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July 28, 1910 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1910-07-28

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VOL,. I.


Martha Washington
Gilbert's Chocolates
Tice's 1Drug Store
11-7 S. Mat111111
612 ELibery
Only one block ronm
the Campus
Three good square
meals per day
Single Meals 25c
$3.50 per Week
Sunday Dinners 35c
FrThose Who Woot
Verified y University Records, and the
hooks of the Telephone Conpanis
To Get It
You Must Subscribe or
of issues containing Directory
except to sbscribrs.
50 Ots.
Phone 960

Is Practical Outgrowth of the
Events of 1688 and Suc-
ceeding Years
"Thle Eniglishi cabiiiet systemi is im-.
portaiit for several reasonsl," said Prof.
A. L.Cross, yesterdlay afternoin0 lthis
tect..ire (If "The Beg'cinig of tile 'lg-
ilt Cabiiiit and5(1Paely Systc.''
It is thr one which most (If the lead-
ing~ ciisntries of Eurce haveC apptroxi
sateet it is the mo1(st perfect icehinery
for directly v(oiclig'tiheidesire of the
pceotple. Withithe\Americaii systeml, ire
cantsutsini a new party andit cabiiiet after
tour years;12111 the T'.iglistt sy stemo
works immtieiatell, the ministry resign-
1110 as (0011as it ceasesIto eoimmanid a
mtajority (If Parliamtent
"'The historical dcevelopmitent is unoiqute.
'is Entglandt has (cell cli ntis aheaid o.
(first rated till the endil of the reign fiii
teiiry Vt. A reactioin 1t1(k lice 111th
tlie tPuritanltantittie 1t)8,14)revoluttios
Iin 1688, the cabiniet isystemtihad1 its rel'
"''Tie Enigistiniistry is a g0overn
lseilt btiexeecutiv o mmi~lliitteeof the
Houiise of C.oiiionis, (c111tril~ld ibyt
masljority.'Thte cabiiiet 1istthi iitii se51
'aut of theminiiistiry;it 1s a comitilte
ofii te piycatiitotto rs iretiiiili tll
priemiisiter, if whoms ii pol se was1
tie irst, the title 11b11eingiorginally sue of
repruoachi. The meimiieii 1aliejoilsy'tne
setverally respionsibsl e'ii'idtusually if sie
iseisber goes iut, the resit folliiw.

I ioucier, tse kiiig, stilt the ieal heaul,
oiitiiiiei toiiioiisilt btlteadiing Whuigs
aiid 'Tunies, aniel tid exactly as tie pleas-
cdit ilforeigni affairs.
"WithiAnnue, the duities of goeerioent
iwere eintriisteid to small commisittees,
wii h yet71lacke~d a prisme minister lti
psartylunilty toi becomeit a coainet. Pocder
th1e firsitiwo Georges, tihe sy stem whiih
weiow' kliwleooik shtate. tuirinug tli,
miinistry of Nt'sltpole, the acieete.s
'the prime minslister aidtihett subitjutgationt
if tis associates tool:. tlace. Walpiole
rem ainedt a coimsmonter, anud, resigiieid
whe liute failed of a majority of Par-
liamuent. Oe chiangeIr'itmtieid toitaie
plac, to imialecthe 7-louerrepiresenlta-
tiv es if the seople anditnot of the grest
leig Iaiders. This socurreid idiriing
lie earlyiniieteetticeltitrv.
"''his growtht of the party suit the
cabinilet systemit sas n1o1 the workinut(it
of as1=ixeid principle, bitt lie lpracticll
outgrow'tih of the eents of 1f6.M aiie
Further Tests Show Little Change
in Condition of Water
Piirtliir tests of the ucity waler miadte
it the hyienuic laboraoery show that
lie coiiditiiiii of tse water has chanugedi
tile siince the list tests ivere isadte.
Iniocuilateetainialstiasi' beeitiuiabile to
iie, suedeioiintierms Sretfoundiintii iiabtit
lie saiise quttitiies as iserc foundit le-
fore. 'hue presence of foreign1111aterial
in the iiater is imuch the samse.
Noicies to suitliiateriwill tie posted
iiiiit_ the camps todiiiai. It is thought
helter to soil all dlrininiig isater111h1n
to runiiansy risks iwith disease germs.
lullasstatelalllst iweek, ecilisitgermso 1
n iii tiesseives prouue thoid fever.
but thee- arec elosueyallieitto the Ityphoiil
;ernls, anidlwill floiurish iuitder the samte
c'iinditionus. Thieir preseice ini the buoid
maty lcall to a imiire readyides'elopmsenti
of tie ty pho~id germs.


