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August 14, 1915 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1915-08-14

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Vol. VI.


o. 231

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TO ROEfl-flI~rConcrert andt Address by lDeani Vauglhan
-LOS T6 190'ITY Will be Features of
' ScoticT~ Difc liBar Athletes Next week will be the last week of

Expected to Loomn Up
Large in Fall
Reimann, Varsity left tackle, anti
Dunn, quarterback of lie Al-Preslh,
and heir apparent to Llughil's posi-
tion, are both evidenily lost ts the
Michigan gridlirois tis fall. With the
/ loss of the veteran Lyttns, tnd te
probability that Traphtageit, Itwert,
Graven, Lutz andi Whalen wilt alsit le
barred for scholastic deiciences, Mich-
igan's outlook for this fall is ittt s
rosy as it was ins June, whten ft"e rott-
ers rejoiced, because but tt quintet of
veterans graduated.
Reimuann was cotintetd tit this fall
as the inainstay ttf the ftrwards, sinice
Captain Cochsran is slated to play cen-
ter, aisd wiii bt in the seconidary line
of defense. It was lihe ig wrestler,
who, with his teamminate, left guard
Mci-ale, opeited tip ftse big holes at
Cambridge which were largely re-
sponsible for tse twot famtous one-mian
drives of te redtlitiable Maulbelach
against thse hsosts itt Harvardl.
Mlichigani Mlentor Who Will Save lash
of Bluildiug Up leamn Since
F ailure f Stars
As Me~lale has graduated, aitt Re-
miann is apparenitly ott tf i; Yost
will have to rebuiltd his left wiitg, 'Te
news that Reimnsi tad failedl in three
courses in the law idepartmet was a
distinct surprise tin thei caitputs, bti
is autihenitic gossip. Rteinmann, wits is
the presideiit of thte uniiversity Y. M.
C. A., was proineint it the recent
baseball scaiidal, weorkitng with thne
Webber-Carpeitler purity commttiittee.
He is canmpaigning' for fuinds for le
"V'" buildinig funid with Coacht Yost itt
Detroit this suittier.
With H-ughitt attd Butsisel, the two
Varsity q :arterbaeka. bthi gradutatiitg
Duini, te little star of the All-
Fresh, was tioutetd tot fili lie imtportaint
vacanicy at thte hielm tis fal. M-
- Namara, onte of thie qusarterbiat'ks itn
the Reserves, will lie ieligible itwitg
1o his being iinvotved it tile basebltl
scandal, anid Duiti had almost a clear
field for the big Job.
Zieger, of the Reserves. is nttw the
only available quarterback; anti Yost
will have to dig up soite imore steer-
ing material for his itacinie, ax "Zip"
is a little feliw scarcely atlt' to
staiid the xear andi tear itt at big
game, eveni if lit maktes gooid a. ts
- regular.
'Traphtageti, linemiait twit years,, ago,
entered college last February, situ was
a possibility. i-i weatitheritd all his
work, according o stuident reptirt ott
the canmpus, but lii notl tsttit suffi-
ciently high graides til which ft base
hopes that thes facilty will ri'moivi' hll
front probationt.
Graven, Varsity endi, is attothtir Var-'
sity nian wohaiss beein placid ont the
(Conitinited onl Pagt' 4)

