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November 11, 1956 - Image 6

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Michigan Daily, 1956-11-11

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vs - ' r,-'XILV

XD AY, NOVEMBER 11, 1956



r 41i'






Joe Brown'
Michigan Marching Band; Stu-
dent Players; Union Opera; MUS-
KET; German Club; Speech De-
partment Productions; Managing
Editor, Michigan House news-
paper; Michigan House Glee Club.
1) As outlined within the SGC
Plan of 1954, (section 3, Func-
tions), approved by the student
body and by the Board of Regents,
the functions of SGC are clearly
defined as to jurisdiction and re-
2) The "burden of proof" rests
with neither SGC nor the Nation-
al Council of Sigma Kappa, be-
cause this is entirely irrelevant as
to the case in question. Under the
SGC Plan of 1954, SGC has the
power to disaffiliate the local
chapter as laid down in section 3,
Functions, part b. However, I do
not think they have the right to
do so.
3) Yes, I am. Michigan, as a
state university and being gov-
erned by the popularly elected Re-
gents, owes to the people of the
state and to the students of the
University the protection and the
enlightenment so granted without
dogmatic tactics.
4) Yes, I do. SGC, as a body rep-
resenting the entire student popu-
lation, should make recommenda-
tions when a matter such as this
arises which concerns and affects
the students as a whole or any
part thereof.
5) Defined within the SGC Plan
section 3, Functions, part a, 3)
SGC in accordance with regental
and administrative policies is re-
sponsible for eligibility rules for
participation in extra-curricular
activities excepting athletics. Fur-
thermore, certain areas, such as
study hall facility enlargement
and improvement of academic
counseling, should be included as
possible recommendations, be-
cause of their significance.

Gilbert and Sullivan Society;
Student Government Council Pub,
Relations Committee; Phi Eta Sig-
1) Student Government Coun-
cil should have definite jurisdic-
tion and responsibility only in
those affairs that affect the stu-
dent body as a whole. This raises
the question of what affects the
parts and what bearing this has
on the whole. I do believe that
SGC should be more a sounding
board for student ideas than a
group of students trying to im-
pose their granted (and easily re-
moved) power on various groups
on campus. In very simple words,
let's not get carried away with
power granted us by University of-
ficials and let's also -not meddle'
in everyone's business just for the,
chance to acquire newsprint for
SGC and its members.
2) My answer to the Sigma'
Kappa question is that both sor-
orities and faternities should not
be subject to the rule of the gen-
eral student body. If any organiza-
tion on campus must take juris-
diction, let it be the Panhellen-
ic Association. I believe that the
matter of segregation in this chap-
ter of Sigma Kappa must be prov-
en without a doubt by the SGC
since evidently SGC is self-impos-
ing itself. Prejudices have been
contended with for many years
and it all boils down to one thing
-people are going to live with
and associate with only those peo-
ple that they wish. No organiza-
tion, even the SGC or Supreme'
Court, can make one person asso-
ciate with another.

The f ollcawing questions were asked of all candidates for
Student G:o rernment Council. Candidates' answers are printed
on these tV o pages.
1) In K hat areas of campus life do you think SGC has
definite juri: diction and responsibility? Please be as specific a
2) In t1'i e current Sigma Kappa situation, do you think the
"burden of jproof" rests with SGC or the National Council? If
the National' Council has not extended requested cooperation by
Dec. 5, do ye -i think SGC has the power and the right to ask the
local chapter to disaffiliate on the basis of available information?
3) Are y ou in favor of the Lecture Committee and Regent
By-Laws cov 'ring outside speakers?
4) Do ye x think SGC has the authority to make recommen-
dations cone rning financing of residence halls? Why?
5) What is SGC's responsibility in purely academic affairs?

Joe Collins
Treasurer, Student Government
Council; President, Scott House;
Member, Lecture Committee.
1) SGC was established to carry
on the duties of the now defunct -
Student Activities Committee and
Student Legislature. It is charged
with the enforcement of University
rules and regulations covering
student organizations and activi-
ties. This encompasses broad juris-
diction and responsibilities. Fol-
lowing I will list just a few of the
more important areas of responsi-
bility. selves, so that no group will be
a. The area of student activi- restricted from being able to hear
ties-SGC by virtue of its all- any view that will add to its edu-
campus nature is in a position to cational experience. Believing that
coordinate many activities and there is a reason, and a very good

3) Any person that is legally al-
lowed to speak in the United
States should, upon demand, be
allowed to speak at the Univer-
sity. We are supposedly here to
learn all sides of questions-not,