Homer T, Lane Tells Aout the
Ford- Repulic and Its
Young Citizens
Tuesday ening 'a faisieilater
ininNewbue'rry'IHall leard'uthow tile
treet Igamins f Dlitet ar ee iuih~'i
celn of iteiiselies costev the ~git.'oie
of Mhr. itomer T. lou cSit eil i iii
of te Fort Repiublic iat a rmintonli
M\ticiga. lMl. 1,a111'gestheiibosiis frm
the juviecill' coriniletirit, adsuitrns
ttheiiiliioset'h iithe' olier hiiiioil te
cratic foriiiofIgilleriiienii. eethe
fiirce itfitibiicopfiiioii isesesiteage ii to
owit laws, aiidi'ifircv the lwsthe
Alt oys iii arrivinig at tii'farm1.ar1
butggy draiinaby ioid sell.,'1aicil of
coltsey'anceethat i, oliseiprse
ilthm 115 afiinctioi.''Thee sic lisa
takes is till'siaedeptie olli'i iof the
iepubiilic ,iiiilase iz iiiya fwsml
elcuptinilitof tar'ns. Thcnth lelarc
tilesed (lie to the tos temelivs.
''Newecomier5 stlttt s11e1what11i ex
pettied f il thmiina few da1ys5 , ad o toli
wock" saidlter-I a
''As fai' as poissiblei'we lim toiit fici
their laws ', and11adminlister he p'1,':
elittheii' own Itcoutfica.
AnitailinithiiiAu~gst nu11b(r(1of
$iter hudy 'a n oii-tusPowerree\ pi d4it
of thse work ofthetlboIvs at tl r.rsip i
They acebultiithe's'maidtluili i
their tpower'i'house, a'iiii lai
fr'omiicemsenlohucks, and11have Ipansi foI
othe u hilinigs.
Siiall fituit is ttl'ii tedatII fr
This afforts a edesiabile work, ot it is
siiiiethiiig the lisys call do, ad.1rad
msarklet is fiuiin i the cityo ecv
thin~gthtithue re puilicie (all po( clii
Jtist tbeforeceahilk fill Aiii \Aribor
'iTuesdta, MPiLeli iwith o f tiecu
cells, diicre rfotydlars cor, lt i
of berries.'
The boiys a'tic d i atie 111(11 of
the repuitc or0everyihin hvd,
coiiiitIf they 'ar e ittoilh1(avitil
privilieges ille rined,1(andiii oftn the
school is mitinediit ithe pul,
wichiltsthe lily s atlt. Theiiy' lre oi
sideredailab ttorers iihu ieisholand
receive pay'in te ciiitof the rialiiifr
seo idoinig
F'armingiongisiwithlii es hisi y i-
(111cc of Detroit,and lisitoshoftenl .11ail
theimslveseofthtil'chaneuu toiisit te
little rpbicite
At the close of the leuela ctrhi-v
hutioniiws itakent to putrcalscatltic
stiptplies for the oys. Abuatosix dol-
tartsas sectree. 'The bioy sare real
mieit soisicofte tim ie,' sah Pi. Lban,'
''ht they lie biiys5 enloghsl tts , ice'
spinglithev hale 111r10111tireiset',
of base 1ba111sulpplies, 'inielthis wislile
sent' ielcomtit i hemu.'
Deait Cooley, of theenguieerig edu'
parluuseut, is ini Ptashiugton atuning
the meetinug' of the Bock Signiautoand
Traiin1C1ntBoarid, of ss'hiceliis

