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February 11, 1944 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1944-02-11

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Square Dances
To Be Feature
WAA Rec-Rally Will tBe H'eld
Tomorrow in Waterman Gym;
Students, Servicemen Invited
"Swing your partner," "Alleman
left, and circle right," "Head couple
lead to the next and circle four
hands 'round" will be heard echoing
down the sets in Waterman Gym
tomorrow night, when the square
dancing gets under way at the WAA
sponsored Rec-Rally.
Beginning at 8 p.m. with sports
such as badminton, volleyball, ping-
pong, deck tennis, darts, bowling
and shuffleboard preceding; (and
continuing if there are enough par-
ticipants), the dancing will begin at
9:30 and will be accompanied by a
grange orchestra with the steps to be
called out by Mr. Howard Leibee of
the Physical Education Department
for Men: It is not necessary to know
how to do these dances as instruc-
tions will be given. Mr. Leibee also
promises to have other 'old-fash-
ioned' dances such, as the waltz,.
polka, schottische and varsouvienne.
A new addition to the Rec-Rally
will be the Parlor Game Room, in
which will be such games as check-
ers, chess, dominoes and cards.
The WAA committee for this fune-
tion is headed by Barbara Fairman,
'46A, assisted by Ruth Edberg, '45,
personnel; Phyllis Present, '44, fin-
ance; Shelby Dietrich, '45,- equip-
ment; Marcia Sharpe, '45, and Jan
Peterson, '45, posters, and Marge
Hall, '45, publicity. Chaperones will
be Miss Evelyn King and Miss John-
son of the Physical Education De-
partment for Women.
All students and servicemen on
campus are cordially invited to at-
tend, -and participants may come
either singly or with dates. A slight
admission, fee to cover the cost of
equipment will be charged. Tennis
shoes must be worn for badminton
and volleyball, but street shoes .are
acceptable for the other sports and
the dancing.
The Alpha chapter of Rho Chi,
national Pharmacy honorary society,
initiated Frederick McKinney, senior
in the College of Pharmacy, at a"
luncheon held yesterday in.the Mich-
igan League.

r.. -_

ri.'~' ~

ry -a ayxv L L\1 L . .«.I ..xw

Laundry Problem Irks Coeds as
Imminent Final Exams Draw Nigh
Along with all the other crises of our times, comes something which has,
coeds agree, too long been overlooked-namely, the laundry problem. The
incompatibility of finals and dirty wash has eternally been the cause of
divorce between many a coed and cleanliness, and, in the face of this; all
sorts of suggestions are being offered.
Suggestions Offered
One philosophy major suggested that the separation of dirt from clothes
is as complicated as the separationof the soul from the body. Consequent-
ly, she advocated a special course, to be offered each semester, and entitled,
"Elements of Washing." This course, she continued, would deal primarily
with the principles behind the soap industry and would enable intelligent
Michigan women to get the most out of every chip, flake, or cake.
An economics student, inclined to be blunt about it, said, "Send 'em
to the laundry,",but her suggestion was counteracted by that of an English
major who said, "Whatever you do, don't send 'em to the laundry."
Situation Desperate
Suggestions or no suggestions, the fact remains that there is a definite
problem, and that this problem becomes more acute with the advent of
finals. Even in normal times women have been known to spend whole weeks
in the laundry rooms of their respective dormitories, and some of them have
no room in their closets, now that; their laundry bags have begun to bulge.
It,has been pointed out that much time could be saved if ironing were to
be eliminated, but social pressure has put the damper son this idea.
Education vs. Laundry
So it all boils down to this: the Michigan women must choose between
getting an education and getting the bulge out of her laundry bag. Rumor
gas it that absences from finals will not be excused on the basis of dirty
laundry. But on the other hand there is a watchbird watching the coed
who wears unironed blouses. (Have you been wearing unironed blouses this
week?) It's just another one of those unsolved problems-the type that
comes up so often nowadays. Statistics prove that there is a 50-50 chance
for the laundry. Anyone want to place any bets?
USO To Hold Valentine Party;
Bri , .anCing Lessons Given

