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November 21, 1939 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1939-11-21

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°AllaRLions 'a atd uftnLclForum I ndlutry Prescrib4
w s, Is DenedI' 3Dolrothy PaS M eigAnd *Scholars
Some romatic womian student has chse____Hls__rmntc -
]Fey Declares choen boaven Hallser unroatic So10sson To Talk Oni War High Aademrj tadn
pus "gate bureau." To Annr Arbor Group Is A Good Measure, Bi
p On the 1i'',IOY~llboard theseddays i oieT
~ EU1~ whch ead: "an antd. ordate Prof. Preston W. Slosson, of the George Beaeh Says
oyn weekend. Only requirement, White.- hior"" ea'fiiet, wlls..katth.a
_______ eaclYg call Dorothy 'T. Phone 2-286 1 be- WHILMINGTON. Del.- Nigh aca-
Chrifivsandanve.eachine ngof the n AbrCommun--
twee fie an seen. eetng An Abordemic standing, participation in ex-
Al' churches today-JewishPrtes- An inqruiring reporter who called i' ~u ob eda ~~ o tra-crri cular activities, god' ap is
tant, Catolc-are united in thZefr leared that' two 'Drothys 'ived at day, Nov. 27, in the Ann Arbor Nighi pearance and adaptable tempera-a:
stand against war, stated Dr. Harold the address. Both denied they had. School Aditriumn. I ment are the four specifications mst ni1
potd, ntc n°baddi-s Fey, Executive Secretaryf of the pot h icead rnddita the Underlying Issues in the Pres-{ desired by industry for its college re- al
elWhp o Rchiit, w'a oa.ent Wor14Wa ''' will' be diseufed'cruis."pr
&su} i no TsibCturc's &and on With that conclusion, George R.
War" Sunday- evening in the Rack-drn thfis a oc me- Beach, Jr., p roinent industrialist,
ina Lecture Fall. H. R. Kitt lg e cker ing, and will be followed by a period,'in a spech given before the Associa-
Research heas' shown tha the early V * of discussion and questioning by thetc fLn rn Clee n n-c
1isaiiChrch: before Cbnstatn t e WitVeCrie II audience. 1Pro f.Slosson will discuss vriismeig'hr nWligotr
"w~,b otiudr~ethe issues on the basis of first-and summarize d industr qi n's requieents w'
'j'hh4k Yf ~niud h Experiences A broad information acquired during his trip fo coimge gadutates.tr
teachings of Christiantiy have al- to Euriope last_ year. he
,ways been pacfistteachings. In the EuainPinr
The Community Forum holds bi- grEatonPimr
last ewar those teachings were for- When IH. R Knickerbocker, Hearst Acadmetng o tepupseo ec san dizcaiofidividal.y
6te indth'e cii' scoperated.'newsipaper correspbndenit and viiier mnhyetig'o h proe fBeci niniaino idvda e
tt'th' g overniiizzt in elifig lib- of tle -1930lPuitzer Prize speaks poiiga poruiyfrtepersistance.There' is no begging the
erty on ds, and 4n'corlconinig tbewar here in the Oratorical Series, the titlezionsfAn-rrdofte fact that a student attends college h
* .:, ,sicnin omuiytome ad~te it s supposed purpose. of his lcture, "At'The Ringside o srondf omuiyt me n primarily to obtain an education," he,
discuss current local, state and adnHs ssan,terfrit
r~hs must not happen again, he I Histry," wilt describe literally much tionlssue.i dfini ely meare byhisrsuess
sald:'br.'Ee~ cited I ie example oflth7e f his past life. oa sus
75miisi's n aad~ hofo te Mr. Knibkerbocker has covered al- Dr. C. A. Fisher, of the UniversityJ at the attainment of that education." po
ii~ epr 'sti.;,,''t~~paiit tn most' all Of the major European hap- Extension Service' is chairman of Exr urclratvteicu- Ot
een e after the outbreak of the war penings in the" last 20 years. He was tebadi hreo di istr-gxta-rkiculars activtiesghnclud
and in spite of heavy pressure. The aresent' °at Hitler's ''abortive' "Beer inthFousege" as well as participation in ath-
fact th'at they Were not Arrested was Putsch;' in 1 823 when Trotsky *as letics and other phases of campus Mvt
exiled from Russia at thetie of life are excellet indications of in-
pee iSgofatti' h.,c towvards conciencious bectors tie ai"lod ge"whnGr- ..Gugen2heim F1+ortune dvdliitiative, Mg.'Beach 'con-oa
