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July 27, 1911 - Image 4

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The Wolverine, 1911-07-27

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Awn Arbhi'sLoxye
(trill I+"l /1111tc:.
M. M..NOWLIN, Propr.
W. C. NOWLIN, Mngr.
Make our Store
Youzr Shopph
Headqu~a-ters ~

J, A Brief CasesEGETWl 1'tE
Outinesofo s, t c.i_
SPIY LI a ii ~ an II ut 'N st skhlcaner ditthe P ctet au,.
Edwards Brothers «-llbeshesljec ftl etr olie
the phys 5(sic s a matory at 5 o'clok, ,'ri-
I WE statlit.
B l in " Ncloavo treiem a 3u-v e in ias natralst f t it Puterer
versel rna charac r;teristi Y.tesdes
1A . In MIIAP.bE AJELL ILF .U.rzt~rrzr~~r

P ROF. NESS (.,IIMEI.SPEAS IThese hat nays get astir milk from a
ON I'lO ,OGIC.''E SEIIJi Cl SNWurister tress. wagons. They standl for
puityansd freshneisss. kiso at Os-trail
"1rT 5151.0lai iiVitaltism asToits an1 Caitht Sts. Bell 423. 1tiiit e140.
1 1Dv .; I n o iv iBenwill 6-16.
hete n 1: fa etutobis lie 5is-i
lyPo..C.N tss emlwposraft W e asanall lawr tabte at Walkecr's,
htn addirti r of tihelistaicialt336 S. Disvisiaoi St.2.
laort ty hs ri~oli. The- lec-ure
il ii l~is t its itise-tare room of 1 Gois seconaiiiidsa dak lts iin all sixts;
it -ii Isisboraitoiry iat is o'cck, jIiorenut, fur ieii cisn titpr d1y,at I taop-
- -I) e', t61gtE. L,iiecty, ltree iliiars frosis
sttM I IttA N IS 1UN M ECID1)I i State. p5.
LasaCBoaks far Siiiiiier Schiaal. E~arg-
"Uiiiiidef is vt"wih feard to 5 ratstatck in St fciifgis. Newand setainu
wheth iier he w ueirt oAnA rhnui. C. C. sirtliell, 326 5. Slate St.,
next fill sras tie woay iwich11"Sh1 ty" stcaiidflaar. Ttl. 761-L. 1-1n.
AIe-ill t ou, ici a oob ll 1 f ie
staled hifs presentiistite f i diiiii tst er- Far all '.MsicalInsstrumetnts, siplse,.
sits. IlIt iwas ini towissesterayifisliea papuluir aidslaussic niisic, see Sclsaeherle
few hoties aittedistopersnst affairs.aind San, Music houseiio m S. Plain St.
Tie muatteir deptieds oisthe ishst of it1-10.
uty fattier,' sidshe.
Sit evensins erterainmernt is sat
FOE N It.acompletrei-iwitotlai lunchiatTutlle's..
Say fellaiws, thseaolier retentng I foundi Stall there aftr yatir itrties. 338 S.
just list plate to lhaie a road, rite Stale. 10i-23.
laiieh. It is up sItirs at l0g E. Nk-ashi.
Try it alice. It's allliaiie mnitooI. 1 ti1l ~C o.,
llamlssrgers are Ithe ar it ii tu.lsao LUNYCHIES Ice and aSodas

Sketch and give you
a price on anything
in the Sign line
Weissigner Sign Co.
Phone 910-L

W 10It Iwilt yon spend tyour iiioiier vacation? W~y nt neyliie
ncharmsioftourlIiieoitnd ia,iiihiimost pleaisanitsaecnoical inuting
tn Ameircua.
Allttheiimpont oportson thse Greatibakesarerreachiedtregularlyby the
excellent terricerofniti. &t.akebinea. rhirteiilargenSteamuertnfttis.
flet arn tiimoder iteelconistanotiordhaeallttiesqualties ofspeed,
saferty andoifot.
Diailysie ints opratednubetwereontetroiad Cleendi,iDetrotand
Buffalo; tour trips iweekl.y Setweni enite troit, lMnckionacnslnatitndlwap
ports; threetips wiely betoeeaolneida, Cevelaini,anst Ptt-nay.
A Clreeanid to Macskinac speoinaeamrwilt be operated two trips.
weekly froom June isiS in Sep tember t, toinpptng only at tDetroit every trip
anidtaoderinchOnt., evriy othesrtrip.
Special Day Trips Beween Detroit and Cleveland, During July and Auguutr
RAILROAD TICKIES AAILALE:--Ticelu reading via any rail line betwuen Dutroit and Bufflu
and Derit and Cleveland will be hnred fur tranupurtationnon D. & C. line Steamneru in either
Send -oenostip forIlutterod Pamophiletoand Great Lakes atMp.
Addrest: L. G. Lewids, G. P. A., Detroit, Mich.
Philip H. Mc. Milian, Pres. A. A.Schanez, Gn'lMg.

