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March 12, 1941 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1941-03-12

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i., 1941


outh And Pep
Fresh Colors,
Will Be Seen
Covert Cloth, Sharkskin,
Tweeds To Be Popular;
Gabardine Is Favorite

To Keynote Men's Suit Styles This Spring

Practically anyone can be suited
in suits'this year.
Turning to. new colors, new youth
and pep is to be found in men's
suits this spring. Even dad and the
old profs have caught the spirit. You
don't just wear suits any more; you
have to have that certain oomph
in them, or its no go with the fairer
Big fashion news this spring is in
colors, with the heretofore abhorred
combination of blue-on-brown lead-
ing the parade. The combination
comes in almost any fabric and de-
sign, plaids, tweeds, checks, pin
Other color hit of the season is
khaki, or as some sartorial experts
prefer to call it, whipcord, which is
just what the name would imply.
Riviera gray leads the list of ever-
popular grays, while green holds its
own as acomparative newcomer in
the line of men's suits.
Covert Cloth Popular
As to materials and fabrics, covert
cloth, that smooth and light wool
fabric which looks English and
climbed to such heights of popularity
last year, will again come through
this spring. Local haberdasheries
are already loading up their stocks
with the popular cloth.
Sharkskinesuits, too, should be of
nspecial interest to men, especially
those who demand variety and serv-
iceability. The material is particu-
larly attractive for spring wear, in
addition to being long wearing, a
feature that cannot be ignored. Found
in a variety of stripes and over-
plaids, single-breasted outfits will be
featured in sharkskin this year, but
any of the patterns look well in
double-breasted suits.
Tweeds Are Smart
The apogee of smartness this year
will be tweeds. With that certain
dash characterized as a "bit of Eng-
lish," the loosely woven fabric as-
sures the wearer of the maximum of
comfort and wear. So if you would
become intoxicated by the gentle
beath of spring or any other of the
young things floating around campus
at this season, tweeds are the thing.
A herringbone will set you off in
special style, but any sort of tweed
is guaranteed to make that certain
one sit up and take notice the next
time you are three hours late for a
Flannels, as ever, will be popular.
An innovation of last year, the three-
button flannel drape model will con-
tinue to be popular in smart look-
ing suits for casual wear. Light tans
and grays will feature this material
this spring.
Twisted Materials
New twisted materials are being
shown in all the leading shop windows
on State and Main Streets. If you
harmonize shirt and tie with your
suit, you. can make excellent use of
this material, for its durability is
unlimited. Biggest advantage of this
material is its unwillingness to lose
its crease, and in it you'll niever be+
called "baggy-pants." Besides it cuts]
down on the weekly pressing bill,
which is no small factor, even if you
don't pay the cleaners. Tailored in
sport models, these twisted fabrics
have come to be known for their'
smartness as an all-American, all-,
college fabric.I
Omnipresent spring fabric is gab-
ardine, deservant of its extreme popu-
larity. For late spring, when exams
are coming on as well as warmert
days, and your sweating over thet
Psych, you didn't read last February9
when you should have, these air-
cooled fabrics are just the thing. t
The most practical of summer ma-t

Comfort Stressed
Shoes; White
Warm weather means comfort-
and this applies as much to shoes as
any other part of a man's wardrobe.
Unless you're going to a formal
dance, you shouldn't wear a black
shoe until next fall. Color is what
counts from 'here on in!
For campus wear there is nothing
quite so satisfying as the soft-soled
moccasin. These popular shoes, the
successor to the collegiate world's
saddle shoes, can be worn with any-
thing, at any time and practically
any place. Of a subdued white color,
bass moccasins are a shoe that does-
n't require cleating-that is, they
look better wheqf dirty.
Anything in soft soles goes in
spring and summer time. But keep
in mind that color is the keynote
and the whiter the better.
This year you'll find all kinds of
new creations in soft-soled sport
shoes. Side-flaps slipper types, and
ornamented shoes will all be on dis-
play, but somehow experience has
shown that originality in men's shoes
doesn't pay. For years the saddle-
type has been the.favorite--and there
was nothing more conventionalized
about that .slophan the wearing of
shoes itself.
Hard-soled, tivo-toned summer
shoes should be avoided for every-day
wear. Fine for dates, they are just
a bit too dressy for campus wear.
But if you do want them, stay away
from the black and white-they're
for the professors who still wear black
striped white trousers. Brown and
white are the colors, plain or orna-

