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February 17, 1949 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1949-02-17

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Ball Lists Factors, in Child Adoption

"One of the wost important
factors involved in a family's
adopting a child is emnotionial ma-
turity of the prosp ctlive par11entls,",
according to Albjert V_. Ball, ii-
pervisor of 1intakeĀ° and inlaidt de-I
partment of tHe Michigan Chli-
dren's ID:titute,
It is not necessary for ,t famuily
to be wealthy to adopt a child
but merely to be fiaia:i'~lly stable,
B3all said.
ALSO, ies believes it is it'mor-
tant that chtildren be place d in
homes mostAsuite(-]to them, Intel-f
lectually. A very intelliget-. childf
is niot placed in a home wnichl will {
be finai'eally inapa l fProvid-
ing it With :111hiher ed1Ue'tioti1.
On bthe other hand, a child of
lower intelligence is not placed
wlit a family of wealthy college
graduates who are apt to make
demands of the child far be-
yond his capabilities.
The Michigan Childtrn's Insti -
tute, a unit of the State Depart-
nment of Social Welfare, (does more
adoption work than any other
single agency in the state.
LAST YEAR 224 chiildren, were
accepted by the institute qand a'
total of 150 adoption placemrnents:x
were made. There i s, howesver, a
waiting list of 1,.500 couples who

accept financial responsibility, the
child must be legally committed to
the Institute by the Probate Court,i
and parental rights are sever.ied.
The child then becomesalel
ward of the state up to te age of
Upon acceptance b~y the insti-
tute the child is put, in a teiit-
porary boarding home during
which time he is studied, ment-
tally and physically.
"As more doctors and laymen
become aware of the service, p)ro-
tection and security the socialI
agency can give," Ball said, "there
will be fewer couples turning toc
the black market and resorting toc
illegal adoption procedures to se-1
cure children."'
'Strauss Houtse
Receives 1New

ai re Nurses
Neeie~ ays
A pressing demnand for nurses :
exist;s in all branches of the pro-i
fe-:ssion, -wcording to Miss Rhoda~z
le d ir 1iee t or of 0.eSchI ool ol'
Al'.] : oughetin'needfor nurses
I la lYet g in Sice t te('end of
the v, ;r it is~ only since the close
of the Ca.del Nurse Corps train-
inv progra-m last fall that the!
proli iletlI sbecome a d(ileiflnla,
Miss liddg xpliied.
'Id'54;:l: 'EN'i'11007I'lin the
build!ing-of hosIi~t als, the t ;'
in1 t iliS iiili ies. atad prow ig-
pub .i, v,, <t ines{ ofthe ie nl)or -
I at ie ofl 1He Iica 1 tntin ing , have!
ill ('onttilmtt((lto tlue (currenit
Accor diwg to Ms ReddiK, the
(141a1:id is great iii all the ,PC-
-iLI lsof Inursing, .and the
j I) i:)t t1liii(' tre ('fi'nSIoJId-
tingly large.

fl59 l * .111f
Public:,tion in The'lieINty liTiciatl
I1Ut!cf(ill th const rurt n e n<t irceto ;all
ynilr s u li e 0, 1 ';!, l &'i y. N t I Ce
for It: Itticin shotild hr' !!v fitt
F Assi't ant icy the l'ri' !f t, ilonin I (tM
An4gelII Ilt , by 3 :00 ;inC. n t1 he day
i'eeed ii lt ph hlcat ion (II -I11 a nm. SatI-_
THlUlRSlAY, FEB. 17, 19,19
VOL. LIX. No. 938
i Notices
tiu lt,,,, Collegec of Engine'IlgII~
:341, W. 1 1! ;,insting Bldg .

