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August 02, 1910 - Image 2

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The Wolverine, 1910-08-02

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1,1 HE 'WVO LI. RI is


Kodaks and Supplies
D~eveloping and Printing for
E. E. CALKINS, Druggist
324 S. State St.
Pins, Fobs and Spoons

Tri-weekly publication of the students
of the University of Miehigatt Summster
Mansaging Elditor-LEE A WHTE.
Editor-in-Chief-DANA E. JONES.
News Editor....Dion S. Birtsey
E. R. Burton Edward H. Robie
H. G. McGee Burleigh Jacotts
Erwin F. Koch H4. Mb. Calkirs
Advertising Manager. .Richard Sitmmots
0. 0. Carpenter Johtn Bonitta

large,' r his s ll ii t '«Is~c
is a place' 5to i spi's()I- ' 1 I1 s'
Hall t s' 5'i 'ls ts5 Is ifs hi srt
Th r srcsn e t 1it' s t t he 5. i m
itt chatrge f' h < X1 cl ins l 1 st
crf li t te lssslss 5 "t l uit' sill
dent ori st ioot'ssissit, it it still
gist Ith tl t its o te~k rgiz st
ltios s IntheIs elks ofl tse p1 li. 151
Itan tis, 1stilts constiti is will h 1 on
aay Nvsith a ras arn issg fore
patriculalr om fo a lref tiset'ot
tra att .t l illsle "ilt ss itstoicetilt .
Butts'i s tt s s ist s t1n ist silts] tt list
iu it'rsity, bsst in s tsis 1 .11os i h c
'it fasvoreds.

1111s11 s'rom ine ty 5itothe pubsilic' t, sis
finaully, fosrsed Ihists iltsoputlice life. Il .
sl-is sleetedl Its I.' stgrusi.stind st sst ttt
litingtoIhis lectutres sty tthey are
powerul i dsi e tsss trisssss ,is .t
givensbyiatist'nifithtstg tnitliosts S U M M~jiV ER
adwtakensilsesof ighst tll its-
'"Itevtelst lie sales its' esisves Iolit
true. Nots mass 'itsillsitwiths itesounds i
sit Isisvice's, sir lot:t k iltsoIhis clear, tult
stvisng ste . d s ubstls it'e htsstyl osi
hisi purposet i. P Tetti eloquencesof tisim
pa sits's I rto-tlh irills atds swys'l s u
audtiencet' ndstiss elii pieopli' e sreaize ltat
liit it ~it it'e ae ddr the s'elliofa mtasts'r
m inid I tce's thessfotitsunta ttinha of
gvrmnadit yieelds tipi the'gratndt
est andimst stirritig tttougthts. Wh iat-
Ivrsis ltheets, htistsr.dspia istti'gtvi's We are showing an exten-
its brilliaincyti ithll ithmst iiditprs sive line of Summner Fabrics.
itsifn stheatist'slbrttush, aitdthis sa1igdmncatcaofhe ros The assortment comprises
tha aeeists tsited tpontheop's~le' trought everything that is new and
slihgedis tilts a stre'amt of tltvt, nobby in design, color and
Hosnis 'Ianeit resisblsitets fre."r- quaolity. We can say with-


w . seasiely Congressman Murdock is Fighting
Uncle JoeC (annon
Addreas:TnE WOLVERINE, Press Bld~g., Amonthotslss s litsakest liisstihe Sts-
Mayntard Street, Annt Arbor, Mbichigant. tests'Letreisu .A'ssoit io h s tsecue
Office Ho'urs: 1:30 to 2:30 P. us. daily. fis thecligs ea t sss111:111Vi 111(111 lis
Both phones, 960.arsteiell ein te if ) snaitsn.at
preset. Suh 11(11;as is' n ssmtttit
Sttbscription Rates: Local, fifty cents Viectir Mittdolts iromtist ssisa're its
for the summer; mailed to atny ad- thit ndissi's eeo te isloga
dress for twenty-five cents additiontal. thsey «isgi' stiltswiths sits lia eakiittee
Advertising rates: Furnished upotn ap- Cannont. Nir. -Murdock tis is .s sits
plication to the Managitng Editor. fros thie 'West. lie it s ting ifno
fearish s andits 1 titlesisis e. Fl() So sltim ite
hst' has bitn i'll iii5 war sis' t lts itle
sass eeJoe its the stite if as.s, an togthe
TUESDAY, AUGUST a, 191o. spelter sall liiecart's handuslit. 'Alir
dockissssatmanttwhoith'ssts~ssisssood it
thte iilusteltby h 55is ' 5tit Ii '55 stitdIhis
Editor Today-Eewtts F. Koco. ,sttsasip. cis a1 ittitlistino
ony slits's iis ilt. tsays s ins ithl
DIRECTORY COMPLEtTED. a forethat sets Ihis litrerit's r~i"
'IWith the issue of the Wolaverinte for steeiitthoghsitsntiewisqiests sits.
Monday of this week list telephsonte _______
directtiry of sumimer studentis is comt-
plete. Mistakes there msay tie. Thte
msanagemuent has takens especial eare to
vtrify all street numubers antd phonets
nusmbers as they were registered.
For thte reumander of list sumtmera
special price will be set for tht paper.
this price to itnclude Ite numtsbers if
the paper containting the directory.
All subscribers tot has'intg a compliiete
tile otf thte directory 'say obstain thec
samie by callinsg at the office ansd statintg
thte copies of the paper which Itey tdc-
sire. A call for the nsumbter of ltepaiper
wilt facilitate fintdinsg the otte desiredi. i't.
At this time we wishs ts thantk lte :'
muemtbers of the telephotte exchtatige
whto tate kinsdly assisted us itt our sturk
of preptarationt which the directory hs