Romance and Reery Play import-
ant art at T'Iopinabee
I igh lf t te iimtica'' stato
noruth dm . Pi foiheioogcr
of dwhiimaluliulii I 'iiippi'ii'ir iner
in th fceo N p' rt is miingan
,tare fr Gsse rc lii s'a'r'htuof
"Tctltiicraft iiithu ''i loadilof iut-
Iic[ ilsl in a o rc f aggu',ui hhhll
isca iu as hs i'iiiy1 in ll ear
n lhy ai I ab( rti the boat, he call
ii 11te 11a1 ills hsto ro n tos
fulh ut'his hilren, rushedii o th ir s
sistet, adafeiiic~wa trgl
wih hi hiteralciimi 10 1_i liii
si~ac r ,ae 111 \I.' ito hir i redttin
ii iii o t iuuuueai iitioneuiuof ite ois
;uso s lft camp for hi s 5 liisimll' tes-i'
siciiii' n beoe' i1 ii'I itishadt ssirlyi
'nild. Tel ' c ea oiogaog
lwhi cn te h~c (g.loll lfllrc hulln
w illw ,a1dte o r ull o u s h si
of t .cI : l +i.. Io . P olh fat n
t ( r I, , (itc . hd tI tii p\fttih N
th1pr1.1 c brkd sitely (11111 1111
hill r. ' i'i'it'(i
list. I iii'ih'I, 'i'il'i tUiRh y f ii
Ai lluhsiiitiii' '. tui.uissiiCotutu Ind
CoorPhtgrph ill sheugivni, thi-
hi ar 'uuu titc i '"ni't h ' 11ual ife his
ilirei deprt ent of th us "sahue
tisben iii uiy ia mypIciasudysilofsuthe
(1115 1 iiiiihf ((llt , and will h eiiu si rf,-
I jyp his ioils. Isslliti i sluhiths
benfri ml Fas itrsti n 1(11 Sle
leac o rklsIii hus uu sbe iti' ofbjPt.
1'if u sssur&13 uuto ul u uuPtofuss u'uiuiu'i
the uitti siiNhilis iu ht his' is a sus
ifo heiiai ascit phutiuuu i ' t ill'
til e P1111 iii iii I ii'. of"'illya,'iiii lul
\iii intl IA i .i Atfiith uuco 'inlus eion o
lilleul il thusre heilcenti toIowa tate
.Psicsitiias1roessor ofPhiics
he rei liii iiie( nii versiif ty' of ic h-i'ii'
ProessreGsiis e's hu roisnegt
in hes'i ies t Pifi wol Pigleis ai Fe llio211
ofii ofifheru Iu~ iu lln pilosphalor
PPxthoeo st ''dis t tr ''uug iibu t manyu


