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May 06, 1923 - Image 2

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SSNDAY, -MAY I], 1D235

Among the Magazines
By N.B.
Gerbait Hauptmann, in the April
issue of TIhe Dial, begins the story of
"The Heretic o1 Soana", an eccentric
hermit goattherd who dwelt on the
top ot the Alps. ttaotinann's natme
should be sufficient tidvertisemoent for
any story. In the same issue is an
exceptionaldilsogue tetwes n 'Smith
and Jones", in the progress of whicth
tihe'two tmen'Oattemnpt arson, and inP-
ally tone hilts the other. Itetll the
outconme of ('ottrad Aiken's story he-
cause tIlielieve if tneeds ia redl flag to
warn of violence aheait. "A Wedding
Feast" to' Manual fsrotioff is written
in the samte sort of darklsoid.
By far thei most etilighitetning arti-
cle in the volitime is the I-lunlgarian~
Letter bsy' Bela ialaz. for it jimstifies
itt a fascittatittg sty le the stateentt
thatt "history, unit estiecially the cat-
tutral history of a smiatl people is mor'
of a large peotple."
Itt this issiue also is the fr's of
setrict, of articles siutiimarizitgtghl
piresent st;.tns of the aris. It is son
titld'Tti' Progt'iss utftPaintingttby
'hloittts ('raven." Of tsetoii'try Inre
cotimietndi taswesit ttdeslksti's ''Ie-
caidintiCtry-asti sltn d ildinitiiit
if antt i ist. The ioither'veist'wis IDid
t'yiodri''s 'Starig-Iold Peinduiluim' ant
,\ata ii' I'liftoril lBarni s's "T'C'raveit
or Not tii 'traiel'wis-hh is jiustifieii
onlys if the ri'aidir has iii hstire
K'indly e xicuse th' ewash Iris-ins
'.Luctteia' which is pastedinit as a

gratsefiit. Notiworldly enisighlto I-i ilf his.tio, tie shtouldl seine the oc- !thrles Vilidrac. 'The liest tioem is
tivateii the mianiters ofi ailtin' le vet caision to shitne at the extietis of the "Hteletn'' by tt. D.
lst'srswhomthseiotiud inieie is suppouiseidlt be, -
undTtihotisgh o ecouItoinitlttldttes- riiizing''-tIswottiet' if Mir.tell tliss BOOfKSIti R lIVEII
tise no oite, he is at a los's mintrs the . ruige ttgiitst siutie critics. t'r it- trussionse, Beaitrice Keats Seytatsur.
aebcncitshrly~stlii~ lie has, 1t is faishtiottable anitotng Alfred Knopif.
dout lietcrostlid le math'tofelesttiorecset'eswritirstnosw, s-ottkitioi. Wit-, Mirrors of Moscosw, Souls Besot.
contltrttbls' if somealitnesi tstdentisnas the tBootkmtian's Mail. 'Thomas Seltzer.
iwiitul say whti they ireallsyt it liii'h little apipreciation of Jotsphine; A Line of thowf of Two, Blert tLen-
htis ptoetry. tea tiniy's "'l'le 'iper" b' Alibis tar- ton Taylor. Alfred Kntopf.
Thti'firti'(esayitt thi xIlioo ma liiori;selllPritiwn is a goodilricotisitenda- Ltady Ito Fox, DaidliGaBrnett. At-
Slay is Ity'Floydillt. It is chtat'tyint Linfitsrltiost'ithoihaive ntireidthetti'FreidKnotif.
sitggeotives'antitis esitteat"Criticuist irltetit ielrassie itt poetic tdramaut. L ile of('hirist, t'apiinni. lHarct'.t
tnuitilail Manntet's." Of the liii I ' lositthi tonraid is givent tmagazine; .tric &tCo.
critic lie writes: "It is, ni cottisean 'l <' 'egignu. 'raitst'CoiirtdTt! 'his - - -
imtitosition Mtip ot r (ti]stesvitshtuimiss the critit' is tGrutOfverton. Yes. .A ruvietsof iiititlen nmusic swill sip-
weants tiitetsnovels of usis oto reiaiithe aticle:i' iiItS lli aboutti Contit t'tit t in tthi' S'ittttlss lagazitte for May-t
hut hint it a idestt befot'sa ilte of tilsth- r l',is lt right.. t 'I'ltis isill sere'is a ptrelimiinar'y
ic people's novels ated ask hir to critli- Itisi't feasilli'tot tmt'ttioitt ser}.- i5tet'l iileth S Mu..IFestival.'ITe
size there.No st-nder hti'is oiteitnti- titingitt the th' oot~a, niii'is it wotrtihilireseidistinttiipibasssthatIl titi tio
patiunt, anittinooider, eithler, thautiwhile, hut tts're is ati artiiletnsotittls' tth' muisi'cquetionimoitttotday atndtits
lacking as yet the opptortuitns tity tu ke illtstratiiint ts' Rtobert tortes HoIllidaiy, matraligfiues wiill bl it'siciused
himself kniiwn to tIe- pultic bItsol s-imitla MalcotlatColeIt-ciritlicismitofiiai ntla
It !-i

