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November 06, 1940 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1940-11-06

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fur Is Popular
With Designers
Of Fall Styles
Jewelry, Shoes, Hats, Gloves
Coats, Muffs, Suit Trimming
Are Among Numerous Uses
Eskimos and Indians have had
the monopoly on fur for their clothes
for a long time, but the designers,
from all indications have encroached
upon said monopoly and are not only
offering new combinations of fur in
coats, but also fur shoes, jewerly, hats
and gloves.
One favorite, which will be seen a
lot this season at football games and
skiing parties, is none other than
pony skin. It has been made into
fleece-lifned shoes and boots; and also
warm, snug vests to keep out the win-
try blasts. Leopard is, one of the
most popular of all furs this year,
and there is a stunning giant clip'
of leopard designed to wear, with a
favorite leopard muff or hat. Two un-
Usual pieces of jewelry in fur are a
bracelet of black Persian lamb, jew-
el-studded, with earrings to match,
and a necklace of matched ermine
tails, also with earrings to match.
Civet Cat Appoints Outfit
An extreme, but definitely striking
outfit is a black wool dinner suit, with
a knee hem of civet cat fur, a match-
ing beret, sand muff. Just touches of
this fur seem to give that air of
sophistication seen in vogue this sea-
Away from the specific for a mo-
ment, a fur that will be seen in the
form of capes, jackets, full-length
coats, and what-not, is white baby
lamb. It is to be used for evening,
afternoon and sport's wear, and when
lined with bright red or some other
brilliant hue, makes a particularly at-
tractive outfit. Another new fashion
note this year is the combining of
two different furs in one costume.
For example a soft, beige-toned fur is
used for collar, cuffs and pockets on
a black caracula coat, adding a youth-
ful touch.
For just a touch of fur, instead
of a whole garment, a suit of beige
wool, one of the season's most im-
portant colors, is made particularly
attractive with a pert mink turban,
mink reveres, and dark brown acces-
sories. These fur turbans are ex-
tremely popular with the smart set
these days. They are made to match
any or all fur outfits in one's ward-
robe. Another attractive suit is one
of imported wool with hip length
across the bands of fur to match a
jacket which has a fur-trimmed col-
lar, and huge pockets with criss-cross
bands of fur on each one. There is
also a tiny hat to match this out-
A coat to be seen much this winter
is a smart grey broadtail treated like
cloth. It has enormous pouch-pockets,
a small-round neck-line and an ex-
tra amount of buttons. Straight, reef-
erlike lines are featured and the col-
or combinations all the "go" this
From one extreme to another here
is a long ermine evening wrap, cut
on straight, glamourous lines, with

Fur Accentuates Dress

Fashion Offers
Smart Apparel
For Rainy Days
Once upon a time the umbrella
may have been the only protection
against the -rain. inadequate as it
was. Them days are gone forever.'
Now. on every rainy day some new
rain apparel appears. One of the
newest is the knee high rubber boots
in red, white, black, or brown. They
are a good guarantee against rain-
splattercd legs. Some boots can be
worn over shoes, and others are made
with shoes inside. They have made
a valiant struggle to be accepted on
the campus, and this year have won.
A fitting headgear to be worn with
these boots is the policeman-like
rubber helmet. A strap under the
chin secures it. Try wearing boots
and helmet of the same color. Another
suitable rainy-day headpiece is the
triangle scarf in cellophane or oiled
clothe. You might be inclined to try
something super-new sgch as the
'porkie pie' hat that is made of viny-
tile, a new composition. It shapes
well, and makes a grand twosome
with the reversible.
Come and go what may in the
fashion parade, the reversible still
reigns supreme. Perhaps some of the
reasons is that it offers so many
variations in colors, cut, and mater-
ials, and yet its main purpose, that
of a quick change to a raincoat, re-
mains constant. Manty types of rain-
coats vie with the reversible for first
place, such as raincoats of cellophane
or of oiled silk.

American Past
Is Inspiration

New Make-Up Old-Fashioned
To Harmonize HairdoRevived

Winter Coats


For Fall Hats VV ith Costumes Height And Softness Featured
Godey's Ladies Book, Indians, By LOIS SHAPIRO
Mormans All Have Influence Are you down in the dumpsw DOLLY AAS
Aditional height and softness are
On Latest Millinery Trends be ind in your work? Ten you would fatured in coiffeurs of this sea-
be interested in a new outlook on
By JEAN G;ILMER life, or more precisely, a fresh gleam- son by the pompadour, which has
Since the fall c'ance., te ar- ing face to present to the world at been recaptured from pictures of our
biters of fashion haveofnety-mothers in their youth.

