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August 04, 1945 - Image 4

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Michigan Daily, 1945-08-04

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-. I

Training Program Gives Industrial Guidance

Over 300 students from all over the country, and some from Canada,
India, and Puerto Rico are enrolled in the Cooperative Counselor Training
Program in Detroit which gives guidance courses in industry and retailing,
and provides opportunities for teachers, counselors, and school admini-
strators to secure summer employment in industrial plants or selected retail

The program, under the direc
University, is operated under thea
Conference on
String Music
Teaching Opens
Morning session of the one-dayr
Conference on the Teaching oft
Strings, sponsored by the School of
Music for visiting teachers, will opent
at 9 a. m. EWT (8 a. m. CWT) to-
day in the basement room of Lane
Symposium in MorningJ
The morning session will consist-
of a symposium, demonstrations and
general discussions of string music
teaching. Donald Armstrong of
Grand Rapids will be the chairman
and other participants are Hal Ber-
gen, Fort Dodge, Iowa; Mrs. Beth
Hamilton Johnson, Dearborn; Hom-
er LaGassey, Detroit; David Mat-!
tern of the University; Conway Pe-
ters, Albion; Bernard Silverstein,
Detroit; and Miss Mary Jane Ward-
well, Knoxville, Tenn.
The afternoon session will open
at 1 p. m. EWT (12 noon CWT) in
the Rackham Building Assembly
Hall. At this time, University music
students will give a' demonstration
of string music. This will be fol-
lowed by a meeting of the Michigan
String Planning Conference.
Informal Reading Session
Later in the afternoon there will
be an informal reading session of
string orchestra music conducted by
Mr. LaGassey, Prof. Mattern, and
Julius Stulberg. At the close of the
afternoon session areception and tea
will be held.
The evening session will consist
of a chamber music concert to be
given at 8:30 p. m. EWT (7:30 p. m.
CWT) in the Assembly Hall. Partici-
pating will be Gilbert Ross and Mar-
ian Struble Freeman, violinists;
Louise Rood, violist and Robert
Swenson, cellist.
Soldier Loses
Tough Battle
FORT WORTH, Tex., Aug. 3-tom)
-Corp. James E. Newman, 25, who
was suffering from tuberculosis of
the throat, lungs and stomach, died
today at his home here at 5:20 p. m.
For Newman it was the end of a
tough fight for life that started when
the Japs captured him at Bataan.
He struggled through the March of
Death--he didn't remember the last
five hours of it.
He got through three years of
Japanese imprisonment; in a prison
camp in the Philippines he endured
hopeless starvation and flesh melted
,from his body.
.rDoctors at Army hospitals in New
Guinea and in New Mexico shook
their heads over him. They told him
his case was hopeless. But Newman
wouldn't give up. He wanted to go
home to Fort Worth, he said.

tion of Dr. Frank Dalton of the
auspices of Michigan and Wayne
Universities. Sponsorshare the
Chrysler Corporation, the Henry
Ford Trade School, the Retail Mer-
chants Association, MichiganState
College, and other educational in-
Purpose of the program is to pro-
vide a background for the professional
responsibilities of the persons en-
rolled and the work carries college
Under this plan, the students are
assigned work in factories and retail
stores in Detroit. They are paid pre-

vailing rates for their work, which
lasts a minimum of eight weeks.
Those who enter the progiram
have the chance to meet the work-
er to gain a first hand knowledge
of conditions in industrial plants
or retail stores, and to meet and
talk with labor and management
leaders. The student moves from
one job to another by a program
of job rotation, in order to gain
more than one type of experience.
Inraddition, four hours each week
are devoted to listening to "top man-
agement explain the responsibili-
ties of their departments as they re-
late to the organization as a whole.
The type of training that should be
given young people still in school who
plan to enter industrial fields is also
taken up.
As their contribution to the plan,
the sponsors bring nationally known
educators in the fields of guidance,
labor relations, social reform and
kindred *subjects to lecture.

