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February 07, 1955 - Image 16

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Michigan Daily, 1955-02-07

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Page Six



A Tom Gibson and JoAnne Yates;
N A * * Dick Gilca and Mildre Zeder; Don
Gilger and Flo Arnold: Bob Gil-
(Csariaca fom ace5) low and Nancy Wright; Shcldon
Ginns and Carolc Karp: Jin
GIIANT L3ABEL AND DOSE- Glanvillc and MVary, Dwycr; Martin
.MA1,V HICKS; Norman Galsel Goldman and Coots Glass; R'ich-
and Gabcrs on and P og y Zuecci; Stuat NMJitceal Glass man and
ionsa dola and Suc Bates, Jane L. Matlin Brue Goldsmi si
Thoma, GalfieId and Elis Purdy; and Marlene Anes; Walter Gold-
Edean Gallaudet anti Alice Mac- smith and Jackie Pa ith17: Wm-cc i
Manaus: James Ganoom and Dora Goodwin and Joannec Bootla: Rich-
Edwards; Herbert Gardiner anad ard A. Goodl and Carol Anis Dvor-
M acgot Corby; Gordon Garlick in; Bill Grahsam and Beycrly
and Soc Rehsochsl; Duncan Gar- Moore; Joel Gottlieb sad Barbara~
rct tanad Connie Searles; Shsirl Lavin' Dave Graf and Mary Kane;
Garrisasn and Mary Suec Condon; P'carson Gralszam and Barbar
Dick Gault anad Judy Adkins; Vern Kap Jerry- Gray and Mary
Gebben and Linda VerPlansk; Sy- Caris; MarNin Green. Jr., and Glo-
snis Gebrayre-urllaer analJusanita ris Szweala; Mitchris Gra a araasInsid
Grecan; Pasil Geig (r asd Sally Joyce Neumnsnsi Denuais Greense
Fcrnisshrg; Lco Gcisler ansd Psat and Shasron Muarphsy; Greg Gre-
Smith; Leonsard Gell and Margaret gior and Jenanie Poaaids;:Gsary
Wilkinas; Tom George and Nancy Grenhiolnm and ClaaudetteQauintal;
Estes; Johan Geralt and Rosalitac David Grey aisd Ann Hammisonad;
Sappington; Gcorne Gianakaris Jeff Grossman aind Sola Hsambur-
anad Christhae Gianakaris; Gus Gi- ger-; Eon Growv and Anis Neely;
anakaria and Jacqueline Bogasais; Peter Guick ad Dorotisy OJolas;
John Gibson and Clare Gemricls; IKen Gunniandr ia hnse Tonlin:

Monday, February 7, 1955
E.xtra ar being sold by pledges
of Sii ma Chi fraternity.
P'roceed' from salea of the
Ex ra will be ontributed to
The.Alarehof Dinrs.
Jaaie Marr; Alvin Baggerty ad
Betty Ve' s; Phsilip lin and
Mary S osn aigist; Bill Hail and
Msary Bamiltons; Ronald Hall and
Shserry Straub; William Hall and
Patt Mcr rI d; James Hadlier and
Pat Wlitesidcs; Phail 1.alsey and
Caarol Betterly; Lewis Haimbairger
sad P1atricia An H-eller; Herbert
Miaasond and Janet Dixner;
Lawmreccc Brdy sand Nancy Dilts;
Johnsan ai and Mickey Weav-
er; Jack Harper and Carol Comp;
Steve Hlarper and Nancy Colwell;
Jaines Harrinsgton and Donna Lra-x
rime; Shselby Harriington and Mar-
lene Weiss; Larry Harris and Lot-
tie Glaiiber; Eugene Hartwig and
Lucy Landers; Richard Hartig and
Virginia Swtagg,,erty; Richard K.
Hartman and Judy Bradley; Andre
Hartinett and Gwen Hutten ga ;
John Hargis and Sally Brandes;
Johsn K. Hathsaway and Debbie
Townsend; Ken Hatter and Mar-
gie Weyler; Jon Hauch and Cath-
ie Ca rrero; Ciarldes Hawver and
Marie Greimel; Calvin Haywaod
sad Carol Murphy; Emeraon Head
aisd Sally Baird; Joisn Heath and
Jane Condon; Garnett Hegeman,
Jr., ad Joyce Felton; Jimn Heier
and Kay Leo; Steve Heilpern and
Helen Goldman; Phil Hemn and
Marge. Mortensen; Rodger Helm
and Sun Monchiser; Algred Bell-
man and Kiki Bambikidaa; Mer-
wiis W. Heinphill and Claire Liria;
William Hendershot and Eleanor
Hooper; Bill Herman and Margie
Marquette; Richard Herwitt and
Karen L. Adams; William H. Hes-
(Contisnied an Page 7


