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July 01, 1927 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1927-07-01

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g4W )'mnwr
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John E. Davis Orville Dowzer
T. E. Sunderland
Ea M HT7n Mirim Mitrhll

On July 1'the bituminous coal min-
ers of the union mines in central
Pennsylvania will walk out. Their
strike comes as the culmination of a
heated attempt at arbitration, where
the operators proposed a 15 to 20 per
cent decrease in wages and the miners
refused. The commission then ad-
journed sine die and the nation as a
whole can be edified with another coal
The whole business of coal strikes,'
however necessary they may be, seem
to be approaching rapidly an immense
practical joke, with the general public
as the suffers. The Jacksonville
wage agreement expired March 31, and,
since then the miners have been work-
ing under a temporary arrangement,
but every agreement for the last ten
years has been temporary, and no ef-
fort has as yet been made to eliminate

Music An Dram
A Review by John E Davisj
Sit down, sister-this is a wow of
a show!
I mean "The Butter and Egg Man,"
which is, you might say, not a solid
play bill, but a sort of glorified vaude-
ville skit. Great stuff, sure-ideal for,
the hot nights, and it starts the Rock-
ford Players with a big wide flat-palm
gesture-but it's going to take more
theater to give them a chance to show
what they really have in their histri-
onic sample cases.
The curtain flips up on Paul Faust
and Bob Wetzel barking ham-pro--
dAr NawVn Yrnn t ea r.othe-- 5





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i. . yman ivram WLiez aucer ew o xvese U aC c~e
U. . J Mry isterthe cause for strikes by finding a fair ! ,
Robert E. Carson Betty Pulver standard and sustaining it. and it is in the same vernacular that
Wnm. K. Lomason Louis It. Markus Competent experts who have investi- Elsie Herndon Kearns makes her in-
-Sgated the coal mining situation report itial bow to Ann Arbor theater sitters.
.INES S FF thatthere aetee tias mny A good bow, this, with assortment of
Telephlonze 21211 miners as needed. and that if the nunti-i
BUSINESS MANAGER ber were reduced the remainder could wise digs pushed out of the corner of
L RANCE J. VAN TUJYL be employed all the year around in- the mouth, so to speak; but it's not
Advertising . ........... Ray Wachter stead of two or three months eacfhi enough to open any actress's bag of
Accounts ............John Ruswinckel year. If this were accomplished the tricks very far. Miss Kearns will be-
Circulation ..............Ralph Miller wages could be reduced slightly, the the boards in
Cicuaton........alh ilergin to step tebadinearnest whenI
Asstants annual incomes of the families of min-
C. T. -Antonopulos S. S. Berar ers would still be increased, and the she plays Judith Bliss in "Hay Fever"
G. W. Platt general scale of living could be in- tomorrow afternoon.
-- But the big part in the Butter and
Night Editor--ORVILLE DOWZER creased with it.
- _-------_ In the meantime, however, strike is Egg Man, as the parts go, is Bob
FRIDAY, JULY 1, 1927 a cruel and dangerous weapon, which, Henderson's. If there is any charac-
in the hands of labor should be wield- ter development (something which no
ed only in the most extreme cases. A one expects in .a comedy anyway) it is
group of narrow capitalists, in control in that role; superficial enough-but
of the mines has brought the situation enough. The moving forces are the
Less than seventy years ago a giant about, beyond a doubt, and is as re- show game and Amy Loomis, with
caravan moved slowly across the sponsible as any single group for first Amy finally winning for fineness and
western plains. Men still alive can the excessive number of miners em- love and the hotel business in Chilli-
remember the painfully slow move- ployed and second the attempts to 11cothy, Ohio. Amy should get better
reuthlessly pareduce wages.ve- !roles, after what she did, say, as the
ruthlessly reduce wages.
ment of that army of laborers, and Coal and the fuel of the nation are Duchess in "The Firebrand."
how behsd them rone ed miles and a public utility, just as surely as the Still about Bob: whether by coinci-
miles of shining new steel rails. Fin-postal service is a public utility; and dence or by careful choice of plays
ally the last spike was driven, and if the natural economic forces can not (he hasn't told me) he nearly always
the army of workmen went wild with operate successfully without causing slides into a tailor-made role-the
joy as the first train passed over the name of which would be the mascu-
rails of the Union Pacific from the annually immense losses it is time thatC
the artificial agency of government line gender of ingenue, if there were
west coast to ke east, and back; andsu
wetcatt asn control were interposed. When a coal such a word. (Why isn't there, any-

® ,

' t :


,.., .---- r.. .:.:......M. ,.

