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July 28, 1910 - Image 2

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The Wolverine, 1910-07-28

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_________________\D A.KC ' ~ TLPON IETR "For a delightful luncheon
Tri-weekly publication of the students Since te orgaiziations fte actu1ail r excellent repat'
of the University of Michigan Suer andI lt istical courses i thIsdIcyrtment
Sessonof Ma sthematics eight sars iag I ayPI of \ 1 trs olowed 51,y Iskir 1, J,
Glove. ans iscvcasg issiuhcr o tf ti s ist a cand \ ssss.,on i Ielcl ues. TI 0cc
Managing Edior-LEE, A WHIE. dents hv souht the adviaiitages- of this follswed by l~t ti sirsta rs, "ilte. M ac
Eidior-in-Chief-DANAA E. Jo~E. course giensmIthe lsuine sssaisii. lack' cc., sr soi h lans of tsc
Biothli n c 0 ee tli and aisc dsitsisced Ii lssc Ielepcis 55.Company.i
EDITORS. corse arc gienii.Thc clisicitarv cuirsc Numbsesrs Iisss-c i ssiscc ords 1 accr- T ea
- News Editor,......Dion S. Birsey includes a sdissussisoisssf the tiesr ofinjg Isoasret isuisers. Thesecscor-
REOTR.coiiitissterst' c, acturial-or susesvcI.Wec arc-sot re pnsilsecfosrnis-R oo
sliRES.a ce iustcleauics valusation iof seai- lks c Iis Istle srs -5 rgisration oi fEl
FULL LNE OF E. R. Burton Edward IH. Rolie tis, aodsthoeur umattcrsaperrinsing o tsstrccetissimiber s ii thecoffices oi the sui-
H. G. McGee Burleigha Jacobs fnaiciatrnsascissis. This wrhas a risscol
Kodaks and Supplies Erwin F. Koch H. M5. Calkiistrsusecitotiibaof asipecil iserst aid Whncusthe stutle d -uitiiiiiir arc Thi pisper place ts tkeyure
valuie Isatescies f Cs ;o er~ialiiiitls- Isusuc inini ryiiise to the cle op lea tr ladyfiiead
-- R~~BsINLS SSTAr. mals il high shools iais acaei ss.wiill scsuieisthe scrrcusoes- ssi i usuuer.
Developing and Printing for Advertising Manager.. Richard Simmnons Thelac aii lcit isori iss apailedtoIccl tI kilnsiithei spsraitiir foriis
Amateurs 0 .Cretr Jh oil a nunmber oftecers inuiv iieritisis l liiu
i.O apne onBnlatks selai ntamd Service a La Carte
W-5 G. Besley scolegess isho ha ve isdniertakspleSicil e sii i ll
j p staitistica ivsetigatinas udser thicdil- Do ino Itlhiskscentral is iquisitic if
CA~I S Tlgg~t ddes: HEWovERNE Pes Bd estion cf Prof. losvesr. Iiaiionlsssshe csk lisi s is wastes oi a cetins
E.E AKNDugs dca:TEWLEIE rs lg, c lcis -fitii seiiiieti 8 A. M. t 5 P.M., Saturdays to
32 .SaeS.Maynard Street, Ann Arbor, Michigasn. acrlictvc rcicsgsiai e s- 9 P. M.
the preset siiiiimer5sesson, wiitillshlire- I -r Nfvi n.si 51ssv . 42
Both phones, 96o. ssit that c-m iisises frimi ll Issuets iif O ie,. Alsrd F - . f i lso. I40s 1.
Suscription Rates : Local, fifty ceslvasced class msitissivisthetls e - Sus.IVis -is iie Ni
Get your MICHIGAN for the sumomer; maailed to asy as- Sisce the ecessiconsof theseeiiusees - lhiid.
dress for twenty-five cents additiosal to the suattic stiastmlsetmiiorses Neilievas I ssii-('00 uii s As89JpI
j qnAvetiig ats Friseduonap ha tetylcestdnt wr hve N ~ger, Ihacis33 5.SI itsti30tius.
P ins, Fobs and Spoons Asctssgrts:Fruse so p hsi seia-i tssu sli NeiissisIs I itu1S.as 'a iills o I
plication to the Managing Editor. cialedin i the wirusel ssigrsadsuateslaniusi - °
Nlasn C toss S tcsts S 1,.
apunsn anies or arc holing restioiisiblepisieson Crto - S -e78
HA L R' ois ini hsimie suices. Nlii lestscp t s sS
HALL RS __________________________________ cistir Alie l. 1)5sN Stie i:13
THURSDAY, JULY 28, 191o. SOPH 1 INI;I;Rt gI1s\hItS Nesseherlse a iss125 N Ste I5.L
cO~~~eSRTR ~~~A TON1stf1,1t, I IlhCOEIDS NsdnsitiI uluseC 5NSti
Eidior Taday--E. IR. BURTON. TeisascshespehissliiStuhs-s InletssiI5t5 S. State3. A11
Optusoilertlc r"i i s-s>li-.eettslst i choltsssesr . 4 .Igls
THINGS WORTH SEING. Walter Ehms ofsta itID eti, rc stesut NsnuaIIiii 141.utst ~ a
a Not only are there classes worth vi sactsiisupgmesilespthus -erv as ivNneFdeitclscl 'I 34E. Cateeine. EWIL&VING flISINI 6'
itig about the campus, but also oter i 1t6s07 Jt. si Is un
