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July 27, 1911 - Image 3

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The Wolverine, 1911-07-27

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Fo'ext Ya
75( ;Per FacsLRiraMnaigEio
'The Yost of the Qhoe Repairing
Bisness. lleswill do your work
in a hurry-up style,
Laces, Polishes, Etc.
The University Shoe Shop
613 Rust Willioa Street
You will always find aulurge line of
The East University Pharmacy
12111 S. University Awe.
Our Pr'-0.6 aw* R11j[t
U. of M. and
Canoes land Boots Rented
P. G. TESSMER, Proprietor
Both Phones 665
I~Te Kepf Music Studios
* Pismo Pipe OVan.
* Voice Csstsau-

AUlimatter is this coloiisi stsbe pair
for is advoaice. Office hours: 1:30 1,
3 P. ari.
Totoriiig ini Rhetoric aod English
Prices reasonable. Address, Laser
Press IBuilding. Phoneac 96o. 4-6.
To thsose of you ssho are sot on t1
alit Anin Arbor aind laemodes. If yaot
owisli a qieit little rctreat-away fron
altihulbulan th dnngrind anid cram of books, go to lbf
Hlose Tea Room with its perfectai-
mat, Ia speed your text eveiningstl
tier. 'The eats are delicious, topg Wash
Upstairs. 12-13

Cores, bueions, inigrowing eails, treat.
ed laed cored. Everythieg absoltel3
antiseptic. Office hours: 9-12 a. inm., i-,
p. m5. Miub E. J. Foley, 921 E. Huroi
SI., cud of North 1thl. Phoner989-J
Like a drink of fresh, cool buttermilk,
thick froem the churn? Ask for it at
noen. Wurster Bros., Cor. Del. 001
Catherline Sts. Bell 423; Honie-140.
Penunts, fancy work and curios; hest
prices.Pulais Royal, zog E. Liherty.
You-all who come from
the South
Do you know just how delicious
rich cream con taste with genuine
maple syrup " poured over it and
o dash of fresh hulled nutsP
You0 can find out at
208 S. Main St.

i01-103-1055S. Mais Si.. AssArbosr, Minis.

Rovegno asks you 5 cents for
his nundas-any place else you
would pay 10 and 1,i cents and not
get as much. Give him the
chance to show you. If you don't
you are the loser.


