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August 07, 1928 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1928-08-07

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PAG' TW " .Ul1y~xIA %~ rL4a m

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ing the University Summer Session by the
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sumption. The fact that Mr. Hop-
wood is responsible for writings of a ROLL
indication that his bequest is intended " '
to evoke writings of a similar sort. "0"A
Detroit Saturday Night should be in-TPR
formed that the University has no in-
tention, in the utilization of the $150,- (Called suddenly home from their
000 bequest, of fostering anything vacations to the helm of Rolls, Lark
but writings that "keel) on the side and Kernel have returned in a body3
of sanity and decency." to make a last-minute attempt to put
o -_-- Norman Thomas over the top in thek
IEXICAN iMMIGATION Daily presidential poll on Wednes-
It is surprising to notice the num- day. Surrounded by followers and
ber of Mexicans who have been admirers, the two famous Rolls edi-
brought into the United States dur- tors were besieged by reporters upon
ing the last few years to work at their arrival last night. Their in-
labor which few others would do. side story of the presidential cam-
They are hired to work in foundries, paign has been released exclusively
steel mills, section gangs on rail- in Roll, however. They are grateful
roads, and other occupations of a sim- to themselves for this fine co-opera-
ilar type, and are paid a wage that tion.)
an American laborer could not live
on. True, he might exist on such THOMASIS SlORTCOMINGS
pay, but the living standards of Amer-
ican workmen have been so elevated In perfect fairness it must be
admitted that Thomas has short-
in the past few years that he could admitge, tsat.Toasdhas sor
notbehapy icoatings, as all candidates for
not be happy. pri dn.H a ee and
Machinery has been invented to do president.H e has never gained
certain kinds of work which laborers iOtOl of a government oil nion-
would not do for the wage which em-
ployers could afford to pay for such noply. He has never joined Taut-
.. ..Ipromotion of New York blinmd

