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February 07, 1955 - Image 15

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Michigan Daily, 1955-02-07

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Mandav. Februarv 7. 1955


Poge Five

rviui iuuy, I UvI u%-J , y

NAMES. *..
(Contatioed from Pager d)
Tom Boyle and Mary Ellen DeLal-
la: Fank L,. BravY, Jr. and And-
rey Ann Schaefer; Elliot B3radasi
and Nellie Bradus:; Richard Brendl-
er and Phyllis Brender:; Richard
Brewer and Diane Dowvsett; Char-
les Bristol and Lois Windver; Date
oBroderick and Bever'ly Sihea:
Cliarles Brooks and Ginger Reed;
Alan E. Brown and Helen Chainay;
Bruce Brown and Loraine LeIuc;
James Browvn: Iltory B3rown anid
Shirley Ann Judd: Robiert Browni
and Rith Lbangs; Robert l3rucee
and fngrid stirsmiosmer; Vinieent
oBrund and Joann Ropseta;: C. Earl
Bryant and Bet"ty Rider; Ruwss
Buicc and M1arianne Browni: Wil-
nrd Buek and Audrey Friedman;
Mr. andt Mrs. Jasmes Bulloch:
Charles Burgecr and Gayle Reled;
Jamies R. Bulrns and Lilliain Pat-
e son; Southard Busdieker and
Bonnie Buisdicker: Jack -Bush and
Lerae Galbreatls: Rtobert Bushia
and Sally Lyon; Dean Bussart and
Doria Tremiain; Frank Butorac
and Marcia Nelson; Donald Butts;
and JoAnne K. Butts; John Bux-
ton and Janet Scott.
KIN(;; Ron Cadogan and Lydia
Gunther; Stephen Cahen and Rel-
en Cohen; Dan Calkins and Nancy
Neelands; William T. and Doro-
thy H. Callagham; Alan Camiener
a nid Suzannie Barc1'us; Bruce
Campbell and Margaret Davis;
Calvin Campbell and Marilyn Lit-
l e; Norm Canty an d Mary
Holmes; Stusart Caplan and Dee-
tna Laro; William Carleton and
Andrea Stell; Don Carlson anad
Sue Scott; Williams Caro and Judy
fCohen; Robert Care and Jean
Hornberger; Chsarles Carscallen
and Betty Lou Awrey; Michael
Carey and Bonnie Ederle: David
Carson and Jacqueline Povenz;
Harry B. Carsois and Joanne
Robinson; Larry Calins ans d
Shirley Adam; Al Celotto and
Arlene DeMayo, Tom Chsamber-
lain and Martha Rascb; Ca-
leb Chapel and Mary Christensen;
Baysoni Chapman and Sarah Cot-
wel; T. Ward Chapman and Ann
Todd; Lawrence Chsarfoos and
Mickey North; David Clsesley and
Trudy Tate; Don Chisholms and
Betty Powell; Cass Chiomiezt and
Nora Granito; Benry Chow and
Nita Teodora; Gene Christian aid
Carolyn Durant;: Charles Ciotti
and Dlores Blair; Tom Clark aind
Margaret Edwvards; Barlow Clarke
and Carol Guy; Peter B. Clifford
and Ann M. Mercer: Rip Coates
and Carol Cordes; Ron Coffsnan
and Sailly Myers; Edward Cole and
Mari Cirisianen;Robewrt Cole-
mlan and Shusiross Oliiy; Barry
44Collier and Mairtha Wlingi; Krech
Connant and Carol Etirlie k:
"Thomias A. Cook and Sue Bobein;:
Peter Coopcr aInd Lois Raidel;
Keilsetta (olsp sait Christ isse
Crawford; Robert Corbett :ind
Gail Ans Rostlitoid; lothn Corey
and Jlanset Doggeit : Jose Correa