--- P iill, IEdga- J., i,.2Marsal.
DIRECORY F SUM E I PnyoHl ad UE, e.645 S. lngalls,
DIRE TOR OF UMM R Brdfod Pa. 1235-.
SCH OL TUD NTS l/t, 1siiil, 1, Chiibb Ihous, An Ar-
Peopilels, Lbhrlotte IL Iota015 .Univisr-
Namses ie this directory are taken e Priit F Lws,, Pckr, Aon
-froms the records ini the offices of the 7et5
isecretaries of the various departments Atrbcosr. adndt Ioco5 Taier
aecontain the soe errors. If no N ahvillee 363L
phoiie umber has been placed oin the Pervn ejmnE. 0 aln.62L
enrolment card, noie is showvn here;-
butta dePotpelueter s kqucia, :Mainioo m, 1003N. Uiiver-
ut ha dos ot relud tereben ty, Sn anPrts Rico. 453.
o a phone in tie house; call chief opera- si~etersoii Arthr 13th6LGeddes, Irni
at tr and tell her what -house you woolnt.od
n noletby the departimeiits is in- Peteroso1543
gdicated as follows: literary, ame fo-t- roMro,11 il n r
t owed by no letter; engieerieg, e; PboeFdtr. l~i,12 .Tayr c
)- as, ; medical, u; plarmi, p; grad-
6 uate school, g. trit.
1- Telephone eumbers ini parentheses are Petts, lc,11 ,Hrn eia
3for the Rome phone, others for the Aa
Bell. Wheni Biological station or Camp Phelps, Jessie, g, Ypsilansti.
Bogardus appears as city address, aai Phelps, Williams George, g, 74 1E. Uii-
nay be seeto Topinabee, care Biologi- versity, Dallas, Tex.
cal statioin, or Camp Bogardos, as the Plillip, Edward Joii, nm, 12085 . Ui
y cae ma be.versiy, Wilkes Barre, Pa. 1213.
5 ___ Piat, Mrs. Lottie, 1816i Geddes, tHaiii-
n ba, Mo.
-. Niesoi, Nies Chester, %o5 E. Huroi, Pierce, Jaomes Francis, Canp Bgardus,
Chase. pp1-L. Washington, . C.
Norross, SeatoiiAnderson, g, 2op S. Pib, Charles Franklin, 8oo E. Hurn,
Thayer, Adrian. 64o-J. Ithaca
I Norris A Lyman, e, 1000 E. Wash- Ping, Wag Chang, g, 213 N. iaer,
d ingon, Grand Rapieds. 84-J. Tai A, Cia.
Nyle, Peer Quick, 220 S. Iingalls, Cald- Pineyie, Lymnai Justin, in, s02 Twelfth,
wel, Raiis. 1o17-1- Big Rapids. p.
DOalkers, Crt L., Caiip Bogarduss, North Piper, Paul Heiry, 324 1E. Jefferson, A-
' Tonaanida, N. Y. ma. 1055-J.
-Octerbeiii, Meutto, 232 . Igalls, Vesta- Play foot, Charles L., e, 65 E. Libery,
hurg 868-L. Cyner. Pa. 771-L..
OBrien, Etdward La Rue, 433 Maynard, Pluimb, Alera, 433 Mayard, Sagiiaw.
tDowagiac. 1376-J. 1376J.
Oldlhaom, Staney Regiiad, g, Lesistoi, Poage, G, ioap Caterine, St. Louis,
Me. MO. 73.
Olsei, Sophie, 32 N. Thayer, Istipeo- Pope, Rihari Huter, 411 E. Uiiver-
ing. 1203-L. iy, Cory, Pa. 826-.
Otsaver, Johin L., 112 Oakland, Riesoi. Porter, Dwight Ernest, 127 Willard,
1268. Oklahoma City, Ola.
Olthiouse, Johii W., g, 332 1. Madiso, Porter, Hosward C., 720 S. Uiiiersity
Graind Rapids. 135-L Williamssoi. 155.
Ottill, Jay S., g, n10 N. Thayer, Bei- Porter, Ida Lois, 64 E. Wasiiigton,
zonia. 85-L. Romeo. 68.
Orr, Wesley Oiurtoi, f61o E.Aiii, Ma- Portmian, toiera A., 1115 E. Huroi,
istique. 68-J. Betoni Harbr. 437.
Otis, Charles Herbiert, g, 1513 S. Uii- Powell, Glee", 602 Moiroe, Cosatine.
vesiy,Aim Arbor. 69-L. 79-L.
Otis, Edwiii Jaiies, e, 1513 S. Univer- Prat, ais White, Cuttig Aaroments,
ily, Ann Arbor. h1-L. Sagiiaw. 1242-J.
Otis, Floyd, N, in, 613 Hill, tHicksvile, Pratt, Carnice Wesley, 427 Maynard,
0. 14-L. Moioi, Int 137o.
Otto, Charles Frederick, 408 1. Wash- Prentice, Arthur Douglas, 320 S. Di-
ington, Edinbro, Pa. 11p-L.- vision, 917-J-r.
Overtace, Lewis, e, 522 Monroe, Wester- Prihard, Bernard, e, 713 E. Caherine,
ville, . 779-L. Buenos Ayres, S. A. 68-f.
Oet, Edith C., 2i16 N. State, Orion. Priddy, Allan' Lea, 1205 Frset, Ad-
1134-L. rai. 1241-L.
Owlius, Janmes N., 53 E. Williams, Se- Pridedy, Mrs. Bessi Leach, g, 125
wanee, Tei. (678 Blue). Forest, Adrian. 241-L
Pabst, Albert, Jr., e, 516 Cheever Court, Priddy, Iree, Leach, ta05 Forest, Ad-
Yougstow-n, . 89-" ras. 1241-L.
Park, Robert, :Pontiac. Pryer, Roy Webster, no, 437 Maynard,
Packer, Magaetta, 813 . Uiversity, Potad 1370-L.
Newton, Pa. ta6-L. Puekernsg, Harold Palmer, e, 121 Hill,
Padet, Russell Hoomer, 53 bWiliaoms, Annu Arbor.
Parkersbaurg, W. Va. Pue, Marin Luther, g, 643 . Thaye,
Palomer, Russell B., e, 702 . Unitesiy Kimibertona Heights, Tenn. 363-L.
Saginaw. 63. Putnam, Mark Edson, g, 924 . Ann,
Palmer, Water Seymsour, 1, 1437 Wash- Ovid. 1057-L.
tenaw, GUnd Rapids. 39 (39). Pseaiers, Ethel, m, sau8 Wsheunaw,
Parillo, Guy Anthonsy, 624 . Division, Grand Rapids. 88-J.
AnntiArbaor. 1236-L. Quick, Bet Edwin, g, 6q Whaey Cour,
Parker, Clarncsee M., 1, So Packard, Ann Arbor.
Anita, Ia, Radoed, F. L., , 437 Mbaynrd, Detroit.
Parker, Hal Morgan,sm, 21o N. State, Raesley, Harold G., e, 127 Willard,
Monroe. 1134-J. Marshall.
Parker, Mary, 211 Kinslaey, Traverse Ramage, Harry B., e, 710 . Ain, Hg-
City. naia, Il. 71-L.
Parker, Wmilfred, 521 L. Jefferson, Glad- Ramos, Juan M., e, 531 Forest, Cao-
wist. aguey, Cuba. 543-L.
Parkshllt. Dale Isas, e, 23 S. Ingalls, Ramsdel, folin L., m, it8 N. Taye,
Chesaninig. 17-f. Abion.
Parsnsu Farvev Emmnesss, e, 524 Pack- Range, Cart H., 120 . University,
ans, Doo agiac. 1666-J. Dryden Main.
Pastawsa, I. Angel, 236 . Thayer, Ris Ransom, Nina L., 26 S. Twelfth, Jones-
Piedias, P. R. ville. 702-L.
Patrns, A. Rizo, e, 236 S. Thayer, Lima, Ras, Calos M., teas N. University,

