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November 23, 1939 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1939-11-23

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Wage Boards Japanese Passe
W i l l B e T' I.O P IC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Dickiuson, Roover Talk-
In Ilackham Lecture Hall
Professor Edgar Y. Hoover and
Z. Clark D.ickinson of the economics-'
departmient will discuiss thieir work' "
with wage committees set up under t>
the Fair Labor Standards Act at a
meeting of the Economics* Club at
7:45 p;rm. Wednesday, No-v. 29 in
the-,Rackhaam ,Amphitheatre.
fProfessor Hoover was appointed to
the wage conmmittee on shoes and
allied industries and Professor Dick-
inson-Is serving on -the woolen inds-
try committee. Both faculty men.
were ch~osen -early this year to repre-
sefrt the public in the tni-party
groups set up-unider the act.--------- ----------
The Fair Labor Standards Act#
was passed in order to bfrig about The, JaVanese tpassenger liner.
~40 cent- per hour minximum -wage} been sunk 'by =a mane off the Eng]
~rate -in every industry in the United; Terukuni Maru was the 14th non
,States, according to an official belle-
tin. Unlike the NRA which attemp-
ted to legislate wage rates Atat -ter-°
twin level, the Fair Labor Standards Rfe p or ter Finds C,
Act- has set up committees repre- AC, 1 vl
sentiig labor groups, employers and' /1r n t.~ vI
the public in an attempt to adjust - .~E. ...'. F..35
conditions in each industry gradu- -r --
T - . + . o 4-- t % n sX ri--- rc.-- - a .-- -7 "-

nger Ship Sunk Off Coast' Of Englan d

10 U.S.Fraternity Group To Meet
" 7R D IUndergraduate delegates represent- nity to the college and to national
By June McKee ing interfraternity councils of col-{questions. President Robert Clothier
On tis oliay ike enuwe aveleges and universities in this country, of Rimgers University.. -*Il gi-ve an
will meet; national officers of 60 col- !address Fridiay afternoon on .The
draa, porscatin an colegatelege fraternities at the 31st annual Fraternity as a Provi'ng Ground of
capes. oda Prf. oui Eih'ssession of the National Interfratern- Democracy," to be followed by a
class presents an, origins!lradio play: ity Conference to be held Dec. 1-2 at sypsu f:Itgaio fci
tover WJR at 3:30 p.m. Those com- !the Hotel Biltmore, New York City. lege and Fraternity Programs." This
prising .the cy-st are Jamres Notrris, The =program -will concern itself subject will, be discussed from the
'40, Jeanette Rose, Grad, Norman Ox- with the relationship of the frater- Ipoints of view of the public,
handler, Catherine Dolch, Grad, I _____
Nathalie Schurman, '42 and Maxel -___ _ _________
Kerby, '41.
' fmorrow, Stan Swinton, '40, en-
~gineers another sportscast.o v e r
"WMBC at 2:45 p.m. Then "CollegeA \kNI r Ar-i r
Fn"conceived by Jack Silcott, Grad, M P\S 'jN I C , I LEWIM I'LEL
starts off a new series over. WJ-R at
3:30 p~m. Silcott and" Dick Slade, Music by' the KINGS OF SWING'
'41,, will guide it along while Jack 9tl
Gelder, '40, and your "scribe together 9t
master the ceremonies in which Cecil FO ESFRTELDE TEBU ETR
1Beglinger, Grad, Dorothy- Caughey, FO ESFRTELD E ITRU ETR
'40, Frank Firnschild, '40, and George( Ladies 1 5c. Men 25c, Before 9'- 25c and 35c after9
Shepard, '42, take part.., .,. .. _...,,
In theMorris Hall studios, "Mike" -s s --_---
reigns in six sundry shapes-as "eight ______________________
ball," carbon, condenser, crystal, ye- i'j
locity, and "salt-shaker." Among his I ..!<La

Terukuni Maru (a bove), displacing 11,930 tons, -was reported to have
Oish coast. The liner's 180 vassengers and crew were reported saved. The
-German ship to gow down in four days of sea warfare.

I i

am ps BiwtOgs
K nown .Ater All


cohorts of the control and studio
Boyer Returns To U.S. rooms, he counts the 'steinway grand
piano, General Electric receiving set,
PORT WASHINGTON. N.Y., Nov.I sound-effect equipment and records,
22.-AR)---Chaarles Boyer of the movies electrical transcriptions for .analysis,
returned from Europe 'today after a turnables, and electrical pick-up.
Then completing the ranks are the
spell of tending French army horses. continuity library of professional
It wasn't much of a war, he said, so manuscripts, and the P~resto and RCA
he and 10,000 others were demoibilized. sound-recording equipment where-
'fe boarded, the Atlantic Clipper at upon each student records voice and
Lisbon with his wife to. return delivery for class criticism.

