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July 26, 1910 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1910-07-26

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s .,


612 ELiberty
Only one blck from
the Campus
Three good'square
.meals per day
Single Meals 25c
$350 per Week
Sunday Dinners 35c
Another Chance
For Those Who Wot
Vritied y Unverity Rcords, ad the
hoohs of the Telphee Compaeis
To Get It
You Must Subscribe for
of issues cotaining Directory
except to subscribers.
50- Cts.
Phone 960


Engineering Addition Provides
Much More Room for
New Machinery
'lTe tremsendeos g rowth i of the ele-
treat enigineterinig separtaent haste
eessitatcd a tewsytatotora l tr. At
lst the ewt-lahoratry is oatel ad~
doitg dity eery tiny.For oe a mothtil
the maines ate been hauilet fr1orn1 th
south winig f tie Newe Egieerig
buiilintg to f'thesnew west wig, ttd dur
tng it at, the aboraillt in hs teenin i
operationiueseymisuste f ttte itte
Thte intumter of studiests ttkitg sm-i
lier scsoost work is the latmest eter
handfied. LEery ecourse onithtie lps-
gramttha~s fill]seeits sautech in-
structor is doig dobtle dtsh, s-rnt
tsroredithosiisofwskhinlig stait-
TDie greatest gftntis illspae. ioies
dowesto igures it amsounits is alot 6
ter cntt. ast year i_ setiosiswerer
dointg worit its onte course sswhiea ttit
if repetitions;littl, te sitie sessetecet
e dotte ini 5 setiosns. Foutr roomss ar
tossavsaitalble foe ile-huotoetrie tortk
where fortmerty there was isisyh one.
Three of these tre fr sudsentissie sunt
tie other forexeientlistri.sTheis
chasige also gise esissosmIfsr stilrk sitt
the osieilograipth.Thismitsnente e t
usediltity ii intedakroom.sIt take
pictres of electrieciturreensts, tatd light
tng effects of ae auinctadescentt
Adevantage sas taken at tetimise to
swire tetew aoeatry ncsorig t
latest ismsirosed mthlodstsantdsprvisions
was smasde for the futire ettarfemset.
'The ew labortory wislli take cre iii
all te nosoete tmahinesssndsit otstl
iterfere with thse regulisiworksThIiese
matinies are of fretiteisests tes
telt the atieascesiesto01elec tintl suiit
erisif asnsithiler mteants otldIThere
wilalsotbe anitexiibitosiltrs istale-
eices for dispersessens t iglhtstansdla
futl lte of nac,atpor, set itscandeisenit
lamsps. Theeeeisstr itl stuttiasit
wilt he cated, till e one f tss best
oweied by ansytiniversty in itecoustry.it
The telephone laboratory wsill remains
its the southtisng beeatsesf te snoise
it the iese setios. This tepartmset
willt aists use tiree of te mominis formess
erly tused by te E. E. laboratory.
Tihe isscrease itsmatitneryie wsiti re
dutee the teacingiwofkst-nei-tirild;wshere
osne itstuctorsperisrdlonie squad, le
can nlostakis care of far or li. The
cailsupons the eletriecl egineerisg lab-
oratory liss at last eentreslied.
The lecture tis aftsrsnostill be de
ivered by Poes-sorisemaeisosnit"Re
formis int he Teacingisf Mf sahematicses
andsidtlit be fit-c ithetn-physis sosottas
Sintce 1887 Professr BemansusitstbIees
end professor sofmatshtetatitis itte
uivteersity.lHe is thseasthoriseof ses-
ersal essas ott itathemtiattl sbljects,
atndthansriten sesersl text boks oni
lthe subject. lie is si memtber of ue
Amsericaun Matiemtatical Society, te
Deutsche Mathsemtikie Vereinignsg, ad
the AtmericantiAssiatits foete Ad-
sassietientoittSciessce, sf ttwh iche test
rice-ipresident ad cairisant sf setioss
A its 1897.

