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July 13, 1914 - Image 2

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The Wolverine, 1914-07-13

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T H E WO0L V ER INE Orr, faymond 1B., 1t607 Huron. t re- _________________
ORPII .tJ1 i The official student newspaper for Otterbein, M. 47 S. Diisio, Vetta- T N E O U M R SH O
MNTS.July 13-14 -Emn the University of Micigan summer buhrt Michs. FURNISHERS and HATERS to Uivesity Men
Breeze"The Master Mi" session. Publishsed y the students on fiei V 4511.stt t.tu32 S. State St._________________
WED., Juty 1--The Redskin and Ren. Tuesday Thursday and Saturday f- itotn, Ten. 43.
egade"Y2 parts. Klem eaturesPamrW.B,04SSte.Dro.
THU.. uly16- Miile Bi." ita ternoons. Tweity-fie issues. PleI.I. 0 .Sae itot
graph spartlfeaturej 371. Pratt, L. A., 802 Soru. Armada,1T T
FRI,July 17-On the Mieute." Selig Suhscription rates-By carrier, sev- larker, Ruth, 16 N. Stoi. SI. Jams, St.it~ 1114-.Vh
2 prt teatur. eny-ive cents for the sumer; 1.IrISlr,20 .Sal.Ftzead
Mar Fulete Th Umrela aede" mailed to any address for one dot- Parker '. L, 323 Monroe, Norh ast, Os.
SAT, July 18S-"The Last Will" Vita- a. a
graph 2 part feature tar PaiQary, Luciille. 1746 tWaslteatv, Ati
Advertising rates-Furnished upon ap- Parker, W E., 3121 S. IDivison. Fush- Arot 181-4.
plication to the usiness manager lsing1licli lft it in lare, Detroit.
"'Conmplete tine f Subsriptionts and ads taken at Quar- Parsons, Ine, 413 Thompson. Dtttt ReebstC F. 437 ,Mayard. Plymoiuti,
t'of ryes, Cushigs and South Unier- int, N. Y 852-. Sitlkh3.
ME FN'S FU RN I H-I N N1UGSm shy Pharmacy. tln t .,Ytist.33I 1 ReedtilKtteie, 1502 PCamtbrige hi. K
VARSITY 0OGRYS O Address, The Wlveritte, Press Build- Peers, Esther, W110Pactkard,l.Totea 881 O K
tug, Mayard St., Ann Arbor. l .aitReittOMary, 216 N. Stte. Detroit.
1107 South university Ave. Office IHours: Managing editor, 2:00 Peirsel, T. It., 76 Ar. .tMt in ittot.t, tlds, tGrct, 407 . Unitv.SMat-
to 3:0 daily; bsiness nmanager, 147-3. isleetIi. 245-.
1.00 to 3:00 daily. Phone 160 or Pelet, R. .. 435. IDiision. hat- n oldtsts, ltti aet, 11111Greenwsood. And Students Sup-
. 241.4ford ity, 1und. Situ Aror t617-NI. plies Second-Hand
The inet Billiard Room in the Statesir .d,01 .Otii ltii ioates, Frncttis, 2112 \Vssltttas. Bok fralde
CIGARS and CANDY Leo N. Bret-)tttigiitg Editor 47'-S. Ainn Arb. Bosfr-l e
"W r oTetYuRgt' Phone-1283-M. lenimian, B. It. 11 E. Atn. Dllalss, Rte leotira, tillGOt. SutHven partments
IW TrtTetORit"F Gurniec llttiard--Busiiiess llatager, Tex. Alie. 114-.
Phone--1407-Mt. Perkitts, Mary, 5tillTomptsont. Ttiedot, Richlards, Dtel, 7111Cthlerinie. htlts
Athletic Iiiitor-Ctiarles Kendrik 1464-N1. razd
gniverotV 9choo1 of Perritte, 17 Ypstiatit.Iilititl ele910 sstttts
muscI(ONDAY, JULY 13, 1914.1 Pery Matrguerite. Su Sint.chliHatrfort, 11h. 188-31.A H
(U~~tCPeris, Jeilie,210 N.Sat. 1lunger- iidderinig, At.,31S. DivisiointitDut-
- Myard Stet Aee Aror tld, O. de Sieh. University BookC Store
AnulSumrSeso ItELCJOIIVl OF SUSTIIIIEP etrs, Vite, 2:2 Jeffesoni. Chalttett,iiis,1. ,111inluiuw.ft-
AnaSumrSsinSCHOOL SII)ENTPS Slicli.. 1,303011-2.aw.C
Jtne 29 o August 21 Mc.16-.litibus, Id. 678-.
