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April 22, 1951 - Image 7

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Michigan Daily, 1951-04-22

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APRIL 22, 1951


itHE CITCW NfATY- --.- - ass 1 a a a. S - R. 1L1

More SL

(Continued from Page 6)
ulty relations through the assump-
tion of responsibility by the stu-
dents. This, I feel, can be done
best by being a member of SL."1

Athletic Committee.
Post Sought bSix
Six candidates for the Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athletics
will battle it out for the single open seat on that board.
The post is one of two student positions and is held for a two-year
term. The Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athletics acts as a
liaison unit between the University athletic department and the
student body.
* * * *
Carl Brunsting, '53 .
The Board, traditionally regarded as being somewhat indifferent
to student opinion, has recently shown definite signs of a healthy
trend toward close cooperation with the students. It is to help further
this trend that I am seeking election. I am glad that the team man-
agers have put their trust in me by giving me a nomination. If
elected, I will strive to fulfill the students' confidence in me by
utilizing my knowledge of the athletic system gained as a member
of the freshman football squad and a basketball letterman.
* * * *
Joseph La rue, '53

SeavoyRonald, '53
1. No 2. No comment 3. No 4.
No comment 5. Yes 6. No,
"The SL needs people who are
willing to devote all their time to
SL and SL activites. In other
words election to SL should not
be an honorary job. SL members
should also have experience in
other extraecurricular activities
and I believe I have that experi-
Strauss, Alan, '53
1. No 2. Yes 3. Yes 4.No 5. Yes
6. Yes.
"I desire to serve on the SL so
that when I graduate I may feel
that I have given the University
something tangible instead of
merely taking from it."
Strauss, iauth, '54
1. No 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes 5.
Yes 6. No.
"I would like to serve on the SL
because of a serious and sincere
desire to be a part of an organiza-
tion which affords so much in the
democratic operation of our Uni-
Turner, Jim, '53
1. No 2. Yes 3. No 4. Yes 5. Yes
6. No,
"I would like to serve on the SL
because I want to have a part in
the function of law-making for
the student body. I feel as though
I am fairly well representative of
the general views held by the stu-
dents on campus and I will do
my best to express and uphold
their views."
Watson, Richard, '52
1 No 2. Yes 3. No 4. No com-
mnent 5. No 6. No.
"I am very interested in the SL
as a group which helps formulate
policies, and would like an oppor-
tunity to serve the students in
this and other SL functions."
Webb, Spider, '52
1. No 2. No 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. No
6. No.
"As a candidate for re-election,
I feel that the SL needs continuity
of leadership from those people
who have a knowledge of SL%
problems and objectives."
Weissman, Felicia, '53
1. Yes 2. Yes 3. No 4. No\ com.
ment 5. Yes 6. No,
"I desire to serve on the SL be-
cause I believe it is the most ef-
fective means of student expres-
sion at present and I should like
to participate in implementing ac-

For Union,
Twenty-seven candidates f or
next year's nine-member J-Hop
committee and fifteen. Union vice-
presidential nominees are winding
up their campaigns for this week's
* * *
being held in the spring for the
first time this year. Competing are
Dennis Aaron, Beverly Arble, Lorna
Becker, Margery Boos, Marlin
Carder and Susan Craig.
Other candidates are Janet
Gast, Roger Gilmore, Sally
Gnau, Milton Goetz, Robert
Goodwin, James Harsant, De-
lance Hyde, Jeanne Marshall,
Ted Maude, John Mauriel,
Audry Murphy, Ruth Oldberg,
Jake Richardson and Beth Smi-
Robert Steinberg, Mary Ann
Suino, Fred Thompson, Dave Tink-
ham, Don White, Barbara Wild-
man and Louis Zako complete the
* * *
STUDENTS nominated by the
Union's nominating committee to
fill the six vice-presidency posts
Combined schools: John Visosky,
'52, Gene Mesh, '52BAd.
Dentistry school: Arthur Nolen,
153D, Bill Daines, 153D.
Engineering and architecture
schools: Sam Alfieri, '54A, L. Ron-
ald Modlin, '52E, Stephan Marzo,
Law school: James Callison, '53L,
Herb Leihman, '53L.
Literary college and graduate
schools: Fred Ittner, '52, Raffee
Johns, '51, Lawrence Ravick, '52,
Jim Witzler, '52.
Medical school: John Finger,
'54M, James A. Taren, '52M.

Thirty Battle for LSA,
Engineering Class Posts

Thirty candidates are battling
for various class, offices in the lit-
erary and engineering schools.
Half of these are running for the
four leading positions in the liter-
ary icolege senior class-president,
vice-president, secretary and trea-
surer. The four elected will be re-
sponsible for class administration
during the next year, and will re-
main in office until the first class
reunion in 1957.
The top three engineering classes
are electing officers as well, with
a total of 15 candidates running.
The seniors will elect a president,
vice-president, secretary and trea-
surer, while the juniors and sopho-
mores will choose only a president
and secretary.
* * *.
CANDIDATES for senior class
officers in the literary college are:
For President: Doug Cutler,
John Hobyak, Neale Traves and
Nancy Watkins.
For Vice-president: Chuck El-
liott, Nancy Ericke, Glenn Gross-