'hlumrlctrso h AnAbrCvii' Associaion and the conmittee in'
charge have plantned to mae it the
best. Memters of the Booker T. Wash-
igtnInis ttitutie will give a special
concert with it, program consitiig of
old-time Soutthertnelodies and dialect
recitations Wednesday ii the High
Schotol Aditioriunt at t:1.t o'clock.
'ihursday iDai Vaugai, of the ued-
cal department, will gle a lecture
si, "'Piberculosis," xhici will be of
special interest because of the fact
lit Friday, the 2th, will ho "Tuber-
ctlosis Day," its which all the pysi-
cans of Ann Arbor will give free med-
ical atteintio to those who believe
they have that dreaded idisease.
Padec('wvski and Others of Wide Rep.
tationi to Appear in C'horal
Union Next Sring
AnnisAi'botr'st'hoiraiStiinanti May
Fesiiva coicers will againinc sslue
sevral woirdi fainsts atists. act
seasoni eleven coterts are givet in
his si es, five uring the winter aid
lie remiainitig six during the middle
it Mty. In aiditioi, leadiignmuical
organiztio~ins of this country aittIEu-
ropt' til be heard in several of the
'Tse atractiois already scheduled
str tse comig seasoit are as follows:
Otctitber t.9-Pasqual Anato, lead-
iitg aritone of the Metropoliani Opera
tomipaity, lt iniongrecital.
Noetmbei'2-Floitaley Quartet, ii
a priogramof Cthantber Music.
December 1.3-Mish'ita inat, in vi-
liii recital.
January 20 - Ignace Padrewski,
celebrated Polish paits, in piano re-
March 17-New York Philarmoiic
Orchestra, xitt its fitll quota of play-
ers, uider Josef Stranshy.
At tie tweity-third ainual. May
Festival, the exac daes of which are
as yet tundetermtinesd, the Chloral tUniin
with a supplementary chorus of sev-
eral hundred school children, will be
act, while the orchestral background
will be furiishted by the Chicago Sym-
pitoity Orchestra. It is inpossible at
this early date to announce teiaes
'it te artists wits are to participate,
but they will e of the saite high
saindardi as those wits have appeared
on former occasions.
Workers for the "Y" cmpaigit are
mcaking rapid strides toward the
amoutnt set, and with $8,000 raised
his week, have lowered the sum nec-
essary to guarantee the success of the
protject to between $2,000 aid $22,-
t000.'Pitsusibsiriptins are not large,
hut represent the interest of may
petipe in seintg this tew building a
reality. 'Tbs largest itdividual coi-
tribiutioni of the week was $2,000, and
tile isoters range betwen this aionuti
.a fi'wdolars.
Mrs. { at Elected Regent of I. A. R.
Mrs. V.'. I. Wait, wife of Professor
Wtait of the modertn Languages de-
paisenit, testsre-lectedi to the oies
itt state regentt o te D. A. R. Ann
Arbor tas 'host's as this llacs for the
state coseriene next year.

Dr. Florence Hu sont Aids Many Werlt-
ilug irls in 11cr Career
in lDetroit
Dr. Floretice H-usons, '851M, tileather
in xvork amonotg wominsaid girls, sitd
one of the forenstphsysicias of thet
slate, tiled Thursday aftenssnsfrom
paralysis with whsich shsli'was st rickest
its May. Dr. tHusots led a very atist
life andh hroke down after persistig
in her work utter hiavitig seesnstivistd
against it.
Shse assisted in the founinitg of th
DetrittAssitciationioftitt ver'sityiof
Michigans Wotisetsauthsered suliprusi.
detit itt thisCollegedishbiduring thie
third terms. Dr. Husont was tismessbher
of this Fits Arts stciety anth thisSit-
ciety itt Arts atidtrufts.
'Pbs orgaizations stflt' D Blckell
sosciety tsr this wotmsensphysiciants. of
Detroit was Idis to Ithisefftsof ir.
Ruost, and shie was atctive in thie 'Wo'-
met's Free hospital atndl disp~enisary it

t'usii thte end (A'lthess-utit's' i ngs
a wteel , t e .lit uutc h st ut sssttort: Ibe
gis t er ithIIi-eis smi i s le artl't 'I
'list' erlisist'tt t'i' r.A.susl
thid of u''sth i sa itry 1ui .'i. ni do-
prnettut's hut in prtinls
ontuskftundaxtin is itu p",teitig e
'hsis jolt is stltn'der - s-the i iti tof rs.
tC. N. 'ards, issttitut,' ii suitveyitie.
Nuts stiul housest'tareu'ills() IuWicgciii-
illy u'r'ti'I, anth it is expec-tedi tha
hiby flt it t5ttheenhoute lamigsetisontti15
'till tius've steen put til.
Amongtiic the'sei-it visit or its it this
'amth stat suito. WiW ot't hls. l otf
thei fotr'ty depattmen ti t 'odaytutis
visito' daItsat thecai.