Even Japs Have Pin-Up Girls

Interviewing for Prospective
WAVES To Be Held at League


I . (Ilt . 1. 0 H -1)vi . 8 e w it and
Alene Kyasten, Sp (R) 3 c of the Wo-
men's Naval Reserve will be stationed
Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 16
V-Bctli Tickets
To Be Placed
OU Sale Monday
Tickets for 1944's Victory Ball to
be held Friday, March 3 at the In-
tramural Building will be sold at
designated places and times to Army.
Navy and civilian students Monday.
The Army wilibe able to purchase
its tickets from 5 to 7:30 p.m. in the
Main Lounge in the East Quad-
vangle and Travel Desk at the Mich-
igan Union: the Navy from 5 to
7:30 p.m. in the first half deck in
the West Quadrangle; civilians from
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in University Hall
and from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at the Travel
Desk in the Michigan Union.
Les Brown and his "Band of Re-
nown" villp lay for theadancing with
songs by Gordon Drake, baritone
stylist; Kim Kimberly, rhythm song-
stress, and "Butch" Stone, comedy-
novelty singer. Randy Brooks, trum-
peter, and Dick Shanakan, drum-
mer, are other featured performers.
Les Brown and his orchestra are
not newcomers to the campus, hav-
ing played here for the last Senior
Ball and Victory Ball last year.
The "Band of Renown" has played
at the Hotel Sherman and the
Blackhawk Cafe in Chicago, The
Palladium in Los Angeles and the
Hotel Astor Roof in New York City.,
- While at these engagements, they
performed over all the major radio
networks. They were recently voted
one of the top ten bands in "Radio
Daily's" country-wide poll of radio


and 17, aitMthe Michigan League where
they will interview prospective WA-
A news release from the Navy De-
partment in Detroit stated that the
WAVES will be glad to interview
those interested in their branch of
service, either as officer candidates
or as enlisted women.
The increasing demand for WAVES
to release men for active sea duty
has resulted in a step-up in quotas.
Because of this, WAVES are making
every effort to recruit a large num-
ber of women from this territory.
WAVES are stationed at important
Naval Stations throughout the coun-
try. Women have been assigned to
airport control towers, routing pilots
in and out of the field. "Radio-wo-
men" type out dispatches vital to
ships and planes.
Women may serve as mail clerks,
storekeepers, members of the Hos-
pital Corps, or as yeomen, handling
orders, dispatches and other papers
vital to the operation of the Navy.
WAVES have proved that they can
handle many jobs, formerly done by
Prof. 'Returns
.~ r
Coed 'sSliupper
The other morning a coed, follow-
ed by the professor of philosophy to
whose class she was going, entered
Mason Hall. The door swung closed
before she could get her foot inside
and her shoe was ripped off and
flung at the professor's feet.
Slowly, gently, he bent to pick it
up. The c6ed turned deep purple.
But the professor was not to be stop-
ped. "Here, Cinderella," he said soft-
ly, "here is your slipper." He hand-
ed it to her and trod his philosophic
way upstairs.

Even the Japanese soldier has his pin-up giris. This calkctiio of
Jap beautties was found in a. foxhole on Namur Island by (' . Elmer
Burkhalter (left) of,Buhl, Ida., and Pfe. Gilbert Maxwell of OklIhoma
City. -AP Wirephoto

Co6nd uct Own
Sal vageDrive
Three roommates, Boo, Charlie
and Marion, residents of Stockwell
Hall; are conducting their own fat
salvage drive.
Not deterred by the fact that they
do not do their own cooking, the
three members of the 4002 Club
(their room number is 4002) manage
to rescue at least a pound of waste

fat a day for Uncle Sam. Their chief
source of material is the plates of
the Stockwelli annd Mosh( er-Jordan
Working in shifts, the three take
turns going from one table to an-
other asking permission to spear any
unedible fat scrial)s. Anot'ier source
of matei'ial is 1 ttincan cay ttcak(d to
the door of the 4002 Club beneath a
sign saying. "Please deposit all fatl"
During the evening the day's pro-
ducts are fried and the melted fat is
poured into jars. Not only do the
girls have the satisfaction of know-
ing they are 'doing their part" but
they also find the brown points
which they receive for the tat are
mighty nice to have around.

Regiment V of the USO Junior
Hostess Corps will sponsor a Valen-
tine's Day Formal from 8:30 p.m. to
midnight tomorrow in the ballroom
of the USO Club. All Junior Host-
esses in Regiment V must attend this
function, according to Jean Gaffney,
'46, "Colonel" of the Regiment. How-
ever, other Junior Hostesses may
come also. During the intermission,
some of the men from Co. C will be
heard in the UO floor show "Heart
to Heart." They will sing, several
selections from the Company's forth-
coming musical "Bidin' Our Time."

