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April 22, 1938 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-04-22

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Safety Leaders
To Meet Here

France's Gigantic 'Maginot Line' First Defensive Barrier Against Germany

Wind Tunnel To Be Displayed
By EngineersAtOpen House

Aug.8 To 20
Ruth venAnnounce P1an
For Attack On Traffic,
And Accident Problem
Plans for a Summer School of Saf-
ety to be held Aug. 8 till 20 at the
University were announced yesterday
by, President Ruthven. The schoo
is expected to bring traffic safety
leaders from all over the country to
consolidate their technical skill in a
coordinated attack on the traffic
accident problem from six separate
Official name for the training
course is the National Institute for
Traffic Safety Training, and Sidney
J. Williams, director of the Public
Safety Division of the National Saf-
ety Council, is executive secretary.
Among those that will be brought
to Ann Arbor for .the Institute are
Dr. Miller McClintock, director of the
Harvard University Bureau for Street
Lighting Research, Burton W. Marsh,
director of the Safety and Traffic
Engineering department of the
American Automobile (Association,
Lieutenant F. M. Kreml, director of
the Northwestern University Traffic
Safety Institute and Norman Damon,
director of the Automotive Safety
Foundation. The organizations these
men represent are sponsoring the In-
Other groups which plan to co-
operate include the American Asso-
ciation of Motor Vehicle Administra-
tors, American Association of State
Highway Officials, American Public
Works Association, International As-
sdciation of Chiefs of Police, Highway
Education Board, Institute of, Traffic
Engineers and National Conservation
Dr. Ruthven said present plans
call for specialized . instruction in
drivers' license administration, ac-
cident reporting and analysis, or-
ganization of state and community
safety agencies, traffic engineering,
police traffic control and school saf-
Sessions will be held in University
classrooms and laboratories.
Invitations will be sent to traffic
engineers, police and other state and
city officials, 'safety organization
heads, teachers and similar people.
Al Kinds Of Booths
'Guarantee Another
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for a "Frog Race"; Zone 5 will give
you a chance to "Pop the Balloon";
Zone 6 is going rustic with a "Sling
Shot Range"; and Zone 9 is putting
on a "Win A Radio" booth.
In the women's division, Adelia
Cheever House will get the girls out
to put on a "Freak Art Gallery"; Al-
pha Chi Omega will sell frost bites;
Alpha Epsilon Phi plans an "Inter-
Fraternity Regetta"; Alpha Gamma
Delta will let you pause and buy Coca
Cola; Alpha Omicro. Pi will vend
gigerale; Alpha Phi's possibly with
leap year in mind, will get down on
their knees two years early-this time
to shine your shoes; and Alpha Xi
Delta will let you assume any charac-
ter you desire with their "Charac-
ter Make-Up."t
Chi Omega will conduct a check
room. Helen Newberry will sell ice
cream cones. Gamma Phi Beta will
let you be a "Michi-G-Man" with
water guns and candles. Jordan will
sell hot dogs.
Kappa Alpha Theta will play Snow-
white and let you throw "Darts at
Dwarfs"; Kappa Dlta and Alpha
Delta Pi will take and tell your for-
tune; Martha Cook women will carry
pennies for you as "Penguins"; Mo-

sher will sell flowers; Sorosis will
record your voice; Delta Delta Delta
will do tin types; Zeta Tau Alpha
will sell balloons; Zone 1 for women
will let you hit the nail on the head;
and Delta Gamma and Kappa Kappa
Gamma will sell peanuts and pop
1602 Packard Rd. at Marion St.
Dinners served daily by
reservation. Sunday from 12-8.


