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August 16, 1939 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1939-08-16

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, AUG. 16, 1939f



Sarah Pierce
To Be Married
This Afternoon
Ceremony To Be Officiated
By The Rev. F. W. Leech
At St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church will
be the scene of the wedding of Sarah
Florence Pierce, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. P. L. Pierce of Washtenaw Ave.,
to David Dow, son of Prof. and Mrs.
Earle W. Dow of Thompson Street.
The ceremony will be held at 4 p.m.
today, and services will be read by
the Rev. Frederick W. Leech.
Mrs. Edward Beagle, the former
Elsie Pierce, sister of the bride, will
serve as the Maid of Honor. The
bridesmaids will be Mrs. Robert
Pierce of Washington, D.C., who is a
sister-in-law of the bride, and Miss
Alice Kinney of Ann Arbor. Robert
Pierce and Edward Beagle will be the
ushers at the ceremony.
A reception will be held after the
wedding at the Dow's home.
Miss Pierce, the bride-to-be, grad-
uated from the University in 1935.
She is affiliated with Delta Gamma
sorority and during her undergraduate
days was active in both Comedy Club
and Play Production.
Jap -Sentry Slaps f
United States Lady
(Continued from Page 1)
tables and fruit in another place.
This apparently angered the sentry,
an argument ensued and the Japanese
slapped her hard with his open palm.
Mrs. Richard, who held a personal
card from Nishida requesting that
the sentries extend her courtesy, said
the vice-consul appeared later, apolo-
gized and offered to take her home in
his car, but that she declined.
She said that Nishida accused her
of being "very angry" and that she
"Young man, I'm not angry but
humiliated and insulted. I only want
. Mrs. Richard said the sentry kept
one pumpkin, but returned her other
vegetables. She added that unless
she could obtain a special pass she
would be unable to continue her busi-
ness because the high price of fruits
and vegetables inside the concession
would make impossible profitable op-

Weds Today


Deutsches Haus
Ends Summer
The Deutsches Haus, inaugurated
by Dr. Otto G. Graf of the German
Department, will conclude its activi-
ties for the summer Wednesday eve-
During the past eight weeks the
house was in the center of extra-cur-
ricular programs which supplemented
work in the classroom. The Haus, lo-
cated in the Alphi Sigma Phi fra-
ternity, 1315 Hill Street, also served
as the meeting place of the. Summer
German Club.
Through an arrangement with the
Dean of Men and Dean of Women,
room accommodations for men and
eating facilities for men and women
were offered. Two excursions to near-
by lakes, a talk by Prof. Hanns Pick,
illustrated with records and lantern
slides, several evenings of informal
entertainment, and a final banquet
high-lighted the social ,calendar of
the Haus.i
As the attendance record proves,
interest in the venture was most
gratifying, according to Dr. Graf. A
large number of students, visiting
teachers, and others interested in
the speaking of German took whole-
hearted advantage of the opportuni-
ties the Haus offered.
The German Department plans to
continue the Deutsches Haus in the
summer of '40 and announcements
concerning plans and programs will
be published in the course of the year.

Cookie Corner
Baking in this weather isn't the
pleasantest thing to do but often the
end justifies the means. This is es-
pecially true of the following group
of cookies which are perfect with
afternoon iced tea or for picnics, and
in addition, are simple to make.
Carmel Chews
Mix one half cup butter, one cup
granulated sugar, two eggs, one and
and one half cups sifted bread flour
and one teaspoon baking powder.
Pour into a shallow pan about 8x12
or 9x13 inches. Cover with the fol-
lowing frosting: one egg white beaten
stiff, one cup brown sugar and one
teaspoon vanilla. Sprinkle one cup
pecan meats, cut fine, on top. Bake
in moderated oven about 30 minutes.
Cut in squares or strips.
Chocolate Drop Cookies
Mix in order given one cup brown
sugar, one half cup butter, one egg
beaten, one fourth teaspoon salt, one
half cup sour milk, one fourth tea-
spoon soda, one fourth teaspoon bak-
ing powder, two squares melted choc-
olate, one and one half cups flour
and one cup nuts. Drop on buttered
panx with teaspoon. Bake 12 to 15
minutes in moderate oven. Cover
immediately with the following icing;
one egg beaten, one and three fourths
cups powdered sugar, one tablespoon
cream, one square melted chocolate
and one teaspoon vanilla.
Sand Tarts
1 cup brown sugar
cup butter
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
2/2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
%A teaspoon salt
Cream together sugar and butter.
Add well-beaten egg, vanilla and the
flour with which has been sifted the
baking powder and salt. Shape into a
roll of dough and chill in refriger-
ator at least one hour. Roll very thin
and cut with floured cutter.
Son Born To Anderson
In Hospital In London
Announcements sent by the parents
of Russell F. Anderson, '36, yesterday
informed local friends of the birth in
London July 31 of a son, Jon Russell,.
to Anderson and his wife, the former
Marie Lindquist of Chicago.
Anderson, President of the Student
Christian Association, while on cam-
pus, also worked on Gargoyle and as
correspondent for Detroit newspa-
pers. He is now in the London Bu-
reau of International News Service,