After the stroll, drive or
shlow, a visit here wjIll
topa th ingos off to

7 2 0OE -SOUTH

lIi"F el forti' iii litl the h sgreat stat'. R,,t
'lTie ruttisit,- hatt w imstigateAi Ithe j~
na bel e ti f't' I''cittt Lutztoiit tlt fllt
gtrossini;artiele, ''ITs'e r tiatit'IfusschIt
Handl'", sisi's teft'tetice- illtr Is,,i' Onice ou try, iS {
tbtitlI ihi M 1eliiv it tc it't
iii '5 %:tht'] tlmit .'phrliat. it ilicl .
In the satie Inumbtter if "This tei'-
ittat,"i,' Ir. B tprallt] ilutaell higitus 1
cisiat' tilt'''f'it(, tci u's ~ if ti' or "ii
'ihichi itri'e's iviS'cl withini lt' ,hu
arie h I'tit iulihinihil tititihohitul its h
li sltwit itt y Ii chl tutu this it
(tti'sth. ileilio' m dfed b h
iit iI'tit-ttlm t htr~ilsc allit hit mu tiiti'
itt Why Pl1en al!
Shy' hihe'is'' tuuhi telhls i it e -itt ison
tias 1f its -ut ;1'lii iatut Itui u's ust'
(hti- -ittastcirlr~()imt iuthis tlo us - Government statistics show 1~that over 60' of the busine'o failures in
itCa lutal retigmi); tintite t~it it -
ci ife le'hifiht ti beusi thiseniia.ti the lash ten years were due to insufficient capital. Interesttng and important. ,
tIc'l iRou' ftuf hsis-ttt' ist0 uhtsmii
''lii' hitik f hu' Mtli~t"It merely shows that the majority of young men that start out in husiness
Of't t I I.ttS-h fitr .htay- otit s usit hi
t'uuiuichttrmitng ltr, aken troli for themaelves haven't enough preparation for the taak; for surely the aaving
ucruspondh-ee tbetsvu'emt IGeorge Mthe
thi andilAlice ittyitc-ll 'he'eItwo- of adequate capital is as much a part of careful preparation as is technical
perisonaities aire'romtttcic oetoi fiintldk osld e
toigether'. kolde
'I'llHE, hl'0KN1IAN : rulistihithe-
tiuct intetling hintg ft thi' camus =ti Thia hank can teach you the first lessona in the great school of Thrift,
swilt it "'The Litetimy spoStlhit -.:
wihiltis mthtiti. tirsneit utu uu After that you must learnm for yourself-but always aided hy the sound advice
Robtlert Frit. Nonitudont blev~se ta
M~r. "riust retully loottulikehitshtecanitt actual, knowledge gained in years of honking service.
caturet'of huint wich accompanilies tile
ashtisle: liiirtunattely'ie lutes inot. I Iie..
t ht' iottutoeicloselys'et'-ltlilestshii
tip uucsjuiceu- wsii'sti' Undthi' oii-slit--- -
14thI it fI.It 'f Ot. Frosts,'' ie u'se
hiol th"had lii i tclaussical t a tly ior
fxm ec-i'hut.it-woiuld tiprtbabily'hatve'temnud -
cOt I i csri;h ~1.untThe An.n Arbor Savings B~anI
sojour lii uu isif si gubo t esarticea s: -u
"Olteclilso ra etr nvriyhut'is iltsaht esi'. thunisikh -The Batnk of Frienidly Service''
r, i' , i r t'

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