, .liy .so 1.WtatVte 4o cent per hour Aside From Footballers, I pub
ate'will' be" economically sound, the. h
r~eport continued. .Biggest Of BMOC's ;just ' Ci
w .,,. ---- -Small Fry To Students i
Ckments Library
"(epr ducs rin A blow to "worshippers of the q
. t 12QBMC a B-, WOO title wsstruck pe
Drawn By' ,COrtez yesterday when only 24 out of 52 all
_______students succeeded in naming 10 en
A sap drawn by the "famous'Span- out of 19 campus bigwigs. de
1hconquerer Hernando" Cortez-the Outstanding among the records T
e~n~est ap f a ity n te Amn-jas thne almost complete failure of ber
cotnn-a-be erne the students to name either the the
C die h ila L lmns majority or minority floor leader in co
hereby te WiliamL. Cemette Student °Senate, campus repre- 'co
e trry Cre n104 h mp sentative organization. Two -girls bly
Mace b Cotezin 524 th ~m-~could nam the president and one- nai
depic t te Laity of Mexico .during "the- man could name the president and '
Ctme of the Spanish ,struggle with the-oeohe t ic-rsiet or
Incas.'the 'original map is includ- oeohrteviepeiet
ed "n'the Clemients §collectiid'n and' The -varsity footballers took hon- po
the, ieprlf[t5 were inaeii order 'o ors in the poll as nearly everyone ing
m±ovideackdate" data for the hlis- knew not only the captain but also per
tt'raIfs nof l+lexico. - five other first stringers. Two men, dir
--keretofire, .there hadl beeni avail- however, failed to pick out Archie Zj
ale to Maexiican hiis orians only .poor Kodros as, captain. te
"' frodftcti isisioflte map, - LCSa_ Probably. 4ue to present lack of ab
summer the city ,planner Of Mexico, r - .,W]
Siar Crls Contret, was n Ann ID--V'het
'Abr for the ibeetitig of ills Insti- DA II OF IC AL Le
tuti Of 'Latin-American. studies.:B U L E TII
V'l y Senaor Contretas was of thils t
an~ty drawn, reprodubetion or,- the Tii~DY 0v 313
T ap. Randolph G. Adams, 'dlirctor THURSDAL, NOV,523,13
y i "the Clzeaets L:ibrary, ecognized VL L ,o.5
the Ap and showedSenor Contire- /- . - No{j.i' es -
tas theoriginal.- - - - - - - -- R-C'. ,
Copies OfWt hin' ap have been 'sent 4 Hospitalization GroupsAnune
l~ Mexico and other copies are now thnentr A series of meetings has beenfr
at te,. _.rranged for the purpose. of giving Pr
-publicity to the arrangements avail- 'Pa
a i ablet' to members of the University at
"ostaff through group hospital associa- C
ma .V l~ions. -'Thee .smedeslw.be held th
ForYou Thflksgi;'gThe meetings will all be held at 4:15 tr
Ref reshments pim. at theNatural science Audtioi- An
um. In -order that all interested may ha
BEER, ;ALES,- WI NES, gave an opportunity to hear the state-
C HA PAG ESGents of? Mr. Mannix and to =ask ques-
-HMFA tions and to participate in the discus-
and MIXERS -son the University (staff -has been
tentatively divided into groups for
The esemeetings- as stated below. Hlow- {
ver, eny person who finds the -date
Beef uu assigned to his group inconvenient
will be welcome to attend with any
503 Norh Fith ve. one of the other ,groups.
Drive ,in Service -At each of these meetings, also,
' there will be present either Dean A.C.
%Open ,Thanksgiving Furstenberg or Vice-President James,
for our-. cnveienc - . Bruce, or, both, to give nforma-
ion with' respect to arrangements
- Cotinued on- Page )
;r and Vanilla Brick
.! This newest special} ice-croem. brick is sa two layer
- combination of ch-erry pineapple and Superior-vanilla-
ice-cream. A real :treat . .. at the usual price!
34e per quart
S p e r io r D i r t o e
-; 332 South State 1211 South University 207 South Main

blicity on the mai
e52 were able to
a -of the basketb,
Noticable -on the
t that practically
,lading independei
care after the que
esident of Panhell
men, also inch
ts, were able to f
nt of Iuterfratern
There was no relat
rof BMOC's the
enumber of BV
uld name. More
uld -name the prey
7than there were
mre the head of C
The managing edit
rof The Daily wer
pularity, about 302
each of them. A~
rcentage could na:
The presidents of
eUnion were equ;
)ut 50 per cent.
)men than then ni
ad- and the gi]
Ague head better
Lew their Union le
01. Kell Y Give
Vill Go To' Fc
T4eut.-Col. Peter
,TC department r
om duty here by
,sident to become
knama .Coast. Artil;
Fort- Hamilton, N
Colonel -Kelly,-wl
:e University for<
aching courses ii
ry, tactics 'and{
.in Arbor' Dec. 15
is not-as yet beet
Op,-en a
Drop in this mc
check our fine a

,tter, only ten of
oname the cap-
iall squad.

rall the women,
rts, filled in the
tstion asking the
lenic and nearly
uding independ-
fill in the presi-
tion to the num-
girls knew and
ArOC's the men
women, however,
ident of Assem-
amen who could "
ltor and city edi-
re about equal n
) per -cent nam-
k. slightly 'smaller
Mme the editorial
the League and
Sally well known,
However, more
lamed the Union
iris knew their
than the fellows
,nr New Post;
rt. Hamilton
K. Kelly of the
h-ias been relieved
direction of the
attache! c to the
lery Detachment
°ho -has been at
over -three years
ni Military His-
drill, will leave
.-His successor
rning- and
ssortment of
'NES for t-
-Low Prices!
- Delivery




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