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November 04, 1941 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-11-04

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Mimes Meets
Music Makers


n Union Today
Musicians, Lyric Writers Asked
To Submit Samples Of Work
For Committee Consideration

Musically-minded students, both
men and women, interested in work-
ing on the music committee for this
year's Mimes Union Opera, are urged
to drop in between 9:30 p.m. and 11
p.m. today in the Union, Gordon
Hardy, Grad., music chairman an-
Those who have composed music
and lyrics and who would like to
have them considered for the Opera
will hand them in at this time, Hardy
said, and if they are satisfactory, they
will be presented to the central com-
mittee for final approval later. While
today will not be the deadline for
music, Hardy said he hoped that
enough will be turned into permit
the committee to make the prelim-
inary selections immediately.
Plot Will Be Discussed
'he plot of the Mimes Opera will
be disclosed at this meeting so that
those who wish to write music or lyrics
will have a better idea concerning
just what is expected. Bob Adams,
Grad., director of the play, will also
be there to talk with the group.
Duties of the music committee en-
tails more than the composition of
music and lyrics, Hardy said, and
anyone wishing to work on the copy-
ing of music or as lyric writers are
more than -welcome to attend the
meeting. He stressed that both men
and women, regardless of their year
in school are eligible for work on the
The purpose of this meeting is to
give Hardy an idea of just how much
music there is for consideration now
and how much may be expected.
Defense Needs
Are Outlined
By Dean Lloyd
An outline of a defense program
for University women was presented
by Dean Alice C. Lloyd to the 891
sorority women who attended the sev-
enteenth annual Scholarship Ban-
quet yesterday in the League Ball-
The duties of women students in
helping to fill defense needs are to
maintain healthy bodies and to meet5
the demands of the country for
trained workers such as, nurses andk
dieticians. They will play a definite
part in the present emergency and
in post-war reconstruction, Miss
Lloydpointed out, as she discussed!
the coursesinow being offered by
the University in conjunction with
the Red Cross.
Youth today should not pity itselfI
as the "lost generation," but shouldt
endeavor to meet the "great chal-
lenge" to the educated group to re-
build society, she maintained.
Virginia Morse, '43, general chair-t
man of the Banquet, introduced Reg-
istra Ira M. Smith, who presented1
the scholarship award to Delta Gam-
ma, recipient for the second succes-
sive year. Virginia Osgood, '45A,c
rushing secretary, made a report 'ont
fall rushing.t
First Aid ClassE
To Open Today
Five Groups To Be Organized;
Course Will Last Ten Weeks
One hundred and thirty-eight
women are registered to take the ten
weeks First Aid course under the
auspices of the American Red Cross,
which will begin today with classes
in the League. Five evening classes
are being organized under the direc-
tion of Dr. Chester B. McVay of the
University Hospital pathology de-
partment. He will be assisted by four
other doctors on the staff.

The course is being offered to Uni-
versity women for the first time this
year as part of the defense training
program which is being sponsored by
the University in conjunction with
the Red Cross: At the end of the 20
hours of instruction women complet-
ing the course will receive certifi-
Two classes will be held from 7
p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday and three
sections will meet from 7 p.m. to 9
p.m. Thursday, beginning this week.
All women who have registered for
the First Aid course are asked to
report at once to Miss McCormick's
office at the League to make ar-
rangements for the sectioasthey wish
to attend.
Everyone who has signed up for
the work is expected to carry out the
requirements for the course.
If you want a career,
enter these 2 contests-

