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February 18, 1923 - Image 4

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Mimes A sced
Isup5poeo t t he y ionly ( - ot 'htt is l hreit, to te lurry, an
at yonng crtitc, in tsis wild -thnitt t iso olior ta ico tt la Ioc001-t
in tagerness o use 000 o ti- t o t tn in ingii itn
to glory in ortsli oUatt'iitnt-. 1'e +'e 11al.i ttl 0 5ei" ni hz al
nl 1ir(1 of the tane, mioeiat tttt' - itto it- um r. 1 Otorren~ul t--ar
ttttlthe mn whtis lwaysttttigh twi W111-1hott I ftl ite, it
itl0 toit I t i hsit lhy he . s l.tIi. ictt- p i t itt cu irttt
is s m i ng e hai -li h u - -, ,,1,11 C ldnt lilttgripirho i,
-sitti<<itl 1111(1erititisittt-tl:'itpit-
itttiemo t t t st ii - m ot' iyit.lt oit ,1 i r o ii it1 , <:iit
iti- n iIt)i I ~luin''t,'do'ol cnr
It-I g i t litby tie it u-i t t it( ;alt c- l' - t i-aly Iwh ll.
fltuin nlke p e i ts tirtiti iii liltt ii It--ittl -
lh i t a llufrh ,i't n lii"it, : 1 ieri It m rtc~
of ei-h 'Iltrtl t- andil tlit r n - it .,r o ~ l r y tc ' t e t ~ s a
secotindiiplaci't i s rititenI eyv . n iit-ty otI doai (1e n it iu t I~r h-rii : :r~i 1iii-
lti o ol f a d pnl l i o - t nAs tar It, I n tt' I Iy t4h 'o ' c lt L t '
r~ueid 100111uchtt tt ay1hsri-. la - eI' to nt ittar± tttt
inne- 1'Of eottt , ''Caw('its T- " i:,r -Ii 1 1. i i tl iloi w t
fo elt n it-hea I- gtr o ;a: -I t-' i - Of - ti t- i toem
the ot dua c ty in itw iili tt ti tit tt l -- I ti i t lizt. i liii tiit I oi fIlitom
p :in } i stetitingdii- to ott-dl lft .
...iltiloly=1fiit'.hi;h dit..i--t1'111('i1hitac
tohl a iny itmpu. s t' itt tlt t a t ti - l,,, it - i hei -
th: ilrst li-piub li y frIo -ice o i"t i c - 1 i -- - - - ii-fhow
dp ly in ATh i ao lt eit ('tt tis t i -attilt r=t tlarr't
btai-ai''atth, in th edaavi41.iti= cl ns atih:pretdtw yerftioibiiitlt i\e' -4 i --tlirise-i -
tor hat re011 itldtil. fore it'-ts a' atit ' - s It -U w --t
s oriberno, ithro tin hentill)(-tl lttiit i 1 i t 0 d-it , i I It ' t1'1 1 e
perftorm ittetIrfould a y:e h it t hI It-i :s. IIrad a n l. a il
ih eI doubC ii On Iti-n i li--I' 'I totat l i eIv ev'i r. I It I
die ji lt-nt ii-ia' a it t si t here. -It ,U. i 1re t d ,l i i -i. it -ilnd lilt
it ii d i -tat w stniorhe tx t ,0t i i t rIi, rte11rtnd in-
d liisc era igtfeatureho' h n-al frnotyug
ingliil cure,"Ti(,Cliser iill ; i is'tr il ,!. T~i wo" lashaeavr i-o i-- lfl(te"aV(u i"Catedo LuckY ir
('it suly isitigtt o '- l ii' .i it it 15+ C~ri,,b titw -Tkor<
lage audttI iiientisan' t 'it scrd itZi=.o~ i lte l is ie
Obioulhtil a m O "I n~. Sil t Xotheicast as
wil outi eri t he q at ohisr itoisti;rr'iiil''. 5nlI: fi l-I
iuti tll is it ru-o- C m ly' I itti ~ ifrillBrn
t iolieia verytmitakenl iide01 itt n tepoucin n ha s h
oi-thrr tsi tilt ail r f ln ts~nay l-at' ,niey ln lt
to buitildit pi a I t a ii - heIt-°. iialciy h t as s vlil n cf;

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ite 1i(w t-1 (. FlIttlly ' it ',' V
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of'it- th i ia- iii t i- l t-t il . - tr °h le ffrs n el~t'' 0111-,
Mr.-i Shit lii ii tan tid s h i- i t I ur te t r i If titheiWhtneyii-lls Ncib'-
; - i iii i ii th it ti ai c ili tlt1' iiii ( al i tt own i I 'ii' itt-ti mer -ott
C liiir itou i 1tc£l~~ lt' 'i tO oth 1, ibato me;'I I Mou -sld remen -i
i1 it r;:t i l i'l ii tti it'c;. : wi lt ltiii t ' I The Bigtho tt"tan ttil (ilI aftier
tie - )'d:iltei I'Wil t~ ~stpt'' 115 liwasllaied',tt
s II at I -Tis lilit itl it iNor ii lf i ii Oveirit oli". IIi osli ll e o tot
havo ii 'okt { i-n llliit -t illttr l 1£t(' 1a la t t' o "ev v rl
(I "i12, III 1 l lt is i h t iii i 1 ill t ll Iii l~litule.('It-itto
of rile tilltt-ii -I ev 1ii ilitilt'bot1t111
T E I i IOiPLAtI iwn.a" m lnJrtlld-l-s- nc
tilt-iPilvitws IiNtmh n It
liii iii ttil'i' ll li-l itiittt'.oolt
rld ill nifl tF~l O tilt 1 it itthe t ariii eiii- oeu- AItilis
t(!e wtol n I'ol tof It ol I)


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