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April 06, 1941 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-04-06

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Pan-American Neighbors Attract More And More


Nation's Capital
I Number One
Vaeation Resort
Washington's New World
Significance Mt'akes It
Exciting Tourist Haven
Cherry Blossoms Out
Today the eyes of the world are on
Washington, D.C.
And this has caused many tourists
to turn their eyes to our nation's
'caital, for there are many who would
life to "see what it's all about."
But, Washington this year is no
place for escapists. Everyone in Wash-
iigton, including those few who are
natives, feel an irresistible urge to go
and see the news while it's happen-
'Three-Ring Circus'
The best palace to see' this is, of
course, the houses of Congress. The
Senate, called by natives "the three-
ring circus" should be seen by every-
one who wants to know how democ-
racy works.
The Supreme Court is open to a
limited number of observers and will
be in session during most of the
Spring Vacation. Because of the
ermergency, it is extremely likely that
Congress will convene all summer,
aind although'the congressmen don't
like it a bit, it gives summer sight-
seers a break.-
Then there are other things to see
in Washington. The famous Japa-
nese cherry trees are scheduled to be
in blossomn the week of April 11, which
is the date of our Spring vacation.
The Mellon Art Galleries are at last
oel. The new Jeffersop Memorial
is nearing completion,
Lincoln Menimorial
Probably the most inspiring sight
in Washington is the Lincoln Memo-
rial. There is the story of an old
gentleman who spent five hours of
dveiry day for seven years gazing at
its imnpressive marble simplicity.
Oi his deathbed, he explained that
even though he had been a Confed-
erate soldier, the beauty of the build-
ink so impressed him that "I can die
If you do go to the capital during
Spring vacation, and like cherry
blossoms, be sure to see the little-
advertised Bethesda-Kenwood cherry
blossom festival, about a mile north
of Washington in Bethesda, Md.
It's good advice to "know the cap-
ital of the greatest democracy in the
And if that doesn't get you, you
yichigan men may be interested in
knowing that thereare five beautiful
women to every man in Washington
Georgia Calls

Go To Niagara Falls-
Event If You're Single
Although Niagara Falls has been
he subject of many humorous anec-
dotes, it would be a good thing if
we remembered now and then that
it is a beautiful city and well worth
The Maid of the Mist steamer that
takes you 'way below the falls to the
Cave of the Winds is a very exciting,
if moist, trip. Goat Island, too, sit-
uated in the middle of the Niagara
River, is a very beautiful place to
see if you feel a need of being alone
to commune with nature.
Don't feel sorry that Honeymoon
Bridge is no more-theaverdant love-
liness of this border towh is refresh-
ing in the summer, even rivalling the
cold rushing waters of the falls them-
selves .in its cooling effect.
Modern Travel
Liggage Small,
War zones and U-boat scares have
cut down the radius of travel this
year with a corresponding decrease
in the size of travel luggage.
The outstanding example of this
new trend is a midgest "taxi trunk"
which combines the durability of the
old steamer trunk with the mobility
of hand luggage. Even though it
holds three suits and a topcoat along
with a complete accessory tray, it
is easily carried on a train or in the
back compartment of an automobile.
For short trips of one or two weeks
duration, the man who can't stay
put has a choice between a new dura-
luminum fortnighter or the latest
soft-sided two-suiter. The metal case
is waterproof and dustproof but is
excelled by the leather bag for light-
ness and ease of carrying.
Fabrikoid is still the most practical
buy in an inexpensive bag. It wears
almost as well as leather, and is avail-
able in a number of sizes and golors.
Toilet kits go hand in hand with
excursion tickets and suitcase stick-
ers. The latest kits include anything
needed for the normal upkeep of a
traveller's hygiene, and fastidious
gadgets such as nail files, tweezers,
and cuticle scissors. But no matter
how much you want to rough it,
your best bet is top-grain cowhide.
This leather has the virtue of attrac-
tiveness and reasonable cost, along
with an ability to "take it."
Boat Trip Displays
Hudsoii's Beauty
Modern methods of travel now
make it possible to see man's greatest
annl Nature's loveliest within fhe
space of a few short days-in his-
toric New York State.
Going to New York City? Then
why not take the night train out of
Niagara for Albany? It will put you
in the stately capital city early in
the morning, early enough to catch
a Hudson River steamer bound for
the City. And what a trip that will
be! - Through the rolling Catskills,
past picturesque West Point and grim
Sing Sing prison, under the famous
George Washington bridge; - into
the heart of the city, the home of
scurrying millions and towering sky-
And the whole river trip takes but
one day, giving you full opportunity
to make the most of your first night
under the lights of the Great White
Way. Bon Voyage!,