trotvst iis iile tatte newt. falli
whelurebysspstronas f the Cisrl Uniioni
till blie tiilsitoI rserveseassttsr tsr
inst fist cissents. hior 51everalilers it
haslbeent custemairvtoisstilge trli
aidmiissin tickets onsiy, e pt fr the
Slty Fetsiva. Repeated reuiests, iouw
erer,iatirpesuadediit itiminagemetieu
ii tcianigeits poitohysthis }it. sr sih res
ervatios isasillinost le g od fisr iii biti
the midie-wiiter tiutbtrsitpieiuOts to the
at sIANasscorasti tiTo TiaD-5
Miss Lida arln omryfrtas-
isaint is Prf. 5iltlt NAHitswlai.
ths retureios r boi sSutN ir t cinueii i
avnctelwis-arlstoel im. uts SissIKar
lnhus bieii a h eai fthioa
thIanaliii itut- , ia- andhas
brsugt itis ihelst-fio tt own iIstt i
eral ofhe tilte advacedtpuili5ii
siser Itiaisthiss-imayusakeisial wois
rott sian VISIS isiii iS55 i ti-i
ProfssorC. 1. Hlt o thefo s
departiieit is 5vistiig the uiviie rsit
biologicialsicam p t Dls Ltsakei whters-
itt is iii stitiiiitfitrst coniis of-i
tha itdisriclti t s ainiiispealti suty
f the problesititsf tforest iieisr~atin.
tieceNssAYsVIs-S ITTOA-aMPt.
Rergents eal miind ntHubard, atingtias
a tamittele fromi the boardl visitei the
engineeirinug ad bilogia ains last
1wtek. Twoosaytiert petintset
ing te ts-asites aidlsrroiudig ter-
rtory witt a iwr of tstrtuiiiingthe
adnivisaility at hatgitg te loatofiist
the statiotts ead year. They iserr a-
tcordeid a crdsia wseloite at boh iplaes.
Remor is it that Lous B. HssI r
ashIo for the pail three years tisbets
ant itstrutor itt the rhetoritsdepartmteti
of the univiersity, isill le mairrie to
Miss Margurite Allen, of Aa, Miti.
Mr. Heser ins or of those whlo
ws aiwaridesd a graduate felosship ii
Etiglisht at the Utiversity nf Penyl-
saniai at last yearsedistribattiota of el-
lowshiips by that unitaiersit. Ii ie of
this hie iii tt rettrti to the utiersis-
to ectntinute his si-rk ott the faestyretx
tHINFSE pREernTORCnVLrnaietNu.
Chitese studentas atthe uiviiersit swho
expet to attetid the aniuatCititese St-
denttCnferentee, whih is to bae held
on Septembier I, in Madisn,SWico-
sit, are busyigthiemselses iwiti prepar-
Weeklly- iretitgs at Newsberr ail are
devedi to ttselarinig of the "Yelosi
andt the lie"atd oler poplar l'ihi-
gait airs, w iti hey-ititnatito feature
at ls thetassagaiherinig.
rOitiai at AODATar ENSts
Owintg ii teiitsslsitiss to stawiitilt
i-s a modesite l imot,IUivesrity- at Pens-
slv-atia asets has ltest forbisiene
to a pokesir, sussier pai of eplsion.
.A tcottlete stacof Classie adsiPp-
nulr iAisii -and Muicatal Supplies at the

serve steaksatil

TheUrivsitr)it t uiteI Lose arirriesaa
cosmptlet stoctk of the Mittuig ail Colleges
Alasis. WeSisrit e yutocall auud st
tatte famiiliar wti-ilsit. 8-Fip.

Caplitatl - siii i
iupls utui Protit"s - !0ssisini
R su cs - sisWs- isi).0000
A ; iier Ls I i isitia uit(Sus M tit iii
.5W. Cornerii tut utltuiuon ts.

*Detroit d, Cleveland wav Co:

ansi oilier sassdwicihes. Give 338 S. State Street
College hut. 1t to.


-A, E" ME--

The Ann Arbor Dye Works
Freonci Dry turd Steamt
Hughest C1aus of Work. i4 F W asluinon St0
Belt Phon62
Rowe's Laundry
406 Detroit St.
Work Frotytund Promuptly Doric
THOMAS ROWE, Prop. Belt Phone 457
a The fGarroyie
Ma&il usTriodl Order

One Blank from Campus
209 South Stato Street
Raties, $4.00 Per Week
We have a hobby, the making eot
Fancy Creamfs and Ices
Special Occasions
Tshedot h fiet n-,te ic
yhnso ae tsart.tayw n -
Trubey's Place
116 South (lain Street
Bell Phone 166

3 Big Mirthful T I I
Nights Starting TO I H
{ Comedy Singing Dancing
Morse -and Delanoy
The Bell Hop and Rho Maid
Familyscope Superior Photo Plays
Entirely New Cornedy
add Novel FrankP rs Musical
China Dishes to Ladies Saturday Matinee
Macca bee Benefit
July 31 to August 5
The Ann Arbor
Will be Open
Every Day Except Sunday
9A.M. to 9P.M.
It is refreshing ton take a bath in nine cool spring wateer.
713 S. FIFTH AVE. Phone 996 2 Ringa

I Vuisersify -Music I1'et


I ~W I' ~YSteamari d Fcrnch
I r iier~q. nner Dry Cleaners
619 E. WDDOlamr St. Sulta Pressed 25c Trousaers D8c

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