ANNA. MAC NAT-Star of "Be-
foretlnllUnn l'eik'
sliiwiu~this wteekenida:4 Lydia
tl ende Issohi i.

siin tid from the Student Loan
Irtinds - may apprly in the afternoon
olay. 1--4 tm.office of Student
Afar,1020 AdministraItion Bldg.
MA men students uhn have re-
('ci vd Student Aid Ioundation
a l)Plieation hblanksiare notifield
that they shouldi commnunicaite
V. Pi the MO eof theDewan of
Women b' 1eforet'Feb. '2.
M chanicail-11d Industrial Sen-F
hos and Gi'aduato students: Byl
signirte s'idtI'posted on the
itltin bII oard tt,'225 W. Eng:ineer-
:n Bidg. you may make appoint-
ale'lL to have your picture taken
rI ree , wich will be tised on your
"(:r onne:l Cat'd. Pictures will be,
t,,!;.'ix '1 hirsday and Friday, F'eb.s
17. :m l1i8, and Monday, Tttesday,
and t'nesdy, eb.21, 22 anld
t ain Ims OIrives: Any groupl
0,101 i 1m ingito5sponsorlanall-campus1
drl~tieC1r' lands,--a 'rag 1DayV." d(t '-
ing the periodlfrom Ju.ne 1949) to
June 19() sh,,ould notify Marian
i 'ttapp. 2t;, byI February 21, soI
It is requst catI hi'et'alen-
(!I" ctii antid cft Isidtcr(l by the Corn-
in'.ti (t'ot onSt uietiAffairs.
Wotmntstudents wha are mar-
ied aftr enridling in the Uni-
v ersity atre req(uired to report such
change,( in status immediately toI
thepOffice of the Dean of Women
11f anycag in place of resi-
dence is indicated, the matter will
h.e discusse d withi the student in
the light: of heict refrence and
decision will be m1ade, by t he Of-
t i{= (1ot he Dealt of WotfltnonlanI
I(Mat'iu Ld on tPni 4)

NOW! -

' . supervises orphans
want to aclopt--mostly blaze-eyed,
cur ly-headed babies.
"Tfhe main reason for the
long w a i i i 4list is the fact that
m any of the children ceared for
by agencies throughout the
state are not adoptable,"
"Many of them are not orphans
but have parents who are tempo-
rarily incapable of caring for the
child," he explained. Some of the
children may have inherent phys-
ical and mental disabilities, while
others may be too old to be want-
ed for adoption by most families."

Continujous fr om

j <
t At

BEFORE THE institute Will

wate aJU . . 1J Fl wlei a woman :gri laitslise'
may enter public [I(,%aith.iadmini-
st"ration, school nurs 'ingy. indus-
"Tracks in the Snow," a paint- trial nursing, or any ol a number,
ing by the American artist, Charles of different fields other than hos-
E. Burchfield, has beeni presented p ]ital work.
to the University by relatives ol ___
the late Prof. Louis A. Straus..
The large water-color painting, (e t hc eit yia nd e Ut= Licted
ern winter scene, will be hung inl
the lounge of Strauss House in Othe avers Iiead
East Quad, which was named after .
the distinguished professor. Mike Cetta, (irector of "The
The donors include Pro f.Tt'o orLf, a lce
$trauss' two daughters, Mrs. F17r :;icy'ig of the14adtwent Players
Frank P. Bevan and Mrs. Valen- rprenly
tine Davies; a nephew, Abraham r 'Jttek loney and Lee Sutshine
S. Hlart; and Charles A. Reh were elected treasurer and secre-
man, a brother-in-law. I tary respectively while members-
'A member of the University + t-la ;eon the executive cor'mrit-
English Department for 45 years,4 tee are Red Corbett, wvho played
Prof. Strauss was chairman of the 1 Nick in the groupl's recent pro-
department from 1920 until one clttctioii, and Ruth. Me ugan.
year before his death in 1938. Ie A rmeeting wlil be held next.
was also a member of the Stir- week for all students, as yet, ern..
dent Affairs Committee and theI affiiiat", ihl the group, who
Board in Control of StudetIt ;wouLld lk to become fOr~reilbers
Publications. l ofSt trintPlayers.