New ses o PrioI'vide Cstilt tnd l
WIill ae '1 lst ' -llniitr

te titseoilier deaths. IUVII I LI 1U11.1 I ILLr
In addition to a large privati' prati'
lice, Dr. Hituss gate mucti mes t o u
this servic'e of deservisig puits, wioliut mbeilt'oftEnirtitis tash xi it'dwMake
could not afford ho pay for meicalit-i Summiier 'l'unamntl
attesitioss. Site was partic-ulsrly in-'cessfuil
terested in workinig girls asid gave
freely of hier tissie hitthiir c'se. Sli T'h s.- tut teschool acutiit. -
served actively ott this dire'ctorate'sofIttpilts will bei'pickt-I h imoinitgtiwtcwheni'i
msany of this ittiil Iwelfarei' lst i- 11'inC'is, lutul.,of t'e itursil ty m
tutios of thie cihy.still msit-i-I keru, theItuer-iti' . tlt lis
Di'. Hutsoin will hut' huriutd iniAnnsifgttiteisill blit'agi-etditilit0: ti'lt t-tu I
Ashior aftir thhesfunseral, st-ilehiwillion a coutea-t .CerryI 'iel l are
he hteldtinit le's'Detroit residen'iceu. Itrsi-ot iswi'sttt'l.as ittnax t t
hti t o ibe itt-tley, tiati-lu'u.
Y e Staff Tlakes Di: - I-.s eu ~assedto iste-fisal
D ay' s ~.u'ehtx ititunrtitig by ati l-2.-2scre
situ it is ightly ptrobahetiha ot hit'a
(Sliecial In Wolverine) carrysotilthlvinittg cul todtiay.
Whitmore Ltke, Aug'. 14, 11:001 A. -'Ithits stasust'rs'beentasghut-itt
AL:.:la tanger James Burike, f i t ' Sits'hetenn'its et'usitsst s, ilusuit' lt
Lake Vie HItid, ri't'hthat iiiveriy- itotir weattherucon'itttulis, us ilt-l itait
Iting is ini readiness for the i'(lt'brItipr'e'tvail e lst lutist weekot s'i',i.
lionl which T'le Wolverine staff swillhMotre' imen hstite til'nt-ild, smituctwatistes
stag-c here this afternoon. 31i. IBiiike'are offt'et-i, asmitotste'generactl ini t-st
las male arrangements to feed:130, hiss hiei-sowthan Iis n isthu patus.
although only htlf that mnmber are' 'htsublehts, huts-ue-, tir' stillon
expiected. deidued,- 'inti havinsg droppedIthitstii
--- - lst etk'si, at dUt)Imti t t co d
Ye Wiolverinesecrihusshatt'sarneit-l i iuisslsthe uiscom iu'itteas sd's-idedilthat,

I~ I otim-' ltachie es r liyt Ietseitof
-Its Nom-hechiihctalChartcter;
Shoust3M4umit iws
1,111's 6F5(I- SIN, (14) 11PO SI 1ON
lieP. . I'NVIt-citts letti u-'hursay
uaft sriosn, -outut'ltttu'ut hu' 'liTriti pis
ini Astrot ititttt" w tasttnon-tchnuiclinit
c-iirii.t-i ;1111 var inelust tinsgleto the'
la ' mmi. it- 11 i-iill itsinotedtusome
oft lt tu'iiithethis-nitt uenn's in ia s-
trnoyIt-, eshiluiltt-tttheueot'ithit
rlitorii'telesc'e,'ttw'.ichitiis hitefera'tbe
io the refritatc lto'ectse'itsusuet'elin-
ina tituchtolttic hitrrationusatndthother
Ieecs ctausediihb9 liht tpassntg
tli euii-utglits;atdtlluthsuts'thu she-
troscpeia diiuotuuttutliu tuatu' hiss'
enormitosuslystii'rotuthe il-uhof 55-
-tt hukill--ireiseariti-l.
prosenlo, shoingtti the l moonutuas'tiCit
io ei uingtitle tittIh, poitctg~
he Ihest ie fuo-rtiuobservtion.u tut hi
wheni it t is hatififull slutcu-iit'eulaitlis
li to stturfacearc side t'moist humie-
'ii t 'it Ill t timhu ' Iy Ihit-uffeti' t ti
slarits trays f this'su. ituihi mi-
I i-i of it- samtis tlts's shotx''d
iiiintisiutsisss, oitt i ilt-l t-u-cire
-iiiitii i he us moon tantonithits-earth,
and craitelts, whslit-i tt rcmusihlimore
numros ndmu hlgt-s--i theti
Pictsto' theii tlsit' werethit-itshowni,
hoin;tth ii-e ii slittle. Astilt-is of lthe
that iltltish'' tdi lls'erofson hise.ospsots
is seest-iiteus gtut of tis'satth I.
"Tesiu ;s sh.'itit i11%'.Mut' ill,
''ist- itat iellt-ioit shatitis goingsit
ithi su. Th'lsn--i s noti, tue tmtny
pol mgnsolid, ut isggateous.
Ais i his'siu oeisosn-lut s axis, ts
I- EN. IllDR.11'(If SAWYERlhh
Regnt of Ililldale ICollg' l'lteos
it 15a o Fture iiiteea'nt
"lTiei-s an iindiite uil-limi o this
stsit of Ihuits'niilift s his uslways
litn u- t sutthis limuit .sl ltti romostshat
it sihosulibe," staidhD. 'u's'1hiSwyver
inti lsu ig adsr's-se t be civen dusc
Issing t- usmer su'ti t. lhis sub
iot-Is T'he iss'itingifc1sitrs iiht
ha its, ussidthis'possibililties soh elites
inatng its' D. Sawssyeruhusies
beiig aregt'tsif sthillist its cllegeccis
Il ittsclu'ssedshislesubiject maily
li-suithltestulssstnpit o ittsuetassthe
fator ut thu-t m'sstuuc hlnrodscup~si~on
bsuanseiseet'5', tush shutut sufig~urs
ts shows'Ili i Ilutt-tied at -tt ro itu feigrt
thitles oisetstes-sits this-itedf-uSatis.
hi-est of'"limsitingfautrs'' was hy
tittea sit of educattionio helst'ituplei'to
the nesit- ofs stomubaltuing disease, and
-by propesr legislaitioni that should es-
tablishseffiitent- health oficers to lolk
oser ces-caims districts of the stat.
Hi- ssouded the death knell of the
flus doi tour swhens heisaid, "The
faily diocustr's fit-huhis talrasyso en-
its-u' 1stsi iu111n1btugthis'rtpidh advace
ini mltdicsit, thatut se tiresut he is
islegan ilacei'is ts buStken
luy indsividulsheal-tti offiers apphuintf-
Out of15,000 deahsinmuthis' hnied
Sluts'sdluing tthus'asut yearuuri'.Suw-
or susi thu-t suitshaitfitsru- prvenmt-
SetvemrathStiidett tendtiItncampmnet
tsoius Lustsry, '1, W'.. Jhnuusn,-'16i,,
andustI:sut \ttylust, ut sleit-ulutulut sums
atitesndsinugthus' 'uu'uuss ii-t I ofluhe Na-
I tinlsIGuarduct t r 'tyhuu, 1Mih.

