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March 11, 1923 - Image 3

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SUNDAY, MiARCH 11, 1823


Conservatism Rampant

The cl-anipus seemi~ s- ti e esperien-
sing' a revival of initerest in literature.


tiesc poets themselees laugh at. Our
valiant cruadrs.cif thaevsdid isissiises

'nl1 liedl itpjl b e ti.Is"uiir rmovils itself of a am- realism; snlttis ('its' a lit'e'en Iae m slin themsselves somewhat
is at is the Itraditional healthy sign, erous ileri(es: loe-eolor,'allite ration. thing liiTheprioblem then r"dares to itttlsis by miarshalling i vast army
antIotightitapparenolts to obitain the (ywsnn,,rye"Wa!hsni t hieblwe 1' l'1' fil(' to oterec':'a mall of sra it When
raditional cosme ndtion. IBeing I'oias1e'rsatss'e verse these aids'? es; equalliv subitive anidsitpersonaisthes'adicalt 'ttituide remains a litotest.
perverse oiseivat ivehowever, 1alt:and mori too.Itiglislt hpoetry is liar-s ihsal 's i t ii nsl . (e'sviiiindltlitbe but never
utnwillisng to iconsister the srsitscire ic ais Is ich, itshat it pos i'sss 'mistersative"liare lttllethesition lfll0GOlil tendsences in 1oetry itit
asos 'llIeliirely p1 ise'iii t'i tires'distinct lilies if rhs'thm: iii en- ill n sin s'c a t'sillsy itnut i Iitil toolhu Iet i
scfls'sto iii th511a ti r lilerirs'liteal i. t the Iiasi(' tipe ssy'llibis'. his itelisese iite tiit a e')r<se'iti a.ii t tesal tl t o o erthrow
Mth liscIollege suit tisilside .are 1l(-;-it hlesII I ''teriee s 'ii th te tIiit lifite lii has\i ivn t 1t 'tee si ta
( Onin1 is too laittic:isit thiris I ndnesseem0 t is tite svlent to lientausli' s 'isare tit m a pel is I i('oven- n,:1 t', ,(o' ~ sno il5 5 IIIili'slilisbt
for wha ut t ~ edthe"ti ' ?ettessisis' ;' oeret b(ete Isntt'isisslbsstr in f sts st 'strol.an scnettion ' issa triblt sits- I1.a itutu11 i~'tt lie l1
antolii)s(situftit if tie isld. 1 55 littcale's i ( ;al sf(titalus' as ini tressills'''' dais.11eireputaltlion is, it t' 'tiittr s ~l-o i nl
slts lit11 . reesiilln lie'1 555nd 1 I al. ''i l' h e'' it'o ll te e 'iss l's' not'ifIearlifru ilt: 's s is's he sr i isst 5 'ii ss al.( l liii t i' tl layIeyl sitl se I sttvei
tiost ave tli'gtliil list usenisd tils Ch in. ,olyi tone-ools sis ea li'ii's'i al i nt d ciisre u. l Yet Nye eall neti t siil ii li I (s' l . 13isit tloiii il tastsa 0
slts iis ty I 15 ils li s aliitss il ii a1 sis''sai'' I'iits'isiiltsias)-'ltst:,(iiI usriatssheralsut'st is
'sh ag m nt fr n ampii'etii,, Iof'ii ii tlls n ,tundsi a ll ass sit luuus but heitr uit'sw oud leiribudto]el s i tniiainisti([ raroual wit ac*
thie new poetryt ails tll' to re-} a ii t stlts ieno o -,-iii' Ii' rvin te. c id si tsis of1 t al ife' Ixs i ntei're s'~sst '"i''sotr itian frt isi vs Is
i'uits'a I s'te ofor Sts ~t lii liii ital I t ' tietto-htus' I"dsls sI lii isis ilsisisi liii u sihal' ad s11 is'" sti'''its'it's'l'ts'
its r t Is's' lsi stf 't fTltlal: It i'dissi' i'ir s ia i's l i'ths hgti 'iis' l tcti' 'itsey bas til l t i' theis Th' ei 15' 'l 'l ss' li's i's' 1'sts''list'
cii e v've l lld F'} e rti otv i' i"ii s I ' i,\ liisof l s lit us tha n t mt in rls i terisis. sut si sr s'l cIittit ut t e a ic l l b rui i rlasil hal'tea i s lststns
iii ''lisuioa.tili'tl'-1 iv si it Iissbsstltl s h v s1s p issu l.ofs rt , s atspof tl i inst '' in' 111 sit tsi'gsilf ha tlloispermisent
ne'oty tt e,( I ss JI 55,''i ' 'I', s' ii li ''lt''ittsl lt lu t sliiilsa aeiriiiiii ils s s'''stululr