Sutisnu-er stuidensts ins ihe Uniersity-
Jof Catiforttia are putblishintg a sumertse
schooi paper.

The Victrola conscert at the Mishigatin PITto hPf~f~ ~ lis e r n isli silt i-iteross
UssiotiSunday aftertnotn was a decded SPEU ING E'rsf .ll.Ji)lrtsn is slittast this
success ifisnubers presettarc atty ni- -impors stasut u shutsss '-licced i tlsthtis
terions. Tue tirogram hegan proumptiy sentio tfa~ec°s. Atsprsenut
nut tie at four o'clock, and by tentmitt- Denaturdt''Spelling Now Usedthlist grea da sifotroes-litsisu
itse after, every seat int the house was istlssisisls ss-tlso ile i
tknadpeopte were seated ont the by Constantly Increasing ritz -oasirtt't~i lIlld r us- cuss-sII
stairs, aitd dittitngroost tables. the si r i t l po~rs cus nsusst"
D~r. Bdacon tattd Maurice Quitnt were Number of People Is td:.N cit~in
i he receivinug committee, atnd Dotter ___u s irsIll] u ic s I -lt nr
IHeaths tanaged the eictroia. Every .r wfrcr 1eshii uti~lits
uutsbeeseas weli receivel, antd Homser NO ARGUMENTS FOR (OLD STYLE crj rae ife o In ste ivlls yaIltI
responuded with severai encores. The ____ sl irte ) l~tcXit tushdltit
lsadies av-aited thenmselv-es of the chansce a thi schto tlmlymehos1n
tis visit the chum house, thus attestintg, 'Iconisiier iihissumovesmetsr ythuiiis tials fr-drc oal:ntuio
tteir appreciationt of the treat prepared umost imsportanut of nisy itsdutiont it t.is h esll oiyfrena
for temt. Tihis is the first tisme the suoveumeunt today" deeeaedh o. i 1' tonlt.;sutes t il sic s thse rcis
lsadiies havsse beet inivsited as guests of tite Mender yesterday sften titus, itlIsls le is oa n t _ru n
CUniott. IHeretofore thsey haee attended ture ou T'ihie Spellingt Reform ihovft sit sl l
bauetss stgutests of the inudividualtni stt, Its Aimos asud Ptrogresis." ue accts flistI itiii's is1thess-
msemsbers. "Hienry Holt, the publiiser," os-suiuiesstunusrtsn I -arein;--
aed Prof. siMeader, 'estimatuedthait uetus is acfreduoitis.Natuita
MICHIGAN'S FAME SPREADS $52'00o,000 was wasted ini sheut tttthstt I netiturrsyi i'seasit r, rrI l
tug hbusiness ins mioo, frkitingus-suse s .51 ts ndar rirts
lIess letters. Osur obsolteel~lists is p r~t~ h io s fnhio
American School of Osteopathy Well the most ituportaust fitctoren us itc tus- iltse raI u s if haacer
Rpeetdat Ann Arbor the adoptiout of Ensglihsaus orldsIt an-i Iss I-ilhiss
Thteretiy he somte piople, evens eight guage. ants or stint icriuqu mra
heee its .Ann55Arbor, shun hare nutiyet "Ahl that a spelinsg reforetistt us fliii strilts idnl T h:tc
secoenis aise to the fact that as a schouol do is ho acceleraute the chansges ussuicIhs r u tsn'of his - i rct iiautoritty
of muedicitue our famue has iraveled insst utae place to hunet chts-lanuagics- nditheint 0 s te ni h i f
net elts eehrnound the counitry. It was- grow. Its t883, the -'meicnieas hilhititg -usls-elsIli u-ststssls
tint so serf long ago that site of use ical Society laid dossnusrules a- i-it it"trl ctttthts its isle is-i to te ca
taoeeuiust Easten w eecklies, after thor- 2500 spelhinugs, which were Iler In l it spar;tit n o lo ei iotypu uue uof-
ouiglyinsvtuesuigatitug tte.differettted - porated itt thue StandadneD ietoarin ri'i han t itue.1lus t susetu
scah inustitsutionus of the country,itucluded *eluditng such words astpeogr.atiltsata- ,e in actual quets stsito usw iht-tier sue
Michigninta list of thue ine or six log, altho, thirsthosuro. 'Thue C us suisus hoolsuitiscus t iii lttehiss:re-sts,
senders. Anid sow frotmsotne little towus, Simsplified SpellitgBor wa 13 meefr rossIet ints tshecio
douwntsomewhere naotug the Mississippi iced out the 1th of Jauusnf ur, swt l rfntoia uias chialst usi-
husre are eight students registered:. stc enias Chief Juticehintwetr Matl: lrits itta ~c das I;suiyts. ethur
ilnee nf thuessmetsn, hate degrees al- Twain, Prof. Heinps, fssrusis iifihepac o51o, i eiicus t sth its tisse
ready. Anidn-lau is store this little University of Michigani, Dlis arrsh I si ittist
insets ussomtewhuere its that state where Jordans, ansi Presidenst Rossevts sits 1'1(f oI u- r feree o tI so
people taveteo be showtn. Annt Arbor mtetubers. o teldigcrlic nirrsftc
Msuust sate beetn pretty good nathotug- "'rTeultimsate atuim itosnsuit c h-us ls t ii c rr ris sht hunpsotbcut
ravsg-e shiowitug to muake such nut impres- lisis spelhitng as fossetie as pousis it - \url rtirci."iewus tiaus he
siin. Andu whuat is es-elisore, they bane the Board does tnt proposse aits raicau i lishehsitsishusisitsnusu-s
aschol down there theusselves, which or'res-olutiotnary' schemeufs e form shunsdiret orindirecltee rrilts set ui ,
is considered about the best of its kitnd any suddensanud vioheut chuasuge of I uuussut -u
its the cosuntrs-. They nuast fine pretty, lish spellitng. A list of 300oxiiiris h~tiss it" lsts nit oss~le1iit ie ts
goond advice anyway on these eight stu- two spellins,seas seunt nutbifthue Bad.h -eo ptush ttung fIshir.usi
heits iperhaps iw-uld not sane beets seetn Fiinall-, itt Ilarch, utys thtislutilst, r ~ c I~rls t i sis i mii llstn
sit te Annu Arbor camsutus this summuer. with a total, nf 3300 wonrds was -sites tpaic
utr a... rc ..i it ,,egu,.r., .4.attusuance at . ll r ter rc_,a t~

