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February 18, 1923 - Image 2

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(oue the miraicle man is not a mr MILLARD PRYOR ,jet. Tiseie was allinmedateerush
cle man at all,lie not only says so and in a few miniutes the stage was al-
ht insists uiton it. It wa one of the most half fol of peotle aniiots to
greatest reret le had while in this tral at 7:45. So 1 presented mysef {Is' mie tee is o difeenes tness .hive"the little chemist of Nancy' helpi
country that people would come to; at the depot. The train was ten in-tt it beitIn ranci. For yo see"see then thtl some aineit either mota
hini as a healer. "I ant not a. healer" o to late and we knew there wtoultd his ey es danced I am aI'Frenshmit."fo phy stal.
is alnmost the first thing lie said in his (e very little time for interrogation Then I asked hin if te culdt cue hiiii 'li;n eu seleced one of teuens
interview, and decidedy the first thun agee.tSonee an tire rid tatet fohtokes itgor'ettes ninal-tiaed pdierfotimeta very simple exper-
lie said int Iis lectureln ttecdo teeesi as o s i mkscmirte ototl neitt that is known'iitInevery hyntist.
tieis io evn adotor i~ siteolthe Cone party. There wassnio initiate Iy' "Ys'," is'repled it "ii s -e055c I t lit htthe mtiancasphis ]lads to-
Ilte inotitide of iths h ha tenrig the famouit'Fr e iman, hiis ic- ut I dolt C isa'titto I like i. 1 wsi!S gtirsita ttt oy a ost
th uttdeoIie h a enc rs had donse hm justice. Alos' vecy nlckytin skig ins i question tihgsowdbt ht i aii
callesd "Dr. toue" although he gives switshint catte his tor manager. the in sswhiclthi'eseieetvsryi iutli interl- sotn tte thoetapatdatahg asuti
everysone that impression with Iis ge iscresodttfrteNs ol kt linlstllga t iIa 1otigta is cotlem 1par t ie l erfrm el
impierial, goatee. and inassumsing utTimes, itthotcame it ivrs' lsansty at tisigtifitlistsetthing if sgesitoni vlsttia xeiiesswt te
coinident ti. Itasked for a iescrip. uts itsi tsevis' l tiis nl tls s.eloi is li le e alsse ii lar sot t e cotetsithterst
tiioitof hitu I wouldsay55that lie is aii!lnoblewomani bty' tis' natte itt .'tauicciOfti ii.scoutnttry.' le esiedsthtu iit liis si t' Sei ae statie
is ttleitsislst ailtilttrei rb tssl I isss wits is a situ ent unoser taste tits Ine iof hi. atititis iito see iiese, lulter stesihree otsfr stiat oe. Then
lih 'tlsSit littl rnh a it ite i erles atid hoipes tss esaasisth a clinic intheii'subjets taught so ve ry tmedicai is'sslsiesrcsiol-ieautitiei
Itsstie ii Iis ii ieu I hve 51 intiti Sttes iat sae' future ists, sitd isegs itt te tisesiSats'. lHiice" t ry te his ndii'tleitssi iexp'ietcsanui
a5 ltg tms. skewsti is li 5It tiits i i s t isspess ' teel li iv s ft itin ts'ma-
ishtutho l e slittle o itt cIsi ra'ct' r iviyn.ist wa1d'; tiels'rIsis tsletire.s' f-jtsti sit cses.
is conftids'en e. eIscould estl isyself tiny-te 1 s'bein tt'ig i t u ti tstted'ithi st ms let tr
ise fis ti.a atil haut I have itsnit- s ls i :tri'siu hisss i lii- a:rts ccitsits lissi. le slit
sin , 'calis'simlys iili a , ts duy si ttlst al hs silisieesshsltdllfub'oen Isuts sit
r i1i1me ciitiiai it itu \1-hat:ihessaystwtllebliesl5 i s'l its'. ltes to ls'eesd.ilutctse
lit. i stls ei iiiii'teieslistmIsill '. s c aul'hstlf it' uu'.see truedis ditiferests i rom's'sitnyt
ritbt. Ic ista ralthumisheri"."And Engishswasissn is tictallyperlt'c
itns is plrityTtlit s doctne' eissit- utlis e~wsits ry n iii liii '.dente Ist'sad of ' ist'p'uttting ntteirwra sthand
is'. l' ls tut e c ite a lii n it it ieiic teasson aspisrb
'st ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~e1 deephssssisi ~toiiritst51 uhsi s' iiihtsitas ea in i thirsats as thougithfi ll,'blit 15511