n'enxeral. m ,an toops reoccupieci t:heeRie- Is Given TO Foundtiot1Cdiued. i z
DrFejiaPhlpie . lfld, wheni Anschluss 'occurred be- Appearance Importantm
for the Chirch of mis siorytwveen Alx tria and the Reich, at the New York, Nov. 220.-()-Murry "We find a mans appearance fore-
I lectii e''wthef Ch'rit blsei's luich Conference last' year, when Guggenheim, philanthropist and' mm-i shadows the quaity of his Work after-~ i
called "The Religious Aspets of"C i h"=ran ok zcosoaiaading.magnate whio died last week., left graduation. 'Sloppy appearance'and n
rent"P'rob'fenis" pbsorre 'by the 'he as on hand whvien thlepresent ecentriities in dress serve oly as y
a'etit' °Religious Assbclation. Stu ropean' war-w-as declared, a trust of $5,000,00 to the Murry and barriers in' his relations "with fellowmo
At the present time Mr. Knicker -Leonie Guggenheim Foundation, the emi'ployes," he state. I'i nki lcuetu inicii rmwihi't rc n
bockr' s mkin a ectre ourin ncdiiefro whch s t' eectand Adaptable teperaent or per- -
~ ' Any' parts of the United States. e operate clinisfr antanci-oaiy"thfutqaliaine
Sally Ranid Goes To Court will come to 'Anni Arbor only a Wfew dren. The will, fled today in Sur- emphasized, is an intangible, idefi-
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 20eesaferrt(nM- fo Erpe rogates court, provided that the res- iite caracteristic, yet one that s
S'ai'1;az+,of ~an ndu~blale~t dncedue, personal effects, real estate and impotant, 'h' continued, though
Safl' ~~dof an nd ubbe dnceGuggenheim's interest in Colorado based on the eccenricities of the
faemae a personal apparzc Child Chokes To Death
bp~ tadn-omonyadec property go to his widow, Mrs. Leonie employer
DETROeaITadNov. 20.-G' audinLe s11,R&Guggenheim. Citing the rising importance of
.nknrpc or oaadsi Mlaurent, four-year-old daughter of
she rea~lly cofldn't explain very much police Patrolman Louis St _Laurent, j
abbut her tangled r'finanice° It was choked to' death this 'afternoon when I
l' too' 'coriplieated. °The' dlocueits a balloon with which she was playing lII e D r et r
i1d"'Say that estate consists 'f $8;- forced itself into her throat. A' phys- 1
00?i in ne Very 'doub'ffVil assets. The cian' removed the obstruction but ef -_____ __________
dets abou t&t $64,'63T. " forts to iresuscitate the chaild failed. TYPINGMiss L. V.Hyod 1
THE MICHIGAN DAILY Maynard St. Phone 5689. 43
'I ed. Available 9-5 daily or by
ArtCinem a LeagueADETSN
ADE-TI IN, special appointment. Phone Miss
sponsors by special arrangement RATES Tessman, 3330. ' 88
D ean ERICHT A. WALTERi, introducing Effective as of February 14, 1939 MSELNOS 2
FtA T RE VI0 1D INE '2$12 per reading line (on basis of SPECIAL-$5.50 Mahieless Per- _
F A CSR Y O DLN ,'2 five average words "to line) for one manent $'.50; $3 oil cocoa $150;
who0illrese^nt off" tw' isertions. end permanent $1. Shampoo and-
l0cper reading line for three or fingerwave 35c. Phone 810, 111
lss mre isertion.' Man. 36
MFiimrium of 3 lines per inser- TRNP TAIN2
LA u O L ~ rTes low rates are on the basis WASHED SAND AND GRAVEL -
rImportant factor in European Crisis of cash payent before the ad is Driveagrvlwshdpbe,
A film taken just prior to the outbreak of the European war inserted. If it is inconlveientfor KL~llins Gravel Company Phone
covering all phases and'i sections of the country. Yo oclla u ffcst mk 12
payment, a messenger will be"'sent __________________
Depicting Country's modern develpmet, social aspect, youth o' pik up your ad'a at a slight etra
ini Arctic "sections of Finland. PFo further information call '
23-24-1, or stop at 420 Maynard
_ Street.
Lydia1MENDELSSON Thea re _1 IOOR
LOST: Back ad whiteSchaeffer "
Tickts 5c atine 400' Evenng :15fountain pen. ob Wagner, 22"565
______________________________________________LOST - Saturday, gold Waltham
.y~x: ., h , . ..wrist watch between Economics
}. ~Building and 'Washtenaw. RHe-
ward. Cal 8590. 9
Yrou should know that LOTBow ipe ascnan
ing bone rimmed glasses and pen. "
Reward. Call Yvonne Westrate