The roar of a ninety mile an hour
gale sweeping down the wind tunnel
in the east engine building and the
dull throb of huge generators forc-
ing the air around its course is but
one of the many wondrous exhibits
that will meet visitors to the en-
gineering open house April 30.
Models of planes developed and
tested in the engine school which
have since become famous are on
display. Tests on the first Lockheed
"Electra" were run in the wind tun-
nel, and the original model used will
be exhibited at the open house. The
"Electra" is one of the craft pro-
duced currently by the Lockheed
When automobile streamlining in-
vestigations began, a model for the
first Graham was brought to the en-
gineering school to be examined. This
model remains and may be seen by
visitors on April 30.
In the wind tunnel proper an ex-
hibit will be arranged to demonstrate
actual work on experimental models.
All forces on the mode are recorded
automatically on instruments
through wires leading from the plane
to the instrument. Through cal-
culations thus obtained the aeronau-
Labor Group Tries
To Oust Local Judge

tical engineer can predict the per-
formance of the life size plane under
actual flying conditions.
In addition to the large tunnel used
for research, a smaller tunnel 'has
been constructed to aid in instruct-
ing classes. Airplane manufacturing
companies frequently conduct tests
here as do the army and navy, for
tunnels of this type are rare and often
unavailable to private concerns.
In another section of the aeronau-
tical division structural tests inves-
tigatiig rigidity of leading edges of
wings, elevators and rudders will be
conducted. In this laboratory tests
were run on the "flying wing." A rev-
olutionary type of plane when first
introduced, it is designed to eliminate
the body of the plane, providing stor-
age and passenger space in the wings.
The success of this type of aircraft
has not as yet been demonstrated.
However, from tests conducted at the
University it has been predicted that
larger transport and transcontinen-
tal carriers will soon be designed in
this more efficient manner.
Where Should I
Borrow Money.
From friends or relatives? Be-
for asking them, consider these
points :
1."Can they afford to Ibnd
you the money?
2. Will the request embarrass
3. Do you want people to
know your private affairs?
From a bank? If you have the
security to qualify for bank
credit? by all means borrow
from this source.
From Personal Finance Co.?
Since 8 out of 10 people do not
have the security needed to get
a loan at a bank, the State has
licensed finance companies
such as ours for the sole pur-
pose of making personal loans.
loan here : your ability to repay
small, regularramounts on the
loan plan that's easiest for you
to handle.
No endorsers required. Privacy
assured. Loans available to
all university people except stu-
Up to $300
Personal Finance Co.
376 Offices
10th Year in Ann Arbor
Ground Floor Wolverine Bldlg.
201-203 S. FOURTH AVE.
Phone 4000 R.W. Horn, Mgr.

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On famed "Maginot 'Line" stretching about 200 miles along the Germ an frontier and comprising a series of underground fortresses such as
this sketched by a staff artist does France rely in case of war. Exact details are well guarded by France. From 80,000 to 150,000 soldiers man the
Maginot Line, called "most elaborate defense system in the world." Above ground fields conceal the line.