The boxy fur muff, which is per-
fect for smartness, or warmth, adds
a distinctive note to this strictly
feminine outfit.

turned th ei eyes homeward to Amer-
ica. They have found it rich in ideas,
especially for has.
This year, Nev YorkTs milliner's
have poured or dust volumes of
Godey's Ladies Book and delved into
the lore of the Indian to find in-
spiration for their creaiions.1
Mormons i-Pi 1 Milliners c
Following Hollywood's iterest in
the Mormcn rektoUta, esi ;ner's
have r ccd e ide-b
beaverfelt hat w n by Brigham"
Young. Simple and tailotei. this hat
or any variation of it makes a strik-
ing complement to a plain swaggeri
coat of such fur as leopard cat. TheI
bonnets worn by the many wives
of Brigham have also become adap-
ted for wear by women this season.
Perhaps because of our interest
in things American. we have turned
to the Indian and have stolen some
feathers from his war bonnet. We
have used these feathers in numerous
ways, from swooping quills that tow-
er above the crowd to tiny stuffed
birds which nestle amidst veiling,
but this year we also have little hats
made wholly of feathers. We find pill-
boxes with tiny jet ones and tur-
bans of soft plumes in muted shades
that are particularly attractive with
Indians Add Feather
Even on sports hats, the feather,
we find, is the inevitable touch. Plain
felt snap-brims and cloches (another
bit of our American fashion now be-
ing revived) almost invariably have
a little feathery tuft in the hatband.
The very popular Scotch cap would
not be considered complete without
its feather.
Besides hats made of feather sthose
of fur have invaded the stores this
fall. They, too, are often completely
of fur, such as beaver, leopard cat,
or Persian lamb, or else they just
have a bit of mink or fox trimming
on felt. Fur hats can be worn with
fur coats, but they are considered
equally smart when serving, along
with a huge fur muff or purse, as
accessories to plain, meticulously
draped cloth coats.
Suitable for most every occasion
is the old stand-by, the black felt,
whether it be in the form of the
beret worn on the back of the head,
the becoming halo style, or the
jaunty sailor. The trimming may be
a wisp of veil or a bright feather.

large and your work in particular. j
Especially attiactive to the college
For this purpose, why not try a
women is the ease of cai'ing for this
brand new harmonized make-up hi-do and the originality which
in jewel tones. sparkling ruby, sap- may be displayed in arranging the
phire or -amethyst, which has just pompadour.
made its appearance on the market. Many women turn their hair in
Powder, rouge, lipstick and eyeshadow an under roll and a deep wave while
are available in these yummy shades. a more intricate one has numerous,
Ol ttle curls behind the high part.
Or if your pocketbook will only allow Clips are Formal
a partial reconditioning, there a e Clips for formal occasions are used
several new lipsticks to satisfy your in pairs, one being worn on each side
yearnings. One. for evening, is a dark, of the pompadour. Clips this sea-
bewitching color which goes by the son are numerous in styles. Plain
name of Black Tulip. It is bluish in gold or silver clips are very smart
base, but warms up beautifully to your and jeweled ones can be found in
scintillating gowns. extremely unusual versions.
Lipstick Matches Costume Hair ribbons for school or less form-
For browns and greens which seem al affairs are used in place of clips,
to dominate the winter wardrobe though more simple, tortoise, shell
scene, there is a luscious shade called clips are very practical for every day
Cinnabar. Or for the woman who wear.
wants a clear red lipstick to go with Baby Cuts Appear
all her costumes, a vivid shade called Shorter hair and especially baby
Rico Red should be perfect. hair cuts have come to the front.
If Christmas presents are on your The charm of these coiffeurs is found
mind, here is the most adorable gift in the simplicity and girlishness. Short

Feature Polo,
Reefer Styles
If you are conservative, a lover of
things that are perennially smart,
you have no doubt already solved the
problem of winter coats, both for
sports and dates. If, however, you
wish to be daring, and are looking
for something new: stores are filled
with new campus styles to meet your
To be different, you might get a
coat that reminds you of your happy
childhood; namely, one of red or
navy or chincilla cloth minus the
familiar nautical insignia - or you
can have that too if you really want
to be patriotic.
A suggestion which would meet the
demands for warmth and smartness
is the snow-white polar-bear coat,
of cotton-backed wool fleece, lined
and hooded in red and black plaid.
Or if you have just received your al-
lowance, you may want to stake all
on a finger-tip jacket of white baby
lamb, lined with red wool. It can serve
triple duty, being suitable not only for
sports, but also for dates.
A Man's Eye View

