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November 01, 1917 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-11-01

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The Stein-Bloch Co. 1911

I magine
if you 're a
''live one "--


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Lieut. q. C. Mullen Issues Statement
on Duties of Student
Red Flag to Indicate Lecture; White
One Will Signify Drill on
ferry Field
Lieut. George C. Mullen, command-
ant of the University cadets, issued
the following announcements yester-
day afternoon:
"I want to call your attention to the
necessity of learning military etiquette
and military bearing. Later I will
speak to you more fully on the sub-
ject, but in the meantime investigate
the question for yourself.
"Uniforms have not been ordered yet
because the necessary instructions
from Washington have not been re-
ceived. I hope they will come soon,
and then the uniforms will be provide
as rapidly as possible. Meanwhile,
tbose that have not yet been measured
or them, do so at once, giving the
order to Mr. Roy P. Henry, on State

"Now tell your friends that every
one of them will not be doing their
duty unless they prepare themselves
to render the most efficient service
within their power. It is very appar-
ent that a man who is fitted to serve
as an officer is more valuable than a
man who can only enter as a soldier.
Tell your friends they have a chance
here and now to prepare for service
as officers and that every one of them
who fails to take advantage of it is
in a measure a slacker."

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the top, or prisoners in the German
Purdue training corps men are now
notified of the nature of the daily
drill by the means of different colored
flags floated from the campus pole.
A, red flag means indoor training and
a white one means theoretical work.
Grinnell university has a new cam-
pus organization. The name is S. P.
I. F., which means Society for the
Prevention of Impudence in Fresh-
Toronto university has adopted
compulsory military training for all
fit students. Everyone enrolled in the
drill companies will be members of
the regular Canadian militia.

Absences Will Count
"Absence from drill without an ac-
ceptable excuse will count against a
man, and unless made up will prevent
him from getting a recommendation
for a commission, It will also le a
hindrance toward graduation. No u a-
excused absence will be overlooked. It
will be strictly up to the individual
who is absent to report and arrange
to make up work, because I will mak
no effort whatsover to get delinquents
to do their duty. I will simply re-
port them and :heywill be dealt with
accordingly. After today all unex-
cused absences will require double time
to make up. Every man who misses
one drill will have to work two hours
at a special drill to clear 'his r.eord.
And every man who is late at drill
will have to do one hour of drill to
make it up.
"On days when lectures are to be
given a red flag will be raised o the
flag pole at 3:45 o'clock, and first call
for drill will ae sounded at the same
time. When drill ti to be held on
Ferry fleld a white l'ag will be raised
and no call will be sounded or the
Time of Assembly Clhanged
"The time of assembly on Ferry
field will be cha.iged to 4:15 o'clock
instead of 4:10 o'clock, in order to
give every man plenty of time to get
down there. No excuses will be ac-
cepted unless made before the drill.
"The drill for today will be that
which was announced as second day
"All acting first sergeants will enter
in their roll books the full names of all'
the men in their companies, so that the
office can tell which person is design-


New York, Oct. 31.-A platform of
eight planks designed as a constructive
program for the prosecution of the war
to a definite victory has been adopted
by the American Defense society, it
was announced today. The platform'
will be submitted for discussion and
approval to the chambers of com-
merce throughout the country and to
the chamber of commerce of the Fui-
ted States at Washington. The pur-
pose of the committee of the society
which drew up the program is an-
nounced to be to solidify the nation in
the prosecution of the war. The pro-
posals advocated by the society in its
war platform are:
That the administration at Wash-
ington be urged to send an over-
whelming force to France.
To intern alien enemies and enemy
sympathizers whose conduct impedes
the war.
To warn Germnay that departures
by her from the rules of war will not
be endured,
To forbidthe publication of news-
papers and magazines in the German
language during the war.
That Congress be asked at its next
session to declare that a state of war
exists with Austria, Bulgaria, and Tur-
key; to expel any disloyal members;
and to enact a law prohibiting the is-
suance of new securities except by
federal license.

point of high position, back-fires
which will bring death to increasing
thousands of our men by weakening
support from behind the lines and by
strengthening the enemy to renewed
Amsterdam, Oct. 31.-A demand that
Austro-Hungary should undertake the
role of peacemaker between Germany
and the Entente powers was voiced by
Count Michael Karolyi, leader of the



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. r .

IP.~ lt f

Ten thousand dollars was pledged
by the faculty and students of the
University of Washington for Y. M.
C. A. war relief work at a conference
held there early this week.
In an appeal, Charles Whitehair,
general work secretary, said:;'
"The Y. M. C. A. is the only agency
which can work to bring back our
men physically and morally clean,
mentally balanced and alert, with in-
creased spiritual power, to be a
force for righteousness in their
homes. We are attempting to raise a
fund of $1,000,000s fifty per cent of
which is to be distributed for prison-
ers of war, 20 per. cent for Y. M. C. A.
war work, 20 per cent for Y. W. C. A.
war work, and 10 per cent for the
World's Christian student federation.
Every cent of it is for our men,1
whether they are on leave back of the<
lines or in port towns, whether they1
are going forward for the rush over

Are you a "pigknitter"? The Okla-
homa Daily says that any young worn-
an who knits with any other than
blue,,gray, or khaki thread is a "pig-
As a result of the Liberty loan cam-
paign among the underclassmen of
Cornell university, $45,100 has been
raised. These figures do not give the
final results, as the banks have not
yet counted up their loans and many
of the fraternity houses have not sent
in their returns.
Dean Straub of the University of
Oregon suggests ten cents per couple
as the price of admission to the stu-
dent dances.