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Advertising............... Lawrence Walkley development of machinery does nt ie
t pigs. He has no lpet nkyno
Advertising,................Jeannette Dale keep up with the demand, and it isn o
Accounts....................Whitney Manning even i campaign manager.)
Circulation...............Bessie V. Egelano at such times that cheap labor is im-
Assistants * s x
Samuel Lukens Lillian Korvinsky ported, This may seem to be a neces- AUT' INDUSTRY SILENT
Janet Logie sity at the time that steps are taken AY
TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 1928 to furnish such labor, but it would In spite of Ros support, neither
be better in the long run to pay high-
Night Editor-LYLE R. CHUBB er wages to American labor until the General Motors nor Henry Ford las
work could be done mechanically, lined up behind Thomas. Walter
Rkecntly a large cmpanycwhic. Chrysler, however, has no one else to
Recentlya large company which
o sa foundry brought xi-support, and Lark, who is very close
SPEAKING OF SMUT oatesn. Ioto the auto magnate (40 miles), re-
Detrit atuday iht~ i di-mately 2,500 Myexicans to one city to I
Detroit Saturday Night, in an edi-' ports that an announcement can be
work during a rush season which pot thta nnucmntcnb
torial as ridiculous as it is uncalled woukd urtnga mr ean whicw anticipated daily.
foasisteAeyHpodb-could not last more than a few #* * k
for, assails the Avery Hopwood be- months at the most. This, like sev-
quest to the University, his Alma Ma-.. S. C. A. SPPORTS SMITH
eral other incidents o the same type, T
ter, under the heading of "Prizes for will probably result in the addition Supreme discredit was cast on
Smut." "Maybe it will be possible the Smith organization at ia late
of another burden on society. These
the University of Michigan to so people, like Mexican laborers who Ihour last night when it was an-
reguatethe omptitinfo thepries oncd that tie Student Chris
reglat th copettio fo thpI have come before them, will prob- lin socaon olduul-
provided for udder the $150,000 be- ionAscainwuduqa
qus ftelt vr owo htably be paid for working a short
quest of the late Avery Hopwood that time, and will be allowed to live fiedIy endorse .Smith.. The .an-
students may be encouraged to write Igonaiaycnmedtt ss i iade by Barton .
newthe nusul, ad thmrong unsanitary conditions which
anew, the unusual and the rai- will fall far short of our living stand- Bw'10 resident of the S. C. A.
cal' as the donor wished, and still ards. When the work is finished they It is understood that the Smith
ards.wWhen thk workbis finished th.
keep on the side of sanity and de- wil be left et plank is behind the move.
wi~lbeletjobless and with no alllfor
ceny, ay. cn- eas o getoBowl denies a responiSibility r
cency,athe editorial says. The con- means of getting back to where they
cession then is that "It all depends came -from. They will simply be a gthatLirepu
on who decides just what may bet in~ burden to American society. licans are larger contributors to
cluded under the 'unusual and the There can be only one remedy for the Fresh Air Camp.
radical.' Mr. H1owood's will specifies a situation of this sort; that is a
that students are to be given the wid- tighter restriction on Mexican immi- OSCAR SPPORTS LARK
est possible latitude.' gration so that the country will not scar, woner horse, famed edu-
This said, the editorial points to the be overrun with unemployed labor- cator, political expert, dramatic critic,
fact that "If that means that the boys ers. In the same way that American and su.porter of the D. A. R. claims
that there is only one man in the
and girls are to be told that 'Ulys- labor is protected against too much
ses' and 'An American Tragedy' and competition from oriental and uro- field worthy of his suportLark.
the dirtier parts of James Branch Ca- pean laborers, it must be guarded "lHe is the only man who will resign
bell's writings are the sort of thing against a Mexican "labor invasion." if elected," Oscar was quoted as say-
they ought, to imitate, then it is dil-_ing.
cult to see why somebody shouldn't WHITE'S WITHDRAWAL BALKLEY AWAITS )EVEL0PIENT
come right along and establish a William Allen White, promient Re-
chair of free love and Lesbianism at publican and Kansas editor, is to be Barry Balkey, (lemon business
Ann Arbor." In the next paragraph commended on his withdrawal of cer- assistant of The Summer ichi-
the editorial enlightens us with the tain accusations that lie made against ga l aily, is awaiting develop-
statement that Mr. Hopwood, in his Governor Al Smith regarding the lat- ments before announcing hs de-
day wrote some "pretty clean hu- te's alleged record in the New York cision. Both camps are reputed
mor," but also that he perpetrated Assembly favoring gambling and cer- to be seeking his support. "Does
some pretty strong stuff such as 'The tain agencies of vice. Mr. White's Norman Thomas wear green
Demi-Virgin.' The editorial conclud- action is commendable not so much sweaters?" lie asks.
es that "Radicalism in writing has because of the natue of the charge; * *
come to mean not actually radicalism that he withdraws as it is the fact that LITTLE FAVORS LITTLE
but smut or near-smut . . . . We in so doing he is admitting his own
really can't quite see the University1
susceptibility to error and is show- Liet. Col. Little, well known
of Michigan promoting literary en- ing a -splendid spirit. University president, recently
deavor of the brand exemplified by l In view of the many conflicting re- banned from the Rolls column,
these people." port's regarding the past records of announced in an interview to-
If there is a sound statement in the ca'ndidates for various political offic- morrow that lie favors very little
entire editorial it takes more than es an individual speaking for or for the presidency. "Autos do not
the average amount of reading ener- against a certain candidate may be choose to run," he did not say.
gy to extract. Just what "the dirtier divulging mis-information as a re- Rolls correspondents are piecing
parts of James Brunch abell's writ- suit of having a fallacious set of together other fragments of the
ings," Theodore Dreisers' masterpiece,)facts as his guide. Although this is President's statement.
"Ulysses" and the fact that Mr. Hop- true there are many who are not * * *
wood at one time wrote "The Demi high-calibred enough to admit of error THOMAS VICTORY PREDICTED
Virgin" have to do with Mr. Hop- and thus refuse to set about to cor-
wood bequest to the University is ap- rect themselves whenever a person With Toasted Rolls behind his can
parently left to the perverted imag- is unjustly injured as a result of their didacy, a Norman Thomas victory i
nation of the reader. In truth, Mr. ispeaking. In this century it is still the campus straw vote was predicte
Hopwood at his admirable best prob- as human to err as it was in earl- at an early hour this morning by th
ably wrote more of the clean type of ier history, and a true measure of a Rolls executive commitee. "We ar
fiction and plays than he did of the battling the handicap of Republica
. man is when he is great enough tob.i.
type of "The Demi-Virgin" with thea oil scandals and Democratic illiterac
admit error and make the necessary
unfortunate result that the later such To conunterbalance these advantag
amends so that the person about
plays are better known to many, in-w. of the two major parties we hav
cluding the person responsible for the nothing to offer. We regret to adm
appearance of "Prizes for Smut," in Ie is discussing will not be wronglythat the Socialist party is quite ho
Detroit Saturday Night. a sest."
Another statement as ridiculous as' The retraction of the charges that
it is amuslng is the one that "Radi-I Mr. White made against Candidate THOMAS IS UNIVERSITY
calism in writing has come to mean Smith makes for the promotion of (RA)UATE
not actually radicalism but sTut or a cleaner campaign. Mr. White's
near-smut." Detroit Saturday Night charges were made on the grounds A final blow was dealt to the
may actually believe this to be true, of the supposed authenticity of in- Thomas candidacy when it was
but it is anything but a feather in i formation regarding Mr. Smith's re- learned that lie is graduate of a
editorial cap to be credited with such cord. He subsequently had brought University. "How can he hope to
an assertion. In reality, what Mr. to his attention certain information get 'T'aniniany votes if lie under-
Hopwood wished for in making the I which led him to believe that he was stands the English language?"
bequest was that it would supply the wrong. His retraction followed. Al- Oscar said. Nothing danunted, the
incentive for some "original" efforts though every effort should be devoted campaign has reached astonish-
the part of literary students at his by those active in both parties to be ing proportions and Rolls sus-
Alma Mater. There is a vast differ- sure that the information they have pects that there are several In-
enee between "original" and "radical." is genuine, in case an error is made teligent people on the campus
in conclusion it is hardly necessary the party workers should not be afrnid who will flock to its banner on



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