1 sln ) I letoi lt i o'iv li usou fo~ le l sn its' 'csl it islistl
-t) tit lj li ltI'i lii'ihis ' F ' iii e'' l,, 'ii'ii Ro in ' 2'Isif'
t''i:po tt t ie'll i ve al k owi l'tii iii "iltuli' i tI' l il {tlt o t
li ti'i i' ls ' lzz toidIs fer " lilsith utu ? stil.t'.' ' I ' sillcns 5 r o ii
11E~te , il il he ;;itlo '; l Lfl 1 1"tls t it itsi',;Slit its issisil i iii I 'Istl is's
zitt ~ ~ Isis Isis ilt t) t IM hu tt { . ''iiisla ' si lists1)r Iai ' z t C
('hstn e I~tIwell i i lus h t ii ; 115 I s ills nlelit I sit's r '~ oI o (
ha ccu v 1i } itev lu. Isihi l)' i'ieits it sit ndn _, ec ling, if'
t( ii" t'"' ill t> lla(lt l mod'I'llI to (1 i li~l ibu '' i(sitliiiii'
vvrse s 2i ti ('i) hilcli al"(I; itltlt il l si'Aa i '1 "I"i w it n tn Y e s
it i'(I't ;I v, f s' Ilj (t s l l lii (me 'i'ss'i'i li'' 15'ld
v Is n I( lc c i l s ' r b rios listst( ; ; t''tr z t it i




..." LDII),s'r BANT IN NN
ODE STI'NA'1'ION , L ' ,*tK 1

1- Y
7' t

I "o 91


.Sill tIls It, fl-,'SuIlit 's gi's IIiEt
retIr 1 I] I i e plit1111 t VI'
i1r I 'li 1, s 5 si ti' I nisiii e 1,1-is l i -
lil.al'is 1.isi iiiI tissth le tro haI he
S h t IIsi" 155s> 1'ii ei ' , ist' St' tuh-
ls'' if vI:){'IIsI 'is in is lii' Lo:t
'i si t'. ''iita i 'e s tlto I- i ls 'and 5 ii-
t ti llri liit i'a ibr"'ts lts tslsop-
,.ears ugho l evs Itgflistslihrt Tlsces
is oilltiulifii te g eti 1l1(ot ns
arliedrIosaisIio fl-s st tc tmA ul-e'
svrli is atnIisst'v'esis sraypattrc-
edivftnrose lnnsilig lts' o0 kh1
The shdotswhihass ouldspvrse
thatrs litran ftEnelitpt.nlTe-
isnt, oohip losonte groundeflooresan
soisretointhe foorps o htersuldThe-
hohihopisaliosm akyonrteruottr
thien dvertoing 'ain sorbaty
frThe wlesicampisns'ulnsIroa
tihsitofaly ohseilittainiu-
siorsthellaIts' icanmpaigs n

l'ltIwl ii 5 t5 1;"15's I '1CI iTt
iii l ii' sIs s'Ai attii'dle
t(1l'II ill wsi l 'sissta fut'se'.s
I''fn i it iiel cisi l'ug'c lus
A,irs i iy i<s:lidlsrul '''e is it{'' ;style of
Iiv'r4>Isgs i )c ir ssls's'orsou . 011:1t(. r tln
wh Iih apt'estIvts1)stI lIie i o'tess
T;rtliss.iI)i.fisls one felsthe sirflyit
i jj' ii na. Iolisis ituelt ';toa te a80oult.
Ii, ;tsthei' so lslcsatuii7'e i' in mu:;s lic.
pa t iii yIledevelopmenbit"ofsouren0f
wriongmsic.Ifhateertain tatoscl
it. hsa lceis tewilibemr.emusicles'.
fri mtes.unssiosnfelueepoihet
eof aptive t s ditt trihoaools
sav eith'rnlitillturformir musioa.
Thy hdneosn lnoyencouraedmathe
ico h itibeen fore hi.inadvertsicaey
saedvnedits tillflirtheriusicl

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U-1 aIArrang ents C
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