Gale s11 Dance
To Feature
Brestoff Bacnd
'Stethoscope Ball' Will
Honor Med Seniors
Phil Brestoff and his orchestra
will play for the "Stethoscope Ball,"
which will be held from 9 p. m. tc
midnight EWT (8 to 11 p. m. CWT)
Saturday, Aug. 11, in the League ball-
The dance, sponsored by the Ga-
lens Society, is a get-together for

Methods Used to Study Indian
Applicable to Any Language

By The Associated Press
FORT BELVOIR, Va., Aug. 3 --
Twice discharged from the army be-
cause of flat feet, Pvt. Henry L. Nor-
ris is back in uniform again - and
Little Attention
Formerly Given
Voice Diseases
"Although voic e disorders are
among the most common diseases,
they have received relatively little
attention until very recently," Prof.
Charles R. Strother, guest lecturer
for the speech department, said in
an interview yesterday.
According to Prof. Strother, there
are few people in the field of treat-
ment of voice disorders with scien-
tific background, and there are great
opportunities for people with this
Prcf. Strother, who is Associate
Professor of Speech and Psychology
and director of the Psychological
Clinic at Iowa State University, spoke
on the differentiation of hysterical
and organic voice disorders in a lec-
ture yesterday.
He will conduct a roundtable dis-
cussion on diagnostic problems of
voice disorders with members of the
Speech 323 seminar at 8:30 a. m.
EWT (7:30 a. m. CWT) today at
the speech clinic,
Glider Produetion.
To Stop at Gibson,
GREENVILLE, Mich, Aug. 3 -(P)
-Gibson Refrigerator Company an-
nounced today its contract to manu-
facture gliders for the Army Air
Forces would be cancelled on Aug. 20.
The cancellation willdaffect some
300 employes here and an additional
500 workers of sub-contractors at
Grand Rapids.
The company said it has requested
the AAF to delay the cancellation
order until Oct. 1 when civilian pro-
duction of refrigerators and ranges
will begin.

Three-TimingSoldier Is in GIs Again

those arches are just as horizontal
as ever.
The drawling North Carolina farm
boy gave this chronology today of
his experience with Army camps,
separation centers and draft boards:
Back in 1939 and fresh from a
Civilian Conservation Corps camp
(remember them?) he enlisted at
the age of 17, with his mother's
Early in 1940, the doctors decided
Army shoes and Pvt. Norris' feet
just couldn't get along. So out he;
went, on a medical discharge.
Ex-Private Norris then went to
work in Fayetteville, N. C., got mar-
ried and settled down to civilian life.
Then in August, 1942, his draft board
tapped him, despite his protests to
the woman at the draft board.. She
said the medics, could decide.
They did, a year and ten days
later, when Pvt. Norris became Mr.
Norris again.
Then he started getting word from
his Fayetteville draft board again---
"They said I was a job ijumper. I
wasn't. I just had to look around
for suitable work. But I got tired
of their jabber. I didn't want them
to put me down for that work-or-
fight thing. So I volunteered."
Inducted again in May, 1945,
Private-Once-Again Norris and his
less To (ive
Talk on Arctic
"The Russian Arctic" is the topic
of a talk to be given by Dr. George
Kiss of the geography department
before a meeting of Russky Kruzhok
at 8 p. m. EWT (7 p. m. CWT) Mon-
day at the International Center.
Dr. Kiss will discuss the general
problem of navigation on, the sea
lane across the Arctic from Europe
to the Far East, and the imporatnce
of Northern Siberia to air travel.
Following the talk, a social hour
will be held. All interested are cor-
dially invited to attend.

flat feet drilled for a week, and
then he was told to' be a cook. But
he isn't too happy about that -he
wants overseas duty.
Real Estate Is
Speech 1Topic
"The employer's interest in segre-
gation is only a casual one; he is not
as likely to discriminate as he, is to
exploit racial prejudice in order to
weaken labor for his own purposes,"
said Prof. Amos H. Hawley of the
sociology department in a recent
Prof. Hawley will address a meet-
ing of the Inter-Racial Association
at 7:30 p. m. EWT (6:30 p. m. CWT)
Monday at the Union, speaking on
the subject "Real Estate and Em-
"A practical way to solve the prob-
lem of racial discrimination would
be through redistribution from seg-
regated racial areas. Non-segrega-
tion is equivalent to assimilation.
There have been no minority groups
which have not been segregated
groups. It is the function of resi-
dential segregation to maintain so-
cial economic inferiority," he de-
Prof. Hawley outlined how dis-
crimination can be measured by the
degree to which minority groups have
been segregated. He will bring these
facts out in his Monday speech.
Prof. Hawley's lecture is the fifth
in the current IRA series, "Tech-
niques For Eliminating Racial Dis-
crimination In Your Community."
Pollen Count Low
LANSING, Aug. 3 -(I)- Little
ragweed pollen has been found in
the air so far this summer by the 46
pollen coleting stations in Michi-
gan, the State Health Department
reported today. Lansing was the
highest in the state Thursday with
a count of 15, while most other sta-
tions did not record any pollen.