Student Legislature representa-
tive, Spider Webb, '52 BAd, de-
clared last night that 10 of the
16 voting booths still need volun-
teers to work from 12 to 1 p.m.
on both voting days.
"Unless we get at least 20 peo-
ple to work at that hour, we will
have to close the booths until
one," he said, The SL is using a

record number of voting bo
this year in an effort to get a
ger turnout at the polls.
Webb announced that with
exception of the noon hour,
booths were manned for
days, Students.may volunteer
work at the polls by pnoning
SL building at 34732.

man, Fred Ittner, and Robert
For Secretary: Joan Beeman,
Dorothy Garrett, Virginia Robin-
son, and Dorothy Shaver.
For Treasurer: Joe Epstein and
Irv Stenn.
* * *
neering school senior class officers.
For President: William Hickman
and Howard Low.
For Vice-president: David Bar-
rett, Harvey Neumann and
Nicholas Radell.
For Secretary: Duncan Erley.
For Treasurer: Charles Good.
Five men-Thad Epps, John
Knudsen, Allen Krass, Duane Luse,
and William Palluth-are running
for junior class president, while
Robert Erf is unopposed for secre-
Stephen Qua is unopposed for
sophomore class president as is
George Cotter for secretary of tlat

one," he said, The SIV4 is using a SL building at 34732.

Need Volunteers at Pol

Watch These Pleats!

They're Here To Stay!

As I see it, student influence on the Board is pronounced. It is
my wish to serve on such a Board that does not regard its student
representation as figureheads.
* * * *
Mike Papista, '53
I want to serve on this Board so that I may represent the student
body in athletic policies.
*. * * *.
Robert Perry, '53E
Few students realize the importance of this Board and the fact
that they are represented on it. I believe that the student repre-
sentatives on this Board should be concerned with how the Board's
decisions affect the average student rather than just the Varsity
athletes. I would urge, among other things, free programs and better
seating to be given to students at football games.
Chuck Whiteaker, '53Ed.
I intend to represent the students in my fullest capacity and to
foster their wishes and desires concerning the athletic policy at this
University. I also wish to bring the Board to closer relations with the
student body.
* * * *
Tom Witherspoon, '53
The University of Michigan is presently confronted with a host
of problems. Among, these the most pressing is that of student repre-
sentation on the Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athletics. In
summation I might add that I intend to see to it that you are
properly represented on this board.

a .

Students To Decide on
Constitution Referenda

Besides electing all manner of
officers and representatives this
week, students will also have the
job of passing judgment on two
referendum issues and a revised
student government constitution.
Alterations in the Student Legis-
lature constitution were finally set
down and discussed in the SL ear-
lier in the semester, and the com-
pleted product must be ratified by
a majority of those voting on it in
the approaching spring election.
* * *
MAJOR CHANGES include pro-
vision for replacement of members
forced to leave for some reason, an
article setting forth the judicial
branches of SL, and a reorienta-
tion of the philosophy behind the
The latter point is indicated by
changing the name from "Student

tive responsive student govern-
Wendler, Dot, '52
1. No 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. No 5. Yes
6. No.
"I have been doing voluntary
work on the Secretariat of SL and
have become familiar with its or-
ganization. Realizing how im-
portant SL can be made to be, I
wish to put every possible effort
into the efficient running of a
democratic student self-govern-
Wilcox, Leonard, '52
1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes 5.
No 6. No.
"I would like to continue my

work on SL for the third year. I
believe my experience can be some
help in promoting effective stu-
dent government. I firmly believe
in the purposes of the SL and that
it must work at representing the
student body. I will devote every
effort to this task."
Wilkins, Roger, '53
1. No comment 2. Yes 3. No 4,
Yes 5. No 6. No.
"I have participated in various
forms of student government from
early in high school to the present
time. From this experience I
have gained great respect for stu-
dent government. This respect

and interest in this field have giv-
en me a desire to serve on SL.
Willens, Howard, '53
1. No 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. No 5. No
6. No.
"SL has attained the position
where it supervises many activi-
ties and assumes many of the re-
spon'ibilities of the student body.
But there yet remain a few defi-
ciencies in the functioning of
Michigan's student government,
and it is in the overcoming of
these that I would like to lend my
interest and energy.
Wood, Shirley Alice,
1. No 2. No 3. Yes 4. No 5. Yes
6. No,
"I would like to see the activities
of the smaller colleges on campus
brought more to the foreground
and coordinated further with
campus activities as a whole. By
doing this I believe we will become
more aware of the parts played
by all schools of the University
and at the same time have more
general participation."

Legislature Constitution" to "Stu-
dent Government Constitution."
Also, the preamble has been altered
to make the constitution stand for
a student government already in
progress, rather than the "begin-
nings of student government" in-
dicated in the original document.
The section providing for re-
placement of members was in-
serted to account for the pos-
sibility of members being draft-
ed. The substitute legislator
would be appointed by the cabi-
net on approval of two-thirds of
the legislature, using interest
and ability as qualifications.
Another article of the new con-
stitution provides machinery for
holding referenda. This was not
written into the first SL constitu-
tion, but use has been made of the
measure for several years.
Indeed, two referenda wIl be
placed on the ballot in this elec-
tion. One asks "Do you approve
of the University regulation pro-
hibiting the election of "Queens"
by campus groups?" Separate
ballots will be used for men and
women on this isue.
The other, with voting restricted
to in-state students, asks "Should
the legal voting age in Michigan be
lowered to 18 years?"


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