorded and (cros rfer-
encecs prepared.
But the success of the proe1. he
eff icney with wich the Uni ersity
will be able to serve the co untry, de-
pendas to no small extent upon the
work caried out by the bureau. The
sooneIr te recording and inecri)ng is
e-linpldet Ctl te wore uisful wl leto
Acall has been issuedi by the Wo-
tuen';s league and thne ichigan Uniot
for saue more mcn and wxomen to al]
Wn this worl. The men are asked tm
give soire of their time during, the
evening to auyiun~t the work hah^n
carried on lby the women in the aft-
The hel p of every petson who can
possibly give time is needed.
The cause is a worthy one.
Battleships seem to be i better
favorti this spring than canoes.
Someone has suggested that con-
gress bs lived up to its reputation of
beint the gee~test deliberative body on
It is jpre.paredness of the bet kind
to spade1 up the back-yard and plant a
With potatoes instead of grass
roulu . on the fo~t lawns, "lease"'
sgns will be miore 1)0 tibN or et-
"Awic-aa has deditated herself
with out htesit ation or resr e4 heart
aind soul andc strength to the great-
est o' ca ues, to which, stilninkited and
fort ifed by her on-deship, we he re
renew our fealty andl deot ion"---
F ormer P1 remer Asquith.
lNi'i N 'IltN LIILA'I4NS
Fulture activities of the Cosnopoli-
tan club, now that the spring t rip is
over, will consist manly in the meet-
ings of the class it international rela-
tions to be held1 every Thursday ove-

in-a ng tathe;past. l'lxCi,onl 01 f-
ficers fornyer will take place !In.
the middle of' Mlay%, after which the
sp1ringe banquet will be given.

SEI~~~~: V11, SL :p4'njJ 2" ~ 5 O
Conunitters are )ow working hard
to insure the suc<cess of the Iced Cross
bal to beo held Friday, April 27, in
Bb~our,- and Waterman gymnasiums.
The aim is to sell at least '3,000 tickets,
thereby making $1,500 for the aid of
Red Cross work.
The dance will be informal, and
tickeis ivill sell at 50 cents. They
will be for sale by members of com-
mtittees and at all the banks of the
Conpany I and the University naval
militia will be the guests of honor of
the cceca son. They may present some
c I n J'r drills, andl some of the women
tai em University will present dances
uridlr the direction of Miss Alice
be -nLad pf the physical culture
utcartment for women of the Univer-
si .1 :Ike Fisher will furnish the band
ni ad orchestra for the occasion.
Fergen W. Milleni of the Farmers
iind lechanics bank has been chosen
{yteei'lciairman', and Edward Seyler
of the State and German-American
Savinigs bank is general secretary.
Is rcSent Pla
6 _ihr ii 11111k Those~~
Unable to Fit Should
Till Sail
"An amy to work the farms,"
Paddby the secretary of agriculture,
and commended by the congress of
agricultural experts, will soon be or-
ganized to provide t he nation with
ffoedst uffs. The congress which met
recently :t t. Loais wa~s iunanimnous
iiiitsraointedatonof the scheme.
VO~tilg is sntientinl the words "thte
hoe is as mighty as the sword."
The large number of men rejected
front military service because of some
_muter deficiency, according to the
'hns brouight fortya, id at the meeting,
would be impq)re:ssed by the government
itio the national farnlands service,
Th7eir aid, in this way, would be equal
to that of the men in the trenches. It
is the idea of the promoters of the
schenme to place all of the work under
the supervision of an army officer.
Scrap of Paper
re L hPlay .Plot.

M"7ade to Mea,,sure
$15 ad-.up

Phone 2225



Get v eerea..iori Oixt of
Our cmpletrazi
: s tG : lE>'i ePa arJ$¢hk;a9l af1 Rd iy lei h 1iE111itltillt

Cal off eae
Oratorical IMeet

Prescription Store
co r. State & N. University

. b er
Bathing Caps


Tak your AmIateur FinishingC
--- TO

40c & 50c

l :ntt: r.('

of 1T. S. It ~m isos



Lest LIve Letter Proyldes Basis
A z i uin "Les MPattes' de




The imp;ortance of unimportant
,ings is well illustrated in the plot
of 'ictoiein Sardou's "Les Pattes de
louche," the Frencht play to be pre-
sented by the Cerele Francais next
Tb nrsday evenilug, April' 26, in Sarah
Caswell Angell hall.
Because a scrap of paper, a love
letter, does not reach its destination,
tv o lovers are separated and a series
of complications results, in which a
inetitof wits between Prosper and
Su-anne, the two leading characters
lx the play, predominate.
Lelandi Thomipson, '18, will play the
role of Prosper, while the character of
Suznnewill be taken by Margaret
I~y,'18. Two other fundamental
eharacters in the plot are Vanhove
and Clarisse, taken by Jacob M.
Brande, '18, and Mrs. A. C. Weaver,
Owing to some slight misunder-
standing - occasioned by an article on
military training printed Thtursday
mornintg, some members of the vaca-
tion battalion of volunteers failed to
report to their commands for drill
yeste:rday afternoon. It should be em-
phatsized that only those students tak--
Jng the course in elements of military
engineering have been called back
°oe the ranks of th-e vacation bat-
talion into tihe departmental corps.
All other volunteers are at liberty to
continue their drills in their respective
battalion companies at the time set
it he schedule. T1he time set for the
- aioutS company drills is, for Coin-
I)ani A, diaily fronm 4:30 to 5: 15;(1ont-
pat3, 4:30 to ,5:,30; Company C,
5:05, to- 5:50; Company D, 5:05 to
5:50 , and Company F, from 4:30 to
:5:30 o'clock.
E ai m neitOr-ders Thielzi hue ' Ams
WasingonApril 19.--The war and
- aydepartments today ech placed
ii eergncyorder for 3,000O Lewis
uhiachuine gulns.