-Inshrnction7 in all Branches Petersoun, Berthta, 537 S. Diisitti. Itclie,1dnat, 23 S. Ttayr. tHarris- DETROIT UNITED LINES
of Mnsic (Contiued from page 1) Gaesburg, 111. 14-'. ill,SMih.-
For fll Information, Call I elenHR.,~ Seatle, Wash. PetersonWlmat~, 57 S. Diisint.IRitclhe, Fornce , 407 tF.Univi. St. ANN ARON TIME TABLE
at the Ofifce. SeyerAE., Jr., 217 . Igalls. White- alesburg, 11tt,143-. Josepht lImc. Li eel rpree Cas fsr Deot- is
CHARLES A. SINK Secretary 1 hal, N. Y. Picier, Imtogene, 311 Thompnuaiu. titte, Ois,111 N. Sttet. Thorton, a , .ad hanrly is in o p .,attn 0 in
Miketski, Ottiie Johannia, Chirtgo. Cleveland. 1198-hd.Lai n npO'its tm'.,Ot a s
Siliter, Ania, 1214 tankard . O Fr- Pilsbuiry, Eliabets, 317 L.. Liberty. tlet tas . hutet tniu and usry toehusuito usp.i., pao6 p.
aitge N. 195-M.Met Branch, Mich. N. Y. rTu siauitit only: Sttaa. u..s720 a.m., I
M llet, It L., 313 ThtrnSpon. Fetn- Itrns,,. P., 3332 1. Mad sut ~ttt tbiss..., 32Grandh. P ir as . W., 50 .it . rL~ri zr ,.1:3
RaosisU13Rohberets, t. P,11411-i . aksp.I,in1:0d0an.a a nm. ~ . i n
Sugar BVr1 sile, Sieh. 113J ad,19-N1.iuhGrenilttl en spee40t. rie s orJasn : a. "6ria.d
Miller, Jean, 1214 Packard, E. Onige, Ptaink, . IW,.344 5. Divisio. Utiltneverytwo hurs Ian74. n
109 S. Plain Street N. ., 1955-M.Michl. (Contlinueud on tpte 31 and every Iwa leas tis6:51 p.in, tals nMls .H,58Sae eauIl ot, 1 . 2 .Wlim 3.P n,1:5P
Best ice Cree~m 23. Posers, . P, Lyons, Mitts
mMe axdy Sitheilo~lC dith, 1224 ckRd ashteiuas. Masr- P1ratt, lOsW. 1115.Moro. yoin, 5 lT Z E RS All Kin1dS 01 HLIL H VI
fresh dall~y qeteSrttEhl,9 ary. AnntiAAboi. ARD AR Done Rht
Promnpt Service fflnia, tL, 307 N. State. Sns Juan, Pratt, It. F., 1015 E. U.l StILuisARDWAc
PHONE 967 Poto Rico. 63-. n. 310 STATE STREET Factory Hat Store
B oll, L. 5.,620 Cuurch. Detroit. 1017- _ 118 E. Huron S. Near Allenl Hoel
__________ Moneuee, A. ., 810 Paekard. Toedu, A LAKE TRIP FOR REST AND RECREATION CO USIN4S ft HALL
.23-.Uen D. & C. Line Steamers for Business and Pleasure Trips Foit
sr' otre, A. h., 427 llatmiltonsPlaeIle- r' z erehig lake breee, ie fredm al the dcks and the Foit
B OS rit. 1 luurius cmort al thu poplar D. & C. Lieutamen ae wail
l.11 Morris, 1. C,621 . Stte. FColumbus, lg fnr ye. Whether you go nrth In eauiiul Mackinac Island,
04-. Blle97 rigied,3 thu faoseseamer resrioalike North onty or coosu the "Waie Cr. 12th St. an S. Unil.A. Phone 115
LAW AND MEDICAL Morri, Dls piufeuH ist. Way" on yur trip fromn te east o west, ya wilt appreciate Ie many _______________
cmfors n ou palatial suauers.
