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November 06, 1940 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-11-06

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Find New Uses
In Fall Clothes
Blouses are much more popular
this year than they have been in many
years. Their sales are keeping right
up with those of sweaters.
A style magazine has estimated that
the average college girl has six sweat-
ers and six blouses. This fall they
are being worn alone, under Cardi-
gans, under the new long jackets,
and more than anything else under
Blouses Are Masculine
Their trends, as it is true of all
other types of dress today, is definite-
ly towards the masculine. Fluffy or-
gandies and billowy chiffons still ap-
pear, but they are not nearly so
numerous as the more tailored types.
The rounded peter pan collar is
being replaced by the convertible,
which may be worn closed or open so
as to form a V-neck. Long, flowing
sleeves, such as appeared in the
men's shirts of the seventeenth cen-
tury, are taking the place of the
short puff variety.
Plaid or checked bold red, blue,
and green flannel shirts remodeled
after those of the male will be seen
around the campus almost as fre-
quently as the classic Brooks.1 Girls
are finding them just as warm and
long-lasting as they do sweaters.
Verticd Stripes Noted
A cross between the man's shirt
and the woman's blouse, and becom-
ing quite popular, are the new, ex-
tremely tailored vertical striped shirts
with long sleeves and closed white
By far the most popular blouse of
all, however, is the simple tailored
shirtwaist; with long sleeves, buttons
down the front, and a convertible
collar. In silk they are being worn
frequently on the campus for events
that require semi-dress, such as op-
en house after a football game. They
come mostly in whites and pastels.
Several of these in various colors can
create the illusion of an extensive
wardrobe. Light flannel, cotton and
gabardine shirts of this type have
gained popplarity for wear in the
class. room.

Zeather Jn Jier Cap-

Pockets Are asual

College Rooms Should Combine

Novelty Is Keynote
Of New Handwear

Four Essent

k -

C haracteristics Are you tired of angora mittens
wiich shedtheir fuzz and look man-
gy whenever they get vet? Are you

Tomorrow is the great day when
Ann Arbor stores show American de-
signed clothes, modeled by Michigan
co-eds, to the University women in a
style show sponsored by The Michi-
gan Daily and Ann Arbor merchants.
There shouldn't be much doubt in
anyone mind that it's a fashion dis-
play important to everyone here.
The American theme of the en-
tire style show makes it even more
our own affair. And there's much
that can be done with Americana,
The colors, red, white, and blue,
are everybody's favorites. Red, es-
pecially, this fall is coming into its
own. Of course the color is used in
every way, but with the patriotic
theme, it does very well. A dark
blue skirt is a perfect foil for a
red military jacket. A red evening
dress can be appointed by white
stripes around the straight, short
sleeves, and bordering the deep
sailor collar.
Sailor collars, are, by the way, mak-
ing a new and dashing entree into
fashionable society. They're to ap-
pear on every concievable type of out-
fit. Dark blue velveteen date dress-
es have them. Date coats sport them.
Blouses of cotton, silk or light wool
adopt any color from pastels to green
or brown, but remind us of our navy
by their deep square collars. Even
sweaters have taken up the mode, and
a white wool has a sailor collar edged
in blue.
Navy blue is the color for every-
one. White should not be over-em-
phasized in winter, and red is not
for redheads, nor can a very light