And isow they are gotinugt gut it. Til
afterioonsthey journeytyosWihtuore
Luke, whuichs fley' lustspuirchuasuedfor
this day. Frcoin sail boats ho frog hugs,
it is theirs.
It will he a regular party. 'Tt-re
will be a baseball caste, ihutsiichs thus
Wolves, under this leadership pri humus,
of "Pets" Petersons, still oppose thit
Cubs headed by "Rose" Wslumstyer.
'Phece will be swinsmuing for thosecwit-
waist to nmix printfer's ink wills stter
of thse labs. 'T'here will be sailinug smit
sitngitng anth sailinug.
But ftse croiwnitug evetnt will bhueu
bansquet. Frostssoup ft nuts iftstill
be an hottest-to-goodness affair. Titers
will be speeches amid songs at the stud
of it, too. And if there is no Wol-
verine published next week, look for
the scribblers at Whitmor'e; they are
going to have a bard floss gettinug
away from there.
Work ott Nickel's arcade is mussyirut-

if tshe' ui'ls arus'still sulitiis'si sty
Suiturdaytis tutu ,his elimsinsste all suitu
Itt- t y hisait-ceIt ttshe sm-f iss
firsitItoshlays tuf usc'sweekltn'sui oi
select ths- winnuses.
1 A1' N i l It01 III 1'IIl 1.111 ND?
tier stay tutn st'e s-hut-iters'buildli
duinsg ft'sesunist' sussli, uts oto
puracsticatlly comssple'teds.
All i-lass rusussu hasvltis'recesits's 1
fresh uscoau stino v hite-paitsi. St-s'srat
of thus laboratories hissesbeesnremodtuel-
ed its order ft accommnosdasteia greater
isnuber of stuideots.'Phose tattles
wehich fonurmerlyontainedhruelhis-
ens, have hash tii u-trutonissnstalleds,
tundulthous se hihfourmserls' scsuta itsd it
twitnowst'huavi' thre'su'plss'ss. There ;1(1-
dhitioluu fatciliies-wiltenabtle'ths
labora'utorissftotuaccommiodatehsisfromus 20
hto 411mot sit tudet-ss. IC'imneyiu.s tutu tis-
chuemuistry bsihuiighlut erist t -sctsedu
sto prov'iide'btuer vetilaiutin for ths

buildinug immediuhaely nourh of thi'est'w
batik buildinug is hbeing turnsoutstntus tstt Ii' 'Ii'tiltiW1ill b It'el itChiltd
ftse south wail tremsodeledI ttisiset:wills Os-lug t i te ul-litfslugt tiby cturaid
this requiremenits of this proposedi se--huigupountithihitles'six-year-old I hu ugli,-
caude. Thistront of this structure usill ten it Mrs.I'Carti,ositrit, thscildu
also be razetd to make way fun hehit-seins brosughs tsothus'gettn'ratlluss
decorative features of thtsnustybutildl-piftal hui AuuAn arbotrfur thes-basts usr
in5g. tretlmnt.

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