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August 01, 1922 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1922-08-01

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shed every morning except Monday during the Summer
y the Board in Control of Student Publications.
Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for re-,
m of all news dispatches credited to it or otherwise
in this paper and the local news published therein.
ed at the postoffice at Ann Arbor, Michigan, as second
ription by carrier or mail, $i.5o.
s: Ann Arbor Press Building,' Maynard Street.
es: Business, 960; Editorial, 2414.
nunications not to exceed 300 words, if signed, the signa-
necessarily to appear in print, but as an evidence of faith,
es of events will be published in The Summer Daily at the
)of the Editor, if left at or mailed to The Summer Daily,
nsigned communications will receive no consideration. No
>t will be returned unless the writer incloses postage.
Summer Daily does not necessarily endorse the senti-;
:preseed in the communications.
Telephone 2414'
or................. ............James B. Young
ward A. Donahue Julian .E. -Mack
Editor ...........................Dorothy Bennetts
Board..............Herbert S. Case, Elizabeth Nylund-
;ditor......on Coney
Editor........................... G. D. Vaton

would suffer, and that old Dobbin's aesthetic sense
would probably receive a severe shock. But the
spirit of this modern age is improvem'ent, and the
farmer who discovers that all the shoes which he
has carefully preserved for future visits to the
blacksmith are lost with the departure of the city
guest, will soon get over the idea that the visitors
will run off with his Ford as well as the carrots,
apples, horse shoes, and other appropriate property,
and he will begin to see that his possession of these
few things is a real bentfit to society. Many of
these who have not as yet been introduced into the
mystery of quoits and have not taken any exercise
for long intervals at a time will then be excited by
newspaper reports into trying the game, and will
so discover the convenience of a sport which takes
but,small capital, has all the thrills of a horse race,
though a slightly extraordinary one, and which
can carry with it the title of championship for great
It would seem then, that the game to be played on
the Checker-board field at Maywood is one of na-,
tional importance in that it will be. furthering the.
national idea of democracy.
Balmy summer-weather, thoughts of cool woods"
and. inviting beaches, carefree days and nights of
joy, a Utopian campus where no dogs roam about
unlashed, professors worried because they have no
classes to teach. Mad? No, just the ordinary Sum-
mer session student's thoughts as he realizes that
but 18 days remainbefore the worst is over.

For Your Sum




Both Sores

Ann Arbor and Jackson
(Eastern Standard Time)
Detroit Limited anid Exiress Cars-6 :0
a. m., 7:00 a. ., 8:oo a. n, 0:oo a. .r. and
Hourly to 9;05 P. im.
Jackson Express Cars (local stops of Ann
Arbor)-9.:47 a. m. and every two hours to
p 4 . m.,
ocal Cars, East Bound-5:55 a. M'., 7:00
a. m. and every two hours to 9 *e p. n.;
11 :oo p. Mn. To Ypsilanti only-r s :4o P. Mn.,
I2 :35 a. in., r:15 a. mi.
To Saline, change at Ypsilanti.
Local Cars, West Bound-7 :5oa. M., 2:40
P. m,.
To Jackson and Kalamazoo-Limited cars:
8:47, .10:47, a. im.; 12:47, 2147, 4:47 P. In
To Jackson ad 4ansing-Yuited : 847
p. M.
1922. AUGUST 192
S It T W T F~ g
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30 31
Prices for cleaning Panamas $1.25 up.
Prices for stiff straws.......75 up.;
We do only high class work.
Telenhone 1792

Summ rtudents-
Secure your supplies at
11 1 South University Avenue
Materials for All Colleges

B. Butler

C. R. Trotter
Sid~tey Kripke

Telephone 960
ng........................... .......Townsend H. Wolfe
on................................George W. Rockwood
g .... .....................Laurence H. Favrot
o................................Edward F. Conlin'


'. iiii iiiiiiiitiii iiii i i iiiii Niiiiseat"N NNiiNNNM

A place to bring your friends.
the food better; nowhere is
more prompt. Open all


"-a flash in the Pan."



:w inn u essna sw r u rtlNU suw f t ur nr uw " s "a i

Philip H. Goldsmith
F. Young

Katherine E. Styer
B. Watson Shoesmiith

Assistant-R. C. Trotter
is not too much to assume that all fond par
at some time' or other take their infant off-
ig upon their knee, bounce him in the air, and
'im to be a good boy, study hard, go to college,
some day he may be President of the United,
es. In a way this is analogous to the rhetoric
ictor who describes a dirty little stream run-
through a cow pasture as "a silver thread
ling its trickling way through a haven of green
ses and apple blossoms."
he American standard of greatness seems. to be
d on the material wealth of the individual, so
don't the parents tell their children to be good
some day they will be great baseball players
Babe Ruth, Who draws almost as much salary as
President, gets more publicity and has less to
'y about? Or why not tell the promising youth
iind his p's and q's, study law, and some day
become a baseball director like Judge
dis and draw double the President's salary?
r idealize the President's office, when parents
tell their children to do what they damn please,
et about their brains, but develop good physical
es, and some day they may become movie stars
receive more salary in a year than the Presi-
of the United States can for his entire four
s term of office?;
Thy don't parents do this? But then, parents
usually foolish necessities after all.
he humble sport of horse s-oe pitching has at
become recognized as i regular branch of
etics by the announcement of a championship
est which is to be one of the features at the
us Chi-Cook fair this year. This game, so
>le and so'much indulged in everywhere, has not
l recently been given the, consideration which its
>rtance merits. It is regretable that the scores
eople who have derived so much pleasure all
the country fromhorse shoe pitching will not
e able to participate in or witness the Chi-Cook
championship contest.
hy barnyard golf, as it has come' t;' called,
ld not be given the position which' te enis and
et enjoy, is inconceivable, unless it be 'that the
e is one in which any one can take part if they
have the time and energy. To the casual on-
er it seems that the game requires not so much
as strength, but although it must be admitted
the horse shoe does not travel on the strength
:s past experiences, the manner of the swing
practice are the really important factors in
e shoe pitching.
ie v5st numbers of people who .indulged in this
uit during the early summer months, thereby
rding the lives of disinterested passers-by, it
s would warrant the formation of sone sort.
league of horse shoe pitchers, and so motivate
>ractice which has hitherto been so promiscu-
and whose purpose has been so lowly as to be
facto'ry if it enabled one to defeat one's near-
eighbor. Cups and medals would be but small
rs when considered in relation to the signific-
of the game. It would be in harmony with our
nal aspiration to make for democracy in every-
;, for who is the man who cannot play at this

