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October 27, 1916 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1916-10-27

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AllSetfor C. C. C.
Heet with Orange


ceedlmgs. after which those actively
engaged during the afternoon joined
the ranks of the other men practising
signals, and kept busy until after the
lights went on.
Toward the latter part of the Pray
the high school players seemed to
have the hunch on the yearlings. Kerr.2

Tomorrow morning at 10:45 o'clock
Ia introduction to the Syracuse
game in tihe afternoon both the Oranige
and Maize and Blue cross country
Substitute Quarterback Scores First squads will defy the recent cold wave
Touchdown After 45- and burn up gravel on the four-mile
Yard Run course laid out for this event. In spite
of the drop in the mercury things
CRUSE CROSSES RESERVE GOAL should be rather warm for the thin
clads in their little romp around Fer-
Syracuse Team Arrives in Detroit To- ry field and thence down what -may
some day be a continuation of State
day; To Take Workout at street and back over the same route.
Country Club Those of the more optimistic tem-
perament are confident that the visit-t
Although the Varsity did not scrim- ors will receive a good licking in both
ma yesterday afternoon, the re- events scheduled for tomorrow. Others
more conservative admit that there
serves gave battle to the scrubs and will be a battle either way. The pessi-1
emerged victorious, 13 to 6. mists don't count at all. Personally
The Varsity meanwhile was busy we incline to a proper mixture of thet
with signal practice, and all of the first two states mentioned and if a1
regulars were out with the exception hyphenated word will be allowed to
of Weske. slip past the editor we are properlys
Zeiger was the bright and shining conservatively-optimistic.t
light in the set to between the re- Getting down to brass tacks we area
serves and the scrubs, the quarter- content to abide the issue, confidentc
back proving the biggest ground that all that good coaching, hard work,
gainer of the afternoon. Zeiger's and good leadership has been doned
work has been high class during re- and that when the gun is fired at 10:45
cent scrimmages and Michigan seems o'clock every man entered will bes
to have a capable substitute quarter- found ready for war, be he Orange or
back.. Blue.
Zeiger scored the first touchdown No word has yet been heard from the
of the afternoon with a long 45-yard Syracuse entries. For Michigan the
run. The scrubs kicked off and on following men will run: Captain Ku-
the third play, Zeig broke away around ivenen, Varsity Track Captain Eddie
end. He cut back towards the center Carroll, Meehan, Denee, Fuess, Sedg-
of the field and ran over for a touch- wick, Herlihy, Fox, Bouma, and Price
down. These ten men will fill the bill. Six
The scrubs kicked off again and of them have seen service over the
Bathrick returned 50 yards, but the distance route in other fall seasons
scrubs . held and the reserves yere while the other four are the pick of
forced to relinquish possession of the last year's AloFresh track squad.
ball. Scrimmage see-sawed back and Captain Kuivenen was a consistent
forth around the center of the field point winner in former cross country
for a time, but the reserves eventually meets and likewise Eddie Carroll
marched over for their second touch- Meehan was the star two-mile; of the
down. Zeiger and Brazell were dor 1916 Varsity track team, while Dtnee's
ing the gaining and Zeiger finally car- specialty has always been the one mile
vied the ball over from the 10-yard run. Fuess and Bouma are both ex-
line. Martens kicked goal and the re- perienced men and are relied on to de-
serve's count was pushed up to 13. liver a low score in the run tomorrow
The scrubs came back and scored it being remembered that the first mar
once. With the ball on the 35-yard to finish brings in the lowest score
line, two penalities placed it within 20 and others following in order.
yards of, the reserves' line, and Cruse Fox is ex-captain of last year's All-
of the scrubs broke away and sprinted Fresh trackteam and has demonstrat-
over for the lone counter attributed ed on several occasions that he car
to his team. finish right up with the band wagon
The reserves lined up as follows: Sedgwick and Herlihy are also second
Martens, left end; McCallam, left year men and have been showin-
tackle; Dunn, left guard; Willard, promise all season. According to pas+
records every man on the team should
center; Skinner, right guard; Whalen, .give somebody an awful fight.
rht kl Hildnr rie ht endg

Defeat Egbert and Bartz in Semi-
Finals 9-7, 6-2, and 7-6, 7,-5

McGinnis Troupe doses Out Prep
l>ks6to 0; Giunebach
--esY earling Score
Coach McGinnis' warriors earned a
hard fought victory from the Ann
Arbor high school team yesterday, the
final score showing but a half dozen
points to the credit ofth yearlings.
Many of the regular men who will
play in the Aggie freshmen game to-
morrow were absent from scrimmage,
which may have something to do with
the scarcity of counts.
The contest was marked with the
number of injuries sustained by the
high school players. About every third
play Coach Joseph saw one of his
tridders lying on the turf, and the bat-
tle had to be halted until another
player could remove his extra equip-
ment and get into action. As a con-1
sequence about 25 men saw duty onI

Hamer continuing his placing game
and with almost perfect control of his
lob ball, walked away with set and
match by the score of 6-2.
The other match of the semi-finals
was won by Johnny Codd with much
greater ease than the scores indicate.
Both men play an exceedingly steady
game, but it seems as though when a
point was needed Codd would put on
a burst of speed and take the game.
The second contest was outclassed
by the whirlwind play that marked the
first combat. Hamer and Egbert are
b th naixr+O lfrin n nhn

the sub quarter was taking an active
part in running through the heavy op-
posing line, and got off with several
substantial gains, putting the yearl-
ing goal in grave danger a few minutes
before the skirmish ended. With first
down and less than six yards away
from the goal line, the verdant for-
wards finally held, although the ball
was on the two-yard stripe when the
fourth assault was over. Friedmeyer
then punted out of danger, for the time
but Kerr led his men back to the 15-
yard mark before the forwards again
stopped the backs of the younger men.
Once one of the high boys got through
the entire team save one man, but it
did them no good except to show that.
they were outplaying the freshmen
line at the time.