>.> *

ob Crecil

Sct t G hryster
Student Gove cnment Council:

just one. Secretary, Studer at Representation
4) I don't really think any of Committee; Cluirman, Free Uni-,
the SGC members are capable of versity of Berlin' Committee; Ori-
making financial recommenda- entation Director-'
tions. Let us not assume that more Sigma Chi; Cirpus Relations
than one or two members per Committee.
elected council have had many ex-
periences in finance other than 1) SGC has responsibility to
cashing a check at the Union. the students, thi'e University, and
5) Frankly, I do not understand the community. The primary res-
the question. If it means that SGC ponsibility is rerxesenting and ex
can decide on longer vacations pressing student opinion and de-
and less work, I don't think it sires. The actions! of SGC should
should have jurisdiction. If new always be toward .furthering the
methods of education are to be ideals and educa tional standards
brought in by SGC, it shouldn't of the Universiti, and at the same.
have jurisdiction either. Academ- time, in respect to the community 3) I am in favor of the present.
is affairs should be handled by of which we are a i cart. In general, Regent By-laws and Lecture Com-
trained educators and adminis- SGC should act in all areas where egttt Bylasind Ltre Coin-
trators who are being paid for the need of studen+U opinion is an .
such work, not by young men and essential factor i. r solving a prob- Because the University of Michi-
women still actually trained in lem. This is the r eason for the ex- gan is a state-supported school, 1
nothing. istence of SGC. "3ince we are all I believe we have a definite obli-
-- here for academie reasons, SGC gation and responsibility to the
should not hesitate to take initia- people responsible for our exis-
tive in academic an~as. Social and tence. Believing wholeheartedly
moral developmen s are another in academic freedom, I think this
important segmen t o f education, University should represent the
and SGC should seel: policies to state and its peoples' ideas. The
best further these standards also. Committee on University Lectures
"rd, int dMto rve the educa.



Student Government Council
Coordinating and Counseling Com-
mittee; Chairman, Sub-committee
on Constitutions; Inter - House
Council; West Quad Council;
Chairman, Inter-House Council
Judiciary; Vice-President, Lloyd
House; President,. Lloyd House;
Vice-President, West Quad Coun-
1) I believe that SGC has juris-
diction and responsibility in any
and all areas that affect, in one
way or another, any segment ofj

2) In my opini on, the burden
of proof rests wit].i neither SGC
or the National Cc :uncil of Sigma
Kappa. It must I)e remembered
that the chapters at Cornell and
Tufts were suspen led by the na-
tional officers aftE T the national
convention. There N xas no mention
of the future susp-nsions during
the convention. Sii ice then, the
officers have submi.tte d no per-
tinent information to axiyone. SGC
has applied some xr esure when
they asked for a s' atenent from
the National Council and indi-
cated there might be a possbile
violation of regula tior s on the
Michigan campus. If, on Dec. 5,
SGC makes a decision oii the basis
of all available in fairniation, as
was moved, and Sigxmi BPappa Na-
tional Council or any t ier source
has issued no perti: Lent informa-
tion, then the decis on would be
limited, because the :f acts are lim-
ited. If, however, th e whole Sig-
ma Kappa National sorority sub-
mits a frank statemt ut, or a court
decision has been sul enitted, then

the student body. The council has ganization straighten out anyG
jurisdiction over other campus or- problems it may have in its rela-!
ganizations insotar as these or- tions with the, campus as a whole
ganizations affect the well-being or with any segment of the stu-
of the Michigan community. I do
not feel that the 'council has any dent body.
right to interfere in the internal 2) I cannot think of SOC as the,
affairs of any organization but "prosecuting attorney" in the cur-
rather should try to help the or- rent Sigma Kappa situation. Al-

1S -es gnle sU6lv uccua
tional interests of the academic
community" and this is justifiable
since the purpose of the University
is an academic institution. If the
University were to allow "ques-
tionable" speakers in a purely rion-
academic sense it would, in re-
ality, be a representation of the
4) I believe one of the great-
est areas of concern for SGC is
housing. I am definitely in favor
of any study and rational recom-
mendation that might help the
Administration improve housing.
Since housing is a primary inter-
est of all students, student opin-
ion should be voiced through SGC.
SGC, working cooperatively with
C the Administration as they have
in the past, can add invaluable
student ideas and desires toward
the solution of the problem. Hous-
ing is the long-range type of prob-
lem in which students and student
government should interest them-
selves. I am sure any rational and
representative recommendation
from SGC would be gratefully re-
ceived by the Administration.
5) SGC has'a primary respon-
sibility in purely academic af-
fairs. Education is the reason why
we are all here. Academics play
the greatest role of our educa-
tion and, therefore, are the inter-
est of all students. Any problem,
criticism, desire, or evaluation of
an academic area by students be-
comes an interest of the Univer-
sity. SGC has been formed to
convey these opinions to the ad-
ministration and faculty. Further-
more, it is necessary that SGC be
constantly alert and encourage
student opinion in academic areas.