It is recommended to "various au-
thorities" that they eliminate the com-
pulsory study of German in the pub-
lic schools.
Preamble To Platform
In its preamble to the platform,
the American Defense society asserts
that it is gratified at various steps
taken by the administration, Con-
gress, and the nation on matters con-
cerning the war against Germany and
her allies and desiring that the war
be prosecuted to the definite victory,
and the nation solidified to that end,
urges the foregoing, steps.
The society's statement adds:
"Great Britain, with a population'
of about 50,000,000, and France,
with a population of some 40,000,,000,
have already contributed approxi-
mately 5,000,000 and 6,000,000 men re-
spectively, and have borne the burden
of the struggle for more than three
years. If America should send over
even 10,000,000 emen from its popula-
tion of over 100,000,000, it would not,
in our Judgment, be doing more than
an equivalent share. For America to
send an overwhelming force should
also hasten Germany's realization of+
the hopelessness of her cause, and
thus materially shorten the war. The
more men we send, the fewer will be

"All men who have not filled out en-
rollment cards are requested to do
so at their earliest convenience. There
are a number of cards on file on which
the student did not state his school
or department. That information is
Students taking military drill under
Lieut, George C. Mullen attended a
lecture yesterday afternoon in Hill
auditorium. Dr. George A. May, phy-
sical director of Waterman gymnas-
ium, told the cadets of the proposed
schedule of gymnasium work in con-
nection with military drill.
Makes Announcement
The following announcement wa ;
made by Lieutenant Mullen:
"I want you to carry to your friends
and acquaintances this word: En-
rollment in the reserve officers' train-
ing corps is still open, but it will not
be for much longer. I am granting
a privilege now by keeping the course
open as long as this, and after it is
closed it will be impossible to enroll
again until next year, there will be
no class beginning with the next sem-
ester. Also, every man. who enrolls

Hungarian Independence party, in an
address delivered recently to his con-
stituents at Cegled, according to ad-
vices received here. His utterance is
regarded as the most significant re-
cent statement of the peace feeling in
Hungary. He said:
"It is no good discussing any peace
except one based upon agreement and
fortified by a durable organization. To
fight for a peace by conquest which
only conceals further hatred and the
thought of revenge is not worth while,
for that would be a mere truce.
"Above all, the question arises who
would be the most suited to play the
part of peace mediator. From a prac-
tical point of view we must recognize
the fact that this role can only be
taken over by a government. The
Socialists, and also the Pope, may co-
operate in inclining public opinion to-
ward peace, but, in the end, only the
powers can negotiate peace. The first
demand for negotiations is that all
parties should agree in repudiating all
intention of conquest, and then a cer-
tain elasticity is required which is not
at the disposal of every state. It is
also necessary that the negotiating
state should not stand at the center of
hostility, and that it should have at it
disposal the necessary weight of in-
"The small neutral states are not
suitable. But as the great powers are
all participating parties, we must as-
certain which of the great powers the
enemy would bemost ready to believe
to have no intention of conquest. There
is only one such great power, the Aus-
tro-Hungarian monarchy. Everyone
can believe that it has no purposes of
conquest, not only because it has de-
clared this, but because everyone
knows that it is not to its interest
in view of its composition, to make
annexations. As, moreover, it has nev-
er pursued a colonial policy, this ques-
tion cannot form any obstacle. Even if
at the beginning the aim of czarism
was to conquer Constantinople by way
of the monarchy, yet this pan-Slavism
has no actuality since the collapse

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U. .

_. _



U. S

Dutch Army Receives 12 Airplanes
Amsterdam, Oct. 31.-It is announc-
ed that 12 large German airplanes
built for the Dutch army have arrived
at Bentheim, Hanover, where they will
be taken over by the Dutch aviation

Live Copy
.anyns and
The left,



"State of War Should Be Declared"
In advocating that congress declare
that a state of war exists with Austria,
Bulgaria, and Turkey, the statement
Austria, Bulgaria, and Turkey have
been practically absorbed for all
warlike purposes by Germany. Their
active co-operation in war with Ger-
many demands, we believe, such act-
ion in our part against them. Many
Austrians have been active in plots
against the United States. There is
not alone impropriety but also peril
in the continuation of Bulgaria's em-
bassy. It is intolerable that America
should not assume the fullest cham-
pionship of the unhappy Armenians
against the butchers of their defense-
less people."'
In requesting that congress expell'
any disloyal members,the society asks:
"Why send the nation's youth to the
battlefield, and at the same time per-
mit any man or set, from the vantage

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next year, no matter to what class in
college he belongs, will be required to
continue the course for four full years
in order to get a recommendation for
a commission in the officers' reserve.
Only those who continue the work
from this year will get recommenda-
tions in less time.

3104W. Liberty Street
Phone 2484 or 8(5-M
Oregon Professor Tenders Resignati
Eugene, Ore., Oct 31.-Prof. All
Eaton of the University of Oreg
faculty has, tendered his resignati
to the president, as a result of a res
lution passed by the city chamber
commerce asking for his withdraw
It was alleged that the professor a
tended a seditious peace meeting he
recently. He declares that he attem
ed the meeting in the interest of t
American government.
Ohio Students "Joy Ride" Soldier
Columbus, O., Oct.-31.-Students
Ohio State university are doing the
bit by donating the use of their aut
mobiles. one night each week to gi
soldiers from the barracks a ride.


guarantee could not be written.
It is unlimited in its scope and

of czarism.
"For all these reasons Austria-Hun-
gary should take the negotiation of
peacein hand."
To Erect Monument to Wilbur Wright
Paris, Oct.- 31.-The committee ap-
pointed before the war to arrange for
the erection of a monument to Wilbur
Wright, inventor of the airplane, has
decided to proceed immediately with
the work, and it is hoped that arrange-
ments will shortly be made for the
monument to be erected at Mons.

i to Daily

r fnh


116 So. Main St.

Recreation n
"We try to trea

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