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August 02, 1913 - Image 3

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The Wolverine, 1913-08-02

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le and feel Liesmeiewill be you
verilat when yo try on a pair of
one nwn'mo0del shos. The hve
aJ ~ ll Ihe s vle, all t1heni disness
thfeshioneets nus analthe
sieooh too, andt rtain their
shapeliness to the last Take a
look at them.
Heradquartes for
119 South Main Street
-~For a Delightul All Day Outigonaithel cttot t UCar ie
restnarr t eaiy:tor ten$r5 los teto asetese kiiaii
"i" "ei~"e i'~ . t te~eDetoit dtilts8:in a. di. ee ore', to tetri 7:15. m ; a
For an ftroo ieit t l a.,, a ,Tsni ak rP
ttiieuon a 'y porttakt ii "Cityao't'oeo"i'at _:3o tie.,
,. aVl ll
its the class-oonm as wvell a on the campus ae otly ss n
bytratning. Fit yourself-get the last ounce th at's it yo..
ani l iet ble tt o di otte otk. It is futii Id oi
rifuit -dligthtly wosnea.1
IDelicius -- Refreshing - Tirt-Ctethig
ii is l THECOCACLA CO.,Atla~taC1'
Eye- Glasses and Jewelry Repaired
Alarm Clocks Conklin Fountain Pens
Hailer Jewelry Co.
Telephone 534 308 South State Street
Uliversity i
Complete Information concerning seven departmentsa
Collegiate, Engineering, Medicine,
Law, Pharmacy, Homeopathy,
Dentistry and the raduate Depart-
ment and the Summer Session
Special Courses in Forestry, Newspaper
Work, Landscape Design, Higher Commercial

Education, including Railway Administration
and Insurance, Architecture, Conservation
Engineering, Pedagogy (affiliated with Ann
Arbor Schools for Observation Study), and a
course for those preparing for the scientific
administration of deapartments of sanitation
and public health.
For C-py of Catalogue, Special Announcement, or
Individual Information, address
Secretary University A NN AR BO R

aoil in thse resnainittg ininsg andi a lealt lorrison, .IneItW, lit. 121t2 S. 'lniver-

