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July 03, 1915 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1915-07-03

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Vol. VI.


No. 51

Summer Baseball Assured as Result of
Thursday's Meeting.
at Unions
Summer baseball, on a more sub-
stantial basis thans ever before, was as-
sured Thorsday evening wben a Va-
cation league was organized at the
Michigan Union. Four teams will be
placed in the race for the campos
championship, and arrangements will
probably be made whereby at least the
Saturday games can be staged on the
Varsity diamond on Ferry field.
A lit, law, engineering and medic
team will take the field, students of the
other professional schools being
grouped with the medics. Each team
will play three games with each of the
other aggregations, making nine con-
tests for each team, and an 18 ganme
schedule for the league,
George Labadie, '16L, Varsity base-
ball captain, will manage the law
team; "Jack" enton, '16E, Varsity
catcher, will pilot the engineers; E.
V. McFarlan, '13, who has played in
the Vacation league for severalI sea-
sons will direct the campaign of the
lits; and a manager of the combined
departments will be chosen before the
meeting Monday evening.
"Map" Church, '14-grad., was elected
president of the league, and "Howdy"
Marsh, '15, secretary; while Intramur-
al Director Floyd A. Rowe was made
an ex-officio member of the board of
directors, which will also include the
four managers.
The' directorate will meet Monday
evening at 7:090 o'clock in The Wolver-
use. offices, when. a schedule will be
r drawn up, and all other matters ar-
ranged. The opening game of the
league has been tentatively scheduled
for Wednesday afternoon, when the
lits and laws will raise the sunmmer
The only difficulty in getting things
started is the problem of reaching the
men interested in playing this sunimer.
All men are requested to get in touch
with the managers of their respective
departments at once, in order that a
schedule which will not conflict with
classes can be drawn up Monday even-
At the conclusion of the regular
schedule an all-star team is contenm-
plated, which will probably play gamn-
es with some of the city league teams,
and the Ypsilanti Normal aggregation.
!Although no formal Fourth of July
exercises have been planned by any
of the schools or colleges of the uni-
versity, Prof. F. L. Paxon, of thse his-
tory' department of the University of
Wisconsin, will deliver a lecture on
"The First Americans" at 5:009 o'clock
Monday afternoon, which will be in
the nature of an Indepensdence Dlay
Professor Paxon, who is giving sev-
eral courses in American History in
the susmmer session, has made a
special study of early American his-
tory, and has worked under the aus-
pices of the Carnegie institute in the
iational archives at Washington.

Ka nsas Dtean fiuest of Dtean Effinger
Dean Olin Templin, of the literary
department of the University of Kan-
sas, is the guest of Dean J. R. Effinger,
of the literary college. Dean Effinger
gave a dinner yesterday to whirls all
Kansas members of the faculty were