Yesterday's semi-finals saw pe aps

pott native Californians andi both play
the greatest exhibition of tennis ever the Pacific coast style of game *iade
seen on the local campus. Both famous by such great players as
matches were fought bitterly through- Maurice McLaughlin and William
out. In the first match Hamer fur- Johnston. Egbert was handed a com-
nished the surprise of the tournament plete surprise by the remarkable play
by downing the more highly touted of Hamer. With all justice to Hamer,
Egbert in straight sets, 9-7, 6-2. In it must be said that he met Egbert on
the other match Codd was returned an off day.
victor over Bartz, 7-5, 7-5. If the weather permits, the finals
Egbert started out like a whirlwind wllbeplyemof t :0sturda
by annexing the first four games main- will be played off at 10:30 Saturday
ly with the aid of his fast driving morning on the Varsity courts.
shots. Then Hamer, realizing his
drives were off, switched his style of Economics Building Under Way at Ohio
play, using a lob ball and a straight Two floors of the new economics
placing chop with such deadly accur- building at the University of Ohio are
acy that he tool five straight games. now completed and are being used for
With the score 7 to 6 in favor of classroom purposes. The third floor
Egbert, Hamer came back stronger will be ready for occupancy in a few
than ever, alternating between a lob weeks.
and a chop stroke, took the next three
games and set. The next set saw Halloween Dance at Armory tonight.

the high school team, and nearly yore The freshmen will leave for the state
a path from the side lines to the field capital tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock
of play. where they will engage in hostilities
The contest lasted about a half hour with the M. A. C. men of the same
during which time Ginnebach retis- class.
tered the sole score after a march
straight down the field by the backs. 1incinn from 9 to 1 at Armory to-
Darkness called a halt to the pro- night, 27



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Zeiger, quarterback; Eggert, left half;
Bathrick, right half; Brazell, full-
The Varsity meanwhile was running
through signals, catching punts,
passes, and generally reviewing all
that they know about the ancient and
honorable game.
Captain Maulbetsch tried some
place kicking and the German Bullet
was dropping them over from the 20-
yard line consistently. Peach was
given a ball and told to try some drop
kicks and he sprang a surprise on
everyone. Peach has always been a
fair drop kicker, but he stood on the
40-yard line and dropped over so many
that he had the coaches watching.
The Syracuse aggregation arrives
in Detroit this morning from the east.
They are scheduled to put up at the
Cadillac hotel. The team will not
leave Detroit for Ann Arbor until some
time Saturday, perhaps arriving just
before the contest starts. Although
they have not stated where they will
workout, it is expected that the Orange
squad will loosen up this afternoon at
the Detroit Country club.
New Haven, Conn., Oct. 26.-Yale
today lost a valuable veteran football
player when the iness of Chub Shel-
don, left tackle, who went to the col-
lege infirmary three daystgo, was
diagnosed as inflammatory rheuma-
tism. While a member of the Yale
artillery battalion in camp at Toby-
hanna, Pa., during the summer, ex-
posure is believed to have caused the
illness. He prepared for Yale at An-
dover and was the chief competitor
of Cupid Black for the Yale captaincy
last winter. His home is in Joplin, Mo.
Sheldon will not leave the infirm-
ary for several weeks, and has prob-
ably played his last game of football.
Charley Taft, son of the ex-president,
succeeds to the position at left tackle.
Dancing from 9 to 1 at Armory to-
night. 27
Dancing classes and private lessons
at the Packard Academy. 18-tf

Second Year Relay Team Has Few
Candidates; Freshmen Work Hard
Track Coach Farrell announces that
he wants every man who is trying out
for the freshman relay team that will
run against the sophomores between
halres of the Washington game, to re-
port to him on the track at Ferry field
any time after 3 o'clock this after-
noon. It was reported last night that
a little actual work under fire will
be handed out to the yearlings in
preparation for their race with the
By that same token, namely work,
the fresh are very likely to hand the
sophs a sound drubbing a week from
tomorrow. Somehow the boys who
were called freshmen last year are not
demonstrating that they are in any
way superior to their successors. The
1920 verdants are loudly proclaiming
that they are going to duplicate the
little affair of last Saturday morning
with respect to who takes the little
end of the horn. And thus far they
have been getting away with this kind
of mouthings. Question: Are the sophs
going to let them run the ranch or
not? It has been doubted by some
whether the sophs can wallop the
fresh on the cinders. Apparently the
fresh aretnot goingto getthe chance
to run against their rivals unless they
be allowed to loan the sophs a team.
Baseball at Williams
Thirty-one freshmen answered the
first call for baseball candidates at
Weston field at Williams. The squad
was later increased to 50, and some
excellent material has developed in
the practice against the sophomore
and varsity teams. Three full nines
were given workouts under the super-
vision of Captain Clark, who believes
there is first-class material in the
bunch for future university uses.
Hallowe'en Dance at Armory tonight.
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