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January 28, 1923 - Image 5

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SUNDAY, JANUARY 218, 19231




O'NeiI--Greatest Dramatist
Certain octogeneiasn s will retmen-d omaner. In Anna Chtritie ,prob-
her an actor named ONei who for' ably his greatest work, this is mosts
years playetd the title part in a sre- apparent anti sncesll. Incngr-
firemeloramacaled "he Cunt ons as it say seem, it makes onctbe-
fire sievtrta ate T e tunof hav lat ONeil could write a capital
Monte Cristo". Totay he is important! comedy if iha only swold.
only lecattse he was the fatter of t As sane one ihas said, it has bse-
s- oi lristened Eugene. lHowever. the cen quite tle ashion to cmtpare and
ONeil fsmily considered tiasn quiec1jtdge an author's work ithle anner
the sack seep of the flok. Hliwas 'f hooking gentlemets at a race course.
Tius, it is danagerouss to sa swhics o
on odad creature, givces to dreams, itYONeil's plays are goodanatd wiics
sttppose, and aottr sus itspratcal are snot. As I hare said, "AtnaCiri-
things. lHe was als a poor stsden, tie", jutgitg hy cotenional stan-
and worst tfall, a very- por as" ara. ards, is Iis et crl. Petsoally,
As clinax tat his prodiglthitetrfiastsy hoswever. I wottld cnssidrc"The lHairy.
Ape" h Iis egretetsdrsssa. Tisisptay
ratsaayosea', andsfosth e text tellsisl, itesiiy' tsexperisens it0 5'
as' tselse ysear siled1os t ramsp pressiosiss. Fr isstasace, soss"o
staess'sdonitasa the lcoaarst safte astors waass;ktielises art'
ltheAmaericas.itroant ogeher' ishosart vsient
sirarses;tiese are tlessscenes its. ,al
. Qsie ogial, asy resptbleaof te tsadtiloal tree. Iallsiti is.
famsily ssoul teshaocksetdatschts ;clat I a a ar la least at it tin".
sarer, latst aely starotghi i a stneslita, as ssasas
the r a a pa'irsr a'saitatits -siprejusdissea bssits unstusal eaur -.it
heticayoutslisa' sakea Egnes'0 sosss oaiCstIsaesiessl
Neilpssiletday unsqesetionsabltysthetreate sostelegisnotatesseeatev'i ts
Asasoriellsinraproblemt. Aaytasse saIn
Aei dasaist.Ai yn i s Iishortat atoshelsathemse seals aitile slter
at1 all fmla ihhswrsct futily s ofmre brute fore aaiot'Ite
carete immensaena'imprsaession its', e costsetaonssofsatsociety adatheIas
intimate knorwsledge sat the saesstili ei~ teedu ok
of tel thestre Irves lisa'vatehits st tata atesnlasaa
wok as smanager of te lassr5n-satamng;S a IIhave eats dealig wits
comansties i ia tapocs he aos ec t ONeals l aitassonly from thsa'ass sass,.
lin.,"stac posntalThe truly igifc anIsatl
I sat laokwivaeria sssathtacs the'are.aaleo
aIa tic-alked ta npenasl f ,sch asonsdeful antiunsuatal tat-ial i
wahlec-iy steclas an ofteabrsalts irouction- IO'Neil fc),unatl'i 'stao
rtateiak sed y O'eil n picticl asslor daa tiast. His py its' tars'
at asifIis Ilas Theyadmimt that i as ls tadttle liar l1asciseanay-
is trute tatlife, at alwas toapcaneas arInladdiiotn, tie'ase ttra.tiI
thau lisfe s suien-tnlty-unlelaasat0ot aundresaed osatgeniussaisauci sa-
ts itiasst tbeing ssresantal onth~e orta iRichardtitenettt, hi ls1" i-
singe Theis'nosatarguisng tis int.5,~ Pats taiadloaa tula
Yos siise titet'it 5' as aittttFot'exanmple, I ats say asitousx ag-
Persosally, I am0 inclissedi to tintk geation that I ave netat seantlate
that the aipreciation of art sould in equal ofathe magiicnt risrataelrt ae-
na cay tar dependansstn its cos- iontsP~aline thrdlgae to lthtar o
tent. Anna Cirstie
I realize, lterefare, that atnyat wil Tier is sne ster pint ia statsea-
disagree waitis nsa ahen I crdtaion witis O'Nei's wrrk. Ttan5is lse
Eugene ONil te first pint's among fact that hie neter solvet hirai-'
