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March 12, 1941 - Image 15

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-03-12

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Elan And Color
To Predominate
In Spring Hats
Varied Shades Of Bands
Are Proinnt; Military
Trends Are Accentuated
Leaving to the fairer sex the job of
concocting intricate absurdities dig-
nified with the name of hat, makers
of men's hats this year turn to new
colors and combinations of colors to
lend the necessary dash and elan
for spring.
In a ukase issued by the mad-hat-
ters of hatdom, the old routine of
dark blue, brown or green, light blue,
brown or green with similarly-colored
hat bands, are declared obsolete or at
least obsolescent.
For new combinations, striking and
refreshing, are the things to ke found
on the heads of every well-dressed
In line with the increasingly popu-
lar combination of blue-or-brown
patterns are the new spring felts
with mellow blue ribbons on light
brown hats. Good with any suit,
blue, brown or tan, they show prom-
ise of becoming the season's favorite
A new color dashed up by the na-
tion's leading hatters is khaki which
is just what the name implies. Most
popular in this shape is the hat
faintly reminiscent of the good-neigh-
bor policy, with stream-lined Latin
American lines and a three-tone pug-
gree band. The color also comes
in lids fashioned with a twill band
and edge, plus an orange or red
Other popular colors of the season
are camel, some old shades' of blue
dished out with new names such as'
Blue Grass and Danube blue, and a
fast-moving Riviera gray.
Added to the new color combina-
tions are several ultra-modern de-
signs that give a little variety to
the ordinary montony in men's hats.
A soft-felt, saddle-stitched job shows
promise of being the most comfort-
able and companionable head-gear
of the season.
A jaunty military air is supplied
by a band of suede leather with chev-
rons. Another popular top piece has
the old faithful bound-edge snap
brim, with a little variety added by
placing the bow in the back instead
of on the side.
Old faithfuls with broad or narrow
snap brims, pork-pies, and jaunty
collegiate airs worn with the brim
turned up are still being shown.
But the emphasis this year is on'
new colons and new color-combina-
tions. And it shows promise of being
a many-hued spring.
And as the hatter once said, "Hats

Haberdashers Use Horse Hide,
Make Men's Duds More Varied

I -

Lapel Gadgets
Are Different
Aend interesting
Patriotic Pins Prominent;
Emblems Of Fraternities
Continue In Popularity
Lapel gadgets for men-some-
thing new and different. Yes, men
are wearing something other than
a Union pin on their lapels.
Especially fitting for these days of
super-patriotism are tiny American
flags worn on the lapel or just a bar
in of red, white 'and blue.
Pins showing that the wearer has
contributed to Joe's home for inoth-
erless mice or some equally worthy
cause are becoming increasingly pop-
Aside from lapel pins; there is the
eternal and everlasting fraternity
pin. Nothing new can be said re-
garding these ornaments of time-
honored tradition except that for
the spring there are "'still too many
men who flaunt their pins on their
Note to those disillusioned Repub-
licans, of 1936-Landon sunflower
are definitely out. ;
In conjunction with the air of
sectecy prevailing hereabouts men
are wearing their pins on the inside
of their lapels-so much more inter-
esting-why don't you try it?

Although the horse has become
obsolete in modern warfare, his in-
[luence is only beginning to invade
the field of men's fashion. Saddle
leather is the latest in men's furn-
ishings, and it is finding widespread
use in billfolds, key cases, hip wal-
lets, and many other personal fit-
tings. It is an exceptionally smooth
finished cowhide and is being offered
in numerous colors and color com-
binations. Two-tone billfolds, pre-
viously known only to that other
sex, are now being introduced in this
new leather. They're available in
imperialistic black and tan, or in
green and tan. The two-tone effect
is achieved by the use of the lighter
leather in trimming the interior com-
partments of the wallet.
Varied Billfolds
The man of affairs is considered
in the newest idea in billfolds, which
has five different uses. It contains n
extra paper-thin wallet, which serves
as a third compartment for bills.
When this compartment is inserted
upside down into the wallet it pro-
vides an effective concealment for
carrying tuition checks or other ab-
normal sums. Finnally it can be re-
moved completely and used as a bill-
fold for formal dress. This wallet
also contains removable pass and
card cases, and incorporates the dur-
able stitchless method of construc-
Coin Purse
The newest leather coin purse will
probably be more popular among
. campus consumers. It is a flat zipper
i case with a heavy celluloid window
in the side, enabling the user to see
at a glance his plans for the evening.
If your home town pays the mayor
out of parking meters, you should
find the newest nickel dispenser in-
dispensable.. It consist of a leather
covered cylinder holding five nickels
and comestona convenient key ring
lIanicure Sets
Conceited males, and such there
are, will probably exhaust the nation's
supply of the newest model mani-
cure sets. These masculine vanity
cases are offered in saddle leather
- and contain such necessities as a
nail file; a sandpaper stick, scissors
nail clippers, and a cuticle pusher
But the industry has not neglected the
more virile. It has developed a leathet
cigarette case which will permanently
- abolish the S-shaped smoke. An in-
s expensive pigskin zipper case, it em
bodies:slitted sides for matches ar
I is sold in both regular and "king'
sizes .The tobacco pouch has als
been brought up to date this year
Two-toned pigskin and a streamlines


version which provides separate com-
partments for pipe and tobacco. An
attractive leather-covered pipe hold-
er and lighter desk set should appeal,
to the studious smoker.
Any travelling man who has spar-
red with suitcases of wood construc-
tion should investigate the latest soft
sided models. Fabricated entirely out
of leather, it holds two suits wrinkle-
free and combines durability and light
weight. The gentlemen of the road
are also taken care of by handsome
saddle leather toilet kits and a useful
traveler's plock. This latter item is
intended for students who refuse to
believe that the Wolverine is 'two
hours late pulling into Ypsilanti.

