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July 11, 1918 - Image 4

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The Wolverine, 1918-07-11

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taro Hinder Prm But Cod
ains SHner Progr .e A.t Crowd The colonel calls the major
Fills Shelter; YX . C. A. Assists 1When he wants something done.
In Opening Exercises And the major calls the captain,
And starts him on the run.
The Knights of Columbus war tent,
hich was recently erected on the The captain then gets busy
ampus for the detachment, was of- And strives to make it suit,
dally opened at 8 o'clock last night. By shifting all the baggage
espite the fact that the rain hinder- On a shavetail second neut.
d in some of the plans, the tent was The said lieutenant ponders
rowded with members of the detach- And strokes his smoothy jaw,
tent and.their friends. Then calls a trusty sergeant
Several of the speakers and sing- And to him lays down the law.
rs, who were scheduled on the orig-
ial program, could not be present. The sergeant calls the corporal,
. motion picture show was planned Explains how it must be,
y Mr. Hamilton of the Y. M. C. A., Then the corporal calls a private
ut it was postponed on account of And that poor private's me.
se Knights of Columbus opening.
Co-operation Evinced This is the way a private
The Rev. Father M. P. Bourke Gets his orders in the army.
poke a few words on the splendid Trench and Camp, Camp Funston
-operation evinced between the POETRY APPEARS to be all the
nights of Columbus and the Y. M. go with humorists, so this is the start
A. Mr. Newton Fetter, of the in- of the bunk.
ai Y. M. C. A gave an excellent talk The Cabs Are Raving Again
a the purposes of the two organiza- (From the Swindle Sheet
ons Prof. William A. McLaughlin The dining room had been set with
oke for the members of the faculty many little tables, as well as with
the University. several long ones, so that small
Flags off all the allied nations were groups might have their lunch to-
ised on the outside tent poles. The gether. On the tables were snowy
terior of the tent was thoroughly cloths, and bowls of flowers, giving
luipped with benches, a stage, writ- the banquet roo ma festive look.
g tables, a canteen, a Victrola and a TALK ABOUT BROMIDES! Here's
layer piano. The piano and the Vie- one from the Wolf Rine
ol were recently moved from the "The zing zing of the mosquito and
nights of Columbus club rooms on manifestations of other of the little
ie corner of Division nd Huron denizens of nature will have no ter-
rests. ror for this group of farmerettes.
Frank Ryan Speaks Each girl will be gayly swinging over
The program was, opening address her shoulder, at the end of a stick,
y Frank Ryan, grand knight of the her lunch tied up in a red bandana
cal chapter of the Knights of Co- handkerchief. tI was decided that
.mbds; old Irish songs by the Rev. this was the handiest to say noth-:
ather Goldrick; a selection by Van's ing of being the most picturesque
eod; talk by Prof. William A. Mc- method of portage."
sughlin; song by Robet Diterle; EX-CUBESS HAS mixed canoeing
ilk by the Rev. Father M. P. Bourke; terms with the low brow populationj
ng by the Rev. Father Goldrick; who is NOT helping to win the war,
ik by Mr. Newton Fetter, of the Y. but is still somewhat PICTUR-
C. A.; battle song by Mr Robert ESQUE.
leterle; and closing number by en- A LEARNED instructor of the Uni-
e audience, chorus of the battle versity recently said, "The difference
mg. between a low brow and a high brow
is 99 per cent. vocabulary.
1,400 Pairs of Shoes Arrive Fritz, We're After You
More than 1,400 pairs of regulation Keep your head down, Fritzie boy,
my shoes arrived at noon yesterday. Keep your head down, Fritzie boy,
r'mess time the entire detachment Last night, by the pale moonlight,
seived one pair of army shoes, while We saw you, we saw you.
eremainder was issued by the quar- You were mending your broken wires
rmaster this morning. When we opened rapid fires.
This completes the issuance of If you want to see your Fater und
)thing to the men in the detachment, your Faterland,
:tra clothing will be issued to the Keep your head down, you dirty Hun.
Officers' Pictures Are Taken "Personal Health"-Subject
Pictures of all the officers in the "Personal Health - A National As-
ond training detachment were tak- set" is the subject of Dr. W. E. For-
in front of the gymnasium at 8:30 sythe's lecture on Tuesday afternoon
:lock this morning. At 5 o'clock in the auditorium of the
Natural Science building. It was an-
THE nouncedi in the list of summer school
armers & MechaIcs" lectures as "Personal Health-A Na-
n ~tional Habit."
Bank Dance at the Packard Academy
SOUTH MAIN STREET next Saturday evening, July 13. Ike
CORNER HURON Fischer's orchestra. Dancing 9 to 12.-
880 SO. STATE STREET Dancing at the Armory every Sat-
urday from 9 to 12. Fischer's or-,
ood Strong Bank With Every Banking Need chestra.

