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December 01, 1939 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1939-12-01

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South America
Sends Accent
To Hat Styles
Furs, Feathers, Flowers
Are New- Trimminigs;
Turbans Ai-e Popular
This mid-season sees South Ameri-
ca influencing . our hat styles even
mrV,9obviously than is Paris. The ex-
planation may lie in the fact that
German subs have scared Schiaparelli
and Suzy to such an extent that they
WOuld not dare cross the Atlantic.
And again that may not be the rea-
Turbans are especially popular and
come in white, black. baby blue and
pirk and all pastel shades. They are
iade of crepe, bagheers, velvet, jer-
sey, and strip felt.
T.; e white, turban of the high drap-
ped front has been introduced by Car-
men Miranda, a popular little South
Aierlban dancer who has influenced
clothes as well as millinery. It is
especially good for fornal wear, cruis-
ing and teas. The pastel shades are
worn chiefly with fur coats.
For dressy wear, feathered and
flowered hats are excellent. While
scouting around the Ann Arbor shops
pill box and turban hats which were
made Tompletely of dainty little flow-
ers were found. Pink violets were
especially lovely..
Our poor feathered friends have
certainly suffered. If a complete bird
is not posed on a hat its most glam-
orops feathers are sprouting from the
sides as though they are about to
take off.
Unique Christmas Gifts
V 'from the OR4ENT
Delicate hand-made
p jewelry
* Uru'suaI ash trays and
cigarette boxes
® Oriental dolls
- Colrful durable
U£ hand-woven baskets a
( "Beautiful prints
from India
Good-luck elephants
-GIFTS for Everyone -
300-B South State
' v<=0


1 RAY DEC. 1, -1939

Fur Trimmed Hats Now Popular

Match the fur collar of your coat with a hat trimmed in the same
fur, or dress up a plain coat with one of these softly flattering pill-
boxes. The hats look expensive, but even some of the nicest of them
will not stretch the college woman's wardrobe.
Star System Is Sure-Fire Way
To Select Wrong Gifts For Al

Amazingly simple, unquestionably 3
dependable and revolutionary in its,
implications is the new system of
selecting appropriate Christmas gifts
for family and friends.
It's all in the stars. Simply con-
sult an astrological Christmas list,
and you can't go wrong. It is gpar-
anteed to take the uncertainty out of
buying and to cut shopping hours to
the bone.
The whole process of selection can
be reduced to five simple steps. (1)
Find out as subtly as possible when
all the recipients of your bounty cele-
brate their birthdays. (2) List said
reciprocants according to said birth-
days. (3) Itimize the birthdays un-
der the proper zodiacal signs. (4)
Consult your astrological Christmas
list for appropriate presents for each
group. (5) Go and buy them.
Lack of space prevents us from
presenting the full list of suggestions,
but the value of this method of gift
selection will readily be recognized
from a cursory peusal of some of the
Adding Machines Wanted
Adding machines, dolls, lanterns,
fireplace screens, whiskbrooms, vacu-
um cleaners, cosmetics and window
blinds are a few of those items most
certain to be appreciated by 'Aries
friends, who are those born between
March 21 and April 20.
Think what horrible mistakes could
be made-nay, are made by those who
aren't in possession of this precious
knowledge! In their pitiful ignor-
rance they might give an adding
machine to a Taurus friend, when
all the time the Taraus-blessed in-
dividual, born between April 21 and
May, 20 was longing for a musical
instrument, a ouija board. some ice
skates, an air conditioner, a per-
fume atomizer or a radio aerial!
Should your friends' birthdays be

from May 21 to June 20, any astrolo-1
ger can tell you that they are demo-1
cratic, genial and humane, thoughl
sometimes headstrong. It therefore
follows as the night the day that they
yearn for animal stories, wastebas-
kets, day beds and diamonds. Exer-
cise applicances and nuts are also
bound to go over big.
Buy Him A Bird Cage
We have it in black and white that
the Cancer group, namely those born
from June 21 to July 22, are amen-
able to luncheon sets, fur coats, elec-
tric razors, Axminster rugs, suspend-
ers, carpet sweepers and world globes.
They are also passionately fond of
percolators and bird cages.
Sons and daughters of Leo, born
Between July 23 and August 22, are
'vital, bold, self-confident and mag-
aetic," and therefore their star-gifts
iust obviously be Venetian blinds;
Spats, waffle irons, andirons, liquors
)r leggnigs, or something else along
)he same line.
Try A Mandolin
Did you think you wanted a watch
>r some books or maybe a car for
Dhristmas? You are practically cer-
;ain to upset the whole solar system
ay asking Santa for them if your
birthday fall between August 23 and
September 22. What you really need
is a hot water bottle, a bread box, a
razing crystal, some gymnasium ap-
Parel, a mandolin, an umbrella or a
printing press.
This brief survey should give the
°eader an idea of the enoromous pos-
,ibilities of the astro (il~logical sys-
sem. Those who are on intimate
terms which the stars predict that
within a few years department stores
will have entirely re-arranged their
Thristmas stock, separating it into
,odiacal divisions for the accommo-
lation of their customers.