Checks, Color,
Will Decorate
College Slacks
Men's slacks will assume an in-
creasing importance in their attire
because of the gradual innovation
of loud color into slacks. Prior to the
Funny Forties, slacks were but two
cylindrical hinks of cloth which made
men look civilized. The least they did
was to contrast with the brightness
of his spring and summer shirts.
That is a past situation. Color will
definitely find its way into slacks
and create an importance for them
that will rival the other items of re-
galia. Loud check designs will lead the
field, with solid colors (definitely
loud) a good second.
As to length, the typical Jo' Col-
lege lack of a kink at the cuff will
prevail. Pants will fail to contact the
shoes by several inches maximum.
Slacks and skirts are both going up.
And this will further accent the loud
slacks by contrasting them to the
revealed socks.
Cigarette Cases llelpfu I
There is nothing that can make
a man feel more debonair in the
spring than a flashy cigarette case.
Leather, metallic or plastic, these
cases when combined with a cigarette
lighter, are highly impressive.

Give a "loud" cry for pajamas-and
you'll be in style.
Coasting along at the top of the
'nasculine hit parade for the third
successive week, the high-neck Rus-
sian blouse effect pajamas promise to
shatter all prevailing records estab-
lished back in the early 1900's by

colorsa vary with the moods of the
buyer at the time of purchase.
The casual type, or low-neck affair,
belted and long-sleeved is limping
along in sales, ready to receive its
Social Security pension. In other
words, the trend is away from low-



Well-Dressed Men
Use Pants Presser
A portable pants and necktie prss-
er is the latest must for the ward-
robe of the well-dressed man on cam-
Designed to be easily carried in'
grips or stored in a two by four,
private room, you merely plug the
portable presser into any electrical
socket, and put crisp newness into
ties, lapels and trouser creases.

the polka dot affairs worn by grand- Loud Colors Are In
pa and his ancestors. And the colors that are popular
Polka dots may be all ,right on a with the male sex would make a
woman's dress, but they are strictly zebra turn green with envy! The
"nix" when it comes to men's paja- louder the color, the better a person
mas, according to the trend. The Rus- can sleep seems to be the consensus of
sian high-neck is the thing at pres- opinion.
ent. The Russian high-neck blouse af-
Choose Stripes fair pajamas are preferred in grey,
Close on the heels of the "Russian" pale blue with maroon necks, or dark
and ready to take over the number blue. And there .must be small pearl
one slot in masculine predilection buttons to accompany, or else you
if men change their minds the slight- can let the moths eat their lunch in
est trifle, are the striped "PJ's" or the closet.
prisoner's jeans. These come in the As for the striped nightmares, red
Roman stripe and the awning stripe, and purple rate one-two with all
depending upon the individual. If the males. The plain broadcloth arrays
person concerned dreams of battles will meet with approval in blue, green,
and thunder, the Roman stripe is rec- purple, or navy, blue colors.
ommended. However, if the male con-
cerned fancies himself as resenbling Pocket Knives Are Handy
a window in any way, the awning Pocket knives are indeed handy
stripe is cut out for him, things for the bright young man'to
Plain broadcloth receives its share carry about in his pocket in the
of consideration when the male de- (spring. These knives can be used
cides to become civilized and sleep for many useful purposes, from open-
i... n wn ajams :.w rirrl-uo a wee. m ~i ig er an l o wuiuuiuig.tr


Loud Stripes, Gay Colors Lead
The Pajama Parade For Males



in pajamas two nights a week. The ' ing beer cans to whittling
a t

__ ____ r
,. i

lWe're bettWing on a





design are available in the newesi



w=Ytr r : t
. ,.uneisai,
., ..
F, 7-





are the



SHIRTS of soft smooth Oxford in white
and colorful shades of spring-collar
style button down. 2.00 Knit ties to


SAFFELL & BUSH invite you to see these
new creations of "COLOR ENSEMBLES."
They bring to the field of sports wear
a new note of distinction that will be
welcomed by men who have a core for
their appearances.


THE FAVORITE SHOE of a well dressed
man includes quality - fit -and style.
Nunn Bush ankle-fashioned shoes have
all these features.
SWEATERS by MacGregor in all the
cool colors - of spring and summer.
Crew neck or V-neck.

~t e'iu-fl lch



We haven't watched men's styles come and go all these years for nothing ... and the
present trend towards informal comifort gets our whole-hearted support, which is why
we're showing a big and brilliant selection of Pedigreed "Stein-Ijocjn" sportswear for
spring. Suits of soft-tailored superb woolens . . . styled with a strong accent on com-
fort . these are sport clothes to set the quality and value pace for a long and suecess-
f l snumner.


Look over the new spring hats and en-
joy the new styles of coloring --Con-
trast band and brir!t also blend with the
new colors.


5affeli &3ush

/ :.



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