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February 18, 1923 - Image 3

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Making A.merica S afe For Bigots
After the Civil War, ttte twhite, in SAMUEL BURTON DOUGHTONotebadhe'thoisnotht
the South organized tthemselves fotr ________________________________o_______their hindrnheCahlcinstht
porotection against an irrationtal freed shosbtteutlncati onase
slave, who had lost been given his fr DIoughtout kiothe r e robemintheSutschosehe d ole butheraruenKi with ctihs
liberty ottno nqal basis in every 14 as ived there for miany years. Hie also lhais had at peculiar opportunity of "un-Amterian", sdisloyl", and "in-
respect with tlhe whiles lis former i ' learn much of the workings of the kit Klux Klan. Ills story is built sulting to the flag."
masters. Like every sintsar c e in frm actual contact with Klanipraint atogh he has never been Thrar'thresosttItat
history, te.Negro abtusedt tis littetrty iamembet.Thrar-oerresnutIsal
hy usttrping tbat swich wea S not givett THIE EDITOR t'"ction only one more. The Klatt is
hinm. HetrIiest to enforce asutrdl lawss. averse to hving eligion mixed witt
ttence teKt Klux Klatn canescgowlt poltcs and espeially (atioic rei-
tnwer lytrtoghsthe tdarkness of gr :,'o eagerly at atnyeats of actionttAmericttt' o heprto te, ah-wg itee'theart'atty r.t' attiou
night to check himi. Ttis organiza- thattprrsents itself." It is wsel saitl:oiies. Tlerin lies the catse of tte ~gitttiia otcla'tn ntt
ion acc'tomptlishedstits ptiltptse atttt dis-tat Its is notsta ttatt of thostgtst. tr lan's Slgtwith te Rttsnsihutir. n^. tat' er uttett, taidscosf the
sosed. (lte is guilty tf the sante aults switht The Kltastcontrols the poitis otCIl't"'e ringlbts t te""ut.mes of te
'lsay, sotme wouldtttve utst'tlieve,; s'hit'h he is intdictittg othetltetlt ,tett'statesof (Oregots. ttotis tadverse Midtte Ago"s tt'tdttestroy iteedottms tf
that ttheeis a prtoblemnronrtting ts I Itetablishsesis latws andtroceeds to pttiv ate tor sectariattstools. The ;'sip, }gavI 'a''ttrdt Pt'ttesttnts.
ssmaintai i vastly ttore ertotts ;tndto avioate then;t he defies ttty ainttainth tat every chilt ststtsst t o tiie ajt tsattasssay tt tt
inf'ttitely tnores'ttmptle'x tttatn' teoe . et' huttntbteitg wto'ttts ttt''s reaktt'tto a statescols, and sltttoul te ttghtl? %tatslis iasecnrtmoustcss'tsu'nstsder
of te Ne'gro itt teS1;tts aftr te ote of thtett.lHe proceedssto bItto otsIaltytothet tt sats' first, last,aath t teit' cls illedwite h ilvarios Iids
ivil War. This satte Negrot is a part1u4ott tint.elf special privieges. tHe thte titse. Ntwt'itt ordrts arry ottof sar sparttphenaia, ss its are to ]r
(Ai thtt pt'obemtso. t t sss'isits'part; soverooks isown iniquities, t1)nutt'tett' proram, te legislattre a setused its a fututrtewar soitthe govet'n-
ttte miajor tisses cotsist of t's'solrs, ragniis 5 1toefaults tftotets ttmtan ' asv'closittg all private' andtetotti- ttent. Not' yout sillidt htndred
Jew, andsistte ftreig '.rd'';l tostetitmes. tis oss fol' willtettat hutittt. ioina schtools inthtt'state. On tte ' tfContinutedl ons t'ageFigtt)
whot woold so has , . '. or-!Whtot are Ktan mentbers? Ose wit
ganizeethI eiselo, ti: t'5 19'S itttla t ess, at thetial itt Lotisianttt,s as.