South America, Canada Assume
New Importance For Sightseers

Prime Minister Mackenzie King of
Canada, in an open letter to the
people of the United States, declared
recently that Canada is still open to
tourists under the same conditiohs
that existed before the start of World
War II.
With the letter came an invitation
to citizens of the United States to
travel mi Canada, without bother of
passport or any trouble getting into'
the country.
And travelling to Canada is well
worth it, too. With Europe practic-.
ally closed to tourists, for the atmos-
phere of the Continent the traveller
must go to Canada.
And there you'll find it, the ro-
mantic, antique traditions of pre-
war Europe. The Alps are mirrored
in picturesque Banff National Park
atd at Lake Louise. There you'll
find anything you want - swim-
ning, dancing, or just doing nothing
in the cool lake breezes,
The cities of Canada offer a breath
of old France, a thing of the past.
But even if you're not hunting for
continental atmosphere, vacationing
in Canada will please anyone. Hunt-
ing and fishing, trekking in the
woods, or just having a good time
forgetting about things back home.
Another thing they claim up in
Canada, which is probably true but
would take an Ec major to prove, is
that American money buys more
there than it does in this country.
Something to do with exchange
rates. Anyway, it's the land of pic-
turesque and inexpensive vacations.
Sana Franctsco
Offers Variety
To The Visitor
City of the Golden Gate! City of
the world! San Francisco. Here one
may see whole colonies of nationali-
ties, as if transplanted bodily from
their native lands. Here are the beau-
ties of all forms of nature. Here is
life at once sophisticated and sim-
Perhaps the two most inspiringly
beautiful sights to be seen in the Bay
Area are San Francisco from the Bay
Bridge in the early morning sunlight
with her white homes gleaming, and
the Golden Gate and city, from the
"Top o' the Mark" Hopkins Hotel,
in that rarest of the rare, a genuine
clear sunset.
Visitors come rapidly under the
spell of this cosmopolitan port. Only
a few blocks from famed Market
Place, where the ancient cable cars
start their treks, is Chinatown, in-
triguing beyond measure. Barely a
few steps away one can enter a
French restaurant where he will be
served tall bottles of French wine
and will sing French songs with the
Or one can wander through Golden
Gate Park with its botanical curios-
ities and end up on the beach of the
Pacific. A loll on the sandy stretches
may be followed up by a hike along
the shore to the seal rocks, where
the newcomer will be fascinated
watching and hearing the everbark-
ing animals.
To find, in a country as industrial-
ized as ours, a city - a world in it-
self - wnich offers so much to any
visitor, in the matter of aesthetic,
cultural or purely epicurean features,
is truly a miracle!

This year we're going Latin Amer-
ican in a big way!
And well we should, for travelling
south of the Rio Grande is more than
mere vacationing - it's an education
plus an exodus into another world.
For it is another world - it's a
world of Latins and warm-blooded
senoritas, of the remnants of an-
other civilization and the starting of
a new one, of festival nights in Rio.
What to see in South America is
the biggest problem, for there's so
much to see. Probably the best place
to spend a couple of weeks is in
Buenos Aires, if you just want to see
South America as a modern country.
For Fun And Excitement
But for fun and a little excitement
in a not too-prosaic sort of way, if
you get what I mean, go to Rio.
Truly Rio is th'e city of excitement.
The Latin Americans out-Mardi Gras
the Mardi Gras of New Orleans and
that is something. A couple of weeks
in Rio de Janeiro, and you've really
But there's a lot more to South
America than the modern, up-to-date
cities like Buenos Aires and the festi-
val air of Rio - there's the remains
of a civilization that once was the
greatest on the earth.
To see the Indian ruins go to Peru.
Archaeologists have recently uncov-
ered even more complete signs of the
ancient people that ruled South
Interesting Peru
Peru, too, has one of the most in-
teresting antique cities in the world.
Lima, capital of the republic, is noted
for its ancient cathedrals, palaces,
and for San Marcos, the oldest uni-
versity in the hemisphere.
All in all, South America offers
practically anything you might want
on a vacation -- and it's not expen-
sive, either, which is no small factor,
About the best way to go about it
is to take one of those little fruit
freightersrthat sail from Galveston
or New Orleans, and end up in Rio
or Santos. It's a wonderful trip, full
of color and inexpensive. And when
you hit Rio you can light out by
train, or else take one of the boats
that regularly runs between Rio and
Buenos Aires and other South Amer-
ican points.
Oaxaca, In Mexico
Is Unusual Place
To Spend Summer
Oaxaca, Mexico, is a well built, com-
pact town set a mile above sea-level
on the tableland of Mextecapan.
Noted for its production of cochineal,
it is surrounded by plantations of
cochineal cactus. The suberbs are full
of tropical gardens and the court-
yards of the Spanish-style homes are
filled with banana plants, mango
trees, and even tropical parrots that
shriek at the inttuder.
Nearby are the ruins of Mitla where
can be found extensive remains of
tombs and other buildings of some
ancient civilization.
Although Oaxaca is liable to prove
a dud for typical tourists, this little
plateau town is to be rated as a
"must" for the honest-to-goodness
traveller. Here one can find a true
picture of Mexican life, unspoiled by
the noisy chatter and clatter of
tourist towns. The buxom American
matron and her tag-along henpeck,
that tourist couple who receive the

