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March 11, 1923 - Image 4

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Memoirs Of An Ambassador
If we except a few periods within Reviewed by WILLIAM HERBERT HOBBS I nothing, reding nothing, saying noth-
which literature has semdt to have ing-ony thinking. Some times he
anr unusutal efflorescence, books which Unitet sdqt of M~ic itt. I couli stay ot' an hour; not infre-
are destined to go down to posterity . qunty ic wood renain till two,
as distinct actitevements in the field of atievent nd renain atmost uts itwegttd ettly upsn Page as Am- three ot four o'clock it the morning;
letters have made tleir appearance at known to tts countrytmetn. The h bsaortappetthte tretgth to the ocasions were not tnknw when his
rather lottg ittervals. Att eminenttpatnattotts sttmpte etottgth. Thu tsy tslm tt tt te sttd ohim tat atttttst tiotionesfigtre woud be its
Britisttauthor wthosas recentty its world os ot regard te petson- ie gase isife to hiscotntty'as trtty ttis satme pace at daybreak. lHetever
Ants Arbor matte te statensent ttat altitytesch oar, tte eitor or tte as iit otr soliies at the rot. Wittsett ttrotghth tese nigts, atdte
nist sincee tthe appearancee of the fatm- utlitsher;itttit is in jtst these fiedit; te ceibreke of tewartihtte atairs itt never even doed; ht was wide aiae,
(itt.letters of Chtesterfetl aotny tat Pogo hadtmade his career At tte termtnsad AstiattGoer- antt his mitdtwasilenty wrkin
hook comptat'abite ittits literate quai- Johntts' totiins University as aitstudet tt i isre' addedtoIsouttewn, amittuon te tparticuar trotiem tatsas
tv to The Life anditLettersitt Walter of uhe ctassics te at beet sie oftha tfvteitiers biliiitoe eistttst ;t te uppernost in Iistotght.Ie never
f. Page cer th te tress. Itihtitttitte group thit htdsat sa t tefet i y i great inumar'to moterieti e hai sl svet it tr utiitie
te saidioat tage, s tias een saiditoitofstile ou1 tstititg scortt Btattsit . t"est, h i t :<aswel urhail iecidedt spiotsa course itt actint.
eniti ter Atmerietai. ''tis steistic dratp- Gitietesteeve lFromiithis eloiseed a>icugtuttre' iet i Eripti. He wuit ldtetget tpabrpty, go to
cry ismnevr so siotiihedt as isososctte attmosphtte Irtetiait retmovedtoitthe Thte srits uponi15 iin ttengtt ttitctol e, adsseep ite ctil."
teesittewevvigoreitof tit etgt." elitor's sintu,t whtere switt n i' ^ sd ore. 'ster tlong thourts at tt It in uha.porcteit viithitat
fuit iis not atotte a itutre ta ttactsf judgmen st ich wias5itl ii'thttoffichewudrturntofit iatfte e te]itititutth billittntt iechtit
tle 'tuai Lietters ait' emetorblte, f tttsmtst titianttihstie increasetdt the n ehapsirtiaini ottilt ste theiiaciat teitt tiusashis
they revel its does it'ototet' book that tircultiton of hissag atie '-tamatin" lte'itenitihtt. When 'tti l at ie sggest itt to iu Ltdwad Grey wtiti
t.s teei swrittenth itt' sit"vstorviiofito et hit-bytelev atitg ttatdio tetreturmneit tohis tcweitinisGSroseolr tt t te tigito tstoiy'othitis
the great esets leaig ttpsto t'ehprssing, thteitote;'atdtere hi tp er-ttiere.siottatiit'tfteite tyta.tFrenceh i-
ultimattte pairtitilatioiiiit'tie irofs sitaity wsamnastkett]tundeitetiurlt IIwoldetr.*chuitte ssl' stetat o1 a rittiis ar essel.
thttnationi whictt tetit tie stiles i andimtptersonaltexpressiotnI"te dt- anithitsewatlsete sloertanit ttsatbttnatfral that ttestrotg
tthe greatest rconvulionotof out' cititios" Just's 'abrtupty' te c'tmie itoitorsse t i as ttetiotsttwsenttby-- ,lgtt in tese et' rs of tr Attias-
tion. Its titiazingly frakreseatinthe politiit tieldl isitti te advent of o itt to his roits snitcrss 'o tte titr stoitid hve teentu iredutit t
are so sttrting oely ettuse'tte Wtoirw Wilson in natiotal poitics. ieiae, sit al-,prettly wr'aped up tPresient Wiso. Of at te io-
salient facts bait tottg tbeeti seenediI Bothmfroni te letters thesetves itshis ownstttottttts that he hardly gratticttiateriathiett has bests