oiMt-i t nStars
ItIalian Ii Filn11
Openin,11hg h"ee
"Before IHimiAll Rome Trem13-1
bled," starringf Anna Magnani, of
"Open) City'' famle, will openi at
8:30 p.m. today in Lydia Meni-'
The Italian film with English
titles will. also be shown ijat 8:30
p.m. tomorrow and spatuird ay.
Se'at s for iall perfottnancos:: ire re-I
Featuring a 40)intute svequre i e
from Puccini's "La Tosca," the
film closely }. lllls thle opent
Termed "a powerf ul story" by tite
Newv York N ews , the picture shlowsj
Italian patriots in the days be-
fore Rome's liberation fromntlte
ISA Of ficerw Elected
Newly elected ISA officers are:!
Nlino 0. Keinilauri, '49 A, presi-
dent; S. Balasabrainanian, vile-
president : lussei if. Zaki. G rad..
4ecretary: -and Corlriro'. Ilc~oa,

an17 extenlsion of timle beyond this
date, in order to mrake up this
work shld fil ile a pet ition ad -
dressed to the app~ropriate' offi-
cial in their school withi 1513 Adi
ministration Building,, r i it
will be Ift'd15ltitt ed.
Today is the last day for new stut-
dents to secture their idecnti ific r-
tioni cards at, the Student Ac.t ivi-
t ies window, in the hrt loor lob-
by. Adnminist'11 ion dg.1Hou rs,
83:30-11: 30 ; 1:30-4 ::30.
Recodnized student organiva -
tions are reminded that they mus
be reistered in the Office of St it-
!dlut, Affairs before 5 1A.11..'Fr i.,
Feb. 181, in order to be incluhded
on the list, of aplOfe( irtt a-
t ions P w IIhy' secone sm > (r
Atu del-kt Loall Ponids: Mnl t dc-

'leeof I.it rt'at tn, Micilte alld
time Arts, Sctit I~of 1Edu<tcat,
Forestry, Milsic :111,d1I' u h ice
or'ealthl :! h
of their h1t11, ine ter orsulitelr.!
session' of at tendaitte x viii t Ceiv(,
a rade of h,111in liecot u111se or
courses tunless t his; wor'k is made
up by", Ma rch 7. St udents wishing,

. 1
E, f

11011 ND PA:RIK. Micit. rhe
-ilty''ii ttheir hctbtts hias been
Hog raisers claim that hog's
will not stuff themselves with food
-"heway other animals - and
htnnmans--soletJimes do."
"Hogs xt iiggle ini the mud be-
,nus it. hells keep theci ool and
l 'elltv'Cs ext ra, oil oil their ,skins.'
they sa..id(.


8;30 P.M.


fr 10 A.M. fift
3ni 10 A.M.

_ _ _ _
P: _ . ._ __,._ ._. , ..._,, .. 4




Sales? housing?

Classifieds solve your pirobleins!




Shtows at 1:00- 3:30 - 6:00 - 8:50
Feature at 1:25- 4:00 a 6:30 - 9:20


51 -room apartment and bath, first
floor, unfurnished. $125 per month,
utilities furnishect. No children.
Phone 6415. )5
A FRENCH made wood ciotinet_ Priced
for quick sate. Call after t,:0( 171
2-4733. )'
Regular $11.95 Now $8.95
Just West of Hill Auditoriumn
1938 PLYMOUTH convertible, new I ires
and battery, good running conditlion.
Priced reasonably $325. 111. Jac(k
5740. ) :is
TWO TICKETS to Iletfetsz concert. 0-1i
2-9362. } n
MICROSCOPE for sale. 13&L new mnod('i
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STAILS, 38-long, vest & ties, reasoitable.
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1948, Four Door Chrysler New Y%:orker.
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5938. )' (>
ALMOST new Zenith table model radio-
victrola with changer. 1 J3 off. 'Totu
Ford Law Club. ) 31
FOR SALE--Brown overcoat, exception -
ii" value, size 37, roomy. Also tuxedo)
and extra trousers, size 371 Reasoni-
ably priced. Call 8250 evenings aroutid
6 :00. ) 22
1933 FORD coupe, rebuilt, four good
tires, excellent transportation. (Call
Jim Black, 2-3236. )27
R. C., A. Combination radio - vict rola
changer. Half-off pilce. R-. iotiii-
son, Rm. L11 Law Club, '11145, )28
RECOR15S (Classical) from private ot;)-
letion. Condition hice nem. S,-veral
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catalogs. Prices 20 to 40% off coe tI
retail. H. C. Schwartz, tel. 2-9642(t2
to 2 or 8 to 11 p.m.) )?
MAKE. MONEY raising Ciniehilt-as.
Breeding age young pair $8.10.t~,proven
breeders $1200. (Can a rrange tor
ranching them, or can be raisede 459, oomi t
,-ouse. ):3u

