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March 12, 1941 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-03-12

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VEMNE5DAY, fvlikl C it i2; 1941

THIC IGA_.A Y 1, TfCJ 2,14

Sport Shirts

Will Offer Even Greater


This Spring

Style, Utility
Is Featured
Easily Washable Fabrics
Announced; T-Shirts
Will Remain Popular
Promising the best combination of
style, comfort and utility ever offer-
ed, the new sport shirts and slack
sets will be available in refreshing
new fabrics and colors.
Good news is the announcement
that manufacturers have developed
new high quality washable- fabrics.
This should make the neat-appear-
ing slack suits more popular than
ever because dry cleaning will no
longer be necessary.
The classic T shirt, never extinct,
will assume new vogue during the
coming season. Shown in solid colors
and bold stripings, polo ald T shirts
will be made in wrinkle-resistant
spun rayon and cotton materials.
Wearing qualities are said to be bet-
ter than ever.
Especially appealing to practical
men will be a new gabardine shirt
that can be worn either with open
collar or with a tie-but natly. This
shirt should answer a long-standing
and just desire for it is not only
two-purpose but has the unique ad-
vantage of immediate convertibility.
Covert cloth, long a favorite for
top coats and suits, will be offered
in several shades of long sleeved
shirts early in the season. These
shirts, light and absorbent, will be ex-
cellent for spring wear.
Styled for ease and comfort, the
new sports ensembles will please all
with their neatly fitted, non-sloppy
character. Prices, although generally
rising are not expected to affect these
clothes unduly as quality will much
enhance actual value.
Though white will not be top-notch,
solid colors are still the first choice.
Pastel shades will be the newest in-
novation and are expected to be a
Garments are to be more highly
styled, with long sleeve models of-
fering a threat to the established
preference for short sleeves.
Pipe Revival
Is Predicted
It looks like it will be a spring of
And well it should be, for there's
nothing like a nice long tramp in the
Arboretum with the favorite coed or
any three of the same, and your
favorite pipe lighted up and smoking
Spring is the season for roughing it,
and pipes should be purchased ac-
cordingly. Not only should the ques-
tion of good smoking be taken into
consideration, but also adaptability.
Probably the most popular shape
for spring hikers this year will be the
bull moose, with a short, rounded
bowl, and a stubby, curved stem. In
any good briar, the shape is ideal,'
and may well become the campus's
favorite pipe (next to Hygiene 101).
The war has cut down on the im-
portation of briar, which usually
comes from the Mediterranean coun-
tries. This may forecast a rise in
popularity of the so-called air-cooled
metal jobs.
The pipes use a good deal less
briar, only the bowl being made of
that root. But the metallic stem
gives a cooler and dryer smoke,
which makes up for the somewhat

unusual appearance of the pipe. In
addition, lightness and compactness
of these models make them easier to
carry in the pocket and a little easier
on the teeth if you have a weak
A few of last fall's briar importa-
tions, however, have -been made up
into some excellent new models that
should be popular this spring. The
bulldog, however, seems destined to
hold its lead as favorite on the cam-
pus, both in the curved and straight-
stemmed model.
New bakelite stems or stems of
other composition material are being
stocked up by local merchants in
many brilliant colors. Reds and yel-
lows are not theleast bit uncommon
in pipe stems this year, though a goodk
many pipe smokers prefer to stick
to the old-fashioned black para rub-
ber va'riety, or composition stems.

Women Given Opportunity To Indicate'
Varied Complaints On Men And Fashions

Female Gripes Are Listed: faded, and in need of a little darning,
Loudness, Suede Jackets, with a wilted tieless colar oozing out
over the top.
Extremely Short Haircuts Then there is the long-haired boy.
!He may be so because he can't afford

Males Can Mow 'Em Down
With Dainty Swimsuit Designs

When you're. undressing to go
swimming this year, fellows, the idea
is to combine comfort with neat-
ness in your swim suit, or what thereI
is of -it.
Like they always say, it's much
nicer to swim sans suit than with
one, so this year manufacturers of
swimming suits have put this idea
into practice more than ever before,
introducing softer and more comfort-
able materials, plus designs that do
little or nothing to inhibit bodily
movements in swimming.
'Of course, it's passe to wear a top
to your bathing suit any more, be-
cause the style is that sun tanned
chest looking manly and stuff.
So you need only to worry about
the trunks, and they're not a big
worry. Coarsely-knitted wool seems
destined for popularity, not only be-
cause it's extremely comfortable, but
also because it looks ultra-neat. In
some designs here we see the military
influence, with dark blue trunks with
red and white chevron stripes on the
Wool is still the favorite, for it has
proven more practical in the long
run, though some other fabrics, es-
pecially some of the rubberized ma-
terials, have their fans.
Design, as usual, is predominantly
simple, in men's swim trunks. Every
now and then you see a flowerly
south sea island job, but then people
seldom actually wear these- at least
to swim in.
As to what to wear with your