Three Day Celebration of
Nation's Glorious Birthday
Saturday, Sunday and Monday
Sunday and Monday
McKinney's Famous
Cotton Pickers
fireworks Lake Illumination
Lunches Served All Day in
Blue Lantern Grill.
On Grand River, 1' Miles East
of Brighton.
Management of Jean Goldkette, Inc.

1 1" v
G"f }'} P
k4Yl @ I tili#

OLNk " 4.
F ,n.

they believed they had written a chap-
ter in the history of transportation-
and so they had.
From a tedious journey of months
the trip from New York to San Fran-,
cisco had become one of weeks. Men'
marvelled, and immediately there en-
sued a period of heavy investment in
this type of transportation, and in the'
vast empire that it was developing.

strike occurs it is the nation that
loses, more than, the miners or the
operators, and if the people are to'
have a voice in their own destiny,
which is one of the cardinal premises'
of democracy, it seems rather fair
that they should be given an oppor-
tunity to control the vital supplies. 1
The miners have a right to strike;t
there is no doubt about that at all

how?) Bob is in his glory as naivete
itself-and so he is as Peter Jones----
of Chilli-cothy, Ohio.
For the rest: Paul Faust, who was
once the soul of dignity as the drum
major of the University of Wisconsin
band, is a changed man since lie hit
the road with the Haresfoot club, un-
der the tutelage-I vow-of one Rus-
sell Winnie, who was a bearcat under


Coona, Remnington
r 11141nd Rwya portables.
and 'ivruilf typeivriters
of .Ill irth-es. l oWCt° f rices. -C, sy
U Nickels I1catle Phone 6>15


Scarcely dreamed these pioneers of The operators, under the-present sys- a derby hat. The black derby-a heri-
places as remote as Hawaii, and Paris ten, have the right to hold out all tage, surely-hid Paul's curls last
was a long voyage by the fastest winter if they wish, and the only re- night; and the part hid his dignity.;
steamship. The youths of 170 could sult is an increase in the price they 'Briefly-with a superbly swaggering
hardly have imagined that even thtat can charge for their coal. If com- stage business-he was a knockout,
magnificent speed was to be surpassed plete government ownership is not and one may well pray for ore
-while some of them, and nearly all feasible, government supervision, such black-derby roles for Faust. -Robert
of their children, were alive to see it. as we now have over the railroads, Wetzel, always very earnest, seems to
Scarcely a month ago a throbbing certainly is; and a plan which can Ihave acquired more aplomb. His
motor dropped out of the dull gray save the public the disastrous cost ofI speeches would stand just a little less
sky near Paris and Charles A. Lind- the annual coal strike is not only passion and less twang.
bergh stepped out of the cockpit which We but inevitable. Frances Horine had a mediocre role
he had entered 33 hours previously in in this first play-and overworked it a
New York City, on, another continent. bit. That is, she gushed too much;
Then Chamberlin and Levine, then THE WINDSOR BRIDGE but she was superficial in her inter-
Byrd, and Hegenberger, and Maitland, Another step forward in the de- pretation. Her best work-and it is
and in their wake will doubtless spring velopment of a great industrial center good work--is in roles which partake
a line of trans-oceanic air pilots as has apparently been taken by the citi- of reserve and dignity. Henry Horn-
long as the generations of sea cap- zens of the city of Detroit with the a.p- berg, Franz Rothier, and Helen
tains that have'followed Columbus. proval of the Windsor bridge. Always Hughes are going to do well by the
* It is but a matter of months, or even the immediate loss tf a great project Rockford Players; their start is good.
weeks, until long distance transporta- is disagreeable to some persons, and But as a telephone operator wlmp knows
tion by air on the American continent the millionaire real estate operator that people go to the shows they like,
will become a reality. There will be whose subdivisions decrease in value Helen Hughes doesn't quite seem the
a veritable panic of'development in air as a result of the span, together with prom queen she was at Wisconsin a
lines, as there was in railroads follow- the mayor that that millionaire so few months ago. Complete in both
ing the Union Pacific, and out of the graciously helps to continue in office, lines she is: versatile-and how!
inevitable failures and successes will were extremely perturbed. * * *
rise the nucleus of a system of air Detroit is growing, however, and HAY FEVER
transportation that will carry the it must expand. To raise an ar- Without consulting any other mem-
pioneers back to the western plains in tificial barrier, or to maintain a nat- bers of the family, each of them in-
less time than it took them to reach ural one, to that expansion is unwise vited a week end guest from London:
the railroad station in days gone by. and narrow, even though the expan- the mother, a car-card athlete, the
As the puffing passenger train skims sion is going to benefit the people on father a flapper, the son a sinuous
across its shining path below, snail- the opposite side of the river as much siren with a frigidaire attachment,
like with its sixty or seventy miles as it is the Detroiters themselves. As and the daughter a walking stick from
and hour, the giant liners of the air 1 the great motor city grew it was in- the foreign office.
will ply the skies above, and at the evitable that tbte narrow ribbon of A situation indeed, when you con-
water's edge, when the passengers water which separates it from a new sider that each member of this fam-
from the train disembark, a morister and undeveloped region be spanned, ily is a definite personality not en-
plane will lift them over the seas and and the Windsor bridge, as approved tirely harmonious with the others.