Cosmetic Kits
Dispel Fears
Of Traveller
For the poor woman whose long-
awaited trip home is a bugaboo be-
cause of the dreaded train trip, the
end of which finds her in the most
unkempt condition with all the soot
and cinders picked up along the way,
the answer to the problem has been
found in an attractive, handy cos-
metic kit.
The kit is made in all fabrics, one
in the ever-popular alligator which
is waterproof and wears for ages, is
put up by one of the famous cosme-
ticians in the country. It is also
found in pigskin, leathers, and less
expensive fabrics.
There is room for the necessary
cleansing cream, which comes in
handy as a soap substitute. With
some sheets of cleaning tissue, the
complexion can retint that unblem-
ished appearance all through the
trip. There are spaces for founda-
tion cream, too, and for small boxes
of powder, rouge, and lipstick. A
jaunt into the rest room with the
trusty kit will resusitate the weary
traveler, and keep her looking as
good as new.
The kits Are also found in the draw-
string Variety, in waterproof ma-
terial, and resemble sewing kits. There
is plenty room for bottles, jars, and
as an added suggestion, for the emer-
gency runner in that best pair of
hose, a spool of thread and some
In the medium sizes, the kits don't
take up more space than the average
purse and are just as handsome as
the best-looking bag. All but the
verdant, untried freshman, perhaps,
realize the premium on a minimum
of luggage and with the heavy, larger
luggage sent on ahead, the cosmetic
kit and hat box will prove to give
the utmost comfort and least bother.
Mixes, whips, beats... saves hours
of tiresome arm work. Come in and
see its four great time and labor-
saving feature- Complete with Juice
"Since 1886"
213-215 W. Liberty Ph. 2-3265

New Jewelry
Is Appropriate
Always Acceptable Are
Rings, Lockets, Pins
Now that our minds are no longer
cluttered up with rushing activities
and football festivities, we can set-
tle down and do some serious think-
ing about more important matters,
such as the profitable way to spend
our Christmas vacation and what
presents to select for our friend:.
And one gift which is always wel-
come and appropriate is jewelry.
If by hook or by crook, any men
are reading this supplement hoping
to glean a valuable suggestion as
a gift for the sweetest girl in the
world, here are a few which would'
make the "only one" happy. A watch,
diamond ring, or sweetheart pin is
a guarantee to cut out any serious
competition, but even a locket with,
the fraternity or college crest upon
it or a standard Carmen bracelet
will produce palpitations of the
For your childhood chum who is
returning home for the holidays, a
crested compact, bracelet or locket
will cement your friendship. Enamel
bracelets which add that perfect
touch are being shown in various

Make-Up Is Treacherous
Be natural. You have all heard
this a dozen times, and still many
people walk into the photographer's
office with a new and startling hair-
dress, an inappropriate gown, and
a stiff smile. There are surprisingly
few rules to follow in order to take
a good picture, but they are very
important, so take heed.
This matter of make-up is a trea-
cherous one. Most of the errors along
the line occur because, in our efforts
to be natural or glamorous, as the
case may be, we apply make-up with
an eye to the mirror rather than to
the camera. Never, when you are
going to be photographed, wear

Naturalness And Simple Dress
Produce Attractive Photographs
Some of the prettiest girls we know rouge. Powder should be applied
won't have their pictures taken be- lightly-just enough :o takes the
cause, as they so often complain, shine off your face, but not so much
they look just terrible on paper. And
yet many far less attractive girls1 that a pasty-looking -complexion is
take excellent pictures. the result.
There must be some reason for Lipstick Should Be Dark
this strange phenomenon-and there Use a fairly dark lipstick -of about
is. Because a photograph is good the same shade that you wear for
does not mean that it must be pret- evening, and apply it carefully. Do
ty. This, fortunately starts the con- not blur the outlines of your mouth,
test with no odds in favor of the but rather make them very distinct.
beautiful. From here on it is up to Use as much mascara as you please.
the photographer and the photo- It will save the trouble of having to
graphs. draw in eyelashes, but be very stingy

MAIN at Liberty Phone 2-4411


in your use of eye-shadow as, too
much will make you look as if you
have a black eye.
Never, never have your picture
taken just after you have had your
hair set. Clean hair is essential, of
course, but wait until that "set" look
has isappeared. Comb your hair out
fairly loosely so that the photograph-
eor can bring out ajl the possible
highlights in it. It is fun occasion-
ally to try new hair-dos, but .don't
pick the day before you are planning
to be photographed to do it. If- you
decide after a few days that the old
way of wearing your hair really does
look better, you won't be <able to
change it in the picture.




. 274


Beautiful HANDBAGS, of
suede and calf for every day,
rhinestone studded bags for
evening. $3.00

Bib and Choker NECKLACES
wrought of "gold" with
wristlets to match.




/ J6$:
Sleeing own ON
/ Ut
Slepn Paaa
Longn 7aaa
/ . t _




Tell' her she's lovely by giving her the stock=
ings -she knows are loveliest. Noile & Horst
chiffons in a gay Christmas box give an air of
prodigality. Their long=wearing qualities keep
youir memory fresh as Christmas evergreen.

§'teje tl a/uei 2 /Wilmaze You ...

The correct "Rex" Compact
for every occasion. Enamel,
metal and cloisonne. Variety
of colors. $1.50

The daintiest of bed
of fine rayon satin.


Outstanding values in fine
stationery, attractively boxed.
24 sheets, 24 envelopes. 50c

Make this her robe de nuit.
Of Bemberg satin wtih frilly
lace trim. $3.98

F. .. 7. CC.r


! t~verydiay .Sneers "

n~Ki ,'i iD ~ccrnmn f 1 t rND

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