dic AmuericntSchsool sf Osteopathy at
-iirksvihhe, Missouri, atnd are here tak-
tug theisiutmer cosurseit antoy. Oune,
Edgar D. Heist, has already earuned Iis
segree, D.0., at the Missouri inustitu-
titon wislie the others tire unidergradu-
aids thuere.5 Arthur S. Hdollis took an,
: .. degn"ee at Lotndon Utniversity, Etng-
land, anud Mrs. Laura F. Sprague ren-
ceised tier A.B. degree at Notre Dame,
.Marnyland. Thue othuer studetnts are Han-
lit E. Ihhisug, Manr H. McNab, Hubsert
J. Pnocock, Mrs. Caticre EU. Hourite,
-std .\Margaret O'Neil.
Nearly all thue fraterusities are open:
durinug thue iummien this y-ear. Mans of
thue sectionl chubs also lint- mets'who
sire stayinug for summuer work. Proba-
bly stone of the hnuses are open thani
erer heftie. This is oily an indicatioun
if thue popularity of summer work
amuonug thue regular studeunt body. Prae-
tieathy thue tatte courses are glvees during
hue summuuser as durng the regular year,
buts durinug thue regular tennis the work
is so arrnsged that thur student special-
iing its a cnoummercial nr technical storkd,
is unuable to geltmite courses desired on
accounut nf coniflicts. Intsead of neman-
tug fnr an extra year as mansy did inr
thue pasistmone are suayinig every year to
sussumuer schonol.
The bulletont from 'the Ohio Slate
Univrsity says that sun inspection of.
use registrationt in the summer session
shows that the student body is almost
swholly comuposed of scnrsotus who bane
donie considerable college work, whit,
thur numbsuer of cnllrge graduates is lang-.
en titan ever before.