Persu, S. A. Daird, Panmuina.
Pattersosn, Dorsey Webster, 1, 335 Cash- Ras, Gustavus A., toss N. University,
ernse, Ann Anl or. uoo5s-L. Daird, Pansamsa.
Patterson, George Washsingtons, Divi- Rasemsasn, Carl, e, 613 E. Hurnu. De-
sioss, Losidon, Enigland. trait.
Pattersons, Herbert, 1, 236 5. Thayer, Rawedoss, Henry S., e, 422 N. Kingsley,
Newark, 0. u138-J. Marlette. 223-J.
Patterson, Isla Shoe. 213 5. Thayer, Lud- Raymosid, Willianm, g,_ 514 N. Divisioin,
Iow- Falls, 0. Anus .Arbor.
Paysse, fohst Howeard, 1, Agini Arbor. Rynsearsonu,bWiliams Johnin , 114 leg-
Peake, Ora Brooks, 226 Twselfth, Port- ails, Ypsilansti. 974-L"
land. 702-L. Read, Jr., fames F., 1, 207 S. Ingalls,
Pearse, Webster Houston, g, Ypsilanti. Font Smith, Ark.' 775
Pearsons, Ralph David, e, 917 Many, De- Ready, John Thsomas, g, 8o8 Oaklanud,;
trait. Sedalia, Mo. t68o-L.