Long Trousers Replace Present Mod-
el; Shoes and Boots Also Have
Changed Appearance
(From Stars and Stripes, France)
Your talior announces his winter
opening. Incidentally, he has a few
new creations for summer and fall.
Your tailor, otherwise the Q. M.,
has _ got a line-not of talk, but of
wearables-that is the result of sev-
eral months' experience showing just
what happens to army clothes in the
trenches, behind the lines, and in the
wear and tear of toil in the bases.
Every alteration and new issue an-
nounced (and there are several) is
the outcome of a defect in wearing
qualities and bodily comfort or a
worth-while economy that did not be-
come apparent until the test of war
had disclosed it. And thereby stands
proved the slogan of the army's tail-
or: "Your comfort and welfare is our
first concern." Hence, the new blous-
es, new trousers, new gloves, new
shoes, new boots and all the rest.
To begin at the bottom, the new
shoe, of which you have already
heard, was evolved after a winter's
use of the old shoe in trench warfare
proved that it lacked the qualities of
wear and waterproofness that a good
shoe should have. It had stood up
beautifully in sham battles in the
States, with dry ground underfoot,
but over here it was different.
New Shoe's Service Record
Briefly, the new shoe's service rec-
ord is this: Wider last, higher instep,
more toe room (allowing the wearing
of additional socks), toe plate pro-
jecting up over end of sole, heavier
heel plate, sole attached in manner
to prevent leaks, absolutely water-
proof. It has been tested at an A.
E. F. orthopedic hospital, and a fine
report has been given it. It is esti-
mated that the new issue will reduce
shoe replacements not less than 50
per cent.
Then there is a new boot. The boot
we had was thought to be excellent,
but trench use showed it wasn't the
perfect thing desired.
The new boot will be absolutely wa-
terproof inside and out-for perspira-
tion can easily spoil the lining and
ultimately rot the whole fabric un-
less the lining itself is proofed.
There is also an ankle strap which
wil secure the boot to the foot, so
that no footwear can be lost through
getting caught in the mud and suck-
ing free of the unsuspecting wearer's
In the hip boot the seam above the
knee has been changed to the back,
so as to do away with the discomforts
of chafing.
The most radical change is in the
new breeches.
The funny thing about the new
breeches is that they aren't breeches.
They're trousers - plain, ordinary,
common long trousers-almost The
end where the foot comes out is nar-
rower, for one thing. The hips and
knees are full. The regulation spiral
leggin will be worn over them just as
it is worn over the present issue.
The new trousers will obviate all
the defects of their predecessors -
tight lacing, impaired circulation,
easily chilled feet.
Heavier Cloth for Blouses
The new blouse will be of better
appearance and shape and will bring
the wearer more warmth and com-
fort. The cloth of both blouse and

trousers will be 20 ounce instead of
16 ounce wool. The pockets of the
blouse will be cut-in instead of patch.
The woolen gloves you wear next
winter will have such long wrists
that the wristlets being knitted for
you at home had better be handed
aver to father. For winter wear there
is also provided a one-fingered leath-
er mitten: to be worn over .the woolen