Want A Trip?
Why Not Try
Mild Alaska?
It's Not Quite So Frigid
During The Summer
As You Think
Does your astrologer say that you
are going on a long trip? Why not
call his bluff and go to Alaska?
Northernmost of the possessions
of the United States, Alaska is at its
finest in the spring and early sum-
mer months. Contrary to popular
belief, the territory is not .an ex-
aggerated iceberg 12 months of the
year. The climate is extremely mild
in nearly all parts, wild flowers and
cultivated staples abound, tall, state-
ly pine trees raise their tips toward
the azure zenith, and wildlife of all
sorts will gladden the spirits of the
most discriminatory sportsman.
Breathtaking Scenery
True, there are -sections where
there is snow and ice all year round,
but the setting for these climatic
conditions will make the traveler
forget the temperature. For it is here
that the highest peaks on the conti-
nent can be found. Mt. McKinley,
the most stratospheric mountain in
North America, raises its 20,300-foot
altitude in the south-central part of
Alaska. And there are hundreds of
snow-capped crests to delight the
climber, esthete, and amateur pho-
The days of the Klondike gold rush
are over, but the memory remains.
Abandoned mine workings and set-
tlements can be seen along the Cana-
dian frontier. At any time you may
run across a surviving member of
that lost generation who will be able
to thrill you for hours with yarns
about life in good old '98.
Voyage 'Well Worth The Trip'
Well worth the trip is the voyage
itself, From Seattle to Skagway, your
ship will follow the "inside route," a
peaceful stretch of the Pacific com-
pletely protected from the less gen-
tle ocean breezes by a chain of islands.
Then a short dash across the open
ocean and an exhilarating railroad
trip will bring you to Fairbanks, in
the heart of the interior and situated
for short- excursions to all parts of
the territory.
Alaska is truly America's last fron-
tier. Here life goes on quietly and
methodically, the frenzied activities
of the rest of the world hardly being
given second thought.
Hospitality is the keynote to the
weary traveler who at last finds rest
in this country's last outpost.
butt of Mexican scorn, will surely
find the 241 mile hick-railroad trip
from Mexico City too much of a
trial. The cast-off U.S. locomotive
and cars must roam over hot desert,
through wild plateau, and around
snowcapped peaks to reach Oaxaca.
The train trip is in itself an education
for the passenger rubs elbows with
peons, Indians, chickens, pigs, and
other inhabitants of the desert. The
train often wanders ten miles out of
the way to stop at a desert hovel of
fifty people. At every stop, women
with big baskets on their heads, wan-
der along the train and sell tomales
and bread to the passengers.

The Beautiful Far West
Is A Tourists' Paradise

Summer is on its way again, andc
the nation is about to go on wheels,t
wheeling its way, if it's smart to the
scenic West, vacation land of a con-
World-wide famous and the high-l
light of any trip through the South-t
west is the Grand Canyon in north-
ern Arizona. By train or car one may
leave Chicago, starting points of all
western ventures, passing throughs
Upper Illinois, Iowa, Kansas City,1
Missouri, Topeka, Kansas, Colorado,''
Circuit Tour {
Visits Nevada
!Follow the "grand circuit" throughl
Colorado's scenic vacationland when
you visit the West this summer.
Here midst a backdrop of natural
wonders the pleasure-seeking vaca-;
tionist can find the finest facilities
to indulge his every whim.
The tour starts in Denver, the
'Queen city of the West," nestled ata
the foot of 'the ROckies a mile abover
sea level. Only a two hour drive to
the northwest separates the tour-1
ist from the Estes Park section of thej
Rocky Mountain National Park. Here,c
with the, comforts of dude ranchesI
close at hand, the daily program' in-
cludes hunting, fishing, riding, hik-
ing, camping, and mountain climb-
ing. Snow-capped Long's Peak stands
as a constant challenge to the dare-+
devil mountain-climber as it towers
15,0010 feet above sea level.
Turning westward over the Trail'
Ridge Road, which is the highest
continuous highway in the world, the'
traveler wends his way gradually up-'
ward through stately pines and over
rushing 'mountain streams until tim-
berline is reached. The road finally'
dips back below treeline as it ap-
proaches" Grand Lake. This is a
sportsman's paradise with fish ga-
lore and it is the home of the high-
est yacht club in the world.
Leaving Grand Canyon and bear-
ing southeast the tourist crosses the.
Continental Divide and by detouring
slightly can visit the famous ghost
town of Central City, which saw bet-
ter times as the wildest town of the
West during the gold rush of '59.