Gleorgia, to slve tis Iut aintdto tat sa etholis, Jews, Negro's, and
place the U'nitedl State' 'onthle iforeign-'hor n cattnot beonse tsetembrs
rights tracts. lPs otats' adveirtise-j of the organization. Aoher Ktass-
mntt, thea' ralltt;:..: ! '"The}imnt, speaking itt Ohio, said that te
Ktnight ;sof thte Kit Kluxn Klan" Klan wsas not anti-C'athotlir anti-ew,
Excepting te ne. it is is no say or antiNegro; ut stood for sue! "TO THE' VIT ORS1Y'~D
t's'ated to tl ticold tlas. It tas a df- tstsdresl percett Anericanism. 'Ten ~ ~ '~V~~.k)Xe
ferent pusrose; it is guedgri moical the o Kit Klux Klansmutst he pritcipal- B L N H P I S
different; antI it was aroused hynore1 ly conposed of frotestants, born itsB L NG T E SP S
ttana one stismuslus. At first it seemiesd Anerica, who measure uptilos the Klas
to he conftnedto the South; but s conception of ai "hundred Iercent Ant-
time pa ted Kltan groups swere dis- erican," ntl if they can Ireventistt Whether you received all A's or all D's-
'overed in all hostriets of thits country. sone othes'.
Mets hosing ight istice, both sale Whatt reasos hasve that Kan for Come down and get a
and f'ederal. -erc enshmers. Crinses classing the Caholic, the Jen, the
were heing committest by blask or Negro atnd tte foreign-horn sn-Am-
white sasked mobs; law anad justice erican? First, "tn-American" is a D lco sSe kD n e
disrogarsted until Congress deetned it term, thtm we stanmp on any man or
wise to investigate ele orgaizfatiotn, goup of men ws-o do things hmon-
Wita' was revealed? (sistent with our own viewpoint. iin nehaigstsfe orlognjo
In thet Congresional Records, firt short our particular vewpoint is otly adoc aigstsidyu ogn o
session, sixty-sevenths Congress, one~ model American one No-s, just why real treat-start out again on this new semester,
miry ind rited in _ful, the Ku Klux! is the Klan oppoed to the Catholics?lncstuio.Teflwng 9!Drgth wasyukote
at, -excerpt trot., the Klan Ouath as Young Menu Chrtsian Association
otlven tao Congress hy tie Implerl l and the Knighta of Columtbus, along1
Wiznrdl Simimons. 'ith other welfare organizations, didj
Section I Oediencer. , .- - - everythIng posible to comfort the
In the prasence of God and s-tan, most! American soldiers while they were
solemrnly .pledge,. promise:tand swear, rightingtin Frnce. nfortunately the iB s m e '
inaond'tiosally, snd wll willngy Young Menus Christian Association !nomt l euainuae mlydsm okrwowr o TeOiia oeo h ta inr
and requirementst of the --- which possessedl of as high characters asa Te rgia Hm fth Sea Dinr
Io now exist or which may be here- they should have had. Somewhere,
affer enacted, and nill render at all sossetlna early after our arrival t W. HURON S. tmslyi epc n af.tsp rne oen odaslirti
port to the Imperial authotrity o sause, the Y men were "crooked", f you
sod will hteartily heed all official! undeartand how news of this kind _ -___
mandates, decrees, edtcts, rulings, ans I prmeates a group bomn beings, ______________________I___________
instr-uctionss of the 1--W- ther-of. I youmean visualize what happened,'
will yield promptly to :sumnmons, h When tte Second Division of the
hisving knowledge of same, Providencre American Army left the lRline, pra-1
alone prereniug, itically every enlisted mantnas calltng!
Setion If. I swear that I nwillh the Young Men's Christian Association!
keep secure o smyself a secret of as workers ll the spiteftil and antagon- j
--ssnswnhens sante is cottmitted tci izing namies le could sumsmotn. Any
tie itt the sacred oath, treason against titte atiy one could not think of sote
the tined States of Anerica, rapse, tier stbject on which to converse,s""
and malisisimsowdee alist except- the Y. M. C. A. workers were schedul-
ed. ed for a combing and a condemtning.)i
What are some (f thIe ittarnctoris-j 'flis l mtuoschi to do withth le Klan - -
ties piocuiar to at Klansni? Ttse and the C'atholics It is jest like this
iivdalswho tetachs himself to the the Y. M C. A. tmen said that the T oaster stovYjes usefu* l
Kla, aersartartcle intheNewRe-i Kof . mn started the propagantla
public, Januasry 17, is "a man itf n- amnotg the soldiers. The Klan nssln-4
ion, not of thought Ito is icied t tals that the act nas damnably "tn- to students
Attach to attj ocet
N A T IO N -I - tll are done toi the sae sdegre
of excelence if yout possess an
B A N K .eectric toaster sovoe. ho numeros
sizes and styles.
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