Hankie Styles



aces, Floral Designs

anyone could hope to receive. It is
a revolving box of Shocking perfume,
which when wound, plays a merry
tune. For the more playful, there is
a roulette wheel, containing four bot-
tles of the same perfume which, when
set in motion and when it stops, tells
you which bottle you should use.
Lighter Perfume is Salute
The same company has also put
out a lighter scent which goes by
the name of Salute, and a deliciously
woodsy fragrance called Sleeping.
If you have in mind a gift for a
birthday or Christmas for your little
sister, give her Pink Party, which
comes in either the perfume, or the
Cologne. It is a sweet, flowery scent
which is bound to please her.

styles are slightly curled on the edges
and the hair cuts which are short
all around the head form a halo ef-
fect which gives the wearer a more
youthful appearance that many col-
lege women are anxious to acquire
and for which numerous others seek.
The pompadour is as good for eve-
ning wear as for day time. In fact,
a pompadour with the sides brought
high upon the head gives a sophis-
tication which can't be achieved by
any other style.
Though the long bob, curled on
the ends and with a roll on the top
of the head is still popular, the
pompadour is being used in some
form or other by the majority of co-

Add simile: "As affected
smoking a cigarette.. .
'2 * *

as a coed

Those dress designers must have
terrific minds; they sweat and slave
all year and then emerge with exact
replicas of standard men's clothing
and automobile hoods.

Hankies have regained*their sta-
tus in popularity. Out of the purse
now drops a dainty lace handkerchief
instead of the rough edge paper tis-
sues that may carelessly be thrown
away after use.
Femininity has overcome practi-
cability, and handkerchief styles once
again are being noticed. All over flo-
ral designs, bits of dainty lace or
big masculine ones are making their
Deal Lace Is Scarce
Real lace hankies are difficult to
obtain for the Flemish and Belgian
a high collar which extends down the
front in a flowing group of ermine
tails. Another unusual ermine crea-
tion is a shawl of white-Russian
ermine with a small crown collar,
and hand-drawn fringes of white silk
edging the complete shawl. There
is another striking fur this year in
the new "black-coffee" ermine.
A subtle complement for black
is natural Russian lynx. There is a
unique role for this attractive fur
with its ends cleverly arranged to
snap into a muff over the wrists.
For the extremist in the fashion
world there is a startling but very
attractive combination in a muff
and hat of black Paradise fox, with
the long hairs of the fur dyed pink,
and another extreme, but good-look-
gray squirrel hat with a matching

lacemakers no longer are occupying
themselves with fashioning the petite
objects. If in your handkerchief shop-
ping therefore, one imported pattern
should be for sale and your allowance
is still intact, it will make a valuable
addition to your collection as there
are no more imported models to be
had, merchandisers report.
Perhaps it is this scarcity that has
made real lace the sudden vogue of
'fashion. Lace experts give instruction
for the novice in buying handkerchiefs
bordered with genuine handmade
lace. Notice the corners of the lace,
they advise. If the corners are mit-
ered, the hankie is less valuable than
if the border has been made on a
frame, in which case there will be no
seams in the lace.
Hankies Are Tailored
Practical for campus life are the
initialed monogramed hankies which
are easily identified. These look best
in tailored styles with the emphasis
given to the color scheme. Gay floral
designs and novelty prints get the us-
ual vote for daytime wear on the
Match your handkerchief to your
costume. Carry out your color scheme
and choose pretty, clever hankies so
when that inevitable sneeze comes,
the class will have something else
to turn to than the queer way you

Dormitories like Stockwell create
problems for potential husbands like
us. That three-room eat-sit-and-sleep
apartment we'll be able to afford
won't seem much after the luxury
she's had in Stockwell for four years.
* * *
Of course we're not hinting the
gals should live like Okies. That would
be too much. Coeds need some color
in their drab lives; Michigan coeds,


THA- q

. n \ \ ' N >" '
r x E~of SOPhlisti
dresses, cleverly
designed to give new
loveliness to your fig-
ure-with tucks
each dress.
/3]Sizes 9-20,

N\\ \N
\ oV V~s\ A

lcated Simplicity.

/ /
t C
'- /" /
/ / 7

Looking for new ideas?
For a new dress that will
give you a new outlook.
Come see the suggestions
that the Budget Shop has
to offer you, at the Daily
Fashion Show






You can't afford to miss seeing
our large selection of new soft,
woolen dresses. They were made
for fall and early winter dates.
The variety of styles and colors
will amaze and delight you. See
for yourself.


$61-95 to $29-50

}.) :3
, (A!

. s .

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