Probably wondered
what the
Student Co-ops
are all about ...
As Mchaganalhee re threw enss'sabae women's, sdac marries) capes' cooprtis
othicha bos abotastwo bassdrd studsas. f r aeafe atsil ashow teaCo-paswok.
1111 OWNS AND RUNS 'i lU CO-OP'S? 'WE iDO.
Co-epa asreownedIby he Iler-Cooperative Cuncil 11<.1, a rrporatonse st ap
aod rtanentrety by the sad ts o live or e a alahe lass. a oh memaer, new rold
hs oneasvot, adshrs eqaslly is in lleises;:wlat toet oach tossIoprn, sow
musch to wrt,
As 11 artswIraagresatIspprtcipte in runing the c-op Iemeratically is elcomae.
Memiers areacceputedasna frtsr ore fir s eraed baiswthouttracal, aeial reigius
or political dicrimistin, The re is no ldgecoa iitiatin period.
As aroomer, yea ase proiedd itts a isedciasetsparedesk, cisir, salveIssoge
pare a. well a hscal spaI.0cc and eating prpivilege.
A. a baarir, yea get twenty meal a weik plannsedl andr preporsd by yeUandyor
ellew co-oprs:
"Gasting", asrtaditioal betwees-me-talssacing,iaoe ator mast chri sed
privilegea, Everyone aa ree acesa at at timea t milk, bread, buatter and jam, fres
ri, cereal and letovers.tgas and aome other irma are charged at coal,
Any memler may invie gaass. Tere are adequatc eanryy tciltis,.C-o-nty
open doring vacatienpp.iodsi.ansi ina ths eassre.
Each hoare sesa ita own budsrge, Aeroe costatarrlie pst acmester Iac bas:
ppsea. per weeka ppro. per emeIs'
For room asd bard $13.00, $208
For board only $ 8.25 $130
hie ass'sbers pay a $20 adepoistess sisy join; iisa retusnsedt miersthy Iease. Tsere
ore no otserdasofana sy kind,
Alt the cooking, dishwahng, mantenooe and manageament is clne by ts' mebe;
earls choosing the job he or she eds beatft ed tor, Any member nm or old, cn be
elected aticr! president, hose manage, tood prchasrbokkepr .-
It tabs sfram tour to five hors a wek pr mmber ao rn a co-op. The sxassaork
time is decided by vote at the house,
There re no maids, janiors, reiden adisors aoa, tse paid emapoees,
Co-ops arent merely an mnexpnsive ay to lie. The men's mamen'' sad copes
hoases have together a good namber at organized social events. Gr members, coming
tram all kids ot backgraunds and ram all ver the world by working together get to
team each other really mell. As a resl, c-ops enjoy a characteristic tolerat and
intormal atmosphere. Na pressre is put on anyone to cosorm to a norm ot dress, hbis
os pasrticatiors in aeial activiies.
The I ner-Cooperatiae Counctil-1017dOaklnd-Phone: NO -6872

Banley Gurwin and Merle Mayer-
stein; Paul Guy and Patricia Lid-
g ard,
Dan W. Babel and Carolyn
Maebler; Jaaincs Back and Gail Go-
terioan; George Baddad anad Nan-
cy Crinzi. Keinneth Baler and Er-
lene Otto; Rodney Bagenbuch and
Medical, Dental,
Public Health
Nursing -- Supplies
1216 South University

Iierfed 1em-m'akegyr
3cezdzil color &ia'zz&/

New argusa.H4
Nw35mm earners ha. fastest ian. of any
American eamera in its price ciass-f:3.5 Cintar
lens; sihutter speeds up to 1/200seacond; Color
matie settings; dauble exposure preventer; plug-
In dlash gun.
vaitnera $32.50 case $3.66 flash $3.80

argus 300 WATT projector
Has exclusive Argus rotary elide carrier; wide.
angle, four-inch f.3.5 lens for a big picture; se-
cial blower and beat-absorbing lens keeps slides
cool; Stager-tip elevating device centers pictures..
Only $48.50 ecompl~t* with carryng cae
Purchase Camera Shoup
1116 South University

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