I In Spring
s Will Still Reign
mented, they will be the most popular
in this type of shoe.
A little different note is afforded by
the white suede, composition sole
shoe that fits in equally well for dates
or campus.
And if you refuse to become "sum-
mery" about the shoe matter an.d
want a dark shoe try that corda-
van design toe. The reddish tone of
this leather lends just enough color
to the shoe to give it a bit of a re-
freshing look. Cordavan is horse hide
and wil probably wear better than
any other shoe you can buy.
When those laces finally break, re-
place them with oil leather ones with
wound wire tips. Smart-looking, they
will give the best service.
But if you're 21 and wise, buy a
pair of russet colored shoes with a
plain, semi-pointed toe and leather
soles, because you'll be in the army
soon and that's the government's
specification for a dress shoe . .. and
they don't come with your uniform.
Oxford Cloth,
Shirts, French
Cuffs Favored
Shades of old Lord Kent! He is
no more.
And so with another winter speed-
ily vanishing, spring will put Lord
Kent and all his unattached collar
relatives back into the bureau Vaults.
The accent is now on oxford cloth
shirts in white, blue tan, either solid
or striped, with a tremendous variety
Iof the latter. Headlining the collar
situation will be the soft, buttoned-
down collar, unlined and unstarched.
The fullness of the collar will make
its casual appearance the most pop-
Broadcloth, however, will not be
squeezed out entirely, and with the
oxford cloth shirts, will feature any of
the four collar fashions. Buttoned-
down will lead with tab collars, cut-
away collars, and the regular-cut
collar requiring a collar bar in the
French cuffs will continue in prom-
inence, although the whole idea in
spring shirt fashions is casualness.
Cuff links make one late for those
eight o'clocks.
Tropical cloth will compose the
newest sport shirt offered for spring,
with a diagonally cut front. It will be
featured in pastel shades. Gabardine
shirts will vie with the tropical cloth
shirts for sport wear honors. And by
the way, wild silk shirts are on their
way out. Those designs just defeat
the beautiful colors of nature in the

Men Favor Loud, Slim Braces

Now when you're trying to write
five inches of copy on the latest thing
in suspenders, the first thing you
must start out with-for a foundation
-is that suspenders are used by men
who don't trust their belts, or don't
wear them. They may be fastened to
the trousers either by buttons or clips.
There was a day when suspenders:
ran as wide as two inches but in
these economical days they are sel-
dom seen wider than one inch. Often
they are just one-half an inch wide,
particularly in the white suspenders
used for evening wear..
Very popular these days are the
plastic holder-uppers-or what wo-
men call "the 'kind you can see
through." They can be found in al-
most any color from blatant purple
to conservative whlite, and look most
attractive when worn with belts of

the same color. Of course, you only
find this situation existing among
men of extremely pessimistic nature.
It seems that the boys still like
their suspenders loud. There's noth-
ing you can do about it and since
they so rarely show we can let it
pass without too much comment. So
silken elastic braces in flamboyant
colors and prints can still be found
supporting the best of trousers. Well,
all we can say is, if it makes the
boys happy, more power to them!
Po'ket Watches Revival
Although many men still prefer
wrist watches for most. occasions,
they are now adding pocket watches
to their wardrobe. Incidentally, the
only correct watch with evening dress
is the pocket watch.

l ,-

Solid Colors
In Season's

Si irts

Paisley Will Replace Polka-Dots
As Ties Tame Torrid Season
Most women, when asked, "Can The small-knit neckwear is alsol
you tie that?" will reply "Yes," but used when the days get hot. A plain
men know better. In the field of se- navy tie or perhaps a cool green is
lection of ties men also know better, particularly effective when worn with
or so they say. However, we won't a white shirt.
argue on that point. Then, too, there 'are the more
Both men and women will agree common lightweight wools in stripes,
that the paisley ties which are being checks or small figures. Polka dots
shown so much now for spring and