M________________ Sorison, F. Austin, 602E.Lbry Daily evie etween Deruit and Cleveland, and Deteeit and Bffalo, Capitl, $io ass~ su ptu, sanncooos
NEW AND) SECOND-HIAND) Iron Rive, MSh. 71J. Fue trips weekly frmn Tledo and Deteit t Mkinac Island and way I THE FARMERS AND. MECHANICS BANK
__________________ Mo_ hrrison, 2.VW., 209 . Stat. Autn pets. Drlighfu day trips bewen Detroit and Clevead dring Jly
Sttand Augst. Popular week-end ecusins every Saturday between ANN ARBOR, MICH.
Arbor. 2488-2, Deroit and Buffalo, ad Detroit and CIreelod. Special Seme Cleve Safetnuiktg and u toaiiTrneat uitt or oe
Complete I ite Morow, H. ., 16131E10.Hutron. S, land In Mackiac Island diet, two tips weekly, June 25th to Sept. 10th, cuticsis out tilti tieout
TxBok.I oti, So. I-imaking no sope enoute ecept at Detroit vey titp. Dily servica he- 3 per nent Inerest in or Sins Deparmen
Boesextuie 80Botuott.s trht ween Toledo and PutInBay, June 10th to Septembe 10h.
Text Laborate ry Books Mre ai,86Tpa.Dtot YOUR RAILROAD TICKETS, readng betweeu Dtrot and Buf THE ANN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK
Reerne oks fao or Detroit and Clveland, are avaiakle for transportation n D & C. Cpitl. ... .]..o
ReeeneBokortoun, SM.h., 1311 SMinervanRd. l us- steames ehike diecion. 5uuruiitiu inivtityson ltco ro.oo
Ditctionaries Itst dh.002 AN INTERESTING PAMPHLET giving detaild desrption of Sj55p i adtUitol roat $15 lo(I
Cotipends, etc. thses, I1. D.,126 iWashttenawStilt varus tips wilt e mailed you n reeip f twocenteintoppostage. Tranats a Gnutra anulatnes
Add eL. . Lwi, ci, Poinssee Aent, Delrsu, Mch.. 3r enCt itrr spid nt i nsui Ispoet,
YOUR OLD IB WKS SMulle, Clara, 1322 Wasttetas. Sag Philip i. ShMittt, Psidt. A. A.OShatzui, is Pn ad Gen1 Mr. W. ut ioranvie-ren.,Coel seno ,Ast.
inav,.___________________8 85-M. hieaier ar llvoianl prt free fout of Thlhir i ellDeroi, Mik.csh , Wi, , s s t Cs 5 iSavnsDti t p.
LARGEST STOCK IN MICHIIIAN I Muller, . ., 417 F. Univ. G and _______________
C. . B rtel11 Sumord, }. ., 527 Inekarud. High-,lty DETROIT, CLEVELgjSJD ,T M ETH A R
326 S. Stale S. Tel. 761-M Mith. 802-S.
NastefiMaro V., 900 Ant. Bulgaria _8~. WED., July 15-= A Leaf rm the Pst."
NewcombRachel_228_S.Thayer. TOLEDO.PT___ I 0 1 FRI., July7-'Antiue Engageent
______________IBg Rapids. _____S-lI Ring"
Nish, Siriatmt,123 Voitand. Kin '- SAT., July 18-The Winnru
autoChina. S BGACE
Niman___.,108____nw Hr COMING NEXT WEEK
CANADIANle, ch 43.as1stiw Iln"The Gmlr
CRASHES 11u76- ., 1

NygisLAlbioi, 555 S. Division, Gwinti,
You know the material- ShieSh. 383.lihpTLelti, OCnrV.J,58SSae. taw,
soft in texture,durable OConnor, Wi. Jr., 32 Jeffersoun. Al- 7' i o v rn
in quality-the ideal estton. WILL RUN A
fabrc fr a umm r Ooaghu, . ., Chicago.
fabrc fo a umme Fgesby,Elina, 516 Cheever t. D-
OuitH rait. V,60E n._Mnsiu
Weit haetetgMhrwt ilo.h81.W ant=Ad Colu-n
a large assorment of flannels OHora, .. 212 S. Stat, OGueva,____________________
N. Y.
FulDesSisaSeily Olds, W. E., 427 Thomnpson. Elk Rap-I'ha eny i g
FlDisStlaSeily ids, Mch. I fn you hv lost ayhn or
679le n,326Caherne Sai-desire to sell something, try an
. H. WILD CO. 71-w ot ng RS., amazoottl. Pr-A D = (L 13 T
Leading Mercant 'Taiora FOpplenheimeurR. H4.621 S tt.Fe
____________________________ motuutO. 7-J.


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