1 E
. r

I..J.N*.7..IiI en desiring experience itt
LAB RE S.LA D TAURELS * ~practical journalismutri- utged*
to tryout for 'hue Wolverinte
-o- * staff. Those w11o intcnd to work
More students made an all "A"rcI Judiih (,mnsburg,'1 t; larence Goshorn,*ont the editorial side sihold get-
ord last semester than ever beforeac- '15; Andrew C. Haigh, '18; Edward W.. nfo cwit temnteesedintei
cording to statistics given out, yest:er- Hrwl, '17 Harry M. Hawley, '15;'
- 'rionces Hickok, '15; C'burles F. L~am- buiesndholrprto
day by Registrar I-all. Thse numlber' bert, '58; Alva J. MeAudlan, 'lt;George* the bsusintess mtanager. Tfryouts
receiving nothing but "A's" this se10- W. Myers,.''it; t art Neumann, ,1; will eotiue for it week, tfter
ester is 31. L~ast semester there were Mtacy'T. Perkins, '1; Elder A. Porter, * istafaponens ilb
28 making this record, and the largest '16; Louis S. Ramsdell, '57; Dorothy * ae
number ini any previous semester is lB. Roohni, '15; Howard W. Roelofs,
58. Of those making this record, 12 't5; Harold W. itosenheinm, '18; Eadoes
were seniors, three were juotors, six S. Rothschild, '16; Lena Sackett, '58; D~r. D'Ooge to Preachit it31. E. Churtcht
were soptiomores, and t0 were' fresh- Hlnen King Sehoeffel, '15; Josephine DrM.LDogpoeormriu
men.Dr Mh.rL.rD'15;HaroldoBesTegardeni'57
'e.SezrI'5 aodB egadn 1;o he list of students receiving the Muriel Tlysons, '16; EosU. Walker, o Greek, will preach on "Our tObtiga-
highest marks obtainable to alt suit- '18; and ('harlotte E, Weller, '15. tions to the Fathers" at the first M. E.
jcts followss: 'T'he Ann Arbor high school furnishes church at .10:30 o'clock tomorrow' to
Etsie L. Backus, '17; Ruth L. Blailey,; six (If this list, Detroit C'entral seven, place of the regular pastor, tDe. Statlk-
'tt; Albert A. Bennett, '1t; Ralph tar- I Detroit University School two. The cc, who has been calledl to Califoriiia
son, '17; ('hester W. Clark, '18; Glenis rest are furnished by schools scattered on accotint of the serious illness of his
Mt. Coulter, '15; Harry C. Fortiner, '17;j throughout the country, sister.

'(wakes, Sas iPi'ifiessiir
W., 11. Ilohits
That Mithtiisins I curse o oi Ilni,
lectures are find'ngtavor withlist-
xeattsei entils is eo idencod by the
largi' and apprec)' iii aidencIes that
have fild tile'letuire 'Oillplil eat('i
for the nuboils thits weelt,. While
a fewc of th'eleetures las1y ill's5010-
what technicland011dets'igned'(lfora
splecial class iol studentiis, tile COal-

Dre. U. A.,Stay, idirector of Waterman
gymnailsium~, aiiiouniieid yesterday that
miore thaunt1ll men have already ems-
rolled'Iini she course anid have receiv-
I'l physical exaiilmiations. Tihe princi-
pal iotject (If the exercise will be, ac-
'ordinig to the idirector, to discover pre-
vailing veakiiesses aiid defects, chief
of whichi are incipient appeiidicitis,
he~rnia an111flat-footedmiess.
L~ec'tures in anthiropometry, hygiene,
physical mieasuiremencits and general
tirst-aidl, ti) te given at 4:00 o'clock
oni Tuesdays anid Thursidays will fea-
tire Itle gymnasium wvork this sum-
mier. Apparatus work,. imarchimig tac-
tics alodinollr athletics such as high-
Juing, pole-vauiltinigunit out-door
.sho-puttinig will hi' given in the Mon-

Fasrrell's Proteges Will Rttutng'ainst
Former M~ictigant Men
By Mali)tCturcht
Michigan's track athletes whlo will
run in the C'entral A. A. IT. ganies at
C'hilcago Momiday are alreaidy at thi-
Windy City, workimig out oii Marshall
field. Most of the iiieiili-ft Thlursdaiy.
noon; Traimier Farrell aiid Carroll,
however, did not git away unitil F~ri-