picturesque Albuquerque, New Mexi-
co, in a never forgettable journey to
the canyon.
The awe-inspiring spectacle of
Grand Canyon is almost incompre-
hensible. Grand Canyon National
Park covers 1,090 square miles and
the chasm itself is in places from
four to 18 miles wide from rim to
rim, 200 miles long, and more than a
mile deep. The Colorado River has
dug out an inner gorge and formed
by erosion many rock figures, paint-
ed in every color of the rainbow. Pop-
ular enterprises at the canyon are
the long mule trips to, the bottom
on steep, rocky trails.
Petrified Forest
The Grand Canyon is not the only
highspot Arizona has to offer, how-
ever. East of the canyon are locat-
ed the Petrified Forest and the Paint-,
ed Desert. The Petrified Forest is
one of the world's most puzzling
phenomena. It is a huge. plain 5,700
feet above sea level covered with
deposits of agatized wood. The
Painted Desert is a region of plains
and terraced cliffs with stratified
sections displaying many colors.
Beyond Arizona lies California,
the goal of many an ambitious young
person. Coming from the canyon
one passes through the orange groves
of San Bernardino on the way to
Los Angeles, city of suburbs. Cali-
fornia presents two sides to the in-
coming tourist: the historic, roman-
tic side and the glamorous, fabulous
cinema empire.
Historic California
There's historic Olvera Street in
Los Angeles, remnant of Spanish
California, the l\Missions of Sant
Barbara, San Diego, and Los Angeles
in addition to many others, and .of
course, the studios of Hollywood, the
Brown Derby, the Cocoanut Grove,
night clubs of the stars, and Holly-
wood Bowl. Off the shore in the blue
Pacific lies Catalina Island, scene
for many a movie and playground of
Californians .
Traveling north from Los Angeles
the perspective tourist must be sure
to hit San Diego, home pf the fleet,
and San Francisco with its, the
California Chamber of Commerce to
the contrary, foggy, damp climate.
Fascinating, nevertheless, are the
sights of Golden Gate Bridge, the
remains of notorious Barbary Coast,
and China Town. One might also
while in California visit the superbly
beautiful and impressive Sequoia and
Yosemite National Parks.


Peach State' Assures
Southern Hospitality

:.-AND #
IN 1TH E Canadian Rockies
Visit famous Banf Springs Htel and Chateau Lake Louise. Tour from Lake Louise
to Columbia Icqe/l. Al-Expense Tours-2 to 6 days. . as low as $36.25 per person.
Plus fare to Banff or Field.,Ask about independently planned and organized tours.
Low rail fares to or from the Pacific Coast via Banff on Canadian Pacific
through transcontinental'dir-conditioned trains. Includes 165.finile Princess
liner cruise between Vancouver and Seattle, stopping at Victeria.
See Your Travel Ag~ent oe
M. . MALONE. General Agent (Book Bldg.)
1231 Washington Blvd. . Detroit, Mich.

Come to Georgia! Georgia-the
peach state ,the vacationland of the
South, the land of "Gone With The
Wind" fame. There's no other place
that can offer the same atmosphere
of geuine Southern hospitality. No
matter where you're from, you will
marvel at the friendliness that per-
vades this portion of the sunny
Southland, Here neighborliness and
good will are shown at their best.
Georia's climate is wonderful at
any time of the year. In the Spring
the peach blossoms are in bloom, and
the chill brisk mornings start off
the day. Even in sumnycr Georgian
nights arc a col refreshing respite
from a warm afternoon.,
Learn history first-hand ill this
land steeped in tradition, thi; battle
ground of the Civil War. hardly a
mile goes by withoutte peaac
of a sign recalling thec almost ccu-:
tury-old conflict.
What better plt'e could one choose
to visit? See Amt'rja first and start
with Georgia. ComwI home and startle
your friends with : 1 hliern drawl
and a good Co't Af tan. Thfe barniy
breeze' that greet you upon first en
tering the tate are a welcome sign
that you are down South. Georgia
has so imuch to offer--swimiming.
fishing, beautiful scenery and the
countless other things that make it
a popular playgrciund.
You will never forget the roiling
hills and smooth plains, the moss
hanging from the trees, and the rich
red soil that are all so essentially
a part of picturesque Georgia. Until
you have visited this state you can-
not know America,



.. -_ _ _




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II ii [1 0/hers ~27.5O iii,'



Others $27.50 ul)

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