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March 11, 1923 - Image 2

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The Breviary of Decadence

'While vra tility ws repr1esented
by men 0 t the prodigious ene g of
Albert and Leonardo it. was by no t
ineans vain, ut when 'soall spits0
attenmpted all things, spold all thngsp
and blittled all thngs thentve stlit
iy led to deadence." This froni o-tsf
aoni Panini, an Italian and one o1 thea
clearest. thinkers that it hs bn imys
lock to find. Bearing tis statmenttt
in nmind we will not expect too mtach
from1 te reaiig of AaistolTett
Grain", a tranlation of "A Rebootr"
by Joris KarliHuysnmans adollpbtlis-t
i'd by Lieber andI Lewis Pulsert;
fori it a timn~td agino been dubbed
'the rviary of deatdonae,tetp1110
nodie of decadence' othIle book tat
'tony be said to contain the ipoheost
of tat fint te siecle fitit
Althtoutgihthe boot: hs bena at-'i
toin fr iinmerable ooks witten
origially in I ite English, it is btoilf
And it is it scetts to te, its vale as
a souierithlir thin any edriig
litaryiquga ltes tt tow warratita
itsouicatition. This boo sotm i-
(consiistenti withite eatt iiiyroiews
fot' I ill prioablys te ratiereothusti-
asticovrart's11oiftit. Its' il'vrness;
isvrstilis'y'atititsiinuistal aetlit-
isea ipsionats hasebenctsrick
Vroutthelisatticdie fiestits' arigiia.
'echiciialcit cannt ecaldl
noiei- I amtenattito (ca ll i Iiir-
that hae sot l 1t lleentici'eie iit
starteid iii his eoroiis r'~k,"
t lesit ' i iiis lti'taa'styliii'
onei'anIlei'i lb nil lithelst of aI
L io iof clot; 'tat aria at
' iii' 1ad:t1 elice( n ariisa d
philosopher in arisauil en'it 1 v0 r
tok hm ait!alt f iiV contac~i'ts bei
can til iarale liethIen reirtdatoli
ahueini a lnsm urr f11
antlivetuthre i lse eluin
EvrytingIthatwad sediifulish-'
I' * t, t'Vl i cl itup tithis snss Itsfc
thevhad deveslopeda lsuch tilt'asie'01
in'e'iyhinig hail hi(liiwasit li
d co e:oif'ii newii lii'sill"sa ti's. 1n 11111
ne tiiin ' t'ii ein i ii i th
Isrfie:,i a Hei i i (be1lidi n i 1s11,1't
sentleit as ll oultio gieot'edl igtiltil
11111ngsscetileit' tinglgin keietr
an haioperlyt citlti aedii litoillnew v0thd
lrit e an'dttiitt' stiii i n to0 ii'ha t nt"
Andit as tngolitahitrmal antill-1
ioistnc tb'dsegaingioos
badetachinigisoun stisti' b stik
ing 1 t lh'1etya'wit irsl coore
'''trisplof ilt Sils 1wh qi(h w liie
tat s 1 li lwhitt huhobaerom'itheili
sito ri' ii''ii' liquors: i t' is s h
1110 lent' iiio t t i ' huh' I sa iii-re
Vtuiit inii''Siiotf the I U ws
clset iiiaSilla numer oftinayi
catsksirntedtilo bt ide n et

w l ( tl ('. S ss llii , tt '. d is liil'
t lt ' iii tlt' ii'iutijt's t;lllIlt iii
llot 4llll'l(' tl i tu ta l lli-t' it' t