Fine Walch and Jewelery Rlepairing
216 Soath Main St.
Peitesrso 1it st sds tt
Prnstertsf:s-'hetWolv'erine'. Thte
i4tis'l-anttDasilyT'.h'I'Atlumnttus. Thte
LttisIt'viwThe t'Giar'goyle. The Meltt-
i-n TechnicItig1 chooltsit Omtsea,
A tsss's'teTtt yle'r- tKeystotne',Yost's
Ge tisoostsonits tbtalt.ticit'al Stu-
dentts' DtirsetorsyNewst-LtterS, S. 5C. A.
Handbook til. SosrosisiBoaok Unive'rsity
Press Building, Maynard SI.
Ann Arbor, Michigan
All Lovers
oitftfloodSodta Woters fstin
sisaltIthe Past Untivrsity FPhar-
macit' s its ideal placeefIsle
stsliis cos'sltt'icie or ist
ssssit"r tttslt 'tssseslato." sot ors'tl
Fdast University Pharmacy
'115 s oiltl niversity
University School of Music
Allierts A.Stsanley. A. M5., Direor
Summer Session, July 5-Aug. 26
Relrs choolt itye'ar beginstl Octobe3.
Cus s ilt:111 ranhotes if Slusi'.
30 Artist T-stes. tall, or setS for
Ma,'ynard'tlSt Ann Arbor. Miect.

0oSt exaggeration our stock
tltis year is the liot t hanod-
some we have ever shown,
a- d wilt readily appeal to the
most particular patron.

\Rtil? 'OU 'tIiili? III bPS
YOUtHi'IAVE l'ft II i t'sK'\ fRM.
ifEtyon wiai1i t tsnow'wtltstisthesCause
if that tiredi feelinig that mes'wiiith all
Oiter-' itsdulgenct'o' sit mmertttts' isorls,' gio
ls t ' i th uwst .'ssnisitsestret' of lit'e sits
medicatlti buildingisg' iss u's'i'sttt at tight
'sitclockIt'andltsee o atelt'e
hotskit'rmiorsnst stsPierhsas 'oitthavs, ittd
perhap''stsysoushavisnt Itdsn'tsl ma ttr
gilyt'abouslt tseisirmtit thltlitlired'
feel'insg, situdssobodyit sill 1kno(5whelite'
sus l'sst l t m silit iont.,IProft'ssort
Warstthins thought thsitsatines of tlis n
siersisudelln utinstshiowiwht"asit iii i
ma 's',r, a soss hsus deit esito s give tlis
sako ittsonsits l i ist u suis tDise'as'"'
1 ini s :iys one1s is liketi ts bit
aflfecstd, 'ands nosskbnos5it, steletar'e
is opts')sll
Professsotr'WONt.tis aoung- manp sit,
bu s'i~s u''suthe ha ssbe ttmtan tut'sit s n i-
sei~s. iiIn Psi8( its'lieuwasi'radualtedt't fromsu
thesmdicaldtpatuetu 1isflthissiunit's'-
sits. iSoonste ts'hsss iss.beae autsis-
to'.ss'tus's'tats'icts' iu' si l i ltwasmadhienu-
Itrutotinpat uhologts' bky tutth' su-
Thenex ea hCw~i ris'e] Iss thss'fsll
pfue sssip15insuatholgy, and]gists
t Is dircosip usf Ithiesthotttlogic'l
ttlisluth r tst'racic llsP st tlis'
1 its ssia Is 5]litrof /iegle'r'i (=tsutrst
Ptho slogy,'tandthis tdistediliteitdepar'-
ment ofspathossogy inthelilt' di
tio sifs ths teference . Isuusitssolt of lit
ssss'ssl ssssthe Ass Isoi sitoXAmeric'aui
of 'stsltss gsiustssits] Laceriolosgists, thes
X'fsoiths itsi 'Amert.ittn XAnastomistsi
ill s' o ie' st i of I' sps uiuus'utsut ttediie ,
liTshe Soity forIsthitSluttu tnd rseven-
Isltio suits Is Ilissis andt thlIter- profes-
sion lSoiestis ad us

