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March 04, 1923 - Image 6

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POLITICS FROMV THE t the csonr t 'dht e staunchls to the
CHURCH STEEPLE pttitciptes ofthte Reputbtic'tn Patty.
IDemtocratt'shis evtentlty' teent to
icNf'O THE HILLS, By Ediward Nielson ,,ttittt,t to the 'attior ever since the
IingI v. The Strattford ('ompany. tieywttenthits nottiet t ritis ite Ieardl
Itevieweod by Rober T. ('ratio ftrom sottve outc'ast of societe, for tite
Protessor of Political Science fitrsit tie, of tite existence of the
'ttniersity of Micltigant tettocrtitcPatyt. Ttctreis no
"ITnto Itohe ilts" is fascittatitigtas dtentoctrattad nieec rts teo nthisti
ttte tttconsciotts revelttion otfite ttitttlcotittiry.Thist tttttun tryittttbtictntt
of thiS tiCS spatter tman, tor ttte atttthritvaitabtyspeltett aitt tcatal Rt f.
has tbett itt tewsapetir wiork all htis Bitt the Diemocrtat is 'at teast still a
life. andilis tow ott editorial writetr itreit. 'Ielientdepoendtent statptyis
ott antimiportant New Yorkc itaily. not an American?
In a roniaritably acnte a nalysis, Mr. The conmpletely objetiechtapter ot
Dingley dliscernts the true ihistoriatn in Ptrotetlion and Civ'ilizationtiS is ode~l
titu who writes history with hitseyes 'for thte historian. Protectiton is tonty
lifted unto the tills, This, David ktnews the first economic symoptonm of a great
anti SolomornotIieiw, sys 11r. Ditngle , spiiiritalore toucinitg the hearts and
antInotw Mr. Dintgle knows it t too ols ofiait within its zoni. Protec-
I'' will lilt ttiiate3 es tinto the ll s',tin is itt isolatini, it is humntitiiwet-
tait the Psalmiist''. f'ontinutintg his fiBre.Ptrotectioti is a tart of thle great
atitiable analtysis, Mlr. Dingley finids' soul ofcutmittanity. IFrottt the titter
--itt the sonic paragrapthithat a itu ie tttiii tt atnttlaick of ptrintlice
hitorian sticws the record of evtent shslowns in the book, cute wouldt never
front the heights. It will tie perceivedil suspect tha t the author was the soil
wrhat a difificutronle lte tine Historiani of the creatoc of the tioat statesnman-
has to fitl. Mr. Ditngle is too miotdest like tariff in the annals of diewld.li
een otiitsimply that tie is himselfa
trtue Iistoria, a but lt very slender' REALIZATION OF THE
use toe makes of actual event. speaks IMPERFECT
elotquetlty in lii:ittf.
The author's view ofhitsory is one IPROUD'LAY, By HNeiliiihsoyc: Alfred
that has become tuncomnmonly comon't A. Knopf.
amng historians receintly, heitig none ; Itevieweit by Docrothiy Sandtiers.
other than tliac of current politics.j If there is site subject, miore titan
Hin )ttethodt consists ini saentioning1 any other in lewworltd, sin whticht the
sonme topic of politicalinmte.reatadifentinine mind prefers to renmain oh-{'
ilghi~g it athe baissi of a sonmewhait diiiadels uncotavinced, it is te qutes-I
lengthy editorial, interspersedt with tin of seeing equity in atdoutble stan-
charmingly randao and fragmnentary damut ot morals. It isn't selfishness, a5
ta, t. tossed, tact is no his maiht;bee'a tuggested, that niakes her}
ronsern h ut spiritual forces; andI so deliberately obtuse: or anntinton-1
these spirtualfarces"a" yhe isolated ;setotis jealousy becuse she cannotj
am a easured bpy the economit and llt, too, among the primuroses with-
the ptolitical scientist, just as a nex- out hemn scratched, or is it her in-
per isolates aind meatus a chemical stint, as biologists would asoert, toj
unit". Yet it is, hardly with tlis 'maintain purity in the race. It is
ficlentific spirit that the author ap- something much simpler thtan these,
isroaches his subject; but rathet' to h ut withal more difficult of explana-
muse his swan words, with optimism, tions
courage and conidence. And lhIst Deep in every womaan's heart is thej
optimisnm is folly Justifiesd as lung as ghost of her little girl self, living

covertly stealitng out at odd nmoments retirements inoto an inner world of her
and ceintg, nistestly, in the dark, own and over and over again lie ac-
for het' hrokcen dolls. A womnnyIt)'res her of not lovitng limo, Shortly
tier very nature, cherishes itiote itou- after te third child is horn Mary dis-
sionstthtlatnes a masn: site grievsacovors sit attachnment betwee'n Lau-
longer over tier disenichantments.'lust: rance and Nona, her cildren's mnurse-
is wshy, I believe, a womtnan cling', so: mai. Always intitlerant of wrong, tier
itersistently sait so obistittatels to liii iride in tint, atid in herself, is crutsheid
list direairy. teticitimatutrity leavs tactbh his peorfidy. Site loathes hint. For
-her faith ini the man s~wltoltes. Tintsappearance take she constiattes to live
andi the wotrldt tmty toil totrtttat tic is in is, house, formal, ptolite remote,.
nott infallible, bitt site shuts hot eyes! Then otte hy one, as5 the yearnsIpass.
andtars at'd"tibleliees, witht ter whiole' all ithe tmeti shte knows tfail tier. Her
=sout, that tie is strogeno d iigaid, inii fatthtr the kinidly old doctor, tells her
till things c onintett, antd as cleant-, iite tone cfatiny cotmmon-tplace, that
lieedtansui iini"as ihirself. Neitht tier yongsn'stmysterioust night-ga-
Boeece, t' te riterorfi"P'rotdilaindy", is ings are in the order of thitngs. IHilary
a wittin si hi s lt thte campti of tier tas yielideid to thte corporal ad mat'-
sex tndtuditsi'witit hottpeless sigh, viedl atbuxomt awidow. Lavety, friend
that this iastt drearci, a'fter tilt, an of Laurience, tits that Mary tas tent
illusion. h ter lhusbatnd on lie road Ite travels,
Mtary Catriiln, teoitte ot the nel, tind excuses tim nt the ground that
bteautifitiqtut, restrvedtoilmotttst ht the mtost impiortat thing for a. man
detaichttent.'umid filleid switthit groat is his w'crtk, it hemn, right fur him to
spiritls pidtie at tswenty-one lis be- take attyting which helps hint in it.
coite ltebrue o Iitis tce artnWith the loss of ier belief in people,
wltoitas just. returntitifriothcie wars. thte elements of her religious concep--
Ito resents the testrint he senOses initos are lost too, ter beautiful and
hot' situittrtibuttes it to the influence traicface becomes a mash to hide
(IF Hiltary IRoibetsuit the oinister. tier lonelittess and tdespair.
iltry, Mire'sideal, is at wtirwith Lautrence, on his. regular bitsiness
htimself, loigte ter passiontely,ntis- trip to fliairgo, is token ill. Malry
enable-s. secretle.fit" firsitvytirs of tier goes to him soil finds hims in an estab-
naarrieitltfe pa'ss happily enouigh fur lisimenctoelist tiaitained fur Nora.
tot', butfoiir tihuisbantd they tirent In lii the trt 5of waiting, Mary' realises
cotittitei'Hiis saffteitby itter ctatmthe Nwruitigshe toes lottetier husband.

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