thiigs as well. A great uiversiy re- stetches f csstuuuhcuuseslresails hisNobl, cnV.,obTopo.13J. nAL UE N
-iee Watch and Jeweler Repairina eve sn crohrmah oldoelss saduulsessationaicl c iri tdUes uptn 5Nsrsus ercc-CN -C \alstgDETROIT
For the most part this university h 'as ot, he andut Iis prur sweepsind ic-
fared as well as oher universities is at- Iilsfrs tesu essa scsss uhNutsditJ \1 its030 Pau csIrd. 1284 L.
tins its sare of the world's curiosities.iisssesevvsNiethohitfoSSil.y. B a d
HLRS EEEYSOE These have een placed in the musenu u smxsssOilssis dt1,r-uiIsthuesalsPNarris ut J it s tII6iesi08
'buildisig where they are opein to insspec- cciv.(histhissert Lii tv-uk.McrucliI Northiss ues i-stI2,l t.Huton. Miet That's All
16S thMnet tou by the visiting public. No better O'BirgienlulSoeuthtaMvitnC St.ii O It iiteus I thus itt 1 4.,1,.1Spasficiest33Corn. quick to
_________________________ place can be found oss the camapus to hRsses , tsusionsusanuithuaisdius--mitte I1376uJ- 503 East Wi liani's
______________________________________ steisd a raisny afterisoos, or any pascrt of cleanedup stsoutall the da i thusiv ~lssa O'Bien, fltsi i c, t113 t ilands. 17525.________________________
__________________________ the day that oie has to spare. The wivingi thu sile esspstrophy.>o . C llag-blists' I itta 207ce. i
geology departnment is ocuted uills-e This scuttle Vsutcc-ie ousstali g s 7
-H AN RORpys sasebsdi0 uayscistar e0 th slder-sssds6at S. Tlstnonv GREY BROTHERS
- ANN _ ARBOR PRESS ~~of mrock andiligrock dforsmatioss to istrst Idianatpulis Auith rrustc races. as ussssuss . 67 S T
the geologist of protessoial or amateur foussyeesnts withutrul esu. ,tt.hes.tl -.S~uesp
!5siissto tIs Suhdnt tastes. Now that te art cotections is The I lesof-fsrivrsav;Is-isutheIid ley, lu e s Sr.037 Sa-n~96s~y
beng oved to te Mesmoria buildisg cars usaethis-rackulsfusfe the uviusa sc 31
a better chance will be afforded to lew sec i this-lhf tuu, asyla ~ s suus mn olesCucts5 -35.hifs.3.
painstngs asd various collectioins as s0011 I is ruhmorseds thsat II suit usa sill siOlsuse".e Jon ., ,20)acadu. Noan-
as these are arrasnged. to the speedst 'cu s srscti;ecollege - I ls
artr f-The Wlverine, The __Oull____________[-___ z-itu- et 11Try -- L6 Dry
. ii-naOily, 'Ele Alnuss, The At Ohio State University buird f Cisst vhs aeIes si essu -
LawlRev is.'uTheas-uoyle. The lic- tenwceitybidn oncigOistudeints are workiisg teir waya uasi sesanylesiuv illis steeispttnrH erss G.,5Its;. o llis. ~nvriyAe
iinl-chnsic, ints Si-siol ssmea,, are doingshere Therete smenswork wth Ills oldtwals altsducwiiththessstrit 736) nvestyAe
Ar iselan Tyler -KIeystione, Xsts on Ithe usiversty farim where theac ressis3659 8J.an
Gtreai st ooknilFoostbal, Official Su- ceivecthe magnifilcentwages of fifteess SI Ic lsudns arsic es1ted (311 OtoJ. Aktn,4,?;.hr.1370J. 11 N. Vine Ave.
det irieitoriy Neis-Letlen,S. . A. cets per hour or sss the esginseerig timessaltouste s isftthus uvsis Overho t Cyd SC, a2 p01100 o99
liisnlisssiiScrosisaBooklURiversity shops where they reseive twelve and dulrig the ssgulash i sas hinatanus a ! D V B OTH ED
Texst-Boksiiu differenlttrlansuages.a oe-saf ces.lothis Iunits s itneU n hsCsitse1 Stats (otinu esonPae 3.)1TE1FRMES AD MCHAIS A
Press Biding, Maynard St Eastm an i K o d a ks- PhIoto S up plies capitl $0,000 Surplas and Poft$100,000
GeeOnea alIoc Bsnes. 3 Perenas paid
Ann AborMichgan e. i n ana Sallags-. eOsts. safety O-
Ann AborMicgan usia Bues tru cnnt uc2.00dad uparda
LARGEST STOCK IN THE CITXR. I. ITsi, tres. 1.. RTYsA, ViePres.
Headquarters for Asss Arbor is at i. A. WILLIAMS. ashen . T. STOWE, Ast.
--"LYN DON'S, 719 N. University [he Ann Arbor Savings Bank
All Lov rs cupta stck V0,000 Surpus 5M0,IM
Al To er We do inoe amateur fiishing thasn all othes put together, and we do it betteri (enri ttsurels ,sllsM
olf'ood l nda Wa teesfnd nil alBakng Basnes Transatd
tathPatniest Ir-Tank method iv~5es et resu~lhats. nireoS:Chas. E. Hisok. Pres; W. 15.
iaey is sni deal place tora a.ria.Vc rs. .J rt.sh
dslicinus college iceor a thirsl- - - -