Students of American Indian lan-I
guages have long had to struggle
with the problem of interpreting de-
scriptions of these tongues prepared
by scholars who started with pre-
conceptions based on a study of
Latin grammar, but yesterday they
turned the tables when members of
Dr. C. F. Voegelin's class in Struc-
tural Types of American Indian
Languages set about analyzing Latin
by methods which Dr. Voegelin has'
taught them.
Urge to Reverse Procedure
The urge to reverse the procedure,
which early missionary explorers of
the New World introduced four cen-
Orchestra Will
Play Tuesday
The University of Michigan String
Orchestra will present a concert at
8:30 p. m. EWT (7:30 p. m. CWT)
Tuesday in the Pattengill Auditor-
ium of Ann Arbor High School.
The orchestra is under the direc-
tion of Gilbert Ross of the School of
The program will be devoted to
literature of the 17th and 18th cen-
turies, and will include both well-
known and seldom-heard works.
The String Orchestra was formed
in the fall of 1943 and now consists
of 29 players. Most of the members
are University students although
there are a few guest performers.
The program will be open to the
English Princess Gains
Promotion in British ATS
LONDON, Aug. 3 -(I)- Princess
Elizabeth, who recently completed
her non-commissioned officer's
course in the Auxiliary Territorial
Services, has been promoted from
second subaltern to junior comman-
der, it was announced today. The
ATS is the British equivalent to the
American WAC.

turies ago, came upon the Indian
language students wihen they attend-
ed a Linguistic Institute Conference
at which Dr. Robert A. Hall, Jr., a
member of the Institute faculty, pre-
sented a paper on "Classical Latin
Noun Inflection." They invited Dr.
Hall, who was attempting to state
the facts of Latin. declension as con-
cisely as possible, to analyze Latin
declension before their class, using
only methods which students of
American languages would use, the
class themselves judging when he
transgressed this rule.
Since time machines exist only in
comic strips, no ancient Roman wasl
available as an informant, and thel
students drafted the services of Dr
Adelaide Hahn, head of the classics~
department at Hunter College and
a visitor at the Institute this sum-
mer, to pronounce Latin as classic-
ists are convinced it should be pro-
Partial Analysis Made
In one class period only a partial
analysis could be made, but members
of the class and visitors were given
a practical demonstration showing
that the methods developed by mod-
ern students of American Indian
tongues can be applied to the study
of any language.
Barnes To Lecture
On 'British Politics'
"British Politics" will be the sub-
ject of a lecture by Prof. E. H. Barnes
of the history department before a
meeting of the Post-War Council at
7:30 p. m. EWT (6:30 p. m. CWT)
Tuesday in the Union.
Prof. Barnes will outline the sig-
nificance of the recent British elec-
tion and will tie it up with current
British political problems.
Following the lecture. there will
be a short question period.

... to play at "Stethoscope Ball"
medical students, especially seniors
before they are graduated at the end
of the summer term.
Tickets may be purchased from
Galens members or at the Galens
stand at University Hospital..
The 11-piece orchestra, with a vo-
calist, is the regular Michigan
Theatre (Detroit) band and broad-
casts over WXYZ.

(Continued from Page 2)
side Park to join the Lutheran Guild
for recreation, a picnic supper, and
a closing worship service. In case of
rain both groups will meet in the
Parish House, Washington and 5th.
Congregational Church, State and
William Sts. 10:45 a. m. (EWT) pub-
lic Worship. Rev. H. L. Pickerill will
give the sermon, his subject being,
"Creative Living." 4:00 p. m. The
Congregational - Disciples Student
Guild will have a joint meeting with
the Lutheran Group at Riverside
The Lutheran Student Association
will meet this Sunday afternoon at
4:15 at the Parish Hall, 309 E. Wash-
ington St. The group will leave from
there and join the Congregational
and Disciple Guild at Riverside Park
for an outdoor meeting and supper.
Zion Lutheran Church will have an
early German service at 9:00 and
the regular English service at 10:30.
Trinity Lutheran Church will hold
its regular Sunday morning service
at 10:30.
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship:
"Creation vs. the Missing Link" Lane
Hall, Fireside Room, 4:30 p. m. EWT.
Sunday, August 5, 1945.
10:45 a. m. Dr. Lemon's sermon at
the Morning Worship will be entitled,
"The Reversal of Human Judgment."

Learn to FLY!
It's part of a Modern Education
This ad is worth $5.00 to you if you enroll during
the month of August. Bring the ad with you.
Gridley Flying Service
(Formerly Ann Arbor Aircraft Co.)
Phone 25-8825 4320 S. State St.






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