Petites Pommes de Terree
We're writing this little classic from somewhere in the moorlands-
and praying as we write it that those little men-all of them Heathcliffs
won't return. If anyone doesn't quite know what we're talking about, let's
put it this way. If the Phi Psi boys up Wuthering Heights way will forget
they ever heard of Emily Bronte, so will we.
No doubt, by this time all you literary people are panting for your social
news, and now comes the item we've been waiting all fall to give you. Well,
last weekend, the Chi Omegas gave absolutely the smoothest, the best, the
most delightful, the mellowest dance we've ever attended-and no cracks
here, please, about how that last phrase cuts down the percentage. Boy,
oh boy, what a dance-and if you think this is any kind of a deliberate plug,
you're absolutely right.
The Lucky Ones s * .
However, some of the lucky kids who were privileged to attend this social
highlight of the season were Joey McGrath and Warren Westrate, Kit Up-
son and Chock Low, Nancy Bierworth and Buck Dawson, Dotty McDaniel
and Bob Wandell, Carol Forsythe and Harry Altman,
Joy Low and Lee Perry, and Phyl Gardiner and
Bruce Kleber. as
If you're interested in trivialities, the Union also
gave some little insignificant affair last weekend.
For names of some the dates, look in last Friday's
Odds and Ends Department: Just because rush-
ing was over four weeks ago and because midsem-
esters are approaching rather speedily, we have an /
idea which we feel will greatly benefit all of our dispositions. Why not a
a good old rousing "Don't Smile Week"?
Aren't you sick of smiling faces and raucous laughter? Don't you feel
a hearty gag coming on when you see all the toothy grins around you and
hear the heart and soul in an empty laugh that booms out after some pro-
fessor's anemic pun?
Cut Out The Joy ...
Therefore, comrades, let us unite in a gigantic effort to cut out all this
foul joy about nothing in particular. We could form a sort of perverted Boy
Scout organization and, like our friends, the Alpha Phi Omegas, put up little

New Personnel Prospective Models Are Offered

To Be Honored

Tomorrow is a red letter day as
concerned, for it's the day the models
Ruthvens Head Receiving Line; far as would-be mannequins are
Trio To Play During Reception, concerned, for it's the day the models
will be selected to appear in The
Bill Sawyer For Dancing Later Daily fall style show which will be
held Thursday, Nov. 13. at 4:15 p.m.
'New members of the University in the Michigan Theatre.
teaching, administrative and research Knowing that it would be the first
staffs will meet today at the first time for many Michigan women to
Senate reception of the year in the start on what may well turn out to
Union. be their chosen careers, we thought
President and Mrs. Alexander G. we'd pass on a few tips garnered from
Ruthven will receive from 8:30 p.m. those who have had a bit of experi-
to 10 p.m., while Prof. Earl Moore, ence modelling in previous campus
music chairman, has arranged for a fashion shows or in college shops.
trio to play during the reception. The Look Your Best
trio will consist of Italo Frajola, vio- Appearance and the ability to wear
lnist: Lonna Parker, cellist, and colthes are the prime criteria upon
William Schottstaedt, pianist. Bill which the judges' selection will be
Sawyer's orchestra will provide music based tomorrow so it's imperative to
for the dancing which will follow look your best. Any little flaws that
later in the evening from 10 p.m. to mar a neat appearance will be espec-
midnight. ially conspicuous under their close
Plan Decorations scrutiny, so, for heaven's sake, take
Decorations have been planned by adequate precautions about that slip
Mr. Donald Gooch, chairman, and which has a way of embarassing you,
the following members of the faculty stocking seams which tend to twist
of the School of Architecture; Prof. and droopy locks which are inclined
Walter Gores, Prof. Catherine Heller, to straggle unglamorously!
Prof. Ernest Mundt, Mr. Grover D. We suggest that anyone interested
Cole, Mr. Emile Weddige, Mr. Aare in the tryouts should wear heels and
Lahti, Mr. Richard Lippold, and Mr. a tailored wool dress. The heels are
Lawrence Emerson. advised because feet look smaller
Prof. Stephen S. Attwood is gen- and ankles slimmer in dressier shoes
I eral chairman of the affair. Mrs. and besides you'll have to wear them
Attwood has asked the following wo- anyway during the show.
men to assist in pouring, at the coffee Don't Wear Sweaters
tables in the small ballroom and the Threon'forearwolers
terrace, from 9:30 pm to.- midnight' The reason for a wool dress is that
tegraetEsohr:Cp.m.,DiniAht: baggy sweaters-at least around the
Regent Esther Cr am, Dean Alice ichgncmu-aeawyo
Lloyd, Prof. Rhoda Reddig, Mrs. Jun- Michigan campus-have a way of
ius Beal, Mrs. Harry Kipke, Mrs. E. hiding any figure you may have-
Blythe Stason, Mrs. Shirley Smithi and after all the stores are frankly
Mrs. Clarence Yoakum, Mrs. James interested in you as a perfect size
D. Bruce, Mrs. Edward Kraus and 12 or whatever it may be.
Mrs. Ivan Crawford. Wear a fairly narrow skirt instead
To Complete List of the comfortable dirndl we love so
Completing the list are Mrs. Albert well so it will be evident you can
Furstenberw, Mrs. Wells Bennett, ear straight lines. It's important
Furste berU, Mrs. ells e d-tt that you have the type of figure that
M'rs. Russell Bunting, Mrs. James Ed- looks well in either straight or flared
mondcn, Mrs. Clare Griiffin, Mrs. skirts, for who knows what you may
Mrs. Lewis Gram, Mrs. Warner Rice' be poured into at the last minute?
Mrs.ewrisMGra, Mrs. Harley Haye Practice assuming your best post-
eMrs. Earl Moore, LMrs.,ar.eyHay- ure and walking with a graceful, na-
Hopkins. Mrs. Peter Okkelberg, Mrs. tural carriage. Many a becoming dress
Howard Lewis, Mrs. Charles Fisher, has been ruined by an unflattering
Mrs. Erich Walter, Mrs. Charles Sink. slouch, slumped shoulders, or a too-
Mrs. Ira Smith and Mrs. Lloyd Wood- evident tummy or derriere.