LOONYMATE left. school. Need male
su ntto share pleasant room.
iu! Hul ood beds) with use of tile
wt wt id ba t~h ;z:?'.blocks fromZ
campus.$6 per iweeDl. Call 5750. )26R
1}CJ :t t roli avai,17be for 2 imale
:trcits.r Itrcluin' ater '4 at. 100(
i'a.luo. - )1IOR
4V1 ::1 E r)1'00i<1 iteihlnlt'in privat~e
}t,tieCa1 llSi teict Room lBuireaut,
1-12. i:30-i12.,t6:301-7:00,1.)I R
IFtt) i-, f Male Stuodents, near Camn-
lxz. Phone14.22. C. E. Perrine. }26R1
QU IE;. IO iOMfor' Graduate Student or;
icitertie'chose touSt.. Joseph Hospitil
jandid e rg. 119 N. Ingalls.
('a~zll :ei Ur 6 l1)10. )25R1
ONF,' IIIRD of excellent suite, 2 blocks
ftrm lbs. Ad. lSchoot. Ph. 2-3(061 after
7 pen, )24R4
SINiLFtiROOM [. or rent. Also balf of
tithlt folr malt' :itdeni . Ctose in.
hs,)t i(;,Mich. Dr)ily.
I,i MvEN-w Near e(atipus. linen, and
maid service. ;x24 niomth. 802 Oakland.
Ph. Hous>e Manager, 4183. )21R

FLY HOME Spring Vacation -- Round
trip to New York City. Chartered. Am.
Airlintes 54 Pas . P.Deduced rates.
Phl. Art: Rtcchard:;, 2-0146, 1327 Forcst.
J&'er'atiti mut hte it) Sat . Flcb. 26.
son Trio Is now booking spring dat.o,4
Leave calls at 2-4183.)hP
SHIP' 'N SHORE tailored blouses-, t
adtver-tised in Life. Many new color;:,
st ripes and plaiids fr'omf whicli iu
r'hoose.5:1 ilIorir/edt32'. o 38 :$2.98.
Raetdzall'5Specialty Shop. 306 S.
Starte. lop;

IR00V1 Fd)RILtE stitrl tit, '.' Of
double. 3 block',fromn ( iniptis $6 p~t
wvek. Cal-8:09)22
AI IAl.' I XLI 1' i ttI(
(Ie , r., an tecrdrei;se' ..1'.tlt or pee'1 i i 1 h
1'''IALE- Ste I toge apr-'1'gpistsor due-
tiiphofle opc ' rat 1' fr stialt 0office'
dtowntownt, Alin Arbor. Pieuc.s' do not
apply iunless you haTute had (Offiecx-
perience and ca11spet Prf1rcot-
tege gradutate. Ptcricmuit Awtth go{)d
future'. Apply bt Iv trle, oWII hand-
writincg, con)fidtential. Our eumpltoyer's
ksnow of this ad. Box No. 178. )81H