Because of' the entraLin-e of time Unit-
edl St ates into the war, the annual in-
terstte pec contest, Which was
shed tiledtobe held i Ann Arbor on
April 27, vlii not be held titis year.
'T e association in -carge oi' tileconl-
tests wiat o1 tihe opinion thatt because
or the ntatitre of the, orations, andi be-
cause at this time nil delivery mnig-ht
ln'ove embart-ssigbth1to the gov-
erment amnd ime contestants, it wvould
be adIvisable' not to. h old the contest
!!,is ;year.
A nimber of the unive s, e and col-
inges in the central 1ra fsae
h a ye not held thmeir loca cw ots;s be -
cause of the late intern:Ational+ ;ituia-
1tie Six states are 'i~inuber'4s Y 1tl
anti-a1tgroupl, and ad t11h- C. te st
> !!Ahed, rel)1'seta:tives from I'dich-
t.aOhio, Indiana.,lltn s, isconsini
wvould have competed for fl,, Hrit to
+ _y' nt this group of'states inl thl
naion al contesit i,-h was to ha iv e
been hold in %,Lake(,1':olonk in M ay.
.Inmes Schermnerhorn Jr., '18, was
Michigan's represemintative, hinlg w'on
the local and state contests with his
oration, "'The Course of Empire."
ukBacor, °s'2, Director of State
Organizat ion, to Collect D)ata
Local branches of the intercollegiate
intelligence bureau have been estab-
lished in a number of the colleges of
the state during the last week by
Frank Bacon, '02, state director of the
Those colleges where the organiza-
tion has been started are: Hillsdale,
Kalamazoo college, Michigan State
Norm- nal (college, Western State Nor-
mal-" college, antd Houghton College of
Mines. Next week organizations will
be established in Dope college, Adrian
college and Alma college.
The pr'ocedure is the same as was
used here, the strident body, faculty.
and alumni being first indexed, the in-
ternal organization perfected, amid
then a nietho,)d provided for getting
the i'fori ation to the government.
Bhiza~d uspeds usinless ill Colo.
Den!ver, Colo., -April 19 - -With the
heaviest snow,:' fall in years the whole
woestern slope of the San Juan region
of Colorado is today in the grip of a
raginm blizzard. Mining operations
and rural routes have been suspended.
Railroad traffic is crippled and tele-
phone and telegraph lines are down.
Sow is still falling.
For live, progressive, up-to-date ad
vertising use The Michigan Daily.



I believe in peace, but peace with
homnor andl self-respect. I believe that
war is a terrible thing that should be
avoided, if possible, butt I also believe
thmat there are things in this world
worse than war; peace without honor
and self-respect is one of them.
I b~elieve in what the flag of my
country stands for: Honor, justice,
truth, liberty, humanity.
1 believe it is the duty of every
American to uphold the flag and what
it stands for, and I believe it the duty
of every able-bodied American to pre-
pare himself in a military way for this
I believe in personal preparedness,
by which I moan if I am ever needed
to defend my sister, by mother, my
home, and my country, I will be pre-
pared to da so.
I believe in national preparedness,
by which I mean may country being
prepared to- uphold what the flag
stands for and to defend itself if, at-
I believe that citizenship carries
with it obligations as well as priv-
ileges, and I believe that military
service is one of the most important
of these obligations.
I believe in the benefits of militar'y
training, I believe' that it strengthens
the body, benefits the health, improves
the mind, and teaches obedience, re-
spect for law and order, patriotism,
courtesy, honor, loyalty, manliness,
thoroughness, system, cleanliness, or-
ganization, and team work. In short,
I believe in military training because
it makes for efficiency and better citi-
zen ship.-From American Defense.
P.i!auliters of1 Revolution Close Poles
Waishington, April 19.-Poles in the
first ballots of the Daughters of the
American Revolution for president-
general were closed at 4 'o'clock de-
spite 'the fact that numbers of the
dlaughters had not voted up to this
time. A choice is believed impossible
in this ballot. -
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General Manager of The National
Map Company, will be at the
Allenel lhotel on Friday, April
20th, to interview college men
desirous of an unusual proposi-
tion for -summer work. Mini-
mium earnings of $300.00 guar-

{ ..
r ry3+ t'
" " x '




A 10-mile walk has been planned
r University women, to start from
arbour gymnasium at 1 o'clock to-
o-rrow afternoon.
Boys will not have to go buttonless5
the battle field, for the women of
ie Red Cross -are making blue denim
swing kits, containing buttons, pins,
.ack and white thread, darning cot-
n and needles, for' each man in the
ival militia. Sewing bits of khaki
e being made for the army. Two
rsonal property bags of white duck
out 18 inches square, are to be pro-
ded for the militia men.
Iet your shoes fixed at .Paul's Place,
1 E. William St. - tf
Special discount to class baseball
;ams. Cushing's Pharmacy.-Adv.

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