swim suit, when you're lolling around
,on the beach, in case you are wont
to be a loller, as most men are on'
beaches for obvious reasons, knitted
pullovers of fine cotton yarn with
a short nap on the surface seems to
be the most popular. Coming in vir-
tually every color, you can buy them
to match or contrast with your swim-
ming trunks, and they are a must
for the properabeach costume.
Canvas shoes, copied from the
Spanish, called espadrilles, shelter
the feet from the hot sands, which is
a nice polite way of saying that you
don't go bare-footed on the best of
Oh, yes, and another tip about
swim suits-don't drown: it always
spoils your nice pretty new trunks.
Crisp Coruroy
Enliven Menswear
Bo on the lookout in local haber-
dasheries for the latest in sport jack-
ets, a tailored, three button cordu-
roy model, perfect for casual and
leisure wear.
Cravenetted, the jacketsi are com-
pletely waterproof, so you can thumb
your nose at Ann Arbor weather when
attired in one of them. The fabric
also holds its shape and press bet-
ter than any cloth you can find
in sports jackets, and look ultra
The jackets come in three lengths,
short, medium, and long.

Daily prayer of the ideal college
man runs something like this: and
please, dear God, if you love me, help
me to figure out how to keep to the
straight and narrow path that runs
along between navy blue business
suits and those wild, wild plaids.
The answer is what every college
man should know. In fact, I'll bet
they all know it, and disregard it de-
liberately, painstakingly and with
malice aforethought. There are some
nifty-looking combinations that are
far from making you look like office
scenery and feel as if you ought to
have your feet on a desk somewhere.
But the extremes to which these
long-on-the-muscle, and short-on-
the -brains creatures will carry
things! One extreme is the perennial
college boy. The short-pants, saddle-
shoes, crew-cut lad. A high school
girl's dream, no less. These are the
ones who take fiendish glee in throw-
ing together checks and plaids, and
greens, yellows and purples. However,
I'll admit that this type has just
about had his day, and along with
the raccoon coat can sing a swan
song anytime.
But there's another type, a little
subtler, but not much. And he's still
going full swing. This is the boy from
home, who clings to and cherishes
old suede jackets, and brilliant Hud-
son bays. Ie is used to running
around Winnemucca like so, and
labors under the delusion that what's
all the rage there is just what lends
i that casual touch to Joe College.
Indoors and later on in the spring,
young Winnemucca is the one who
wears a jaunty sweater, slightly
Trace Periodical
ICycles Of Styles
Both Men's And Women's
Fashions Repeat
Both men's and women's fashions
repeat themselves. There are vari-
ations and improvements, of course,
but many of the essential features
of the style will turn up periodically.
Sometimes the cycle takes 25 years
to repeat-sometimes only five.
The covert cloth type coat which
is so popular this spring was also in
favor one hundred years ago, when it
wan worn by English country gentle-
men. About 25 years ago, it made its,
appcarance as a smart town top-'!
coat in finger-tip length models.
These coats were cut very fully and
carried large buttons.
Today covert cloth coat in trim-
tailored models, either fly-front
single-breasted or double-breasted, is
one of the smartest coats for town
wear. It is also suitable for country
wear when cut on country lines.

the haircut, or because he needs a
few extra inches of height, or because
he has a bald spot to cover. Also
short hair doesn't show off carefully
cultivated curls so well, we realize.
It's not the answers in this case-
it's the question that's out of wack.
Admitting that it's not fair to crit-
icize destructively, let's hop the fence,
and see what belongs in the picture.
By all means, quiet tweeds, in browns,
beiges, and grays, some with a little
subdued color mixed in so that it
fades out in the distance.
By all means gabardines, and by
all means mixed combinations, if
either the coat or the pants are a
solid color. And camel's hair jaekets.
And cable-stitched sweaters, underj
tweeds. By all means color in the tie,
if its not a combination of six differ-
ent ones all whirled together. And
don't forget long, long suit coats, and
no saddle shoes, and no moccasins.
Which reminds me, wedgees are so
cute on men, especially if they're in
that bilious shade of greenish-yellow
that I've seen some of you stuck with.
arte rsOffer
New Plastics,
Fresh Colors