blonde wear a great deal of it with-
out looking a bit gaudy, but blue
fits every season and every type.
A very dark brunette, or one with
black hair, must have some reliefI
from dark blue," but just the small-
est appointment of white will do
Many are matching a long sleeved,
navy blue wool bluse with their old
stand-by, the dark blue pleated skirt.
Either a single or double row of silver
'buttons marches down the front. A
dark blue silk evening gown has a
skirt pleated all the way around.
There the short sleeves and the neck-
line is round. On each shoulder
gleams a jeweled American flag.'
Jewelry provides opportunity to
fly the colors of these United
States, but, because most people
choose this way to get into the
swing of the new fashion, one must
be comparatively conservative about
the. use of such novelties. Where
you may wear bracelet, necklace
and ear-rings of a matching wood-
en set, you should wear only one
article with the patriotic theme.
But do have at least this one piece
with which to adorn some outfit.
Our national colors are pleasantly
bright enough to speak for them-
selves with only one piece, and add
just the right brilliant touch.
Putting your patriotism into your
:lothes is as effective as into jewelry.
Those who design dress prints have
taken this to heart. Everything from
iational mottos to stars and stripes
iave gone into materials with red,
white or blue backgrounds. Really
not only those are used, for other
:olors take nationalism as well. Just
incidentally, mottos written all over
your blouse or dress rare a happy
hough~t for conversation.
There's a new vogue this fall
that is, in a way, part of this
theme. It's the one-sided idea-_I
unbalanced draping, button rows
and the like. What is particularly
referred to is the buttoning when
the neckline is brought well over
to one side. Without a collar,. the
severe line gives the impression of
some uniform, and has two or three
bright buttons, to hold this mood,
running diagonally along with the
neckline. With a white collar slant-
king over and the buttons running
vertically, it is still saucy and mili-
Another note that cannot be over-
emphasized is stars. They're part of
the flag of a strong nation, but, ac-
tually can appear very feminine on
clothes. Silver ones look particularly
well on red or navy blue. If you have
some article of clothing of those colors
that could do with a bit of dash, it
is suggested that you buy separate
silver stars to sew on in various
places such as the shoulders or cuffs.
With all these fashions, there is
a campus regular that can be point-
ed to with pride. It's the dark blue
reefer. As practical for dates as for
class wear, it fits in perfectly with
the outfits of the patriotic trend.
Another coat, more for campus,
is a big, chunky, short navy chin-
cilla. It has big-gold buttons.



to study, room to sleep
to hide a bite to eat.
for color, room for calm,
to cry a bit for Tom.
for wisdom and the gang,
for pictures you will hang.
for clothes and room for books,
for hobbies in their nooks.
where happy you will be


tle (Chianti bottles have different
lines), are only a few varieties. Try
using colored light bulbs for the
gab-fest. They change the room and
make it less formal.
A warm rug to sit on when the gang
comes in or to land on when you
jump out of bed as the alarm clock
goes off, will be a profitable invest-
A flower pot with ivy or a geranium
or some other flower placed on the
window sill or desk will add life to
the room. Some girls like to bring a
bowl of gold fish or tropical fish
to school. These are not difficult to
watch. A musical powder box may
help set the mood for that important
date and will be a source of admir-
ation to your neighbors.
Pictures Should Harmonize

looking, now that cold weather is
descending upon us. for gloves and
mittens that are warm. and practi-
cal, yet different?
Pigskin gloves. with the edges whip-
ped in black baseball thread, are
always appropriate for tweeds while
wool mittens embroidered with peas-
ant motifs fit the bill for smartness
and comfort.
If, however .you want mittens that
are novel, then get yourself a pair
embroidered with nautical sayings
like "Ship Ahoy" and be patriotic
as well. Or surprise your date with
a pair of boxing gloves, in padded
red or white leather with draw-
strings at the wrists.
Good material for conversation
would be the new crazy paws": mitts
in white, blue or green embroidered
with funny faces, which when squeez-
ed, emit queer noises!

With your personality.


Harmony, efficiency, space and
personality are essential characteris-
tics for the college room in which
you must live nine months of the
The floor, four-walls, and windows
are the only stationary features which
you cannot change, and around these
you must build. Clever furniture ar-
rangement will increase the space you
have to work with.
Pick out a color scheme and a
theme for your room. A Sailor's
roomewould probably include a nauti-
cal lamp, draperies with boats,
whales, wheels and waves printed on
them which would break the drab-
ness of the monk's cloth curtains
which hang in most rooms.
Lamps Qan Be Original
Although curtains are usually pro-
vided and cannot be changed, lamps
offer an opportunity for original-
ity. A lamp with a top hat for a
shade, a lamp with colored liquid in a
glass base, or a candle in a wine bot-


If you are permitted to hang pic-

tures on your walls, be sure they har- Better than angora for evening
monize. Pennants, although they are are the fluffy mittens made of bunny
always collegiate, are not so popular fur.
as they once were. A what-not hung
in a r r r i h n v fn rrl "I!.-