Alice Marble Takes Spill


Coeds Warned Of 'Strip Tease'
FollyIn Summer Beach Attire
Modesty Still Good Trait that were a trifle uncomfortable but
For Women,Obser'ves fthey played their game better than
we do. Women were put on pedestals
Dail Fashion Expert and worshipped in those days, and
By MARTY GRAHAM although we may bragg about the
S olden days aglimpse 'of stock- new freedom that we possess today,
deep in gt hearts we all really wish
ing was looked up on as something h dee earts we a reall sh
shocking" but so far as beach clothes that the feminine sex was still sur-
are concerned anything DOESN'T go rounded by that aura of freshness
today. and modesty.
This may be the modern 20th- Well, it isn't, and it's our own fault.
century era, but when girls go A few years back we asked for po-
around in very tight and abbreviated litical and social equality, and we got
shorts, and bathing suits that should it, but today we may not know it,
be worn only at home in the shower, but we're asking for a good swift kick,
we begin to think that things are be- and the person who's man enough to
ing carried a little too far. Don't kid deliver it should receive the congratu-
yourself into thinking that your boy lations of the multitude.
friend is going to appreciate your It's about time someone impressed
flaunting your legs around, because the young girls of today with the fact
if the boys want to see a little leg that all they're doing by wearing ab-
art they can always take in the breviated and tightly fitted clothes is
burlesque shows in Detroit, and as a cheapening their own sex, and the
matter of fact, the average man is sooner they start dressing more mod-
plenty old-fashioned about seeing his estly, the farther they'll go in the long
girl going around making a fool of run.
Letting the sun rays get at you is Traffic Meet Begins
one thing, but staging a solo floor
show is a different matter. If you Safet Classes Here
want to take a sun bath, then go out
in your back yard or terrace, or even
try an ultra-violet lamp, but when (Continued from Page 1)
you're in mixed company on the beach
use some discretion. Maybe the boys states. It recognizes that' motor
you're with won't mind, but the other vehicle traffic on main highways it
girls around you are going to be 1960 will be virtually double that of
pretty embarrassed if you lounge today. It is also designed to pre.
around in a 'nothing-at-all.' serve the principle of free highways
Culottes weren't designed primarily "Obviously, as the highway pro
for the girls with bow legs or knock gram is pushed forward, there mus
knees, you know, they were designed be related activities to assure thf
above all else for that vanishing efficient and safe movement o
American, the modest girl. Further- vehicles. It is fortunate that man:
more, dressmaker bathing suits were national organizations, some of whic]
not put on the market to hide a bean have been identified with highwa:
pole figure, their advent came about transport since its beginning, an
because some highly intelligent styl- furnishing leadership in mobilizin
ists put their heads together and de- public sentiment favorable to bette
cided that the young girls of the roads and better traffc conditions
country were going to be instilled The automobile industry is playin
with some modesty whether they a vital role in this movement. Th
liked it or not. objective of these groups is the gen
Yes, you're probably thinking that eral adoption of a standard highwa
it's a case of someone giving vent to safety program embodying principle
a few mid-Victorian principles, but which have already proved effective
our grandmothers weren't so dumb. This program is supported by forty
They may have worn some clothes six national organization.

Blonde Alice Marble got an eager helping hand from an official after
she sprawled to the turf during the finals of the Eastern Grass Courts
championships at Rye, N.Y. The upset didnt bother Alice, however, for
she defeated Mrs. Sara Palfrey Fabyan, of Brookline, Mass., 6-4, 6-4, to
take the title for the second consecutive year.
$ey '&HNIErummel