"Utter Ihentry'Il, tile barni s finst he lecure Thuursday afterntoouuill
sought Ito mtukeethe muinisers responi- h'eibyhProfessosr Stoanley. this siuject
sibleto 1t huemu In 1 1,.thehkilug agre'euilluthe "flue PFuuctionofithe Conucert
to let thinbahonts chuoosu theiin'lllisters:hRoomus." Thuelectuire wiltl hueiuinthe
antush irnt y es later, a muinister was05 uphtsics lecture roots. Professor Stautles'
ilpteauched. Uinder the Ltancatsuerdynis-s is oneuu of the iiein at Phichsigant s' ho has
he, Parlhitibtecameiiu'sup~remeil, ihusghi beecu tiv'e its umtkiing AinntArbise i
it lackeuh sorties as yet,suit hiudoniuy' Baty'rethof Amierica, 115 Maudamue Schut-
fractious tedtby' nobules.Underethue Portk-uumun- hu'iuk choise ito call it out tee last
ists audueh''duors,thuecotunuciltbecae'ta nlll isit here.
instrumseunteuf royatl uestusotisuc iilt.nd, rosfesso'r Stsanley'hiss lotugbsen tinu-
rathteretueely, lie minuu..iurs euiled Ptar- eresteud illtitugs musical. Before couu-
iiaiuvuul, aunehspied out itfur the crown.ule tinlg his colhegiate traitninug'i'i- this
hImpseachmuents ceausesd.The couhncil 1wa suliuntryhue wentl ho Leipzig' uo stuhd'siu-
ihh hpowerfe utuder hElizsaseths, anud wss ic. Soon iatfter, hue wa's gradthiaedhfromuu
absoltiely sounduuer thle Ipioser oifliie ticecipzig hdisuseru oriuti, anud oiluIus
505vereign. The people wstiedlpeacel retuhenl hisAuuseicastuschuosent hetad of
mhoure thaun lihbety. thu e lparetmuent of hmusic oh Ohio W~es-
'A chantge bsegantun tuuu harltuuesl , Ptur-leyani. Ahyear later hue wenht as or'ganisu
tiaiueuu cominilg is thuu' ore'again. PAnIitoIGtuce Churchi,Pr.'ti uutce. Sice
attempts iias usode ho impesatchStrtuf- 188Ise huas heentprofessor usf umusic at
foreh; aund, ill16ifyCharendon lllwtas folrced thiis tuvesity.
sell by' a Pamrliamhentary attuack. AP(he- tN'theulthue schuool of muusic seas oriaun-
cade later, Dasinby (whs fo reeld to gui illizedhill 1892 Proifesor Stailey was5
site of itse Iling. tBut his yet, Pturlitu-cuoseun tmusicaludirecetor, a positiout he
mcull hod us choice of mlinistersuind has tshldee since. ((then outside at-
cosuld remsov'e iuly' 011seriuts chatrges. taclionis so1 huote eiugagedIluis atheut-
Chuarles 11 hatd sesveualuuiunisters, his huhn. the hos (beentwusice preidentu if
ursh heiiig the fatuis Cabatl. hut1t79,.thue Mugsic Teschers' Naonsal Associa-
Sir W~illiaim Teitpleusrgauuizedt s scemecuteion, suid hue is tilso a imembuler of thie
of. havsiuigfifteeui uienu Atpotiiuedhby thue Ph.I. . SuSciety' if Neiw York. Poe
kig an1(1fifteeut by the oppouisitionhs, thu fur yteturs hue whilsionuerary vice-prnesi-
Coisimonus. CharulesIcaulmlyphtst(hue Eatrl udentiif this organuizatiohh, Be is also
ef Shaftshtiry, Iis chief 11op1p1111nti, st thue5aumembersoft hue AsmericantCusllege of
seadh, aitut neven ofterwadsaul iledt aimeelt Phusicisuts, oandtof the hi tcrnutioiuah Mu-
iug. sikt-Gesell sehafht,
"liInlse fighth over tie excliusionu hilt, -
thue nanuies eufPWhigs andel Tories ire Theucheihectuiral dehssrhuueut has a
finst used. A feiw years lifter Wtilimu ew u ueithe of roomss, adaptedh especialhy
ainu M~ary cohmueIs thue thronue, (hueflest Is its seeds, osulihe fourth floor of the
suep was taken by' tiIoily' ef mseuultutnori th inug ofihie Eniginieerngug il-
workl by a set of prnucipltes. 12roh ue iuug. A large drawiing roomu is heing'
bueginiing of thecr neigh,uiuisers re- fteupc i wshuicuh is a imodel of is kiind, aind
siguied, withutimispeachumieut, wenu their alresdy hunduureds of secimens of the
tuolicies swere edefeated. hut 1693 thie Etml witc o ne usicadorun the iwalls. Thue roosiu
of Sunuderltandu ouhsis''e tilliauiu to aseentuu to itse pubslic andu persoits in-
choose Iis feirsiafy ministry, of Whifgs. h eresied are welcosse.


- hue I huuu'etof I iie'u'uuiur',of theu' Phtigauuu
The Altumnutus publiished liy the ialuuu uuuumni Palumn iesoitti 'aiin N'i PuttCite
associtioin of ithe uuuuieusity is thue lacy- uttiaks ipouint if tssising ire til pussi-
esl collegemuonthily ill(hue country ,tutnd ihll wy s (hue MPhi gan uutuuanu(uwl io ne'a-
also hasuhue largest circuilatioin. osateo"get a tisant" ini this'mutroponi~ils,

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