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June 12, 1925 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1925-06-12

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rbor, Michi
s.5o; by
Iaynard St
as evidence
in The Sum
e Editor.
receive no
y be omitted
e writer.
esarily end
the comniut

If the Princeton offender has any1
ground of complaint at all, it wouldI
iday seem to be in the fact that he was
by compelled to submit to a mental ex-
lamination by an eminent psycholo-.
gist. This seems rather overdoing it,,
ews even if the intention was to make
wiSe the punishment fit the crime. Sym-
pathy for the victim will be provoked,'
almost as surely as for the man, al
, hulking mass of complacent stupidity,
mail, who in the Punch cartoon is asked,
reet, by an intense female, "Have you
been psychoed?" If the thing is done
of ! at all thoroughly for the young
Un- Princeton shocker, it will cover a
con- forecast of his own later develop-
d in
The ment. He will be shown himself
noia". thirty years from now, grown to a
timid introyert, horrified at the im-
pudence, bad manners and boastful'
immoralities of the boys and girls
and telling them reproachfully that
in his ,time such affronts to respect-
able middle age, such flouting of
sfield teachers and railing at accepted
doctrines, were unheard of and
Jr. would not have been tolerated for a
etts moment.
rsoh So the wheel swings full, gnera-
tion after generation. A part of the
very bliss of being young is to in-
h i dulge in practices which those guilty
of thenr will be the first to resent, re-
pudiate and repress when they grow

We witnessed the circus parade, in E
town here the other day. The affair
seems to be owned by Mr. Sells andj
Mr. Floto. Either that or it is some
Greek motto or other-like E Pluri-
bus Unum-at any rate that was what
they had written all over their
wagons. It must be that tigers are
very cheap this year because during
the parade we must have seen no less
than a dozen of those felines in
various stages of repose.
It also seems that they do not1
take exceedingly good care of the
outfit during the winter. You would
think that anyon@ would know
enough to put camphor around the
camels when they are put away.
Evidently the management neglected
to do so, for if ever we saw moth-
eaten camels them was those. Anoth-
er feature of the parade was a hip-
popotamus, in an elaborate cage
drawn by a large motor truck. The
owners claimed that it was a "blood-
sweating hippopotamus" which
sounds sort of gruesome to the
naked ear, but it appears that this
was meant figuratively rather than
literally, for we have it on the best
authority from several who witnessed
the actualI performance that the
beast behaved absolutely normally
during the entire afternoon.
This can hardly be called a hoax,
however, for if we were a hippopo-
tamus being drawn thru the streets
of Ann Arbor in a cage, in that heat,
we believe that we could be said to be
doing the same thing ourselves.


Energetic young men <
good money selling Gal
southeastern Michigan.
advertised product.


Apply at

A few books
uncalled for
from distribu-
tion,, are now
on sale at the
Press bldg

S. Mans
Ma~rion A


5936 John F





. St., Detroit





.Thomas Olinstead I
.... Charles Daughertyj
. ..Kermit K. Klein
Frank Schoenfeld
NE 12, 1925
week comes butj
when it comes it
nething more than
hundreds of stu-
ack to their alma
en and women who
h that graduation
nd who have come
worth in a larger
ment week brings
>us many of those
ated as a matter of
vant to relive that
atter of pride.
-ese alumni back,
this is their Uni-
ours, in fact more.
nnected with it for
of time, and their
een provendby the
e returned to again
tally take part in,
nost solemn, mostj
gs this week, both
id in Detroit, they1
is individuals with
nd ideals, but as
great body of over
ie alumni body of

(The Detroit Free Press)
Since 1919, France and Belgium
have pleaded their own insecurity as
the main problem in Europe. It was,
indeed, this problem, treated in this
one-sided manner, that M. Clemen-
ceau tried to solve at the peace con-
ference when he demanded military
guarantees from Britain and America.
The tripartite alliance project fell
through and after that French states-
men preached the doctrine that, inas-
much as her friends and allies
refused to protect her against Ger-
man aggression, she must do so on
her own.
French militarists jumped eagerly
at the - pretext. French diplomacy
turned to eastern Europe for secur-
ity guarantees. There began to loom
on Europe's horizon a new military
and political arrangement, udder
French dominance. To Britons, the
new balance was an unpleasant re-
minder of the days of Napoleonic
hegemony. London realized that dur-
ing the decade now ending the dan-
ger point has been moving westward
-from Berlin, where it was in 1914,
{ to Paris.

Corner Washington and Division


* * *.