super glamour to model gowns from
Hattie Carnegie's most recent collec-
The fashion show is for the bene-
fit of Michigan women, so in keep-
ing with the theme of "It's All Eyes
On You!" typical, representative co-
eds are wanted to act as, models.
Which makes it a veritable cinch for
you who aspire to be John Power's
next discoveries!"

Tips For Daily's Fall Style Show

Engine Ball Tickets
Go On General Sale
With plenty still available. tickets
for the annual Engineering Ball, to
be spon5ored by the Engineering
Council Friday in the Union Ball-
room, will be on general sale from
i 3 to 5 p.m. and from 7 to 9 p.m. ev-
ery day this week at the Union desk.
Although starting to speed up, the
ticket sale has been slow so far. Ball
chairman Robert Collins, '42E, has
reported, but with the opening of the
general sale it is expected that all
tickets will soon be sold.


FIFTY YEARS -merely a period of time! But fifty
years of doing one thing supremely well -- To the
idea of making the best possible photographs ----
has resulted in the outstanding superiority, the
present day perfection of Rentschler portraits.

t j/j


\ \rc )
0 K

encouraging signs for our cohorts all over campus.
A suggested caption:
"On grinning eyes we'll put some visors;
-Don't flash bicuspids and flaunt incisors.
Just for this week, don't smile, don't scrape-
Let's all go out and hang some crepe!"
Campus Thumbnail Portraits: Ginny Morse:
Daisy Mae with a haircut. Dan Behrman: The
Voice of Bugle An. Jack Grady: The Half-Hour of
Charm. Pat Hadley: Ask Me No Questions. Bobby

319 EAST HURON (Opp. Ann Arbor Notes)

DIAL 5541

' .-Want to type fast'?

Curdes: Sex Rears Its Lovely Head. Margaret Campbell: Alas, alas,, the
Party is such sweet sorrow. Kay Ruddy: The Corn Is Green.
Bird's Nest Soup, Folk Dances
Give Michigan Dates Variety