S(tIltE SCTfCESS, thte esngineers ocored anthier etit
- selshile three snore of the laws couttsed.
S(Cosntinisedi frotttpaget1) Hlilsier, a former Olivet star, play'-
"Love's Labmimut's Liesl" wstptrcesnt- eel short toe the las, later exchiattgintg
ci t espt il yfcstecr-places withi Pontis.,f-fe performeeito
aiiptnt'ftinte afteestoons InttieBets the cotmpletei stsfaetiont otfteteased,
cccef: tuok lthe liart cml Costarm1, and wihlainlutded al least t7 stabstittttes
hit grat ~iistieton o bm'aisf-of telass ball fesams tndlRoscetftal's
ien ci. ists lttt \iviattatifle pels- lirid btall ehaser.
es of Fretii watls fascinating, swhilec Atianoensisting of the bent play'
fittl tic Eleat ior Ryatt, 111ayed the role esfromath le differesnt depiartmtett
of lie imit'e to Aeitmldo to perfectiotn. sul to Tpoilattti thtis afterntioon to
Noc Lisheislii iii~etotak ti tlay teNorttal team.sThe hnt tie-
flirt of Bosyet iiaslOsuidlyait' akia sice;tiartasseatleagute gautewiill bi' pihayid
tid lastttismi i eorgi' Viviansadtdoi Montdtay attertnots betiweentshle las
rea ithelpt ittis Iis place. It was Mr. andmliedies.
Gree'es desiri to extilinasto the and- jI (COMIC JOY liittgS.
iene Ithecaitseof this necessary tub- 12 It 4
tiutioss bcere teperforsmtnte butt Ungiie era ......... . 2 0 0i15 2
if'hemmer's of thie Englishlacltily saiws .......,,......4 12 2 1-19
aneltwbotutld ttgiver ufcen~tt'O tI _ Three base hits-Labadie, Leggett;
stLileion. ie tlfii epat-tiso base bite-Leggett, Barrissufer;
,c r'heWoolan plyer arive athomie ritn-Labadie' struck nut by
eAtii Arbor at 11_:42 o'clocklThulersday. Barritnger 10t, by Niceholl 2; btseon t
'l'h pt~ycdii asti ofcriketnihbale-off Barrisnger 2, off Nisholl 6;
anoitthierotie of tlii three B~en Greet 'hat by pitcher -Kervin. ,Utmpire-
comipanties, i lwh i"' avea perform- Davis.
ane it s cilantti. Tihenth ley hail din- _
uer eatittli ecoiuttreyclub.
Th eitomiiiny lift: for Indantaapoliso,OFSM
le,., fiin tecvi aittitat 11:t0 o'clock, DIETR OFSM E
stn it has beeitinctg Shtakeetpear - SCHOOL STUDENTS
''iiin ilays. 'They will leaise' tat city
thits emveningtio ifiulill a 5two sick ets- Names its this directory are taketn
ra innt in iin'ctinntati, front the records its the offices of the
- saeetaries of the variao departmnts,
1,k'IVI I it: llIAI9 and contain the tame errors. If no
I X GI'ELt E AI)ItiM phone -number baa benn placed on the
Sestrolsucnt card, non is showvn here,
(t'iontini'd fromti pane 1t bit that does not preclusde thare being
of liifrcegsitr acheot, fosl ipa phsone in floe bouse;t call the cltief
iii thi' tbidiiteni ni'trlytillthins ot of operator and tetl her what housa you
lii ti'eii thse tsirdininsg aitd thse want.
courtt gr'antedl ai short eecestitter
whic h ilii'little Irishmtonirittlrneidto SU'l'l'ENE114 l'0 N)SUMM~tER
hlp it eenginrs idefendiltbirs'rathse SC'OL t)lttlt&"')l'O
hotpimlessmiae. The 'luratwiyerasawere not- -
owithtlfantlttis their side of the pro- Lubentgay'er, W~alter C., lit. 212 f-t
ce iimges, rutitribstisig 2 siarks to the roti. Ann~ Arbor, 141,
ireoe columnt, semi Kereint of lie laws Lawreste, Franik A.,, med. I123i Wash-
aitlutwet hifsilf to b'etaghtstirhet, testaic,2141-J.
biy the i seneible htidenetbill trick,LiigtnSaleD.eg.15Hl.
iihich thti Greeks isorkted ontthe leo- Lcnoos ttlyBes.11 il
jails, a, seasmut orso ag. Enoglewvood, N. 2. 146ii.
Loeckard, Thomas. 429 S. Divisioss.
(Itinse Strs i thlhiinh, lt 1813-J.
Statuing itithi a cult the eninseers Iletreery, Verssa f., lit. 1316 Geddes.
seoreid tiio rsts iti the opessing httlf Ann Arbor. 1879-L.
ot thei first.isiiss. Unduismuay ed by
tieditpllay if pciwsise the legali lusts-lMtc tlloughi, Charles L., lit. Thre'
tuttles icitie sbackitt their bhalf asid DOais,:Much.
ltinagt'd tiolpushi int 4 scores. Bar- M1,te'aggeet, David L. lair, 227 Thontp-
etig rthiii'initlaedithIfti'riveteien isthse sons. Ann oArbor. t147-L.
mixt mrouettitaistiwitfelttt'llies swieldintg iMarble, Frederick _W'.,,lit. ti07 Gxfordl
timi s iltew ndai the engineers playing Rd. Cheyensne, Wyo. 317.
hart i f insiocetot byestdi'rs, the Mattrckwatrdt, Past F., esig. 1327 8 S.tlli-
relp i-fomatitie sttrted. versity. (Grasd Rapids. 1657-J.
ifum-ites o1 barieest'e ritruhed across llarestetler, Fries G., eng. 422 Kingsley.
ie h pm like else Allies pisueiog te ShakleGray 2
'furhs Tilt thin'only- ioldiferintg its el- SlmtateGrat.222
l eliewis that of the wobubly etigineer- Aatns aerio 1,es,67Fe
,,P,,,, r11,,,,, ,- ,-_,,. , ect. Tl eeeauiles-Guerero, Hex.