Now thsat University Hll is bseinsg re-
msodeled, would it sot be the propser
tisue to consider establishinsg permsanuent
offices for studenst organsizationus hasvtug
businuess to do with the studettbodsul
and lteptublic its genseral ? There situ'
organuizationss like tihe Lecture Assoeli-
11011, the Unsions, tise Csomedy Glusb, ands
othsers, that have tickets to sell dusrinug
ltst school year, ansd seats to rtserv e.
Whsy sot give thsese organuizationus a
rooms where they nissy sate desks'?
Give thseum a rooms someswhere that lte
cast tail their owls, a root'swhsere lte'
smay hsave telephonse connsectios tsial
will sot usake thems deupensdentl upontheis
good will of s0omt othser organsizations.
Last year the Lecturc Associationt stas
comspelled to use a cornier of the Alumsniu
room at a disadvantlage 1o itself, stud
at ass inconsventience so the alumnsi offi-
Sucs a root' does not steed to be

L.si A.. ' 'ttut
til..,115,t I Sll ust lilt
lti ' . ls t lls' Isti h h a tioft h
tore, andsu. i t Iiliust ht I mis ll es
homt vole.i t'rl sis Il55i ' t ts ithti
made'ts Isls fits ' C 11TO ' 1 si 1,)
sits liter.Mrs 55 wk coeisuwrll
itr e i ll he falst l. l a Iill. 15 s)issltll
fss' lies i i ltss u I i,- s his u's st is pitsusies.
ofe issrlsoaul tsp sussus 1 alldtutu tel s
w~'i s'ut sai11_; hilt hils is all 'itss itt this
for'su the stlu sI s/i 55 seret isl sade.'hlip
lis' forsce'fuldt or i lurs tt's' ssu 1 s'ssss5

We E DieterlI
Varsity Tailor
117 E. Liberty St.j
Dry Cleaners
1112 S. University Ave.
911 N. Vine Ave.
Capital $10,000 Surplus and Proi'is$0,O0i
General Basking Businsn. 3 perent paid
is Tiue and Savings De~polsis. Safety D~e-
pusit Botxs 5to rn t$2.100and upwards
R. KssEe Fe Pes. H. 0. PRsETYMAN; 'VicerPees.
I1. A. WILLIAMS. ICashier FI. T. SlowsC. Asst.
rbe Ann Arbor Savings Blank
Ctapital Stuck 050.000 Surplus $190,000
Resaurces51,00,000 t
A General Banking Busness Tranaead
JFrsessst Chas. g. Hiscock, Freu.;5 W. 0.
HarrimnVie Pres.:I M. J. Fritz,C&Oahier
N5. J. Bouoths Jno. 5'. Shaeehan
Wms. Arnuld Dr. V. C. Vaughan
Tas. H. Wads g. F. Milla
John Haarer Jno. Reels
Pruf. B. S. OCarhart fHsnry W. IDougls
Cthrisian Martin Dan F. Zlnneuttiaw'
Bran lneican5 ving
Cov. Ms.Imn d Liberty Stsr..to

Profssour E. i,. Campbellt't. iife isisd
t.il s hu'ssui' -onse1s to'sColsradosforlt'e
tr'st of the s~lumer.

210 E. HUarona TO M f L O TE L 1109 S. University
F+irst Class Boot arnd Shoe Kepairing
Torn wsats youar oid hilgh shoes Best price Igiven
ANN ARBOR STEAM DYE WORKS--French and Steam Cleaning
For Finse (owns, Waists, Woman's Suits and Men's Cloihilng


All Spots Remioved.

204 E. Wamshirigtori

If youi are furnishing rooms this fall fbe sure and conisult
%zs, as it will be to youxr advantagie
nus-nltare, Carpets, mrad Dra~ps'ios 112-122 L. Liberty

or: ANN ARse, MICH.
Pes. Vice-Pess.
S. V. CLARKSON, Cashise.
tCapital, 010.000. Suenhur and Profits, $80,000

121 Washloito E.

RANDA4i1L & PA CK, Photographers

Phoem 98

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