Movies Tonight
"The Hidden Pearl," is the title of
a motion picture to be shown in the
"Y" army tent at 8:45 o'clock tonight
for the men of the detachment. The
reels are booked from Detroit and
have heretofore appeared on the
regular Y. M. C. A. army cantonment
programs. Mr. De Ross and Mr. Cald-
well will sing songs. Mr. Mayloff will
be the accompanist on the piano.
' Motion pictures will be shown in
the "Y" tent on every Wednesday
and Saturday evenings. The films are
of the latest, and in places where they
Iave been shown, have proved pop-
At 8:30 o'clock tomorrow Company
B will have their stunt night in the
tent. The men in this company have
splendid material, and a prospectus of
the program shows that the evening
wil be enjoyed by all the men attend-
ing the affair. This is the first time.
that Company B has appeared for stunt
night. Company A will have its stunt:
night a week from tomorrow.
"Another American," by the Famous,
Players Motion picture company, is'
booked for Saturday's movie entertain-
ment. The show wil start at. 1:41'
o'clock, and several musical numbers;
will be given during the performance.
Wolverines at Kelly Field, Texas
Lieut. Joseph H. Drake, E '16, and
H. D. Draper, '18, are stationed at
Kelly field, San Antonio, Tex.
glove for warmth. In more temper-.
ate seasons it will be used for
heavy callous - raising work. The
one with all five flingers, is de-
signed for the use of mounted or-
ganizations, motor units, wagons and
truck companies, stevedores and oth-
er h'onest working men.
A new slicker is now being tested'
in the effort to' provide an article ab-'
solutely impervious to water. Before
long a man will have to bore holes in"
his shoes, boots, steel Stetson and'
slicker if he expects any moisture to
get through on him.1
Special clothing will be provided
motorcycle drivers, chauffeurs and
teamsters as follows: Kersey lined1
gabardine breeches, muffler (for the.
man not the machine, and winter

10, COME: T1EE
Sends Regards to Men But eel
it ite Impossible Io Appear Mt
utes Are All Full
Efforts to obtain Maj.-Gen.
Swinton, the man who creat'
British tanks, to speak to the r
the detachment were unavailin
cording to a telegram receive
terday by the local secretary
army Y. M. C. A.
Major-General Swinton re
startled his Detroit audience 1
claiming in a solemn, but not pr
:manner, "God damn the Germa
what they have done." The Det
cheered for more than two soli
utes after this exclamation, but
General Swinton thought it bet
apologize for his words, He
member of the staff of the F
ambassador, Lord Reading. H
represents the National service
tion of the United States sh
The substance of the telegrar
as follows:
"I regret that it is quite impc
for me to come to Ann Arbor
(yesterday), as I am fully book(
turning to Chicago this ev
Please ask the commanding off!
wish the 750 mechanics God
from me and to hope that th
the tank service will 'treat
Wherever Major-General Sv
has apeared, large audiences
greeted him. His message is
those over there, and every wo
says is from the heart.
Every Man in War Lecture C
Every. man in the detachment
tending classes in the "Causes
Present War," which is being
by four University professors.
classes are held from 7 to 8 o
every evening except Saturday
Sunday. Eighteen squads a nig
tend the lectures. Professors
Dow, A. D. Cross, A. E. R. Boal
V. W. Crane are giving the lectu
the Engineering building.
Subscribe at the "Y" tent fo
Detachment News. Now 50 ce

of the
I' ilivorsity o"f Michigai
Complete information concerning the eight Colleges and School.
Special Courses in Forestry, Newspaper Work, Land-
scape Design, Higher Commercial Education, including
Railway Administration and Insurance, Architecture,
Conservation Engineering, Education (affiliated with
Ann Arbor Schools for Observation Study), and a
Course for those preparing for the scientific administra-
tion of departments of sanitation and public health.
For Copy of Catalogue, Special Announcement, or Individu
Information, address
The Dean of the School or College in which interested, or
Secretary University Ann Arbor, Michiga

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