'''lii' tildog w5omanitiwasii5Ill fritt
tie flute, ilaOt ones11"-''n''nileoler., trip iitoLati. And . arathervagu of imi utu dll i e'i O s00tnidivioefu,
l wileIswirn.'teaits tell froim hir eyes,
pulinig 11011swe1011;whileto comIleteotagnticism'ii frighitents mtntatfor carsIt taldim th tilat.heihadlloatber
the orctai, khi.'s t'iser hli' tie that lie is 1011 lhinil11111 agalin he-Ii eeIt iti heriflight. As stii spoko site
'uritusritng il'fItietrumipiti;gi0n11111d'omingiCatbject to lie aisri'softhe1111 t '10 1las pipest. from thle locket of lot'.
whiskey humnth'e110111te1withi 'tc t' hiirchi sliiloit pr'avikes rahe i tonriserontibteaingi llanshioing
strident.i'raahiings oatrotmbiones'andtricato philolsophly acocernling Cati- piaes1fthme sltms 1nii tio holtow's
tornets;hbrandty atormis w ith iheldeaf-iolicismi anditSiadisml.oil 1er'011111
ening huobbinbiof tuas;IShh ilie e Anothtor Iualityofithticbook which It t she 'is 'eally' absurd', Dec
thunder-clapsaf t hiecymtbalIs 'ind tedueervsanotice' is the' groteallili'I cailti i'50101'.11111duihiself. 'hese otemns
furiously lbea~teni iroitiroia n iithe tfloat etffectively give this with it 0- ,wilt nevsti' -%'sca a tter
mouth bynieltat oftiterakis hi. Chit." Icerpt oftaIream.tiDes Fsseint.a ids01f1 illt thy itt tpp'alilt tine oiltir
lHtysnian. uses lIes Eslseintes' se- tiiiaseltifonroteit)lby d 100111: ianother.
elusion tolbrinag out it, good nmany thisheart alniast stoppied i ating1tand Ohi oo011is futi lte~tver hits wvhichl
thinigaof interest. thiaptet'after lie stoodutriveteditohitthe shot 51ith Icoiuld goiliiiutoing dltgrial lengith,
chaptttet' starts out awith it nee aynip- horror, lie neadlitsiInted. IThis en0buitil n.ii'ghlt be consideredl is an in-
tto it his tiltnieittachiof cwhichiignatlic, sexless ctu tresea's gee ricil ii tigoo oil theti'c'ips'righuthlttbhy
lealdsto tiletitlriec tar tirusals o f through hert iotutu eystlits thisey's l titulishiers if I coantiuedt.Siiiafter'
'athieretauneous affairs. Dolt lons waere terr'iile inthlir gothlhlue; 111111 eccomnin,'it to Itlose sviiit lre inl-
tserteidto r''i'alt his former omistresse. tlea sutrroundehi er M01 tiih hisrribilyhieIesitdini the lotaden lt ariters oitIhie
Tliey' ''. avere' eacht,11-01)of en~attoitstkelotoni 'rmis baretthle eighiteeni nineties, in tiartictutar, and11 to
sali th perifii me101 ttt droII o f heni elbossissiteidfromtiragged t atteredt hiseisho ar11eiintere'stedin tlitrary
]line Otts110n11 crstalizedoutila tutuset sleeve'ts'indtlrembledoitfevecristhly; andcuriosa, in general, I lhave thouik,
it sugar. Tlwyipaeter aeit I0heaidl-the skinntiy'legs shuivereid iti slutihat iselt
lac' ofil uuiuu th ttnge trcalitihe Iii' . were several sizeco l ar"e.c1 I velt 0yet met'iion o weveriii''th,
Ali afternoon11 in his liirary11111 aitig;ittthe hirightulv5isilonIlBefir ii' ntiiiiEllis. Iteidivide's itinto Itwo'parls;
Iinc lit. iinuc111 i siioiu lind ii lterary Git- T 'ei tt ofSyptilis". 11111' Vs onitt uysanins aniilhis wortk,
cism.a A foggy Ievenlitleanmut ii I dlini Hoibly utfIrighteeihieltool:us thohits whils'the theiris tin thatDeoiadlencie
a wine ishop suficies fioi'alliii'giii'tra' heel s. Fiii lYhav siig 'astppedIto rasht (Cotiinued ott tage Eiglit)

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