Every man's shirt wardrobe starts
from the two hardy perennial types
I. - - solid shades and narrow stripes.
Both of these are always good, and
they are easily blended into any en-j
semble. In addition to white and blue,j
there are solid colors this'season in
tan, brown, green, and gray, most of
them with collar-attached.
There are also several new colors-
sand, canary yellow, and light pastel
blues, which will be shown for the
first time.
Shetlands Return To Style
Shetland suits are again popular,
some in natiral colors, and will be
worn in many cases for business, us-
ually with the soft wool ties that, go
best with them.
Pocket Hankies Add Dash
To add a little bravado to the male
chest, the season is offering a variety
of handkerchiefs which are purposely
created to stuff in the lapel pocket.
are lively enough in the summer.
Light pastel shades are becoming
more popular for the warm months.



summer wear are really "quite the
nuts." We can't think of a single co-
ed who could object to them. We were
much taken with a little model in
rust with a yellow figure in it. They
look cool and very neat when worn
with the lightweight summer suits.

lead the field in-

Style Distinction
Priced at $4.50 and up.
Headquarters for:
In the Nickels Arcade


: < ti,
5 ' .,
' 1

terials, gabardine holds its shape and
cut much better than any other ma-}
serial offered for spring and sum-
mer wear. The material is also
peculiarly adopted to dress wear, com-
ing in dark browns, blues, and tans.

Especially good in gabardine this year are out unless they are very small We are not suggesting a feeble pink,
.s a medium brown job with light and don't wear a very loud tie in the but a soft blue or pale yellow can be
blue stripe-checks. summer! There is nothing so likely very disarming, to say the least. In
Formal Wear to cause a temperature in an endur- short, boys, choose your ties: make
For formal wear, the gabardine ing female as a green tie with splashy them interesting and the highlights
jacket has ousted the traditional but purple and orange designs in it. The of your wardrobe-but don't exceed
easily wrinkled linen, jacket. The hot ties are fine for the winter. the bounds of good taste as expound-
effects of this radical change will no They'd liven up anything, but things ed herein.
doubt resound in country clubs and ----- ------_ -__
dance halls throughout the nation.
Broad notchless lapels, wide should- 8 . .
ers, plain back and narrow bottom x
will be the predominant cut, but
others will pass the o.a.o.'s critical.:
eyes. With the white gabardine coat, .
wear your regular winter trousers,
and you have a summer dress outfit ;
worthy of any Hollywood hero.
Maroon is the color for accessories~
with this outfit, by the way. In fact, /
it's the only thing right. The slight [ /
touch of color lends immeasuably to
to the outfit, and maroon studs with ~
it will add that needed subtleness.
There's many a style and color-
this spring, all new and quite good.
So suit yourself, fellows.


Quality is up and cost of living is lown.
The first time in years such values for $34.50 and
,39.50. Some higher; others lower in price.


For a sure winner pnt your
money on the Stetson
Playboy. You will come
home way ahead for comfort,
coolness and looks.
Only .5.00

Spring s here
Del Prete
Yes, Spring is here, our Mich-
aels Stern Suits and Topcoats
have arrived. New styles, new
fabrics. These fine clothes will
pep you up and give you a
pleasant invigorating feeling.
Park that Winter Overcoat and
start your Spring with us today.
$35-00 to $40-00
Fine garments by other na-
tionally-known makers
frwed as low as ...



wa Ile

r 6

"ewe /

When you see the new
Stetson BELMONT -a
rich light brown - trim -
med either with a blue
band or a green band

you will understand why
it na kes 6. man "rate".
Wide brim and full crown
it is tops in everything but
price. $5.50


!Nothing more need-be said.
There are none better. We say this from
50 years of experience.

_ _ _ E
-- i


'j '


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