Duplicate bridge will be played at
2 p.m. in the USO Club on Sunday
Lessons for those note knowing the
game will be given at that time.
Junior Hostessesiare invited to at-
tend, as well astownspeople. A small
fee will be charged to cover the cost
of equipment.
Dancing lessons Will be held at 7
p.m. today in the ballroom of the USO
Club, preceding the regular Friday
night dance. All servicemen are
cordially invited to come, but those
wishing to enter the class must arrive
before 7:15 p.m.

- - -- - - -------- ----------- --- - ------- -- . . .. . .... .....





Coeds Endure
Day of Agony
Bewildered Honoraries Are
Harassed by Student Queries
Honoraries may be an honor, but
the recent tapping by women's honor
societies on campus has proved to be
a source of deep embarrassment for
the coeds.
Not being -used to all this sudden
attention the honoraries have run
out of snappy answers to all the
questions directed to them. Besides
dodging snowballs aimed at their
mortarboards, the girls recently
tapped by the society had to answer
=innumerable questions, mostly from
servicemen. Typical, of the queries
fired at them are the following:
"Don't you think it's a bit early for
that?" "Aren't you a bit prema-
ture?" "Are you really graduating?"
-This in the middle of January.
And then there was Senior Society
tapping, after which the new mem-
bers wore white collars and large
blue bows for one day. This was no
less comment-provoking. The worst
happened when one coed was asked
if she really thought that huge bow
was becoming, and when someone
else suggested she transfer it to her


JQP Reports
January Sales
Of War Stamps
Fourteen of the campus' 18 soror-
ity houses in January went over the
top of the Junior Girls Project goal
of $1.00 in war stamps per coed each
month, it was announced yesterday
'by Peg Morgan, chairman of sorority
house sales.
. Delta Delta Delta representatives
turned in $84.05 for the month, the
greatest amount turned ip from oae
house as well as the highest average
per woman, $2.01.
In second place is Alpha Omicrop
Pi. AOPi's bought on an average of
$1.74, while women of Collegiate
Sorosis spent an average of $1.56 op
stamps during January. Alpha Epsi-
lon Phi was fourth with $1.51.
Also in the top ten are Sigma
Delta Tau, $1.48; Chi Omega, $1.41;
Gamma Phi Beta, $1.37; Zeta Taft
Alpha, $1.32; Alpha Xi Delta, $1.25,
and' Kappa Kappa Gamma, 1.22.
Kappa Delta, Alpha Delta Pi, Delta
Gamma and Alpha Gamma Delta
also showed an average slightly
above the JGP quota.
Residents of Stockwell Hall pur-
chased a total of $794.45 in stamps
and bonds for the month of January
and gave a party recently for the
girls living on the corridor which
made the most purchases during the
last week in January.
The 45 corridor won the party
with 84% of its residents making
33% of the total sales for the week.
'Pictures Lie' Say
Michibomber Artists
"Pictures also lie," so you will have
the chance to see how prevaricating
an art student can be at the "Michi-
bomber" carnival on Saturday, March
11, in Waterman Gymnasium.
Betsy Barbour House and Alpha
Chi Omega sorority will each set up
booths where artists will sketch cus-
tomers or draw shadow caricatures
for a small fee which will go to
Bomber Scholarship, which is spon-
soring the carnival.

., ,


Ni : 4

( r i F ,..7
*r; Wes.V'f.

4 t
_ :il !
m ~ xY
fir? : '
y .
V4y ?lijj i, }F,


,,. z ,.
.\ .
, '
- : ' '
_ ,



r---- - - _- - - - - - I

Let's Rake the Last Round
In the Fourth War Loan Drive
A Round with Terrific Punch for the Axis

Time out for Fun !

Relax and enjoy


The 4th War Loan Drive is in its final week.

Let's all help to

at the

bring it to a bang-up finish by buying Bonds to the very limit

of our ability!

They don't let up on a big push at the fighting

front until the objective is actually


Let's show them

we don't let up on the home front until the goal is gained .



the best band in town


let's make the last week of this 4th

biggest yet!

Remember, your Bonds ARE ammunition

War Loan Drive fhe

and which one of us would be the first to refuse to pass it?


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