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July 12, 1910 - Image 2

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The Wolverine, 1910-07-12

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Kodaks and Supplies
Developing and Printing for
E, E. CALKINS, Drulggist
824 S. State St.
Pins, Fobs and Spoons
Optical ~Dept$
Fine Watch ant Jewelery Repairing
216 Sonuth Miina St.

Tri-nweekly publication of lie stidn ts
of the Universityof ftMihgan s tininti
MaltigtEditot ri ;A NN tnt.
Zltitlori ittChief--DANA5 1. Joot'S.
Netws Editor....Diott S. fun c
E. R. Burton Edltvtrd It. Roltie
It. G. McGee 1Iulligli te olit
Advrtisinig Maitager .Richard Simtmuons
(1. 0. Carpeitter. 11. N1.talbiins..
JohiniBoiilla Edin Fi . IKochl
W. G. fBeasley
Adfdres: Toir Woietxt:II, Press Eld1g.,
Maynard Street, Attn Arbor, Al iclil ati.
Office Jlours:t i:30 to 2 :311p. Ilily;.
Bothu thones, 960.
Sitbscrittio Rates:ILocal, fifty ceits-
for the -titmmuer;mailedl tooy ai'
dress for tweitty-fi eretstaddlitioat.
Adv ertiig rates: Futrntisihedl upon ai-
plication to lie Mbainaging Etditor.
TUESDAY, JULY 12, 1910

there i utniversityfife, antd titatuth- ORIENT DEMIANDS T.EACIIERS
11o can11grin11co gizncie there itiaitiit tint FROM AMERlCA AND EURfflTE
consi-tieitwithl the highest ideals of the

. i


Printers to the Stilt itt
Prieii-iott-The Wilvier.Tue
Mticiian DIaily, The Atliiiiuiu, Ttie
Law Reviteu. The Giargoyle. The icth-
igan, reefinic, IHighi Schoio luimega,
Amierictn Tyter - keystoine, Yost's
irtt-i-ooiton o stballt, Offitciat Stu-
1dents' iriietryNews-Letter, S. C. A.
Ilanoioitk. Soristitooti, hUniversity
i'i-otiitsin ditierent. lanuagis.
Press Building, Maynard SL.
Ann Arbor, Michigan
All Lovers
itt Good Soda Waters fid
that tlie PaontIuivertity Phar-
miiaiy ittin ideat place ture
dteiciusiioiltegeieior a thirst
T, 11oir''' Itteli Uhola~ute,"hut ,r-eolid
East University Pharmacy
129South Uniserstty
University School of Music
A lliel A. iStiiiiey. A. At., D iretor
Summer Session, July 5-Aug. 26
Ri-oularestel ~tIyi-ar- ieginis Octuoer 3.
Atiiiatedfiiiwi tlUiviiety.
30 Artisi T,-tuu-iieetCallinr e nid Inr
Ct'lARt.FSA. StNlf, Secretary
Maynoard t.i Ann Arbor, Michi.

"DOtii Neil ieeiaiiS-.
IFroimivcrious reports iftwouitldlse,,it
that somte of the sotmtierofstdeintsar
little differeitt from someicof the regitlte
tessioti wheni it comes to the abuise otf
l-ibrary privileges. Boitslon iitheri-fee-
encee shielveet are for the use ofi the slit-
lontbtoil s tiaitwhole wiitiiit the for-
mtality of imaking out a cardiat th
desko,'but Ihis doetstnt excses titients
usiing tiose refereitee f-itot romiucetn-
sidleriing the rights of ethers. In s1111
tections there are fromtifotyteotfifty
stuideiits and all are referreid lteertaiin
witrks of refereunce. It got-s wthoiutf
sayinig that if totite itie fur hifs ot
biettefit uttidfuture uti o nieatls a itt it
tunderiteath otie of the desks, liearie
the booklomtite, that ttti e xltineiat-
inig In use it. will be hiatntiped.
Not uany miles nway tre dwel
tan etditor wtoohisupeceuliartewsfitott-
eeriniig the Uiversity if icheigantan
sitmte of the iorganiciztiosfiostiedli
the tniiversity sttudentttntilumiiii. The~
article Ifritmtthe Ypsilaniti fri-so trille
ini tiiother coltitnisitexeellent proil if
the old sat-fog that "Thelueistia itan
kntotws abouit a tiing, lie inore lieca
This in the frst timie the 1liigttt
Untioni tas beein likenieidtt tt ettitit
beer gairdeti. Queertitigs tofteit tre
stiid about uivoersity organizaionts,- ality
teat-. Please, Mr. Edlitour, docoeiie
In AnitiArbior and vsfil the Unllln.Per-