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Tues.- . - Thurs -- Lbw Pri ces LAUNDERING --9 it'ge4 +S {;
LAUNDRY- 2-1044. Sox darned.
.: Careful work at 'low prices. 16/c
105cACE HAND LAUNDRY-Wants only sad
GENUINEMETOA D one trial to prove we launder our CAJET ER
shirts best'. Let our work help you fflrhn
ASPRIS ISSUES look neat today. 11i14 S. Univ-
sity. 9wt
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______________ TYPING-Experienced. Miss Allen, SPECIAL
408 S.'Fifth-Ave. Phone 2-2935 or P re-Holiday Eve Owl Sho'w
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TISUS OODBgU RY and notary public, excellent work. SO NJA H EN IE
TISSSOAP 706 Oakland, phone 6327. 20.
14c5cSHOWS DAILY'AT 2 _-4- 7,-9' P.M.
!r Matinees 25c -- Evenings 35 c
Today and "Wednesday!
T~ty ,Phe Foaeign Legion
28c -59C C44

es Activities
ship For Sw

y ndustry to "men with cnemistry! Prof. Palmer Christian, of the1 opinion expressed by Mr. Byrn.
nd chiemical' engineering as a basis 'School of Music will give a rewital atj A number of faculty members,
oan which to build leadership. "It 14:15 p.m. tomorrow in Hill Auditori- townspeople, and students attend the
recognized today, more than at' um. The general public, wiith' the ex- meetings held every Tuesday eve-
ny time in the past, that the tech- j ception of small children, is invited nling Lid participate in such hobbies
ically° trained man is neededI not 'free of charge,' it was announced. as metalwork, lathe work, and wood-
Ione in research or design but in Among the selections scrheduel towok Int-shpteclsfid
'odluction and sales," he- said, be heard on the program is Rameau s machines, tools, and materials with
y ~ which to create the objects of their
Outlines Difficulties "Air MNajestueux" (Z'oroastre), Cou- desire.
MBeach also outlined the diffi- pem byo "dei oiu, i
" ~valdi's Concerto in D and Preludio b
alty faced by the college man in Corelli, "
nst ion from the comparatively B__________ artender Is nrested
ell-scheduled school life to indus-
y"The inescapable fact remains," 8 ;5 Die On Simon l'Bolivalr IMNT. CLEMENS, Nov. 20.-(A')-
- sad, thatindstr doe no LODONNov 20-(~P-Agnts Macomb County Prosecuitor Ivan A.
raduate its top executives every four LCNovNv 0- } nsof ;Johnston today authorized - a ar i anit
Ias This comes as a distinct sur- the Netherlands steamer, Simon B- charging Clarence Shipperley, ;32, Uti-
'ise to the average college graduate, eiarstuas by mines off England's ca, bartender wt uder in the slay-
difcltfrhi ounesand cos Saturday, issued an official iiig of James McManius, 63 pool r~om
is dffiultforhim to developd casualty' list' of only 85 mnissing and operator. Mclvanus was fatally
Zat he is being employ1-11ed t evlpdead'tngtPrvosy uhia wnddelySdymrigwen
rto an' executive over a period of tietngt.r.iuly uhnt-Iwuddeal udymrigw~
me;tha thre re o fxedcliax iveestimates had placed the dead he attemtpted to act as peacem7akei ih
Dints such as midyear examinations, qurelbtwe
romotion fr~om class toh class and the
Cher way-st'ations of educational life
industry. GONG HOME?
in' his conclusion to the meeting,
lr. Beach stated: "You in education
~~n greatly as~sist in preparing men SE DT A LU G E
tthis period of seemingly slow pro-,
resand its inevitable routine, which FA T AIWA.
lore than one of them will conclude, iy FS AL A EXPRESS!
tt h a great deal of"' factual proof, s To
Auld be- done as satisfactorily by toe
an- college ma'n, I f we can get a dust phone the Rail-
Dung man over this period of 'Sopho- way Express agent r X,
ie Blues.' his assimilation in the when, your trunk or
d'ustry is virtually assured." bg r pceand~~"~





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