Something should be said about the
signs which the B. and G. boys have
placed at various points about the
campus. They are very elaborate {
things, and fill one with an over-
powering awe. Everytime we pass
one of them we have a guilty feeling,
to think that we even dreamt of
walking on the grass. Their pur-
pose, we have decided after some
reflection, is to prohibit pedestrians
from cutting across the paths which
are not paved. I
The reading matter on them, how-
ever, does not bring this out very
plainly. The author has been a bit
too subtle. Several of them merely
say "Think," which might be implied
as advice to those +about to take ex-
aminations. Another presents the
campus to the person reading it.
This would seem to us to imply that
the reader could walk wherever he,
chose. Another one declares that
anyone can walk on the grass, "why
should you?" Well, on the other
hand, if *eryone does, why shouldn't
you? It may seem to be a slur on the
student mentality, but if we were
putting up such an elegant array of
of warnings, they would bear the
highly original and equally effective
* -* *
We just learned recently that one
can purchase a twenty-five pound
cake of ice for ten cents. Just think
what pleasure one can have these
dlays for a dime.



Phone 1199-N

Michi ganelnsia


i. .r, ..rr.r r.rr. .r.. °. .r..errrrri: .

Anne Nichols'

50th Performance
Eves. - 50 to $2.50
Wed. Mat. 50c to $1.50
Sat. Mat. 50c to $2.00


For This and

Next Week.

A profound change in the 'British
outlook inevitable followed. A hege-
mony based on Paris might prove
just as fruitful of war as had the
earlier one centered on Berlin. There
was no reason why Britain should
now encourage French hegemony any
more than there could have been, any
reason for supporting German hege-
Iony in 1914. Marked preponder-
ance of power on either side of the
Rhine has always been a source of
trouble-to Europe itself, in the first
place, and invariably also to Britain.:
British statesmanship would will-I
ingly fall back on an easy and
snenidisolation. But the - channe

re th
a the)
;y hay(
hem ix
)port o

.e .

is too narrow a, strip of water to
1 ' permit of isolation in these days ofj
submarines, fast bombing planes and
h long-range guns. The alternative
1 was a military understanding with
one of the two competing groups on
the continent. For hundreds of years,
however, Britain had been chasing
' the rainbow of continental friend-
0 ships, and always at the end of the
rainbow was war.
The resent su oesoted speurfi ae-



)rd is a new departure. The pro-
>sed four-power pact places on
ritain the task of keeping two hos-
le camps on the continent separ-
ed. She undertakes to be an arbi-
ir of peace between them. But if
eace collapses, the arbiter automat-
ally throws its strength, naval,
tilitary, economic to the side at-

* * *
In the window at Slater's they are
displaying the original manuscript of
a novel which has been very popular
in these parts. The pile of type-
written pages, lying prone on its
back, is about six inches thick; if
the pages were laid end to end they
would probably reach three times
around the moon and back, or what-
ever the usual distance is. We once
thought of writing a novel, but now,
our hopes are'forever blasted. It is
rather tactless of them to put such
a thing in the window. We are will-
ing to wager that at least a dozen
novels were nipped in the bud by that
discouraging display.
? ?
'7 ..
.a -

V.' '
p N.
* ,


* --
t I'
1 a1
Friday and Saturday
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favored shades of summertime. Buy these Friday
urday at $19.75.
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ally smart coats. Coats for sports and dress wear.
them fur trimmed. Friday and Saturday only,
purchase them at one-third and one-half their regul
Buy a tailored suit now at one-third or one-half off.
garments are fashioned of high grade materials. E
of typical Jacobson quality. All taken from our
stock and placed on sale for two days only.

Natural Fruit
ror keen refreshment during the
d z orsg er. a strenuous ' ame
RrC1erC a nothing better
our erbet. It's unsur-
passed as a fountain treat and as
a s er-tme dessert. Every-
body lov Your dealer has
one adpineapplefavors.Try
waa. -rody

It is a big undertaking. It is a far
-cry from onesided defensive and 4f-
fensive alliances with the continent.
Britain will be involved in any ag-
gresion from either side of the Rhine.
The pledge is evidence of high
I courage on the part of the Baldwin
government. It bespeaks an almost
desperate will to peace on the part
of the British people.

Ensembles of flannel, charmeen and kasha.
the very best makers. Regular stock. (
days at one-third and one-half price.


The little picture above, could
easily have been given a title; a
short story could have been built
around it. But we, like the B. and G
boys, are going to be a bit subtle.
We are going to leave the title to our
readers' imagination.
.* * *
If you don't think we are optimis-
tic, note where we put the apos-
trophe above "readers."
* * * -

On Liberty Street
just off State



)tos are coming back,
o Ziegfeld. Who says
ays don't come back-

Special Week-End Brick
Tutt - utti - Pineapple Re.




>e Ni

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