ltie sit stuiet.ii It is doubtfoil if ever before ini the-
-- ______-- fusionyof the tworldl flis therelie-it al
GALLE OF T AMPSgreater demantti for teacters ofcolg
CALLED ING OF TRAMPSaitid utsversity graide ini the Orieiit thattl
___ tnts-. The East has iii greetter tii-
Marry Franck Makes Vagabond Trip tiontihOmitoi give lieysotlh thieiedieti
Around World tiotitl iopportuitiis that tire itit-at the
dlfsposal of EuoipetiiiatoilAmiericst n-il
Xi-. Aritur lxi log witin iithe Sur-1 deint. Both gov-ernment aitid missont
lie.10el hu s 51ieiigiisciools are ini needl of tettchers. I oi-
lilt-l itv~iesof his trip tironid the tins ini the fornmer arcetmtore d esiral
word ty :fintitcially, although at presetlthei t-
iI asvgablondelJouiritey Aroundii the titatid for such tetichiers is tnt sit gret
Wo trldl IIarry A. Firatielate of the tsini some of the vtariotis misio
liter sits if Miechigtin, tells a tale ofscolofCia
a ttpethinousshiofasly aithehaa
tril hattils tiit tiiht t th had So successful hats the tnorkblcoetttt
of thit worlld'sIettrmps.I Equiplpedlwithn a thitthe grettmission hititridstirefidn
lig hieaiihlthy itody, a recultittit,-a it iof it practictally finpossile to ilsdiscereme
itsefultiirtides, tiatultybAmcricantrieadi- andh wotment einoughito tetichiniiithe
]les i a igh siuatonan nusalschools that they- havis alreaidy estibt
ittitit a I f Geth ii lst-tsge tolispedo. It C oreti, for itistatice, ithcretire
clili itih elitntCii to 'hiil i cs otntetachiersettotigh lttettchtthe nativie
.daiit.Citugulite, Clititlittanie heir-Chtristiati chiilreni,thisasuy ntiitg aboti
nest, Sitameisu, tittiJapaneiiisoc,'andi$1in3 the othiert.
cahrese ri-itdfircr sup-putlieslie The saltiey-ptiidhbhisthe mistittonotrilt
trampeidot Itlroettl y tt indthlargesee- ;tbyho- nmtetios as large usItiat pauidh by
tionsIofXAsiai. 1he sleptin tihue quatlers the gotveronentl,hut to otie tthio is
tplriviidediforihomilss ii ott itdhhits c -atixiotlt toiupleetihifs classroittm dho
111111110 tirt thetftottlotote if allnalieisUctbytuctfiul Chiftiantsortvice, theis-i
itills, i1111 ti eIfunin surritnsfig nIi ion ~scoiol is much moe a tttractitte. It
l~s iii (vreatrcity. ottghutalho to lie saiohaitt if otte gloessi
It li ttrae i 1 ast-ointetafoot, like -'
a miissioniary priitailyhliso let-litof
the1 apoist le sI tnd againu iksthueit, tois oervice i isitsually- for life, twith a twetlsut
pasedan itoutwinin hspiatur cighitnmonithis'fuirlotughi ct-irisetvit
from111110Chlitstnfaimuily to another. or eight yeasr. In govterumecnt schlsl,
A Iota; tramp thIroutighi the moutnutaitihintsct-r, hic term if cottrtact tures
junle bten iu-utluuni tltndtiSiamtiwtas5froiti twoito three resins,andthehi iii-
-drttigoventuire-.1li'etiame through strucetion uis givetotalmttot iturialyltin
hung, -sr liceu1 suotilehu-l ly- the sunlt Etuglishi. Inieitheor cuse, till trtavelliitg
Ills fetlblisterediandtul t'ised, lis .clothes expenssoatue ustlully pauid.
torn1 byi troica11lriaris, twithouut act - th Inuformuuatioun concinguipuositionls i-til
but withlh ilt tpreciotuu's tmena u Iggeud illbesesitcuedfrnumutthe religious tsorkhil
-trillms. rector of the iversuittiy CtristitaniAstit
"Irc watuth tts unutur a tampin theluccitationu, it Newlberry hall, Mondiaty,
senseofi a purosetitiless lotfer, fur lie Tisiu tdt1uhitiilocu hs
'ut I tug Ili-.Tuesda-y atdu-ednhtuyayubtethoursthe
cov re log istnce eerydayoi th horsof 2:3otutnul3 :30 itclocko. IHe ctan
roa, r wthut rad.I~ woke aso le reachedulat ts'lclillau Iltll ally
his 11.11so ftur s he wtits ablcetentiirely,-mornuinug ofthue tweekosat-c Sat~urdahytantd
at te- lititng, -brtlbeufore'cthe tnipt Stuuuau.
tias in i' t:hehdactii'dic-louthelus and h
tmteals .ailtd itiutty, atin tthe unuuuutainse IF YOCU WANT ENERCISE
ofi Xsitu hadthad otil l(ubefo11111blitfotrce JOIN TI IE lFOOThL.LSQJU DO.
itrliimithteiii'ii tliuti-c-neerswhor-
fsdt ll or11 ive ut' it. Het-ca-rrieduhnliii ou tilecighu bucts-ueuu 10otiuund3300
arms, trutot 10111aukife, antdI uprioably puutdosCanuiyou i-til tihuuunred yardsul
c ~i lit e btter-ftrit. bestwieut-u indauu20 seondsit? Tut u tu
XIu h 11111-. 1was grauauhuteduhfromuuuthe purobabll ittl, ou cam p tl aylitfotbaull,
uirsit Wilt hteilaiss if 1903. Whle aundh perhiaps yotuu call.
itt eollege h(it- wus . lllimlenbeifliis chaos Fiurthuer01would y ouu like lou plauy ualittle
fotal ueaws cihairnuuuu of thur foethull asta umatter of exercise, wt-heu
teirCls ilttiurs- couuumitee-, tandsa thu iet uher-u'cuoosua bitill iiSeptemberu
temtu of 1111ti theuemorunil comt uteelu. Au andthethctgo io utulnd upuddlle rti tuuttinfl
tile tutte het'twas .uauuumemb ieof thu'edit--uthe cool Of XWhiitimore Lake? Very well.
tuhitlitati ltb. Captaint hBenny hBenrohk antdlIhis t-
bittstvihll eoutllat tIlakeuucfour trainuingu~
NEW X.Xh1hf.NfEh ISN'h'IN LAXV Septuulemer20, wtosing for uhart:ho ures.
1)11IITMEN'1T IS POCPULAR trho, ihe. Joe ;Ihtgisohuof hlst susie'-
_______- etvelent, tits the senisautioniof te footbuall
The ucregistrautill in Outs departmnuut worhl, sintioneui f thuebest haltvcstis-
lt dte is sabut on tie hutudruecuauud twelve. covtered inuuhc histuory-of the game.Ifi -h
LQuite' umbuuulen Iavliectnsolled with yuuarnc tillinug tgo niutthuee fon tratin-
he idea siof comple inhg thie coursinfl two nlg uhuey- wilhlttelcomuue you pideidhiyo11u
retgular sessonlssutniltile-csummeruucn os- say-your ownuuboiardh bihh. Thenu, ii yu
itns. Thlis planiuis ai newivideca for thue tmakoe-eithuerthe vartsity eleven'uor ithe
uurutguenftuIi hue ti-rksaudis ta great our sily- squuathlext faill ytutlexpn
advatag tlgittosewholuitt-shhioushsorteun willlie neturuied itie. Pretty culy vut
this Iimlie requlire-d Ifurthue law tdegree. cation?