Over half of the 50 girls we inter-
viewed on theirhmost original dates
were at loss for an answer. Averag-
ing two and three years of campus
dating, they could also average little
better than two or three varieties of
campus date.
"We always do the same old thing,"
they admited. "Movies, dances,
cokes, maybe a study date once in
a while." But the other 25 had
ideas that varied from eating. bird's
nest soup to feeding peanuts to the
campus squirrels.
Jane Utley, '43, who met the bird's
nest concoction on a Chinese restau-
rant date, has also provided variety
to some of the traditional dates. She
and her escort varied "taking a walk"
by punning through the graveyard.
They wandered among the markers
and tried to outdo each other in puns
on the names. "Going to a dance"
they gave a new flavor by attending
the Union Opera, Soph Prom, and--
two fraternity formals in the same
"For a dreamy date sit in the golf
course and watch the trains go by,"
offered by Mary-Jean Szysz, '24, "and

there are lots of active dates." She
gave for example the time she and
her date started playing baseball in
the streets with another couple, and
ended up with two complete teams.
The general opinion was that there
are far more facilities for the ath-
letically inclined than daters realize.
"The WAB folk dances are fun!"
said Jane Sargent, '42. Other sug-
gestions for the active were supper
horseback rides, date night ,at the
intramural building for mixed swim-
ming, bicycle hikes and roller skat-
ing at the rink.
"A different sort of double date is
badminton at Barbour Gym," sug-
gested Lorraine Judson, '43. It offers
a refreshing variety for the usual
ping-pong tournament.
Study dates usually end when the
library closes at 10 p.m., and the gen-
eral procedure is to dissolve it into
a lingering coke date and then dash
to the dormitory before the night
chaperon flashes the porch light.
Varieties of the coke aftermath were
offered by June Karker, '44.
"We like to splt a banana split,"
she said, "and sometimes we toast

Petitioning For Two
WAA Board Posts
Will End Tomorrow
Petitioning for two WAA board
positions, that of Awards manager
and Hobby Lobby chairman, will con-
tinue today, and until 5 p.m. tomor-
row. Any sophomore, junior or sen-
ior woman may obtain her petition
at the desk in the Women's Athletic
Building and turn it in to the same
Manager of Awards keeps the rec-
ords of every University woman who
participates in sports throughout the
year whether in tournament or club,
and then awards are made at the end
of the year. Hobby Lobby chairman,
a newly created officer, will take
charge of the little white house on
Palmer Field, where handicraft,
leather and metal goods hold sway.
Interviewing for these positions
will be from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Thursday and Friday in the offices
of the W.A.B.
Alpha Chi Omega announces the
pledging of Polly Estes, '45, Spring-
field, Ill., and Betty Petley, '45, De-

Stand Up Straight
Stand tall-line yourself up against
a wall or door whenever you get the
chance. Lift your chest rather than
assume the exaggerated West Point
silhouette of shoulders thrust abrupt-
ly back. And don't forget to don
your best girdle for the all-important
Walk across, the stage before the
critical judges with as confident and
as natural a stride as is possible to
muster under such circumstances.
And plaster your face with a smile
that would seem to imply that being a'
model was a daily occurrence in your
It's All Eyes On You'
A final bit of advice, the store
representatives who will be in the
Grand Rapids Room of the League
from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow t
pick their models aren't looking for
Meeting To Be Held
There will be a meeting of the dance
class committee at 4 p.m. today in
the Undergraduate Office of the
League, Betty Johnson, '42, chair-
man, announced.

sp pylx

"#, J7 p

Praetiee at Monte on
the World's Champion
World's Portable Typing Championship
won on Royal Portable June 19, I944I
Has MAGIC* Margin, many "'Big Machine" features.
Carrying Case, Royal's " ° Self Teacher" included.
'Tt-#& Matte Rog. U.S. Pat. O#.,
RIDER S 302 South State St.



Right for All-Occasions!

. a
M Accemortei
ven the most limited wardrobe seems ample by
the artful use of smart accessories. Do
come in and see our dramatic




- ' V


i t1

For campus wear, for the one coat
that must do for everything, for a
"second" to save wear and tear on
furs ... one of these Mopaca tweeds
is tops. Featherweight, soft, warm;
in all-wool herringbone tweed, lined
and interlined. Three styles: the
3elt-back coachman's coat, a reefer,
a box coat. Sizes 10 to 16 and 11
to 15.
Aloss green . . . teal blue
... spire broivn ... beige.

z .
from $1
from 1.95





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