The huge patch pockets of this
classic polo coat add a casual note
as well as one of utility. A match-
ing pill box hat completes the en-
Dickie Adds Appeal
To Sweater, JacketI
You would look a long way to find
anything quite so appealing as a lit-
tle round white collar topping off
some dashing sweater or jacket. Yes,
its our campus classic, the dickie.
Their servicibility makes them more
popular than ever this year, and they
come in all imaginable forms. White
sharkskin is the favorite, but you
will find pink and blue and yellow
can add the right touch of colour to
your ensemble. For a really distinc-
tive touch have your initials or nick-
name embroidered on the left hand
curve of the collar.
If you prefer just a collar to tuck
around the neck of yourvsweater,
they can be had in equal variety. A
lacey one is always particularly ef-
fective if you like to be feminine;
and crisp white pique if you lean
to the more severe.

in a corner is handy for odds anda
ends you collect from everywhere.
And those rooms which include a
window seat are God-sends to the
would-be decorator. Gourds, school
pillows, flower pots, etc: may clut-
ter up the window seat without seem-
ing to clutter up the room.
A practical innovation is the small
bulletin board. Snapshots, invitations,
cards, phone numbers, class schedule,
notes for the room-mate, bridge tal-
lies, dance programs, and quota-
tions grace them instead of filling
the mirror with odds and ends until

it can no longer be used. (But don't
forget to leave a mew extra thumb-
tacks for your visitors to use when
you're not at home.)
A supply of original signs to post
on your door insures your sleep and
study time. Among the more clever
ones are: "He who stalks this room
tonight, Will keep me up 'til broad
daylight." "Dancing, studying and
speaking leave no time to do my
sleeping." "Beware, dog lies sleeping."
Whatever you do be sure to leave
wom for yourself.



Visit outr hat selections


Saddle Shoes Still Hold Fashion Crown
After Variations Cause Greater Popularity

insure your individual' good
looks at all times. Watch for
our collection in the forth-
coming style show!


First scoffed at by Michigan men
and now being taken over by them.
That.,in one sentence, is the history
of saddle shoes on the campus of this
White shoes with brown saddles
have been most popular and are the
style that men have adopted for their
own use. Saddles of blue, and black
are also worn but are more in the
background. Especially during winter
shoes are seen in great numbers and
take away the universal notion that
this popular make is, by rights, a
summer shoe which has just been
taken over by Betty Coed for year
'round purposes.
SSlight variations are seen in the
saddle oxford. Laces are of white,
brown, blue or black depending upon
the individual shoe. Some saddles are
perforated around the edge while
others are entirely void of such holes.
The rubber soles may be white, red,
or a natural color usually depending
upon the substance used for the sole.
This year wedgies have made their
appearance in the saddle shoe and
an especially unusual style has the
platform effect in the same color as
the saddle. Discarding the conven-
tional lacing up the middle of the,

shoe, several of the newer styles
lace up the side in a unique man-
More popular than ever this year is
an oxford in brown and white, resem-
bling the saddle shoe. A low heel on
the shoe is preferred by many women
for the added support and the neater
appearance it gives. It is shown with
a wide brown piece next to the sole
and a white piece in the middle.
Mocassins in beige and brown are
cpming to the front and are prefer-
red over saddle shoes for their solid
color in place of the contrasting col-
Though rumour has it that saddle
shoes have gone out of the picture,
observation shows that they are still
favorites among women and are grow-
ing in the favor of the men.
Eligibility Cards Are Due
All women who expect to receive
credit for League work this year
must leave their eligibility cards in
the Undergraduate Office of the
League either today or tomorrow for
signature. No credit will be given for
cards turned in after Wednesday.



I, _________________________

, .
,: '.
' '
r .
_;i .,r
__ ._ !




Best Dressed Co-eds of this week
will be found somewhere at All-Amer-
ican Fashion Fantasy. Any outfit you
will see modeled there will fit the
title. They'll be flaunting their colors
at the Michigan Theatre,

that you come and visit our complete and individu-
alized selection of coats, suits and dresses of all kinds.
Look for the distinctive styles 'that MARILYN will
show in the All-American Fashion Fantasy. Our
models select their clothes right out of our own assort-
ments. No special purchases were made for this ex-


/' t


s .










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