Miniature Parnassus On Wheels
Helps Patients To Forget Woes
By NORMAN A. SCHORR he was unable to communicate with
By means of a miniature "Parnas- them or enoy their companionship.
susson Wheels" Mrs. Anne Hill Moi- Mrs. Moisio aids the case worker,
sio, Librarian in the Social Service too, in his attempt td prepare the,
Department of the University Hos- patient for unemployment under new
pital, has helped some of the 30,000 physical limitations resulting from
patients who have been confined his injury or illness.
there to take imaginary trips around A patient who was no longer able
the world, learn English, become poul- to return to the automobile factory
try farmers, study different methodstoruntoheaomblfcoy
of weaving and make doll furniture. despaired of his disability to work.
Mrs. Moisio makes the rounds of He had always been interested in
each ward in the hospital twice a poultry farming and he had a small
week with a large trolley which she plot of land with easy access to mar-
fills with all types of books and mag- kets. Mrs.rMoisioasecured for him
'azines, in the _attempt "to tempt poultry journals, farm papers, gov-
the most uninterested." On one side ernment bulletins, pamphlets from
of her traveling library is a bulletin the state college relating to hatching
or display board which she covers and feeding instructions and raising
with what she calls "appetizers" to poultry for profit. She directed his
stimulate reading interests. It may interest, discussed his plan with him
be a jacket of a book, a picture of a and tried to clear up any questionable
i tree, a flower, a bird, a map, a poem points.
or the cover of a magazine. Mrs. Moisio tells how doll furniture
The work of the Library Service is one of the favorite things to be
is conducted in conjunction with the matle by men. Working here in con-
several other units of the Social junction with the occupational ther-
Service Department, as Case Work, apist, the Librarian supplies "craft"
Hospital School and Special Educa- magazines, Popular Mechanics, Home
tion. Beautiful and others, to add to pa-
tients' pleasure and further the edu-
Mrs.Moiio tllsthe story of one cational project, she said.
patient, who when aroused by a pic- natteptishelsade
ture of a boat on her trolley, became An attempt is also made to supply
interested and made four mythical sufficient reading material for the
trips around the world. A book on contagious and contaminated cases.
boats, travel folders from steamship For this work, scrap books made by
lines, and wood carvings of boats was patients in other units of the hos-
all he needed for his first trip by pital are adapted and magazines and
water, books which can be discarded with-
out too much loss are used.
"He had such a good time," Mrs.
"Moisio relates, "that a second trip The patients in the tuberculosis
was taken by airplane and steam unit are more interested, in the first
ship, with the Travel Magazine, the stages of their confinement with such
National Geographic,vel agailders, material as Nature Magazine, Forest
and newspaper clippings of flyers at- and Stream, Wild Life, Birds and
tempting flights in all directions, as Nationa - Geographic which bring
his guides." certain outside interesting closer to
them, Mrs. Moisio said. As they be-
This was followed by a third voy- come more accustomed to relaxation
age which included a study of the and the idea of a long period, their
people, raw materials and housing chief interest becomes cultural and
and living conditions in each coun- in tereadbngsd
try visited and a final trip "around informative readigs.
the orl ona samp" .Individual gifts of books, maga-
the world on a stamp. zines and money constitute a large
English is taught to the non-Eng- part of the Service's source of read-
lish-speaking patient with enough ing material.
civics, citizenship and common gov-
ernmental practices to "protect him
and make him feel a part of the com-
munity," the Librarian declared.
An Italian fruit vendor found no
use for English in his own Italian
neighborhood, but when in the hos-
pital with English-speaking people


Mexico Needs
To Slow Plans,
Ailion .declares
(Continued from Page 1)
tern hemisphere as well, is charged
to Washington's account.
Mexico, on the other hand, holds
a trump card. She knows the United
States will not permit her whole
good-neighbor structure in South
America to buckle under the stress
of Mexican difficulties. Professor[
Aiton pointed out that we have
scrapped the Platt Amendment in
deference to our good neighbor policy
and he saw no reason why we should
not make concessions to Mexico by
the same token, providing, he cau-
tioned, that Mexico maintains her
financial integrity throughout the
proceedings. Mexico's ability to pay,
he said, and at the same time under-
write its ambitious social program
at home, is the nub of the problem.
The spectre of fascism, he con-
LANSING, April 21.-(A')-The De-
partment of State said today convicts
in the State Prison of Southern Mich-
igan would start May 1 the task of
turning out automobile license plates
for 1939.

cluded, will never stalk the country of
Mexico," although its social plans are
more radical than the avowed pro-
gram of the Spanish Loyalists, since
the Cardenas proposals have the
backing of the Mexican people and
the sanction of a successful revolu-
tion behind them."


grapnical Union restraining A. A
Wiltse, manager of the Ann Arbor
Press, from violating an agreement
the company had had with the union
for approximately 30 years.
Removal of Michigan judges, = ac-
cording to the state constitution
adopted in 1908, can be accomplished
by impeachment by a two-thirds vote
of the Senate, with three members of
the House of Representatives acting
as prosecutors, or by the Governor on
a concurrent resolution of two-thirds
of the members elected to each house
of the legislature for "reasonablt
cause,, which shall not be sufficient
ground for impeachment."


HONEY in Yello-Bole
improes t all tobaccos, You
spend at least $20 for tobacco in
a year -$1 spent on Yello-Bole
makes that $20 worth of tobacco
taste twice as good Get yours.
tAG. U . A.OFF.






7 3
Transportation is furnished to
groups of five or more.
Dixboro and Geddes Roads
Phone 759-Fll


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