Amaericans dramsatists. Yet I am not lems, nor aeassttG to tacha a mosrast
alone in sty costenations. When hi.l fromth lem. Tis astbteatms ot btai
Genmie,director of lisa Oen Thests ts i ctaccise ha'ysoue,hbut I Itlisve
in Paris, askedl the tramaiLeague to Itntal n hsisl rrai
pick the greatest Americass play the'y th at no rorsmn asas ever brtght iarsul
chose "AnnaaC('isitie", giving "'lshv by reormaesandsa also, tat avrt' is
Haa'yAls"hoocrale'sontion. O'Ni,sldottafolalowatd. Inied, I rearial
also, lass ien calls I ushe Strindlsrg lts qualty n ONeil atstae osat la
of Anmerica. I thinkithis comsparion maor tarutes
a it errosneous. Strindbeisrgs chat- NowIn conluion, realize ial I
aters are neurotic ideas, not peope aebe a o asaaoysldas
at all, while no one, I amsurase, cihae beearthotlistrassd gsein
deoy that ONeil's nmen and womasinMyoldeneistaoe
are noi to be found on Ue streets of fsaoa yol ltnea is n
every day life, Terefor, I wold sieashrdlapait-
go s-ea asto futisr ad cll im stic croakisgs of lhesanscieta ons
Ameica's Ibsen. Like tIsen, isa has aos iadctte fietear
started a defisite dramatic rennais-1 cansnot help oer-praisa, siceeIsanat
ance, nd, aso lie Inow, piiplatsto te evidence that loer'
aur, adals lke iaanhi plysin te last hundrd years has teo
present definite sociasl and persosnaI neisnteteles ovtlaa
prohieus, progresie.
In addition-- asd this is one of te!-
most encouraging feattres aout his I
works-Isa cares nothing wasoeter;I Education Versus
for thea "ox offise." ONeil conceives
a situation and a group of people, Intelligence?
and then with paistaklig treltism f
traces tiheir reactions reardliess of1 "Education has 'become one of the
the course tat would e mot x- chief ohstaces to the deveopnent of
pedient for atlBroadwaay success. Oddt- intelligence," says Bertrand Russell,
ly eough, toaajorty of his plays the eminent British philosopher and
hast entotsas great sccesses finan- 'mathematician, in writing of the Lusk
cially as they ihav beens artistically laws affecting the educational esab-y
It is unusuaiy interestisng to note that lishment of New York State,
last season isolad as manssy plays Zacharih Caffee of the Harvard
running in New York as Aery Pop- Law School and an autority on the'
wood had ibedroosm farces, legal aspect of free speech gives this
Misreptatonress o tyot plysquotation from Bertrand Russell in
and eleven one-act drnmas, eighteen Ian analysis of the case of n intit-
in all--everyone tragedies. is "Bound j tion which is contesting the legality
East for ('rct1f" shows a dying sailor of the Lsk laws before the courts.
-tormented hyyIis past. "le" tells of 1 Bertrand Russell made the state-'
a wosanon a oi last dive toment in an address delivered in Lon-
madness y the bleak maonotony of tlhe dn last year which is shortly to be
sea, "The Empror Jones" is a sttdy puhlished in book form y B. W. line-
of negro psychology. "Beyond the bah under the title "Free Tought
Horizon" pictures the drab tragedy of and Official Propaganda"
two broters, earls forced ly ciretam Mr. Chaffee explains that Bertrandl

stanaces to do the work isa hates. Russell regards te Lskawtias as the
And so thety all go: none of them, most striking demonstration of his
you see, thesmes for the Tired Businessa helief that the dangers that menace
Mass. Yet after all, eves in Iis most the frccdom of thought and the devel-y
tragic plaa', "The Hairy Apr", there opnment of intelligence are growing
is always a subtle, satiric hunmor, more ominous yearly in almost every
olten appearing in the mossstuexpect- country in the world except China.

And Now Final
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