Reardnii, JohnaS ., m~, 5o Thiompsso,
Ge;asish Raidis. 1464-L.
IL ais, Charles 1.,412 N. Division, Al-
ens, 0.
h-eet, Normntit, 6o05S. Thaer, Fondsio,
nst. 1287J
Recdi, Williams .., e, Ito S. Uiversity,
I letsroil 47o-LI
Registcu D,13 , 38 S '1Thise, ot
Reid, Jensase L12644 SIgals, .AnnsuA-
bat. 744
Rilep ,Frasik J,, 28 S.Thayer, Green-
viule U\s 130-L
ResisicWbastrAL,1c, 432 Thomspson,
Reminisgton, IFloydat:12e, 803 . State,
Nilcs 1314
Ressi, Edwin usaSb ,cCamtp Bogardus,
Reye, Heiunichin, 1328 bWasteaw,
isesacis Germnsaiy. 6a.
Reynoalsds, EdwsinsI., u, 1224 SWslie-
saut, Brochsport, N. Y. 144.
Reysnolds, Mary, 62 . Huron, Pots-
don, N. Y. 122-J.
Rhetta,tHesny, g, 1toa Lincoln, Oswego,
N. . 276.
Richards, Forence 1., g, 713 . Iluon,
Ants Arbor. 24-1.
fRicha~rds, Wilim H., e, Canp Bogad-
its, Cliftons Statiosn, Va.
Rickershaow, Charles, e, Cirup'Bogrdus,
Los Anigeles, Cal.
Ridlenour, George W., 1i, 85 . bnt,
Amtu Arbor. 1668-f.
Riupley, Alice M., 202 S. Thaye, Sult
Ste. yMarie. 88-1.
Roberts, CarneeWS., 1, 644 E. Uni-
versity, Canandaigua, N. . 8.
Robblins, Philip F., 1, o1 E. Washing-
tos,Abts Arbsor.
Robserts, Gladys M., 2t16 N. 'Stoe,
tRobsertson, Elizabeth J., Biological Sa-
tiot, Johnstown, Pa.
Robertsons, Mouth E,, Biological Sa-
tiot, Harisiburg, 'Pa.
Robinuson, Annu, 67 E. Anus, Muskegon.
Robisnsso, Charlotte. Ypsianti.
Robsinson, Williams, 522 Monroe, Taylor,
Rodgers, Edward, 1, 548 S. Sate, New
Roessur, Hedwig, Elizabeth, Atn Ar-
Rogers, John Byron, e, 118 S. Univer-
sity, Ozark, Mo.
Rohn, Minnie Many, in. Brighuton.
-Romain, Elizabeth C., 62 Frest, Lans-
isng. t1216-L.
Romig, Lee Vincent, g, 527 Packard,
Ann sAnbo. t20- (tsp Whie).
Romine, Otis, 1, South Bend, Int.
Rosenthal, Francis ., 1, 827 Arch, Ann
Rosenthal, Hlenrieta, g, 327 Arch, Ann
Rothchhil, Henry, e, 12o Wshenaw,
Louiseille, Ky. 373-f.
Royer, Cart. 1, 636 S. Thayer, Louisville,
Ruggles, Charles, Cleveland, 0.
Rupert, Frank N., 544a Church, Geneva,
N. . t153-L.
Russell, Edith, 1703 Hil, Anus Abar.
Russell, Ella 'May, 634 . Twelfth, Ann
Rutherford, George S., g, 1034 F. Hur-
on, Madrid, N. . uof65-J.
Rufus, W. Carl, g, 632 Church, Albion.
Rysearson, William John, m, 114 S.
Ingls, Ypsilaanti. 74-L.
Socket, Heruon, 1, 427 Maynard, Edin-
bor, Pa. 1370-J.
Sackett, Ray Carleton, e, 167 SWashe-
sass, Saginaw. o6.
Saiadin, Harry, e, 238 . Thayer, De-
troit. 131-1.
Satin, John F., 1, 417 . bWashingon,
Noriwood, Ill.
Samspsor, Guy B., 1, 91 Oakland, Ann
Arbor. 355 (s5)"
Sanford, Edith Say, 202 . Thayer,
Savonsa, N. . 88-1.
Sargent, Clara A., stus "E. Huron, Vold-
asta, Ga. 497.

Sargents, Elizabeth, AmissArbo.
Sarsher, Charles Lee, 621 Forest, Grn-
nell, La. 1216-L2.
Saunaders, Lawrne =M Sartin, e, Athuol
Sprngs, N. V.
Sass-don, Jonaos, 802 :Monroe. Gransd
. Ledge'. 1114-f.
Schaad, Judd, 711 Monsroe, North Ad-
amy. 593
Sehell, Herbert 0., 523 5. 'Divisious,
Lansing. 339-12.
S~elseusehsonn, 12. f., ms, 1003 N. Huron,
Greenville. 394 (394).

of the
University 01 Michigan
Complete information concerning seven departments:
Collegiate, Engineering, Medicine,
Law, Pharmacy, Homeopathy, Den-
tistry, and the Graduate School and
the Summer Session.
Special courses in Forestry, Newspaper Work, Landscape
Design, Higher Commercial Education including Railway
Administration and Insurance, Architecture, Conservation
Engineering, Pedagogy (affiliated with Ann Arbor High
Schuool for Observation Study), and a new course for those
preparing for the scientific administration of departmenuts
of sanitation and public health.
For Copy of Catalogue, Special Announcement or
Individual Information address
Secretary University


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