Mal Cumming
Alpha Tau Omega; Chairman,
Office Committee, Inter-Fratern-
ty Council; Treasurer,- IFC,
1) The areas of campus life 1
in which, SGC has definite juris-
diction and responsibility, are
fairly well defined in the SGC
Plan. The areas which I feel are
the most important to the student'
body are as follows:
a. To coordinate and to dele-
gate student activities to be car-
ried on by recognized campus
b. To originate student pro-
c. To express student opinion.
d. In accordance with regental,
administrative, and Joint-Judici- and stringent rules which would
ary policies, to withdraw recogni- prohibit most speakers from the
tio'n and reactviate campus campus. The regulations are ad-
groups. ministered by the Committee on
In its responsibility to express University Regualtions "With theI
student opinion, SGC has respon-
sibility in all aspects of student understanding that they are de-
life. signed to serve the educational
2) The so-called "burden-of- interests of the academic com-
proof" in the Sigma Kappa issue munity rather than the political
rests clearly with the Studentinterests of any party or candi-
Government Council. As quoted
from the University publication, date." Until the Lecture Com-
"University Regulations Concern- mittee misuses its authority in
ing Student Affairs, Conduct, and approving speakers, we have little
Discipline" on the matter of with- cause for complaint.
drawal of recognition " . . im- 4) SOC has the authority to
mediate responsibility for investi- make recommendations concern-
gation will be taken by the Coun- ing financing of residence halls as
cil." SGC has the power to ask this financing has direct results
the local chapter to disaffiliate. at present on the cost to Univer-
But, this power must be used with sity students. SGC not only has
a great deal of consideration. In the authority but it has the re-!
the absence of any statement from sponsibility to express student
the National Council of Sigma opinion on the matter of residence
Kappa, it will indeed be very hard hall financing.
to act decisively, on Dec. 5. Any- 5) SGC's responsibility in aca-
one who has followed this situa- demic affairs is again shown in
tion is forced to ask the question, its responsibility to express stu-I
"What evience is there that dent opinion. There was cause to
Sigma Kappa has violated any believe that the University's ap-
University regulation?" The offi- proach to academic counseling
cers of the local chapter inform was not up to student needs.
us that they are not restricted in Suggestions in this area should
their choice of membership by prove very useful to both theE
students and faculty. Here SGC

though SGC is not a judicial body
I feel that in this case it should act
as a judge. SGC has the power to
withdraw recognition from any
campus organization if the or-
ganization breaks a University
regulation. I believe that if it can-
not be proved that Sigma Kappa
has broken a University regula-
tion then I cannot see how SGC
can do anything but drop the en-