Miorning Class
Now Forming.
Individual Instruction.
State and William Sts.




M ethods
The majority of Michigan
students are satisfied cus-
tomers because they ap-
preciate the regard for.
personal ownership that
is so characteristic of Var-
sity methods.



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and Supplies
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carry them in a few hours where it
would have taken days before. Space
and distance, in the language of the
pioneer, will have disappeared, and
disappeared during the lifetimes of
many of thost hardy men who laid that
first steel, path across the continent.
America has become a neighborhood,
and world peace does not even seem so
remote when one thinks of visiting I
friends in Paris or Berlin for a week-
end. The world has witnessed, in the
past few weeks, an inspiring specta-

by the voters of Detroit last Tuesday, And from this situation on Noel Cow-
is the culmination of that inevitable I ard, with sharp, pricking repartee has
situation. written in "Hay Fever," three act of
In addition to the inevitable nature excellent amusement.
of the structuv'e eventually, the erec- j The doings of this double quartet
tion of the br idge under the present serve to keep the audience in a highly
specifications Js as liberal a proposi- amused state for two hours. The
tion as the citizens of Detroit could author, who is incidently the same

have hoped to secure. Though private
capital will finance the construction
entirely, the city of Detroit will have
the opportuni1 y to enforce reason-
able rates, by the terms of the fran-

cle, the harbinger of a world revolu- chise, and will have the additional
tion, not by force or intimidation, but chance to buy the structure at somej
by the onward march of civilization not too far distant date. The citizens
and the progress of science. The pio- of Detroit are to, be congratulated for
veer of the western plains, looking up the judgment th'ey showed when they
from the cobwebbed stagecoach in approved the project by a vote of
the barn, can see in the sky the glis- eight to one, andt the construction of
tening hull that symbolizes the the Windsor bridge marks a forward
achievements of man-the conquest of step in 'the progvess of their "dyna-
space, iic" city.

Noel Coward of "The Vortex" fame
made no pretence of writing for the
Pulitzer prize when he wrote "Hay
Faver." The play was built for
amusement purposes only and as such
proved a great success in London
where Marie Tempest appeared in the
role of Judith Bliss, the mother, for
over a year.
"Hay Fever" opens Saturday after-
noon at the 3:30 matinee and plays
four performances, Saturday night,
and Monday and Tuesday nights at
8:15 o'clock in Sarah Caswell Angell

Use I T
Ill ssified Cumin
to Rent
\otir Rooms



1 f +orA' 'A'+.a urr

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