1' . II


A SUMMER in which the fe-
male has hogged the fashion spot-
light leaves the clothes conscious male
somewhat in the dark as to what the
fall will bring in the way of apparel.
The injustice of the situation is ap-
parent since the man's clothing prob-
lem is infinitely more complex than
the woman's. For the coed, a pair of
soiled saddle shoes will suffice. She
can build the rest of her wardrobe
around this basic item of apparel. A
few accessories: i.e. a sweater for pins,
an uplift brassiere and a skirt non-
descript hue, and she is ready for any-
thing from Arboretum to J-Hop.
Not so the suffering male. Fashion
dictates that he change his shoes
when he shifts from the golf course
to the dance floor. It also demands
that he don matching coat and pants
for more formal occasions.
However the pendulum is beginning
to swing the other way at last. Pre-
season dope indicates penalties for
the fairer (?) sex in the form of
bustles and what not. But trend is to-
ward growing casualness for the male.
It is scarcely surprising, then, to
note the monopoly which the easy
fitting, physique flattering three-
button drape suits will hold over the
style market this fall. For the cam-
pus collegian, one or better two, of
these suits are a must. A drape in
one of the rougher tweeds will make
the most emaciated male look like a
football hero when he strolls across
For the lad who can afford it, one
of the new two-piece suits which
threaten to set the pace on campus
this autumn would be the ideal sup-
plement to a wardrobe boasting some
of the more conventional models. Cut
from the roughest tweeds, these new
ensembles might best be described as

sport coats with matching trousers.
And the possibilties for combinations
with odd slacks, other suits and jack-
ets appear endless.
In keeping with the air of casual!
smartness, tweed, of course, will be
THE material. Covert, a sensational
hit last season, will be fading come
fall, and gabardine, a bit too smoothy
for campus wear, will give way to
Colors and patterns will not (vary
radically from their predecessors this
autumn. A bit more sutlety of tone
and weave will be the only alteration.
-In other words, GREENS will still pe
ultra smart with browns and grays
furnishing complementary accessories
and vice-versa.
That favorite of two seasons, her-
ringbone, appears headed for another
big year, but in more subdued designs,
Diagonals are pushing into promin-
ence and day hold the spotlight for a
while until spring. And, (reminis-
cent of the old Joe College days)
checks and plaids are staging a come-
back campaign.
As for accessories, the foulard tie
striped shirt, rough woven sports
cravats, and brown brogues (witlh
double leather soles) appear the besi
bets. Definitely relegated to the pasi
are saddle shoes (for men), regimen-
tal striped ties and French cuffs with
white collars and tinted shirt.
One last word to the occasional
male who dresses (unconsciously of
course) to please the ladies. A poll
of campus beauties last spring in-
dicated that one garment, at least
has undebatable sex appeal. That
garment is the camels hair sport coat
If you have only 15 dollars for your
wardrobe this fall, this old faithfu
looks like your safest bet. You can
wear it to anything but J-Hop-the
coeds have us there.








. .. .. . .......... .. ... ; ; . 1 .1 . . M IO M I I I " I i 1. - I

0iountain. Of Youth

Why Is a Needle?

You wouldn't try to sew with a tenpenny nail.

It would

be a most ineffective implement. But some people try
to do other jobs with equally incompetent tools. Some
people try to sell articles, offer services, find lost objects
with tools that are as ineffective as a tenpenny nail

These days when the pollen count is soaring up around 180 you're
probably going quietly mad with hay fever, but since we're not a specialist
on the whys and wherefores of allergy all we can do is raise a couple of
blood shot eyees and in a slightly (?) nasal accent interspersed with violent
sneezes offer you our whole-hearted condolences.
However, the very fact that you do feel like something the cat dragged
in should be all the more reason for you to take especial care with your
grooming, as the psychological effect of knowing that you look right should
serve to bolster up your spirits.
Lipstick has often been called woman's "symbol of courage," and if
you try a new shade right now you may find that life isn't so bad after
all. A new and perhaps radical change in hair style should also prove to
be a spirit regenerator, particularly if it's becoming and yet cool and easy to
to take off. Also, don't forget to wear bright-colored hairbows on top of your
If face pwder irritates your nose which is probably so red and tender
by now that you don't much care, why not try a liquid powder base. If
you invest in one put out by a reputable company, you'll find that it does
the work of powder, minus the unattractive smearing and shine on warm
days, and furthermore, it doesn't make you feel as though you have barber's
For something in the manner of a dress that will pick you up faster
than six beers, we suggest you try to get one of those little white pique
models that are being shown around town. You should be able to find
an inexpensive one at the summer sales, and even if you do have to spend
more than you bargained to, you'll feel that it's worth it in the long run,
esnpciallv if you have a golden tan to display. Pique wears for years and

would be in sewing.

Your best and most efficient aid is





11 ..r . -w.. -d 11I


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