K~fl~iF~ n 7 itMTHEMICIGA.DALY__geFv

A T AN htitnsate brunsel in thseir White Fangs, N.Y. wi
residence yesterday, Mr. assd Mrs. Hugo LaMoshser
nounsce the spissterhsood of their daughter Maude. Miss
Mosher, 21-years-old, tittered spsastically that she is ssot
pinned, cisgaged or claimsed. Guests applauded hiinply, ansd
fawed as ttsesisster tossed h ter bouquet up to them frosm
stairs. Nobody cassglst it. SIn the fall se vill returns to lie sti
ina the Colleg;e of Plssumbing anid Beraldry, whsere she is a op
and Paula Steins; Jamses Dawsons sess; Stephlen Fishman ansd
assd Sailly Ropert; Ross DeBouver Friedmans; Doss Fitchs snd
and Barbara Wiezorowski; Rich- Cooer: Dick Flaxissan and
and Deg:esser ansd Marcia Ahibe; ha Sisnger: 'avid Fleishe
Ronsald Deliske anid Eileens Pruider; Clarice Wicks; Robert Flog
Joths B. Delisuasiiasnd Diasise Shsirley Ryden; Robert Finec
Mowrey; JohivDisisel and Margo Eusgenie Rea;;ass; Mike Flyi
1=tetul; Jack 1Deissorest assd Masry Nasscy Murphsy; Tom Flysa
McPsarlasn; BRslph Dennis and Patti Babb; Arthusr Frasnc
Mary Anns Hessit;; Richard Dew- Shsarons Franeis; Joe Frar
ey asid Dora Dewey; Sassusel Di- Gail Watts; Bernsard Frat
Carlo and Petrossl ,Sherry; Jeasnette Bradas; IHarvey
Raulpih DiDomessicu asnd Janse Ma- ansd Mariannse Weil; WillIuss
rie Davidasn.; Edtward Dietrichs ansd assd Masdge Frew; Arthssr
Gloria Baldwin:; Joe DiMaggio assd man assd Mary Janse Pa,
Marilyns Monsroe; Dossald Dish and Jims Friesdmasnasnd Barbara
Masy Slsswsoss; Dwayne Donsmyer Larry Friedmsan sund See
and Kathsryns Debong; Erma Don- Joe Frisissger assd Roberta
sner sssd Hsemns Donnser; Dick isig; Doss Fuller assd Juae 5
Doolen asid Bess Loye; Geofrey (Cntinuemd omn tage 6t
Dooley assdtSasllie Reeves; Perry
Dooley usid Barbara May: Robert
Dow assd Dottie Siter' N nestA
Dowsamnd Paulm Wilsoss' Brsuce
Douglas assd Dolores Zerras;Mar
tisn Drebins sasd Lysise Lassdwisths
Kesnneths Drewke asid Joass Hess
sie; Richsard Drews assdtCarmol P ul-
mes; Rotger Dunslassuand Doloree
Boenses: Kenst DusPonst atd asids
DisPosnt; Mykola lDussyK an
D~oric Reslietylo; Jisms !,r n er Drc~ig alDy,,ii lassd
Rluth ttssesibsscts.
WilliamsaEckerssani asdsit is No-
less; Hank Eck f ield said Bi b
Browns; Clarensee E. FEsdleblist'
sant tCharlesne Eddlebltts lavuc
E( rs n arl ooe:Rger tntiand Naixcy Ward: 'leery Eu-
kesibery asnd Carotl l1o1 Jams
Etilbierly asset'Pat Mce ilasid-
Dick t';ttsoe smut Naicy R liiik~t;
Dick Emiery anmd Cha-rt itt~I ier
Diavid l;ssdicottI andals'1iv!sic Ioi"-
rasire: ;iGary Emiielgsu s:ind Asnna
BRoss'es;,'ltsoms:is 1';i ;;tu':indStylvvia
atickli; Johstsis s its S anu i dy
Rtle:I';D)rio I Epstsui siandAsnise-1mm
Johnsy; ItsmFrefurt t lixi(
'l'tsuip.-(()ssi; sionroes l';is'k'.issi ndmust
ikeimi suinutJlanu tiisess Ronild
Johns ,:sms ' ndsiss mii liuis llisissic
As)il:11 l;vaiissaidIKsiebsir i sis s
lirut t';ss miss) siia t diii'Smit.s
TIA vI('K; L. J. Iiil ;isid N usery
1icdilrty Jerry Fedor tiir sm antMtu.
11i11ts 11; Iis) sis t '1 is isf( lii
isissitismi ihiss) tn"setusicsss isist em si
ISiIl'st'su1:I i'iisiiss l's's ly smn t
asid Niisy Vestry; :tI'siist tissch

No Symbols -No Machines -Uses z c did it
6 sseeks. Used in leading otires and Civil Service. aned sees
Isster Come, observe, chieck graduates, Lowest cost, o bete
a - First lesson FREE. Nesw Day or Eve, classes lol
nosw starting. io. Mt5~e
yt er nFShorthand Schools Fduts ensine, Co.
the in OVER 400 CITIES 1 did It
udies IF lEU.CAAACBAHAAI IInyetet nd
seril NYi .. AAA UA {w l f o hs n
--Not Avalable to Students aoemnts
Siusan Any Other Shorthand Sysan t nuts I. Dn
Pauddy Mo ultile.NATIONWIDE inmmepeees, asisn.
dr and
ke and lniaNTOA
ass and " TRANSFER PRIVILEGE oeesien
in and jbfs
is anid +litee
iaisd r s+ BRUSH-UP CLASSES eubineHarbtr
10o and
Pa rewd
asman; Phone NO 8-7831- Stole and William Streets
Der ---

with rhinestoned
Sno-Pea rls

sha21101Macsum '1Serious. '1cTorus's; C ;tu is
Covell .11ud PelIshy Astusmis; 1R:1aitrlm
Cowass u:1u1d Sytui;1 Sctsouurt' a uslt :1( ;1(1;1 '31ess1-
sis(stfCiwles suet Sasse11(tra Ihsusi
ete;GesCiutuois-e1;1( sis) kd lburs
Miss:1y Stuiuir3t:; Mooln Crusso suit
Mumedly Cissts; M\1t1(u111s11it1Mutulsist
Cudnley: ;1istCu111imumsusu1is1st1MNl -
lysi It:is im",;a1; tlsige ('ersuu ;1111
Asusie OtIosisossis ,anl Ciius't';uri11sui
Shirley 'lippi'.
2111d Nussisy Im';se1o1s: Isik 1x1 t1 ritil
213ud Aiti,'Stetstus'uuiuiiu; Fih';u1'ms
Diii1\is :1hieS';tCr ol tuss's;1J1stuss D-
vis :1sud Dotstly h.111:mmi; 'llipsDn
hind1 Cusmstymlli ,emu:;ALami1);11(1'
Jh 1" j\J1\~t,(talt


Ycu h to0try it so Ebily'us'ast
WhiIci Vsitl, twist, tick sip yourt I you
Ioshio fito soew ailswish the- soognot-sck
I ocflit'eraid e'sic idir h(h s Isis
orld cilis t cciouse-sol01tim sol ts d

unit al ll luu l'y ii: 11 ';i mssnaiiuii'
* utb's mt t's s ls Us'j.
1sCi isi hstsrii)tsus is
5 PI' ner O) -50

306So thStteStoyr I-lOse 9to 5 3

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