Coeds Ask Clean Shoes,
Ties, Spotless Shirts,
Harmonious Blends
Strolling around on the campus
yesterday, we ran into a couple of
those immaculately dressed Michigan
coeds, who were just in the mood to
answer our questions about the
clothes we poor Michigah men wear.
"Oh," said the blond, "I think
Michigan men dress fairly well,
though they usually do look pretty
sloppy, especially on Monday morn-
ings." She stooped to tie the lace
on one of her latest debris-colored
saddle shoes.
The red-haired one wasn't inclin-
ed to be so nice about it. "I think
they look just-awful, especially with-
out ties, which they never wear, and
those horrid combinations of differ-
ent colored pants and coats!" she
raved, as she smoothed her helio-
trope-colored skirt, which she wore
with a magnificent peppermint and
wintergreen-striped blouse.
Getting down to the real inside
dope, though, fellows, they had some
pretty definite opinions about the
way we dress, which are summed up
sort of briefly here:
1. The worst thing is never polish-
ing our shoes, which always look
dirty and centuries old. (If you're
anything like The Reporter, your
shoes are centuries old, that is, what
there is left of them.)
2. Ties are noticeable by their ab-
sence only.
3. We wear our shirts for months
without having them washed, and
they look horrid!
4. Pants are never creased, and
when they are, the crease is in crook-
5. We combine atrocious sports
jackets with worse colored pants, and

Patriotic Motif
Will Dominate
Late Fashions
"Aid to Britain" has become a by-
word, and a stark reality as well.
Thousands on this side of the water
are in uniform once again, and the
movie houses continually feature
short pictorials on defense and pa-
triotism. So it is only natural that
fashions this year reflect this move-
ment, since clothes are the expression
of the mood of the people.
Men will be wearing red-and-blue
foulard ties with white shirts, or they
will tuck handkerchiefs of the tradi-
tional trio in their coat pockets. Even
the more conservative are wearing
red boutonnieres in the lapels of blue
suits. Or they will sport a blue suit
with white shirt and solid red tie.
And the sly insertion of some red and
blue into the hat band decoration
is a dead giveaway in one whose
head, as well as his heart, is in his
A bolder use of the patriotic motif
is found in the shirts with red and
blue pinstripes, and in the red-whit -
and-blue plaid ties. The younger set
ought to reactf. too; to the new red-
white-and-blue plaid sports jackets.
and later on in the season, it will be
hard to resist striped cotton sports
shirts in the same colors.
Among the accessoiies featuring
red-white-and-blue stripes are the
matching sets of belt, suspenders and
add a green sweater, which looks
simply terrible, fellows.
So the girls .went on, especially
the black-haired one, who kept roll-
ing and unrolling the sleeves of her
latest sloppy cardigan.
But there was one little plump girl
who seemed to have a pretty cogent
opinion on the whole situation.
"Sloppy clothes or no sloppy clothes,
they're still Michigan men," . she
stated. "And that's enough for me!"

The genus Garter, or Gartaris
Americanus, as they call it, is worthy
of particular attention from the well-
dressed college man this spring.
It's not a question this year of
whether you want 'em or not-for
they're a must, in the language of
women fashion experts.
Brilliant colors are the things too,
especially in the new transparent
plastics. Red, greens, blues, anything
to add a little cheer to the lower ex-
tremeties of American malehodd.
Of course, when you stop and con-
sider the why of it all, the obvious
purpose is the holding up of the
stockings. And they do this.
So add a little dash of color to the
latest in green and orange plaid
stockings by suspending them with
the newest in garters, which this year
is the rubberized plastic job. Cool and
not binding on the leg, they're a
pleasure to wear and a joy to behold
even on the most unaesthetic of
Tips For Pressing Ties
If you want to cut clown on press-
ing bills, and keep your neckties in
perfectly tailored trim, use a hot iron
judiciously on them. Ties should nev-
er be placed under an iron, but
should be moistened with a damp
cloth apd then held against the face
of a hot, iron. This will remove
wrinkles satisfactorily.



t i




- Z
, :e 're they are herald-
ing the approach of
spring. Shining new
handbas to complete
thati new spring outfit.
WILKINSON's have a beautiful new stock of hand-
bags in all the new shades and styles-priced to fit
any budget, there are bags from $1 to $55. There
are some styled in Saddle leather-antique, black
and sequoia, and others of Alligator in brown, plain
or grained calf and all other colors.

That's the NEW COLOR
in suitings for SPRING in
Worsteds, Flannels, Shetlands,
Tweeds and Gabardines. We
feature AIR BLUE in stripes,
glen plaids, herringbones and
solid shades.
Let TINKER'S custom tailor
your Spring Suit in the new
AIR BLUE. It's the new shade
for Spring.
Place your order Right Now
before clothing prices take that
inevitable jump.


..2e 4P C u

MUM I AI ~ lw



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