Personally Mentioned.
The pathetic instance of Marston Pendergast'
Should be a-case at point with regard to the
repeal of the eighteenth amendment.
The present debacle is the result of
A series df, events"
Friends of the afflicted report that
He was seen several times recently
Gazing at a window display of
Beer-kegs in a downtown store window.
It is also understood that he was asked by
Archie Porter for the loan of his corkscrew;
But delivering it in person he found that
Young Porter only wanted it to persuade open
A recalcitrant drawer.
This incident plunged him into a state of melancholy.
Last night in the reading room of the Union,
Coming upon the liquor advertisements in the Lon-
don Illustrated News,
He ran amuck, frothing at the mouth
And stabbing several members of the
School of Education who were present
With a fountain pen.
He is at present confined to the psychopathic ward.
"Here Are Some Simple Ways to Bring Beauty
to Your Elb-ows," says Lucrezia Bori in her daily
beauty' hints to the cursed. But most should not
commence with the elbows.
The barber who, when you have nly twenty-five
minutes for' a hair-cut before an portant date,
tries to sell you the works.
Today's Feuilleton"
We were just sitting down to our hamburg and
applesauce when Brighton Siggers tears up with a
platter of club sandwich. On account of the apple-
.sauce having worked some and assaying about one
percent net, we.felt clever.
"Cheerio, Bright," we guttered. "How are all
the little summer sessions?"I
"Got'sompin t' tell yuh," exhales Brighton, around
an esophagus full of club sandwich. "Wait till I
get a meal."
. "You aint got a meal there. You got ariedifice."
""Listen, I just had a letter from Amy Ghurkin,
the swell fine-cut gold-digger I met last month at
the Delta Pshaw house circus. Gee, she had the
lovliest complexion I ever saw."
"Honest ?" we queries.
"Aw, I don't know. It looked good though.
Well, Amy is down t' Palm Beach an' th' other day
she was out sailin' and the' boat tipped.over. She
fell out an' a shark that was cruisin' about came up .
and looked her over and went away."
"What, never touched-her?".'
"Naw-it was a man-eating shark."
Does your bootlegger belong to' the Quality
We cull this bit from the Washtenaw Post. It
tells about a happy, happy family reunion.
"With so many of her dear friends and relatives
gathered about her, and m addition with a sumptu-
ous banquet, no more delightful time could be ex-
perienced. And before they separated they gath-
ered in a circle, and with hands clasped shouted:
'Many happy returns of the day'"
What furr!

and Mechanics Bank
A pleasant, conven-
lent and SAFi'place,
to transact your
101-105 South Main St.
330 South State St.
Nickels' Arcade
Member of the Federal Reserve


Our prints are made on Velox.
Materials that are Eastman made and
ods that are Eastman approved, ph
experience of our experts are guarant
finest quality finishing.

Bring uss your








rI ,



This Junior is learning
to be a banker


IF you are putting in three hours a day in the elect
1 lab, don't be surprised twenty years later to find y
self promoting a public utility bond issue. Or if you s
in newspaper work, as like as not later on you will tur
manufacturing or advertising or law.
You don't know where opportunity or inclination
lead you. This fact has a great deal to do with your v
at college-not so much the th'ngs you learn as the
you learn them.
Don't think of education as ar memory test in names
dates and definitions. That knowledge' is important,
only as an incidental. Of far greater value is the hab
getting at underlying laws, the basic principles which tie
,The work of the pioneers in electrical experimrent
first glance confusing, is simplified once you realize
much of it hinged upon a single chemical phenomenon,
action of the voltaic cell.
Analyze your problems. Look for fundamentals. L
to connect a law or an event with what went before and v
comes after. Make your education a training in ro
This ability to think straight, whether acquired
Engineering or Arts, is the biggest thing you can ge
college. Its aid as a means to success applies equall
whatever work you take up-since mental processes are
same everywhere. It is the power which enables a mel
to become sales manager, a lawyer to head a great indus
organization. Develop it, if you would be ready when
big opportunity comes.

Publishea in
the intereest of Elec-
Iricat Devlopmntb
an Institution that will
he helped by what-
ever helps the'
, ndustry

t~ern Eiecfric Co,


"Disguised Beer Seized at Flint."
only disguise the breath.

They used to

Lifted From the Others
As told at the Greasy Weskit.
"How'd ja like the meat?"
"Fair enough-but if someone had yelled whoa!

The executives-of

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