front iets'andthtte putlicieleft dazltaeit atsttft'omth te historical smaterial whicth A woritfire sas ketitburnitg ftrhimt,Iessemtbeit cocerting te part played
andIbewitderedl ty te tinsel glitter effit'eedititehasatsuppliiedt as a ack-wivinter atticoium er ttlike; Puge svttuttt!by tisioninating igre, tta hticts
ailsertiseit),achit'vements by tose tt rotuti, it is ttear that the burtden of ptlo ntittatdressitng gwsn trop itto is fottdtinit these letters is tbey'nd
powcer. In a very real sense tttsesteeo stiltd'of respotsiility wichs ti frittdly chair, antt sit tere, doitg (Cottitinued on Page Seven)
letters of otr Ambassator at tti Coturt
of St. Jamtes are the archivets tfthe
AmnerittanmStale Departmetcu ing-iti-
th ose tomg timntterrile nmonths. h n setmems11! ' Ciiilll iliilllllt11E111 IIIIi l111111Hlil iiifillli liilii111
out' Government had not yet foecusset
its attention upon the real cri.is of te.
world, limt only upon personal pretige -
in international diponsacy. The.se -
memnoirs tell us Ita ,attho teining"
o r am bas .a d otr s en t Iis re po rts to h is C0
Chief in te Department of State 000
through lte oficial channes, bu
after a most confidemmial epter dis-
patchm to r. Bryn hailhi n 't otite ./ '
given tut tot tie esptapers hi" suly
resource sas to rely on ali tn therice-
dent thimself or t isliifanitlir f. let''i1" '
House. Ev'eniwen sutrgentsHiess'ui't
to te Sttie Depiaritmentr e i'st1itt
amssereid, a sietit messae ifrus t i
Scceirryaskedi the Aruut's""mdot pit,0
foim'siiiiit''ieste [ing etat Ii' I '-
i'itet'iare iiintsei etr" a'''i1
ferences toiiSir tilt but tiittaiii- _
expressed!in al tr na ' iinCi '
plingttiti.Iivisit ii'sto ittit U'
,end im uiiover iee if pitt wish t e i fii.H'lcu:n oe=
fiure than a tar-batty at tixegrto┬░
camp-neeing. If he hail coin wtiej
lie was Secretary I shold hayeiturip-┬░
ed off Londohtn britdge .. itlle
Pun to watch tBryans perfomsand aevetr
suspect that a nyhotty is tying to im
or laughing at him; and hell go hotme,
convimnced that lie hs done the job and,
he'll let loose doves alt over the landi
till lbey are a thick as Englishi spar
Pages contacta with the British
government were of course fist ant
foremo.st with Sir Edward Gray, (aft-
erwards Viscount), the Secretary of
State for Fereign Affairs, anduthtie por-
trait which le has ketched of lthat _____
great figure of flhe World Conflict isA niw uncing
one that will greatly enhane.thm
esteem in which he is already general A Spring Fashion Revue excuively for Univerity women! Thia affair
ly held From the very eginning_
Grey r all ed that in the final decision' will be given at 4 o'clock eWdnesday afternoon, March 14. The
the scales would heheld y the P.nitedmoeasilbealcdfrmUiriywmnadth mucwlle
States, and this explains is patience oeswl eslce rmUiest oe n h ui ilb
dunng the 1ong nagging period over l furnished by an orchestra compoed of University women, and the total '
the restrictions Ill'ced upon American
trade. The cotncessions which these cot of tie affair will be contributed to the Univerity of Michiganw
vexatious complications 1e him t
mahe, caused great diss'ati.sfaction in ┬░ League Campaign Fund.

Great Britains and eventually forced-
him to relinquish his portfolio. Tis
sacrifice he seenms to have made cheer- Wrpus froclks, millinery, and footwear fr Easter will be displayed
fully, realizing that his policy had pre-
vented a break between the two na- as well as mrany froclks for late Spring and early summer wear. All-
utinseandrthusildautoo Amrica Univei'sity women are cordially invited to attend this Fashion Revue.
to these memoirs Walter Hines Page
stands oat with the stature of a great
man and one who played a major rotle___________________________________________
in this Greattirisi; hut many of those
who reeadhethem ld'will srhe ior dtrited thattfl_____________________{___________ lit.__ l1![_________l______llitll________ lf________________________111
a man conlil arrive at ich emnentl

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