sinsusof0 opinion seeiis to indlicate (lay, Widiteoday ,amid Friday classes day,
that ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~whc ansgtvnt sll ccl11p1al o lso511mieet at 4:00 o'clock. t''enotthr ifteSltlgi
all tastes.Prsn mebrofteMcia
P'rof. W. IH. IHobbsl, ini his letrlle' track teami will compe-tie agaimistfitr-
omi the' earthqu~lakes of Itly yestierda[y lh K~l AC ner Wolverine atleels in till-openi
aftermnoi, shioswed thll'causes andii I II IIIIULL IILII IIS meet, as Kohler, turmer captain, will
null ofthe aillili ('rti 11 ll 5IIIheave this weights fur thte t. A, I'.,
history, illustrating hits pioints by pic
ture oftheSl ssiaaAzznoandSaywhile ('runs, present Wolveinie strung
l I 1 1 N H 9EFramicisco earthquailkl's. He t10111litp iLiiV.0mNaEA nL5111, oill carry thte ciolors iot the I'. A.
tmst the resuilts of cartlllllak' 5. 111ol A.
1i10 that 1h11ertiim151055 iteilt a 1,60ithl'1i ,lt-r So Firt''rils Week As Ilainthaugli, premier idisiamice star
vertiaul oreorlintoll'd icido'-talies l:;,a st 14Sar umithe Michigan teami a few seasonis
examlesof ombtons ad satus Lst earago, is also expected tu comipete, btut
that wvere buiriedIIini Ite earth 1(o Iris' whether he will meet C'arroll ini the
the first, and lie eigeav ploitioins lof thill It1Y'OLI EGI; IN LEAD mile, or rumi the two miile, his coIllege
houses to prodve1th' taller. I event, is not knowmi.
"No oii ed151fler 'earthiquakes (IOfficil figuires given out last inight 'l'There is niore or less bait btliod bc-
wshens the proper builinmg prcauaitiions 1by- lrllf. H. Kraiis, ideami of the susi- tween the Michsigan msen uand Trainier
aretakn. einored onceteishemi-c session, show that a tittal of 1,004 Mahion, of the I. A. C. The ('hicago
best materiul for aitlustamndiig 1111' mentor sent Kohler Is Anni Arbor sev-
shock of the earthituaikes, and aith its Istiideints have emirolled thus far ini theerlw ksaotsinuth Mci-
univrsal use the dansger is heilg re- variouis schoot~ls anid colleges. Thins is gan mcen for his aggregatiiin, lint Far-
duced 10 a miimumliii," said 'rofessor aninlcreasse of 5t fitr the corresponding rell advised his men that he would
Hobbs in' concluisioni. hatini 1914, only 1,54t havimig emrolled rather they would not compete this
"'lTie teaciniig of tih-ereadinig habsit
is hi Ohlti~ihlrthil imsamsemtltat the 'mid of the tirot week of the ses- summser than to run for Mahsan, ims-
is te mst iporant undmentl,"tinsating that lie disapproved quite
said Mr. hF. L. Rester, state slpit))- lin lust ssiimer. stroogly of the training niethiods of this
temide_.t in his 1,etitrl oni"Somuniid- All schools amid colleges, except law latter.
amen1 10ill U 7ducahiti, - last night. andl enginieering have a larger enroll- Kohler carried the message baek to
-'Less thsams60 per cenit of this boys nieit, tse decrease ini the Law School C'hicago, and Mahan has waxed elo-
alnl girls ini this Unitedt States tiiiishs beimig 211sld in the emgimnering col- quent in- the burning epistles he has
this sixths grads, thieefore we' shiold loesahoiit it. The literary college, sent this local athletic authiorities. This
devote much attemition to teachinmgi with itt studemits, heads all the others. Michigan men all accepted the advice
these grades. After this rcadimig hahit 'Phle comle~~te figures arc as follows: of Farrell, however, and will run for
this subjects of impllortance are':Iprat- Literury college, 080; college of en- Trainer Delaney, of the C. A. A., whose
tical arithimitic, penmailnshipt, spllig, gineerimig, 31;thc niedical school, 144; methods arc approved by Farrell.
amnd eral lamugage." tilt She. Rester the hale sehool, 17t;the school of phar- Captain Smsith, sprimter; Carroll,
brought out the falct that unidernieathi lihicy, 19; this graduate school, 229. Ins miler; Max Robinson, quarter-miter;
and runmnming thiroughs all this should additlion to these there arc 35 students Fox, distance msan; Corhin, hurdler;
be "thse teachinge lft 1u1r boys andI girls at the islogical statiomi in northern and Cross, weight man, compose this
to thimik."Mihigan. Michigan squad which will compete.
LEONARD A. BARRETT will speak Sunday at 10:39 A. M.
Bible Class for Summer Students 12 Noon
Prof. George W. Dowrie will speak