cft iy. iAnn rbo. 72--3.
lMsieri, ttDumn' IHlass 115 Mossroe.
iaw I list, Mich. 168tb1-.
Neisamet, IWallace''ft., tmd. 26 N. Stae.
Nieiiimult, JfiihtsP., tut. 12Wats-
te'tmwwi, Gibseut City- f11. 6t09.
Nfilemt, Netst.,,lii t.t2 R.IMaidsont.
tChiase, ili. ,195-L.
'ttmi'Cno, WilltiattiJI., lie,.ibtiutot,
Padienl hitsell i., time. 51 . Diis-
it,.iPariiersburgt,, W.',Vl. 15-L.
Pame, oras D., lit. 145 Gddies. An
Arbor 1637-J.
Parsonse, lohts P., lit tti2 N. 5lls, Ioise,
Perr'y , hhtg stit, it. 7ii9 fChurtch.Mio,
Aih. 122t-L.
lessoti, Heetor I., tau., 212 S. State.
S. Psilo, rashl. 2.
PitfAikin esmwllI IP., lit. I1ti0tiColuge.
liedmondiui, Siltiy 1D., tloss 22 lculle.
tomsvi, , Kyiri 3 tt.1,1.til
Rime-e t Ea ' si ed. 131hiIasftesa,
fObelis, 0 36
itt itit, tClarc'e FI, eigiRomeio, Mi.
Rohle' hF, ei i It 601E. Huttron.,lBuy
Cty, Mich. 145-I
Room, lie 13,ltiitt t'E.effron.
IoweligIiateni O. 1693.
Koihntit, Arthur 6',i'tm VYpslantti ic.
Rlmls, Nnts0hi lit14 NInallsteCtr-
(bomidaue, Pai. 166-.
(Lopet, ,famesmu x., eig.tCastpi Bogaruds.
W'sshisgtos, 1). C.
Itotti, Abrt, eng. 54 I. Jeffesot.
howet, 'Iih. 156-J.
howsltut, II timeek, tilt Oxfor'd.,C-
iuimibuts, O.357
Suanduers, Carinse i., litNsville,
ShawuMi ltonu, mid. 66iR ftHultsot. So-
ric, Sich.721,-.,
Shmirick, Johlt t., ie. 219 . Thatyi.
Btowena, 1l. 1816-,.
Shies, Tsut Watyeng. 122 II'tsltesasv
Shanguti, Chitnua 1074-,
Sloas, John.t P., it. 199EI. Caherite
Smith, Leilat P., li. 42 Thompssot.
Sihooheruifi, Mich 879-,.
Sotlie,Jtlat A. lit. 422. Division.
G ruantd Iiumiei, SMichs,1741-.
Steuibere, bF .,hI medsc. lWhitmoire Lake.
Lhots, t.
Tlefichner, SMiriamus, li. 724 .tIngalls.
Dectroit. 120-.
Teemple, fGracec ., li. 19 5. Jeffersos.
Phsiladelpihiula. 1316-Lu.
ha akef..h Y elows Spings, .
It ii, Clarenc et'N.,ted 112alasd
GrandeltHaiens Stu. 1269,
Wardem, Clavtont 21, eng. 619 i. Ustiver-
sity. Olttiwa Lute, Iiclt
Wtt, itibertcP., etg-43tIHassiflotsP.
Baurre, Vt. 8911J.
W~etbb, Williamxh.,isig. TYpsilantui. 94-3
Vieirbtiehi '5., MIltttstb, grail, 27
Thiomson. Copersburg, Pa. 1147-.
W~iliamts, Alfred f., eng. 148 Was-
, ecstas. Ants Arbor. 42,
Wlilson, Jautmes h., licw.fDicksoss City'
\I'itzm', ibit I, ti. 6:115S. Ingalls.
osniaMihn. 127-b,
IWoacet, tart S., hus. 73 . State,
BO-osso, Iich. 387.
IWood, tBartn 1R, esg. 919 Conwell.
aMercei.l. uh.(1
Ilorudseli, Albrt 11, 6923SMadisos. Ann
Arbos'. 81-I..
iegler, Chhuiles M., Brg Casnp o-
guardust. Suginaw.s

Ittu of remioumd'maiiilofty tsublinig aind
ballt dutg ling, but Odii am Chatdwick,
the "Fte ''~mficofgBaue'ba,"''wiotuulhavef
bee an .m excep'ieosnlty wise parent if
lii' humd t'ociufacut ishis owen child any-
tilt c'absout thu 1st.IWiundedi by their
1lMuariationssacosumu time sackte l ws
finalty stoppted to give the scorer a

Merceer, f-lther, it. 1122 Waobleiiueai
Saranac, Sih. 1947-b.
Mtitehell, Franris R., lit. 724 S. hIngulls.
Mhount Carmel, 111i. 1299-i'.
Mitcellh, Wiliamn C., clog. 103 Liberhy.
Mhoele, Eric IV., lit. 1216 Geddes. Wok-

chuanuce tcath up, asud it was55dis- i nue, aaany. - ren1
coveredi that ini the confsontwtelve Aloficynhl, Leosared, dug. 624 Iaugahis.
birietfemuakers had bosunced across the Rhisbarank, Russia. 2924-2.
cubbler.'Ilnelter, f-outer L.., eng. Catsp Bogar-
diss. Cleveland, B.
I'lay O(nly Four tItnings. Moresto, IMariana, eng. 297 5. Ingalls.
Thur gamei did not gut the toll byve (Curruzzi-Cuatia, Corrientes, Aegen-
ituiisgs, enct sile having luau enogh emsa. 775-J.

Ann Arbores Headquarters for Kodaks, Cameras and Photo Supplies
I sna~ke a specially oh Developing. Printing and E~nlargintg for Antateur-by Mroe..et
mssthods. This hiss been my business for nine years astd it has isceasesd every day-only results
u-ill do this and so whenever you want ansything photographic lock for the sign of thie kcdk-
thsat's wchece thinogs move.

719 North University

Kodaks for ]Rent, lOc per day

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