Bu u ],ssauen~wi a O o nl4it illsoise' fl' ut tutu lle riettis Iii was 'oly btituin '.1Th i's ''sw'.it-
thngoer e vr.Ii.;dofrne sa t h oh~ e l it tlt' Frenctthmantiiitti i t' iAfteri ug55 t ii'oratt i i i iihei donsteeto ihi
i n ti 'islprag sttc lit's' e tnY an
ag l i t ru it ,a ea'urs'l sit i t i s e tshe tlti stsno stisa elitinsaisisihstlt'tihoipecing i it iia l f s m id I
tr th tsis.li'tls"iti' titt iselw e lt) epo eel i h p luica tliti iltf cn- Nossdoubtssa's i, i's' iisisis'o'f theis
itwa avey orun t tai o citIIaer, e ai, ti o lQt elpst youii s tu ch55 ' i'tien tti sittits's' utsitii't5'gien
tio .mis'ts thalit list t isyits sit is ii
sith ithliii'sfamo s'ssuusso it ustilt - afcter55] .ims ciie.' lits i i tureaply h o, o ieo siure apthecarilasbo
tlst i'itt. tiiou n his's'rcntiit si(iii11tilts iri sip lt 'ttstity1'itt tea has ca'eeeic i ii ia s suits sits ve iome t xp
thist Hoss'sssu.iwa Iis sh d ld t omit n t swii li''stlss itu ia lito S glt 'iti 't'' t iiit'iife" T'nhe e . 5555 i tr tti lithi, egnsltsly otftho li
from__the ___fterno__n,___o. ___ere __le ______(__epu__en__i___ is stll' hast to ii issi tsto5 issi"oiled t s sii \ t shed lis ;toI
Si it 'siis' lithre lth r=o lseit oI t i i h tite ii thsdttis it epd au gltliai ui , f sinet s t:iihes Ibte litiis dy t'si ts'
OP~lllIllll111L1II~1 G LA SS IISiil'i 'lit 'ss5hi'astlsboutfis'. t witicli'i
tads ihhhlhIItthIhhlhhIihhhhhhrt t i t ti ii c rt.iflis ts i(iiS t tihe situ's w s ' i 'ii i isis t'reiseivee'haiifosula
'TH R O U G H j YF'H +, i lii'. t is's siots'\I C ll! N as ;c'5no i ty l xis t he ists' qt'i ltysifi ( o'' isi perfeit l si llis' oni ,they woul
0 p 1 tilly atd s> ties. It seemed s st li._tt'', sstiro 'words anithsotis'siisho ld isis'der I's', tlts'tisit iii'(ooldutnot tit k tupsi Ilo
i~si iiss'sis' e'''etvttione osthe itrte'porter sias le ill, Iss~,hti1us 111s th ils' tsss.stsl i ii~ ittt'istpinihtti sti~re o a s li sla issililsuuremaititsd
=ifriom1pont'ha hdintsliss l'.muhistl's'hre.s its''t hen tiss' oo -naurd isisna
A RtIevss tutsisi'iii' ''iew t ithtr ut' hs on m re ife!aeil i utteno 'neI.tn;p r o h c 'sheh sbe oerrte]b th
k 'ssissTsf hu ' hua ' ev s's'i sitI sawith letiti n N ' e ad outosi eo e fr ad a 1i-big:f tsc acniinhm ef
ti ste. fo t'hbegui ti(ttuii i ma stitll y n t iltlLII il11161i11I1111161 t this11161illl -ll~ lilillillilllt111I6~i11111iiillifll
thtI'. ;eutas isnfagouasly liltied
threhsbent 'tuc uesttitsIl'-Thv' e t re i r d '
Itsuits' orgaiztionlsts Istvcrt utingthsi
twey;stgeres it grseautisanfarlust ir sh:ntl oitruaso mry igIa fvrt rc f odt ecai
siut tu essiurssh ieetlen ' i 110'e = sastheVntue i rae'A'hwolentladen T raeit"peiohmr
f ll iii lirsi uuircts.Iui' r's etts--
tithe' r ou cto, I is ve nthinitrat
utheuiiest eir iefiuinefosthsaute- _- Intodayoiterchat had ar etter m alasfaofiecring af markn et. haRisi
ca thatyrh sorsho.Iuu deed, si r a mm
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stoulsdberou srawbckh s t a'.
resoe ino rtuoes=featutrdeen ofraewih hnc csomrsotontrd nhi hg
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Irslued Thtii'cs, teesmevtoeOhn-'=tato secTuyou reuoariu hdoffigsssancet.Thsbniserfo
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,(, t il otrIiayedsthleirthartIs moretskull-,
chiuss uusitel siletor1St iiu e uli - The A nn A rbor Savings Bank
lai pi ted o lu c u at th u ~ s aeot=lt-
a litles thus-sre iul hss ac'ceptedtsetuss' -=''Fle Bank of Friendly Serl'u'ee
of utue wsordus t ath ert ts a's l'ushuuis a -
laboitrsatry' ofithu tte'tre.IThserefosreR sores$,6000 Two Offices
it is sushl' ts he ex'eted ths t t rtaIIis
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of thiri plai'y -us ' e eftts' h e'sh is' ss'is-
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