buapstomiueof Ite faciully i' uenuuers oithue Cuurses inil t'efirsvlandtuelcconduhyear
uunrity wouldh condeceudtoIsthowutsubhjecstus hty beelete, huttuto tenion PLA TENNhS.
yonu all nt-en the htmoufutheiflaste Juduge coureois g~iven, these beinug comtbiuted Gtyou uhsa usuug.Ni
Cetoley.Thue huoutscis alwtay-s op~enufur wtoih hratllicabili'etsure nreuired Ino5Wright-& hDilsot aund Spahliug's.
-the insopecionuufof stors nd, uuwe iwosud ibhistakhenu inttt'e regularu esonieu.________________
reaully like toi have 3-lulsee it. lost if thue -tuhntltarc thuoceu-hu neFowaatAlnc& rsh'.
The Uunionu, atud whuat it sltaunds-for, sure prrintg fur batr cssuuuiuatioto, aundFutF'iturtst.hhaih&Friti'.
arc all tIo tehlhkboto n h eeth siuy d-thutltees witntg to shttrItnthuctitne for -
fetuoc frounssuch an sahtacki.ihiigan th e udegree,.btltheren ra niumuber of .X'uihstiici-Fon thuc test HIoutseholed
mueuu etverywhre kinowth-at thU niotutu aciinig latiyees,itho istioluInrevietv( article tillthe umarkelt roflthlargc.
it for themu, that it stanuuds fuse thelesct antd 1broadethiu leir leguil kcunowlehge. 120i hroaudwtay'. Detroit. 2-3-4"
210 E. Hisrori TOM OVELL 1109S. Vlest
First Class Boot arnd Shoe Kepairing
Tomn wants youzr old high ashoea . Beat price itivett
ANN ARBOR STEAM DYE WORKS---French and steam cleaning
For Fine (iowns, Waists, Woman's Suite and Men's Clothing

We are sliowing an exten-
sive lite of Sumtmen Fabrics.
The assortmnt comprises
everyhhinug that hs new and
tnobbhy ini des~ignu, color and
qutality. We ceansay with-
null exggenration our stock
thuio year is thur :t .Ihat-d-
sotingwe have ever shown,
a"-( llt readily appeal eo the
mnost parthitnlar patroen.

W. E. Dieterle
Varsity Tailor
117 E. Liberty St.
Dry Cleaners
1112 S. University Ave.
911 N. Vine Ave.
Reinger & Company
The Old Place Billiard
Cigars, Candy, Tobacco
Bali & Simmons
Rentals, HueRooms
or Apartments
For Rent.
Fle Aluarnlilits foe
Light Housekeeping
Across It nun Wateunnan
407 East University
Phone 1576

All Spots Removed.

204 E. W o shirijgtori

If yozs are fxsrrxishirsng rooms this fall be susre anvd consult
Nss, as it will be to yotxr advantage
1'r.ni sr, Can pats, and Draperies 112-122 E. Libes-ty

121 Wshlgto.IE.

RANDAI1L & PACK, Photographers

I'hoee 89

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