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August 07, 1915 - Image 4

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The Wolverine, 1915-08-07

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- J (Continued fron Page 1)
It is not feasible to teach other
tian tiet nIttliott used in the locality
- is tutuc the school i located. We'
caot fech lomhr aine-oye to
talk ie collee stotdent. The force
cofyattlic opionis greater ttatn that
at the taer. At one gets into high-
MAist anueli ('ochrane4)ofit'eschool et ocieity Ite wilt leantto use better
of nuicl, and a metmber of the Preoby- Figlithi at eaiy atIe dos how to
teriant choir of this city, hitt become dres tand eat properly. Speech is fle
the leader of the Prebyterian choir most denocraic ftiggoni earth.
in Jackoson. "Slanig tmay he deied as aiysew
fDrtaud )rs. C. 1. Darling have left cllotquialis. Its excesi e use is
for a few weeks stay at Salt Ste objetionabte becatioe it preventts it
Marie, Mich, fromitmoilgitylue ditittctint betwent
-Di. aiid Mrs, Wartin will spn tittgshiht seemo alike atd alo pe-
the conth at Crtystal Take.iear eats fle attiiring ci a reit Egliht
Beulah, fillet.ivocalsary. Wh~lat is good Eglih it
MUiss Leoctrt'. iles, slpranuo solis bit a ittestint of stritig an average
of fheluetot May fetival, ard a ppi eteen the actuattand the ict 's.ua
of Mr. Theodor tHarrisoni, head of it i i quesionst of mtaniers atdtir-
the vocal departmetttfc the chool cia1s.
mPsic, is ntlakingoa vacatioti in Po.'l'ahi Tad lks on Gades
the wet. Beginninig next fall the Friday afternoo's lecture was given
sill become an inttuctor i the de- in snTelititereting macner by Prof.
partttett, atid ill alto giveocernoA. te tFthescbject, r"The votA-
siottal cotierts. lio ofteFseGaditrtAn
-Next '1ues. te class ini library ciii Tims to the Present Day."
methods sill visit fle library of the As it was kowt to the ancintst,
Normtat School at Ypilanti. se gardets represented sit enclosure:
-Wrd lint beetn lreiedin An 1oitititg platts pertainitg to mied-
Arbor of this itarriage cof Miss Elsa { icit andifood .Nci unfitltr tas'
Heml, ', to Prof. Frank E. Hill, ;i cotivered to express the ornameita
profsso of Enlis atStafor Un-iatd esteti. y steans itt exception-
perofssoif nlshaytafr.ti ally beuatiful sites, Mr. Teaci totk
-hiss Miariatr luble, whto has beetn Iis attiiences frosthfbi'cottceptioti of
indisposed for a few dlays at the home ts old haninyug gardensof c Babylot,
of her parents in Durand, will resutte 1orfr f1yta adn,
hsr isore= at the Shol of Musictlis tosiati and lech s' y s, thrugh t"
tuatititig. tdatk gso listniMlctksswrs' ftsesnly
-Prof. A. S. Wiiney, of te edita- pesale to prpaate te atiistir side