s Onei of Most tPopular Seakers of
lewshl ht'uqasqssSel'iit3
'his Yeari
tDe, AbrmilSiiion,mutdItJiishi Rab-
biI, of Washington,ID. I., amidlautshor iof
several oorks 1on1 Hebrew cutre, who
aill delivr a series of letures 0o1
Jewishlidci)atiio, withltethis principal
speakier oil1thessprograimiof special 1c-
tures next a-1k.'T'he first lecture will
the at :00 oclck Tuesdasy aftermionm,
11111wilt he cmii"llh- Biblicalf Era imi
Je-wissh Educ-ation."
tDe, Simnm is known as one of the
mohst efective speakers of the Jewish
('IuitauliaulSociety, a1nd11hils appeared'51
at. mely all of thes larger umiversitis
ill Amserical. H-I will arrive im Ann Ar-
sieor on Monday, umnl lcomes dirctly
from C harlivoix when' he has biemi
atteninlg lthe-nathional c~moventioni of
'Phil'otlher let-ursiltte gives. at
5:1111 o''lckh1onWe'dnesday andllThurs-
lay respeivlyt, 111)1with taki-tp lt-
e eras imn Jewish iducatiom.
At 4:115olck oin'Tuesday aftermioon
A. A. Stanlecy, profissor of music, will
lelture at thisumiversity scool of mu-
sic 011 Maynardt Streel-Iomi "Folk Sonmgs."
The leture withlte ilustrateld.
P'rof. A. S. Barrett, olithtel Medical
Schtohol, will speac.011 "'T'he Extemt ani
Cauuses of Fl"e1-Mindedness-5 in Mich-
igan" at 8:110 ocloik 111 thi saOme evi-
img, ''hisleti--trI, as well as thiise by
hD. Simuon,iilt lbel- 'iveed'in ithii
I-ORIN E ELDhllll)1N h''h"ISRhttht
Unles's $25,000ttBil Is Obtaied e
Will Not lie Relemsed
'Phomas .F'rneuy, this formier Mic-
igani student who was arristed in
Washinigton for attempted murnder, is
beimugfIe-Id imn Pittsburg umder the
-carges f l'copiracy, -feloniouus as-
saullt 11111battiery andl atempt to kill.
Georege Mc'fenry, thisaccromipiei in this
assault, is 11011o 11heldudr thissane
'The principa witmess, F. T. Schni-
le, slates that as hu ensmtredhhis
room. at thits olte Andherson last
Thulrsday, heswas attal-cedt by two mienm
whollstuclk him over thus 110a11andl
then muad the esrape. It was also-
testified that McIHenury sas a giest at
flue litel on this ay of this assaul, amd
thaItlhe'hall 1een see1111talmperig with
thus lou-k 1111thusdoor hot Schneider's
Wsarrants charging both men with
enterinug this hotel with imtnt to kill,
andt jaihl olsunitnento ill default of
$25,U00 1h,,il werue seredlagainst the
mnen, and so even if their attorney's
appeal for 01511 in the case of the first
swarrant is granted they wilthe c-
aloed onu the secomd charge.
t'Ucder thus uirectionl hutMr. Kenmuethi
'Westermaun, a regular sumnmue Choral
U'nioIn will he arrangeud this sununue,

sot fluhsobjet toutpr-senuting Gound's
'"Gallia" fo~r presentationl at outs of ths
fauuty 1-oncerts isnttillauditorium.
Au-cording to Ste. Westermuan, who is
amn instructour 11nthis university school
of music, 110 exainmation for entering
ths chous wl Iithltsbecondtuctedt. Any who-
delsire-ho fluter the Ichorus nmay 110 01
)y oil-ruItappearing lat the ist rc-
il'air'ah tol1be11111li tt hue ulusil' scools
ilt- 'luesdlay at 7:00 o'loclik.

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