make them more meaningful and
purposeful to the campus com-
munity. Examples in this area are1
the Activities Booklet, Campus+
Chest, and Religion in Life Pro-
gram. It is here that SGC must 1
proceed with care and not become
a "projects" organization. I whole-
heartedly support the originate
and delegate concept of Council
activity. There are many organi-
zations better equipped and more
justified in handling the adminis-
tration of many activities SGC has
originated. These activities should
be delegated to the appropriate;
group. An example of this was the
delegation of the responsibility of
the Air Charter Flight for next+
year. I believe if this policy is
followed that there will always be+
a clear and effective relationship
between SGC and other campus
b. A constant interest in self-
discipline-SOC's responsibility is
to see that any rules which the
college wishes to promote keep the
growth and maturity of the stu-
dent in the foremost of its con-
sideration. Main topics of Council
interest in this area, I believe,
should be the drinking regulations,
women's hours, and the driving'
c. Campus communication -
It is the Council's responsibility to
communicate its actions and ac-
tivities to the student body. This
is one area in which the Council
may have been delinquent in its
first year of existence. I believe'
that this semester communications
have greatly been strengthened,
and that this year a well-rounded
program through the means of the
Student Newsletter, Speakers Bu-
read, Daily column, and the pro-
posed Speakers Bureau, will be
presented to the campus commun-..
d. Leadership- training -
Through means of workshops, con-
ferences, and organized classes
with informed personnel, SGC
could well employ its efforts to
contribute to the success of many
campus organizations.
e. Educational affairs - SGC
has proved that cooperation with1
'faculty and administration has
been of mutual benefit to all fac-
tors of the campus communities.
We are now working in the areas
of counseling, University calendar
and orientation programs. I pro-
pose that new areas for active stu-
dent consideration are admission
policies in light of rising enroll-
ment, intercollegiate athletic poli-
cies, and the University's academic
policy in such areas as student
"cuts," SGC, as the representative
of the student body, has the re-
sponsibility to consider areas that
affect the student and lead to a
broadening of his intellectual out-
2) SGC has the power to ask
the local chapter to disaffiliate
from the national; this is not de-
batable. This power was given
SGC by the Regents when they
adopted the SGC Plan. Whether
SGC should have the power is
debatable; I believe it should. If,
when the decision on the Sigma
Kappa issue is made, the pertinent
evidence of information (circum-
stantial or conclusive) supports the
charge that Sigma Kappa National
has violated a rule or regulation
of the University, SGC not only
has the right, but the responsibility;
to ask the local chapter to dis-
affiliate from the National sorority
The responsibiilty for rendering a
satisfactory explanation lies with
the national, not only in answer
to SGC's request, but also because
it has an obligation to its local
chapter to alleviate the pressure
which has been placed upon it1

since this question arose. I be-
lieve the stand taken by the local
chapter at the time the decision!
is to be made will influence the

one, behind the present By-law be-
fore a change can be considered,
it must be substantiated by. a
clearly shown need for change -
actual examples and not just
changes. For the record shows
that in the twenty-odd years of

Fraternity house officer; Young
Republicans Club.
1) SGC has jurisdiction over all
areas of campus life. The present
type of government under which
SGC was established coupled with
the past activities of SAC and SL ,
give it this jurisdiction. It is, how-
ever, the responsibility of the
Council to have discretion in its

student government as more than
a campus service activity. SGCt
has the opportunity to change
these attitudes, to say, "judge us
by our actions and accomplish-t
ments, not by preconceptions," toi
take its place as a partner in the
educational community. SGC is now
considering the areas of the Uni-
versity calendar and all phases;
of counseling. And it might welll
move into the whole area of cur-
ricula. SGC has not only a re-;
sponsibility to -the students, but;
also to the 'faculty, to register;
student opinion concerning aca-;
demic affairs. The Council alsol
has the duty to make the student1
body fully aware of the current;
problems in the academic area. j

tion must be found by which
dorms can be constructed without
r/aising the room rate of the resi-
dences. Recommendations by SGC
could be of great value in determ-
ining the best way to finance fu-
ture construction of badly-needed
residence halls.
5) SGC has a responsibility in
the academic affairs of the cam-
pus if for no other reason than
because we are all here to obtain
an education. The scholastic
achievement of the student body
should be of great importance to
SGC. Means should be investigated
by which greater knowledge can
be attainied by the students. It is
a very long-range problem for both
faculty and students to consider.


the Committee's existence only five use of this jurisdiction. SGC
people were refused a place to should use its jurisdiction to help
speak, and in the last four no one rather than hurt the various seg-
has been refused. If need for ments of the student population.
.a.i Much.good can be done by a body
change can be shown then it IS of the ability and experience of
SGC's responsibility to uphold the Student Government Council.
students' right-academic freedom. 2) I feel the burden of proof
4) SGC has recently adopted lies with SGC as to whether the
a motion in this specific area. j local chapter of Sigma Kappa has
.tviolated a University regulation.
As the maker of this motion II do not think the Council should
sincerely felt that the members suspend recognition of the Michi-
cf SOC should become completely gan chapter unless definite, con-
aware of the financial structure crete proof is established that it
made a violation. Circumstantial
of residence halls. This area will evidence - and hearsay are not
be considered in light of the pres- enough for a conviction.
ent self-liquidating structure, its 3) I am not in favor of the By-
progress and effectiveness in giv- laws covering outside speakers in
ing low-cost housing and meeting that a certain amount of academ-
the problem of ever-rising enroll- ic freedom is being withheld from
students. Admittedly the Univer-
ments. Our system in comparison sity is a state-supported institu-
to other systems and other possi- tion and must bow to public opin-
ble means of financing will also ion to a degree. However, not much
b --choice is left to the student to ei-
be considered. ther accept or reject a speaker on
If at the time this matter is his speech rather than his back-
considered (Jan. 5) SGC should ground. Mature students don't
wish to make recommendations as have to believe everything they
a result of its study, I feel it is hear. If a speaker does not meet
well within its jurisdiction, and the standards expected of him, he
It has a responsibility to make will not gain audience approval.
the appropriate recommendations. 4) I certainly think SGC has the
5) Too few educators look to authority to recommend a way to
students as partners in the aca- finance residence halls even
demic undertaking, or think of though it can do no more. A solu-