tiontal tdtpartmtent, has gote to Grnnd f trdeniing, to flti'Reniaisuttie std
P tids for te week-cnd.truasgh lt'e\ictrianu agsswitoits fat-
-Harry Hawley, ~I, while driviug tasti' styles, s'sdigth ils t'Ipreset
through Ypsilanti, was arrested and day.
find $0 ad cst fo spedig. "Practically every gtrdent totay" Its
bnD.$illandJ.costs, fortse Cei, ysaid, "is a omtbitatiotn of the Dutch,
department, left yesterday for Dayton, Ergisht'.FTrecadItianstleaorto-
Ohio, where lie will visit his noterteiic.Tepulasyeofe-
for some time. lung srus ito fattastic figires was
-Ed. E. Lucas, accountuat of the ittrotuted frottiHollatnd."
chemical laboratories, is enjoyitg i li e pleaded for the natral in or
vacation at various Michigan sununu one'asc vry ay attemspt, sayitg
resorts. hslcc"H-ovec'r stretng the leanig tosard
'rWork hsbensarted onithte ceai- iature, peoples should tuot fogt d-
fog up of the property between May- color e cialrlywhihe setof mdithb
card cnd State streets,wheore the iewsooee lwr hih'hudntbb
arcade will be erected The old fronts too garish."
structure next to the -school of nuicleHe pointed ut flat soe god types
is beintg moved away antdfts builditigs of the latter swere to be teestsitoAn
adjacent will soon give place to a arbr, adthfle baks of fle Hurn
modern structure. were more beutiful thon flos at
-Painters are at work othle third Bells hle atd other such places. He
floor of the chemistry building rcoal- especially regretted that thore sas nt
cimining saume of the rooms before the some faint of deoratiotonci the baitks
opening of the regular session. Se- of ftshe-Hurono iifrott of fle Michigans
ral classes have suffered tetporary ttta eit
inconvenience on this account.
-H. lX. Seter, fencer Adria football MusicQ
player, is at the geteral hospital. lHe U niversit1{y School ot ui
was operated cit by Dr. tCanfield for ALBERT A. STANLEY, Dieetor
ass enolargemoett of this tasal septenm. "A Gaherng Place hor Advance Sdes"
-Archibald F. Brown, INE, was mtar-
ried to Euth S. Graves, of Ann Arbor, Annual Summer Sesson
by the Rev. Arthur W. Stalker at fle EIGHT WEEKS-SUNE 28,- AUG. 20
Methodist parsosage last Saturday. Rglar Fall Term begn Mt. Oct. 4, 115
Brown is nanager ofthfle Ann Arbor
~r Catigieaout Ifanitation adies
Parcel Delivery Co. The young co- CALSA IK ertr
pe are planning cia a trip to Boston An Arbor, Mich.
before fall._________________
--Fred 1. Foulk, 113-114L, is tassociate
editor of The American Peace Society,
issued from Washington. N w Q a t r
-1t is cot yet definitely knouwat wei N v UUaror
WW.Bishop will be here to take the
place o Librarian Koch, who has beetsA TH L
granted a year's leave of absence.
-Bcueo h ud odto f C .the road during wet weather, a ma-
cadamized paveenett will be contruct- Law, Medical and