list .
"From themsousentunm attuaindu n us
last fonr years, the istil resulhtns will bis
gainud soonser thans sluesumost asunest suit
hserentus hope. Already. 30,0022persnst
have sigid te adhesions cards, 2n)yua
pert and magaznes and3ss rai shol
line adoptedthue steinspelins. Tess.
hooks, for the hope of the reuisloits uit
theuntext getnerations, s beet nitteis,
anid a sew dictionsary is its tuepatsnss,
givntg place tn thuetse formss.
..s for argusmesuss agauinst this
chausges, uthere are souse. Thur ioaudsehas
a five foot shelf redy foersnhjectiisu,
atnd it is emupty."
Prof.. Mender is a msembher of thue sit
visory eountcil sif misc Boardil;5tushbefoie
the lecture, pamsphhets isere d istribustedi
to those present.
lentsunmmer schiool chstudents i-Itt-i
Niagara Fallhi with Mnr. I0 . Scotsit ss
Saturday and Stunday. The partyf heft
lier Friday aftertont, -tak-istt ihsboat
at Detroit for Buffalo. Areiingsst thin
Fails the party weunt tits-u the Gongs-
rosute out the Cansadin side a-dtutu
tsurnsed by thur Amuericanutste. Lessis-
lout, te-whirlponl, anud nihsee otus o f
interest were visited andsltheuelca
formatiouns were efiphaitxed esnouc.
Sunday, a trip was statie iuer misc
AmsericnsFatio anud arosund GLtIs
anud. The return trip was msade Suits
day ight via the "Easten States." Dusts
oune or two of the parts bad secntshie
Falls beforn, anud all s-.:erres-eli pleased
with their trip.
Nearly forty thsousanud Amuerican cieti-
zens call this university their almaus

Thi S ati i-'CI .-tttil'aSt-us W till
uslie o- pussi \ k'shus yi to is ry tutu
repaa hetroiniii int hI Nosunl
in-, titpec lt ist L is Ih.5555fastia;;isi
iaiiw ec they c il etoaIs-i i-
tiasi lcs te t tidsa utr hit s si alt
ill theit yn,, is uits mii tash cx-
pects to b e iack illths:lite still. Mue
sit is sit ihst ti uiuig iattird inustht- mean-
I.tid. If itTHI it N NiIITENS"
IL h11IC ttN TUIshhtC h,OSmS
Dr In . 1 . if aItl luts.prio-essriofsuits-
ldo eei-lit- i-st D toit Sundaisy
aferoit t h is il -s 5 Itselsts-Prs-
lust i -15 chus-hilt-sit lt lih usii15155515 I1[is
t l ustss illu1striaitt-il suits nsuit s-u-st ,
twturu- - sti mvdexmlhs if someul
1le tu-siocasin lura st "uns-
"''eits st cultist ths c ilt hifor usts
'ils is. nttl c itsiite o urs
tf hestit iilctypslits ist Coda--
as~w sil ewhr efut 5 Iies.T Iguh
tg scsi a nd litit s-s i-sl th of st hisan
uhfe silut ill uspen. ussFt -aity s-il-i'ni
Musicgsrest n ls-usts wus- ry.uuTat us thusex
e el ssud esnt i s a n lust in tex
ssmmusenr tsst issuhae cceirtics-i snrolled its
the course befne.




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