cRRIERS for The M i~tht 1)01 tyal,
LOST AND FOU NDIWiltlow IR1iti Vilia <~ a M.
MaIily, 1109.)Spi ing1 teldtI .,V1 : I"
LO0ST-B~enrtis wrist wet cli. lady's, with - - .
Speide'l baint. Reward. Plion' 2-3Ā£139. BUJSIN ESS SERVICE S
)34L ____________________
- . - -- . .... - - ALT1LRA TIONS7 on wotetn s igare'i)Lts.
LOST--Maroon Schaefer pen between I Tel. 2-2678. 411) Observatory. A.
Naturail Science 131u-;. and League Graves. ) 11L
Wednesday. Sheila Millman, 9388- A--RY--Wsin n r rtig
-- -- ---- - Done i nimy home. Pr(e pickup and
LOST-Green alligator case containinir delivers. P}'teu 290120. )2x1
brown rimmned glasses and cl:1 fountain -----
Ipens between N .S. & < Leaue lease IDRESSMAKING ALrT 1A '['IONS
call 91322. }?) 91, Pice: I <<T] .lTtN( i
00$5000 REW ARD ).l
PP,. TNF ORMATTON lteadin 'k-o rcov- tatiol-. Prornptis',,I' (elattat 'O
ii y of lost t an lea ther briet ac, i' on 'Mli T lii tdegaede St euppe t t t
b ac1 k tnd o f tax i o n tF eb r t t y , : t C o n- W a' ,l .t u it _2-- t~i
~l'sticeaft tcwiwr. ('all Doti JtENT~dA LI 'i i PEIt 'tl1':
lIultitie ..-314. )j:1]Icauetrl u e
UI'iii I' t'40 t'v~i.,e C u'.~vit w '+!"




. f.Yfor f
ilhe Ially fnow' makes
it j (ssibic for'f t''er)'-
out' to Or'der classified
alds 1) simply phonl-,
by 3 P.M. ou week-
&A., ory (1 b~y 1 : 30
A.. on. 01Saturday to
haLve tile ad r'lltl onl
tile fallowita day.
Phone 23-24-1i

LOS~T' --BrownicShiaeffer pein lrlity
Name onr barrel. Findter pl'ase t'ali
LOST--Brown pigskin gloves, Mon. in
Mteal Mart. -1405 - Lilliatn. )31!14
LOS'r--Last,eek, pink plast ic framedl
glasses 5in brown a( (~.Inquire at.
Daily office, Box 177. Rew~vard. )28L,
LOT -7Ladies Watch Wt turoIl fd
ru1by setting Friciay .mw7hli near11ill
Atitorlin. RewiardI_.,all ox 322
FOUND- Lady's Hampgdcn watch In
t.Ch'u-seRoberts Gift Shop neart-i lte
EValent ines. Pie. Ronnie 2-0(;4t;. }t 15L,

Fireplace or furtuice,.phone 4575. ) 12111
FEBRUARYV SPEC [AL!i Port able ''vrP'-
wtisYee Service. We vwitall eleeww
ribbon, coil your !machine, tntwidflr
thecctype, alit 1o(;r . 2-Itt':hrvec
Thrasher anti Co., 114-116 E. Wa~l,-
Sintnt, Ph.- 2-65(03. )t
CLIOCF DOWNPT? iatd litsOrcelitraI
Phi. 5-003L ) ,'F


YES SIR,,, ut ke
already Low that the

BABY Parakeets and Canari, i. lti ,
supplies and cages. Model'ti rie
562 S. Seventh. Phone 53:30. 1
"B631ACH TO, BARTOK". 60 tatheuusner,=
ord, library for s ale. Phonei tOa,
Mrs. Campbell. t'.4
TYPEWRITER: Underwood tSi aard: ri,
old but in good, workable cotidtioli.
$25,. Phone 3-1511,., Ext. 2,419 3
soft BRAEMAR Cashmere e'c I
make, you,, lok youar best.
and license for sale. Call 2-3426. )13

,art Cinema League Presents
has earthy sexuality}
in great obundancel" }
-TIMEI lagazuze




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