ed runnting ft-at North University Dental Books
avenue to Utiversity halt. The work
will be comspted tnext muonth.
The Farmers & Mechanics Bank RTOM0 V
Caphit1>,000. SsIrtitit$12.000 336 5. State Street
For vactite fueds, our Traveiers,ti'c tif" tigts
Checks can't be beat. Payable (se uhn sIri tr
aeywbere. Asb cc.
The Exquisite Corset ShopI Ena edQ rt s
Neckwear, Hosiety, Underwear, td Waists LARGE1FST STOCK
304 S !!ain Street

t('ontiuoed frsont Page 1
iuotive'ofsis ublecture wssthis arus-
log of intlerestinitttheIsnduiantmunssi
of Michsigan, iou orders'hflositoue acilont
'hulutle fakes for thseir pretl ion.
'Tle imsportasntmnusin hiloiansi
'Wiscotnsin have btet n dsstaste parks,
their preserv'aionu beinog thtus isuiredi.
hIs Mlichitano scsuch aitison hssbesot
halest aninhtcosnsequestre siomse of the
iunds have been ploiwedl up in thu
'oarse of cultivatison of ths landi, ansd
flue rest, with have thus samse fate unsless
some miueans are falsest to protect thins.
Already Mbichigani's tost valuable ass-
cieist relics, floe Inians gardesus, which'
wvere tuique to thisa staie, aisi hays
beets found isowhoere slseits thus world,.
save beemniopletely idestroyed, andi
itily roaugh skets'hes ii thesi exist.
D~eain Hisdale showsed pictures of
several of flue remoaining munuids anil
stateil: "'Thesi'nondis were smade toy
this ancestors of the Rted Indihans which
the white people founid inhlabuitinog Isis
ecuntry. 'Ihtey load a crude culture,
ecuivatedt 'oris, ieans, niet'pottery.
'ashisus'itofacs anti ornsaimuestsstit of
bluepr antd hadilsnort'orIii'scomut
Iususo, i'"t'taiuhy luuig hinssofitraits-
"'Thuesuit lug if suipperswsctpec'sa
fto Michuigani. 'PusheIdians sit Ohio
probabily cam55e utitoiiMichiganotim-
,ltug flu itt55550' tilts iopp r, me.-
'.issiuug its thusflthto escape thuslists,
eliotin', 'hesir ionly moinisng tioissee
use oaxes an tch n5e55sihisvilstei
onmuhsiechuanical dhevices thshe leor ass,
flue inclinedplatte. Witho these sis ugi'%
outasts they load toi pry flu' methal trussi
crevices intshle ratko ansI poundtintlot
tFORl' SAlE l1-iaino, uspright, mahaiy
rase, gooud'condiiownusse'r Isavitus
sity. taill11131. No. Oh1i9PStlsPift's
S Ave. I1l-20
N. F. AlIENS 1E111 N' tCtLOT~HINGh
Nts on--AllClt'h.hing sot gr'eatlhy re-
ditchd rico. N. 1". .AMElN f's. As
! or ,s. w I seatiium, 11 S..Main StIL. tf
Nase sit I-_ll Cuittls iat greathy r0'-
daced ptitss. N. K".ALIEN fitO. At
niur sew locat si, 21ll So. Min mSt..I f

for your profit dric
Eserysparklinggass ofutibirit ii;isr,
enjosym'at and downsighit 'suss -.
Whhnevesr Atlantas, t,
Arrows bihil
Have a real vacatiotn on the Great L--s, sthe most usjoyahic and
econonmical outing in America. The sashlokebereezoes, tke ever-chati. -
tug ocenes along the oshore and uhe luxur,,us stceamers '-pesated by chis
Company are positive guarantees that you will enjoy every minute of
the trip, .and return home refreshed and glad yac went.
Dailyerie behtweenDetroitancd CleedaxdDetroitoanss t,oi.Fromt June 1thil
to SeptetcherI tih SteomersCity of Deceoit IIIhaeshCtyoflClesveland l11,the "TweoGiants"
of the Great Lekes, operate daily serv'ice on. tse Bufalo5Divson; youn o't afford so
mist he rleasure ot a ride on theirflotieg palaces. POUR TRIPS WEEKLY froom
Toledo cod Detrmit to Mackinslanod ond Woe Poris. Mackinac Istood, she Hisoric
Summoer Resort of the Nortb Coonirs, iiseoming more epouareversesonowsthbshe
Touistssekigtqiensmood repose. Exselent oteleaod ardigrosecscom-
moodations at recuonable rates. TWO 'hRlPS WEEKLY BY SPECIAL STEAMER,
ClevelatcoMachincsland odstoseoutie ecspatDeroituand Alena.DELIGHT.
FUL DAY TRIPS betwerecnttnod Cleveland, dsriegJlisaned Aogust foor triso
weekhly. DAILY SERVICE Juno14th soaSeptembherusOhhbeteeenToledsooad Put-in-Bce.
Steamersobetween Detroitnd Buao oretroit a.dleveld,,seither direcion.
Sedlatwo-cetesta for illcstrated pamphlet aed GCeatLaog c SlopAddes S. G, Lecus,
Q. P. ,4_.,Detroit,Micb.Setofpsoter sstmsmsieslefc-riecents.
Philip H. McMillcn, Poem. A. A. ,1st tse s, Vsce Pues. & Gect Mgr.
All ostemers arriveeanddept, Third Avenue Whatf Desai,.

L Kl,~

Ering in those

_ ,
. , :
E_ ,

Before you go.
We do the
Eest Dvi,~
in town
334-33 6 Sa State Street

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