sus"" 'l"i".Vniversity Music House, Press Bu.ilding Maynard St. STATE SAINGS BANK
's~l our "Oh thonolaelot or coldCarriea s shol.. stack oSVINGT~S: n-vi~
-N. . imt Jto. V. Sheehan
Clas ic e.nd opul r-M u ic, m. Arnold Or. V. C. Vaughan
East nivesity harmcyIs. I. wadn . . Mila
t;.1 Souh UiverityJh Harr Jo. Koch
21 uui neriyAnd esolts patronage of summeannes tudnts Prof. H. Carhars Hery W. Douglas
University esiySchool o, MusIc Cmeosiee
AlberA. 55tanley A. M. irsetornp i g 8 ty e aig
S p ringsio, ul -Agy2 Co. Meine and Lbrty Street.
Rigilar scimool year egis October 3. Hats, Suits, Overcoats, and Men's Furnishings. Drop in and see them C
-aarses usnusll branhes oat Suse.__________ FIRST NATIONAL BANK
Al~liate it s~ h Uiersty
30Artst il asirs. all, or send orn" V E R TH FANABR IH
P.U iNn. V R iew-Ns.U
Man- r eS t. Ann Arbor M~ich cl Sa. Wos. RSols ie ro. l~

121 WashingtonuEt

RNDAhL7 & PA CK, Photographers

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