it is the respons
enforce Universi
there has been a
the issue if there
lation. I am not
making any ju
tion of whether1
violation or not.
er for SGC to6

ibilit ' of SGC to
ty re; relations if
violat on, or close
has b een no vio-
in fawor of SGC
dicial ,etermina-
there ' oas been a
I feel it is rath-
declare violations

tire .matter. In my mind Sigma'
Kappa is innocent until they are
proven guilty. ' SGC must have!
proof before it can act.


3) The Lecture Committee and
Regents By-law covering outside
speakers is something that should
be thoroughly discussed in the
Council this coming year. I would'
be in favor of having a test case
where a speaker who might be
controversial would be invited to
the University to speak. If the Lee-{
ture Committee sees fit to ban this
person then perhaps some recom-
mendations can be made. I do be-
lieve that the University should
not be guided in any manner by
public opinion, but should take
the lead in allowing controversial
speakers to talk in public places.
This is not to say that all "rabble-
rousing" Communists should be
encouraged to come here and
speak, but I feel that the By-law
could be, perhaps, more flexible.
4) The most acute problem that
is now facing everyone here at the
University iscthe one concerning
housing. I certainly think that
SGC should take great interest in
this area and should make some
recommendations. The University
has obviously failed to provide
adequate housing and at the pace
they are now working, no improve-
ment is in sight. A committee is
being set up to study methods of
financing at other schools. I think
that SGC should take the lead in
this problem which promises to
become very grave
5) In academic affairs SGC has
many areas in which it may woik.
The whole problem of counseling
!is one that is now being studied,

than judiciously detern ir.e them.
If it is evident that the - ssue must
be solved, I would rathie.r wait for
a statement from tne Iational
Convention when it noxt ccnvenes,
or if a court decision is handed
down earlier, to a(cep t these
sources of proof and then enforce
University regulations acc- rdingly.



otill cy

Member, Student Government
Council; Associate Chairman,
man, Public Relations Committee;
Campus Affairs Committee; Chair-
Member, Student Legislature;
Campus Action Committee, SL;
Cinema Guild Board; Publicity
Chairman, Homecoming Dance;
Operations Chairman, Block 'M';
Campus Conference Committee on
Religion; Alernate Delegate to Na-
tional Student Association Con-
1) SGC must, in order to do a
good job, concern itself with every
phase of student life. While it
certainly is not SGC's place to
make rulings in every facet of
Universitypolicy-we have well-
trained faculty and administra-
tion to do this-it is important
that SGC investigate and make
policy where it can, if benefit
will come to the campus as aI
whole. It is their responsibility
to do as much as possible to pro-
duce a "better" student, and this'
includes suggestion-making in
such areas as curriculum, calen-
daring and counseling.
2) Legally the burden of proofE
always lies with the plaintiff,
which in this case is SGC. The
relevant factor in this matter is
what is proof? SGC has done and
is doing all possible to secure in-
'formation so that circumstantialI
evidence does not build up a case
against Sigma Kappa here. It
must be remembered that SGC did
grant Sigma Kappa recognition I
and is somewhat responsible for
the continued good standing of
the L-'nimn Ti hnil h iner-

is not only within SGC's power
but it is its responsibility to act
on this matter. There is no doubt,
however, that SGC must have
substantial proof in order to take
concrete action.
3) The Lecture Committee and
its By-laws serve a purpose of
unity. The whole crux of the
situation lies in the interpreta-
tion of the By-laws. Since there
has never been a test case in this
matter, there is no point in ex-
pressing approval or disapproval.
The Lecture Committee is impor-
tant to the University, in that
the type of speakers that speak
here reflect on the University it-
self and a certain amount of dis-
cretion has to be used by the
University. I am against any strict
restrictions and would hope that
few speakers would be refused
recognition to speak here on cam-

action taken by SGC. In the area,
of the local chapter, SGC will have
a great deal of responsibility
(shonl it's nision case disaffili- 1


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